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Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E

Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E

Studio: Homegrown
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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MrHarvard's ratings for Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E Female looks rating 1.5 stars
Male Looks Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Homegrown Video 744: Balls-E A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by MrHarvard  on  6/8/2009
This dvd is one which is interesting and all-together odd at the same time. The talent in the first scene is atrocious but the second scene starts to get a little better. Would I purchase this video, maybe, just to see what action is going on. I think that this actually is okay for a 'homegrown' video.

Scene 1: Karinne, Mary Jane, and Tyler

This scene wasn't too hot to me. The girls weren't as sexy as I would have liked. For the genre I guess it's okay for them to be subpar but I watched this scene with some disdain. They started out on the back porch smoking and the three girls spoke about what was going on with their date with a hot guy. They begin to take off their clothes and kiss each other and have on strap-ons. Where the strap-ons came about, I don't know. The girls strapped on cocks and slammed the strap ons in each other's pussies which was pretty hot. They had a hookah pipe which really didn't seem very interesting to me. They said, "Start smoking and fuckin'" I do have to say that when the girls were fucking each other the contact was amazing.

Scene 2: Kitty Muffin and Sure Wood

Given that this is a homegrown video, I have to really keep my thoughts about these names and the quality to a minimum and respect the director's vision but jeez, "Sure Wood"? That's just laughable. As far as Kitty, she's very sexy. We see her standing there in a sexy, different, zipped up dress which shows off her curves. She begins to do a sexy dance for us. it's very hot the way her body moves. She unzips her top and her breasts fall out right after she reveals her sexy little ass by spanking it. She has a nice black garder belt which matches her sexy, skimpy, dress. Kitty then takes off her clothes and lays down and rubs her pussy and slides her finger inside. The camerawork in this scene left much to be desired. It was very shaky and although it got a good closeup of her pussy, there was shakiness. She enters into the room after this and gets on her knees and starts to suck the talent's dick... but she does it with less of a realistic manner and more of a showoff one.

Obviously his dick is bigger than her mouth. This was a fatal no-no when choosing which male talent. There has to be some ability for the girl to work a guy's dick. Nonetheless she gave it her all.

The camera up to this point really sucks. She then sits down on his cock and the hot moaning begins. He could have taken off his jeans but it does look realistic despite this. She bounces up on his dick reverse cowgirl and really gets fucked and the beauty about this scene is that it's realness shows. This is what a lot of artists should shoot for in this type of genre. He then fucks her and massages her pussy with his tongue.

The interesting thing about this scene is that he cums on her but then they pan to different positions and these positions should have been cut before the 'cum' scene. Kitty appears cleaned off and you can tell it was a cut or she cleaned herself off. To me, that isn't attractive. She then gets on her knees, she sticks her tounge out as to get his cum, feels it drip on her then shies away from it. She then closes her mouth and he shoots it all over her face. She does suck it clean after though so I have to give it to Kitty there. I found this scene to be okay. She fucks okay.

Scene 3: Lexi Carmel and Eric John

This scene starts with Lexi and Eric taking a drive. This chick is really, really hot and fits my tastes. He takes her out to a public place but sort of secluded. She begins to lift her skirt, show her breasts, and just have a good time. She then, after kissing him and rubbing his cock, says, "I want to fuck" He takes her down to a more secluded, but still apparently public place and they begin to take their clothes off. She gets down on her knees and despite being very sexy looking seems to lack in the dick-sucking department. She may need more practice. Despite this, I still watched. The camera then pans to them fucking but you can't even hear her talking. I think they should have used better equipment. I must say though that her ass shaking in the wind is very sexy as she rides cock. She seems like she's fucking rather mechanically though... no real rhythm or movement. Straight up, it's just boring sex. She's not seeming into it and I really think she could have done better because she's very sexy. They fuck in missionary and he cums all over her tits after she gets on her knees. This scene was very boring to me.

Scene 4: Amber

This scene starts out with blond haired Amber laying on a bed rubbing herself trying to tease us. She takes out her breasts and while they are massive they just aren't attractive to me. I just didn't find her attractive at all. This was a solo scene with just her, she rubs her pussy and plays with herself. It isn't terribly sexy.

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