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Homegrown Video 723

Homegrown Video 723

Studio: Homegrown
Category:  All Sex , Amateur
Starring: , , ,
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lindi's ratings for Homegrown Video 723:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Homegrown Video 723 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Homegrown Video 723 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Homegrown Video 723 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Homegrown Video 723 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Homegrown Video 723 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Homegrown Video 723 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Homegrown Video 723 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by lindi  on  2/23/2008

Amateur porn. Three of the four scenes look like they were made by people aspiring to make porn, and the other scene looks like people just left the video camera on while they had sex.

General Impression
People are enjoying themselves.

The first scene is a little vignette with Alex and Sarah. Sarah is a perky tight-bodied barely-legal girl with pert tits. Her car won't start, but within seconds, a cute barely-legal guy wanders by and just flicks something under the hood, and all is well. Sarah thanks him by offering a glass of water, so they go in the house. Small talk is followed by a little kissing, and he takes in her scent at her neck. There's some fully clothed fondling, some neck kissing, and her top comes off to reveal pierced nipples. Some really nice, natural stuff as he fingers her. By the time she's sucking his dick, his pants are still at mid-thigh. I personally like clothes half-on, and a bit of clumsy struggle to get out of their clothes. She's lifting -- scooch-scooch -- to get out of her skirt. Anyway, as he fingers her again, her legs tense a few times, and it's nice. She goes back to her amateur blowjob, and I mean amateur in every good way -- eager, inexpert but not inexperienced. Very prolonged oral. He pulls her panties to one side (another nice touch) for cowgirl. Almost all of the camera shots are full-body shots rather than close-ups of genitals. I'm also appreciating her natural 'mmm-gasp' noises, which are completely unaffected. There's also some grinding, not just thrusting. Then his pounding has her panting, and they cut to mish, and she's flushed and he's grabbing the flesh of her thigh, and she's at the stage where she's grasping at the sheets -- he lifts her ass as he kneels, and it's hot! There is a cut here to him painting her face a bit with spooge. There's an interesting follow-up of her showering, and drying down with a smile -- something you'd usually see up front as a tease. There's no attempt to mug the camera anywhere in the scene, among many other nice and natural things about this relaxed, but hot scene.

Most people will not find the second scene as hot. Corine is maybe 45 and has rolls of fat. Her guy is hairy and developing a quivering stomach. She's also not wildly enthusiastic, the scene is slow, and is only a bj. But this is the most natural scene, and I enjoyed watching it. This is the one scene that looks like a committed couple just set up a videocamera and let it roll while they tooled around doing whatever they normally do. Your next door neighbors getting it on, if you will. That might be something you'd like to see, or something you'd pay to not see. I liked it. He's muttering quietly to her in French, and although she is not vigorous, she checks his eyes now and then. He gently guides his hand along her back. At first, she barely touches her tongue to his dick. Teeny tongue touch. A little soft coaxing in French. Teeny tongue touch. A couple of little grazes of his dick with her closed mouth. C'mon, little bunny! Bitty little nibble. She buries her face in his balls and finally does some slow, shallow sucking, before she takes it all. I totally can't fault this! There's something gritty and real and endearing here. Real, slow, with prolonged eye contact, and the guy is breathing heavy, making eye contact, savoring it all, and quietly muttering in French. However slow she was to get started, she is in absolutely no hurry at all to get it over with. Lingering, lingering, teasy slow workup, and he cums on her mouth.

Third scene - Zoey and two guys. Zoey is pierced here and there and wants you to look at her in her purple goth garb. She's going to mug the camera as she does a bj, and say, "I love cock". Yadda yadda, pretty girl, two guys, a vibrator some high pitched squeals, chains and leather bouncing along. The second guy will stroke himself to a dribble on her chin. That's all you need to know.

Then we see Scout, and her tattoo-sleeved guy, Sully. Scout is a thirties-ish pretty blond with leg tattoos and tan lines, eager to please her guy. This scene is shot in what looks like a 1980's motor home, complete with bed-viewing big mirror. The most amusing moment of this dvd: he says to her, "Nice hard nipple." Her reply? "It's cold in here." Bravo for honesty. Scout has a nice calm manner, does a nice bj with some camera mugging. Then she gets the ever-so romantic invitation, "Wanna sit on it?" He's holding the jiggly camera and shooting the action in the big mirror, as they do cowgirl. A very lube-y handjob follows, complete with smoosh-smoosh noises. Then, anal -- a slow, hurts-a-little entry in reverse cowgirl, and she just sits for a moment before some slow, gentle rocking. Bravo again for reality. There's a few more little things in the scene, including her using a vibrator on herself in a van as it cruises down the freeway to a rest stop.

Yes, including a bonus scene and some interesting bloopers.

It's tough to put ratings on this one. It's average, but it's different, so I recommend that anyone who hasn't tried amateur porn give it a look. There's more variety to it than the slick, processed version of porn, and that means also that you get some real looking people, some inconsistent sound, but some interesting and enjoyable moments of reality that are usually carefully excised from most other porn.

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