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joeblow69 Hole, The (Jet Set) 4 starsHole, The (Jet Set) 4 starsHole, The (Jet Set) 4 stars
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Hole, The (Jet Set)

Hole, The (Jet Set)

Studio: Jet Set
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Hole, The (Jet Set):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Hole, The (Jet Set) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Hole, The (Jet Set) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Hole, The (Jet Set) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Hole, The (Jet Set) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hole, The (Jet Set) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Hole, The (Jet Set) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hole, The (Jet Set) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  6/30/2003
I was not surprised when Wash West directed a “traditional Hollywood” film with THE FLUFFER. West had been directing “films” for years under the classification of gay porn. I was worried that having gone “legit”, he might turn his back on his origins. Thankfully, THE HOLE is proof that he hasn’t. In a Wash West film we can expect a clever plot, a well-written and witty script, and some very hot sex. THE HOLE provides all of these, and I wish I could give it the full five stars; but with one wooden performance and a sex scene that comes nowhere near reaching its full potential, I am unable to give it that. It is still, however, a hell of a film!

The film is based on the horror film THE RING that in turn was based on a Japanese film, RINGU. I’ve not yet seen the Japanese original, but I have seen the American remake. The gimmick in these films is that if you watch a particular tape you will die in seven days. As soon as you have finished watching it, the phone rings and you are told your fate. In the West version, after watching a tape you turn gay after seven days. I found THE RING stupid and lacking in suspense. I fell asleep watching it I was so bored. I did not fall asleep watching THE HOLE and I was only slightly bored twice.

The film opens with Derec Lang telling Josh Hammer about the film that turns you gay in seven days. Josh tells Derec that he and two other friends watched the tape. In just minutes his seven days will be up. Derec is a big boy. Bulging with muscles of the football player type, not the gym built type. Josh has full lips, a pierced tongue and dick, and a desirable bubble butt. He’s the ideal “boy toy”. Interestingly enough it is his straight friend Derec who brings him out. Derec is horny as his girl friend is out of town. Derec even sucks some dick himself before busting Josh’s cherry butt.

Tag Eriksson is a reporter on the trail of the story. Tag is the young hunk on the cover that will make you buy the DVD. There is a running joke of people asking him if he’s Norwegian or German. We first meet him as he comes to interview Josh.

The second two-person sex scene is with Jason Adonis and Sam Tyson, the two who watched the tape along with Josh. As they drive along in the car there is much talk of “pussy” to show how straight they are. Then comes the phone call. And the next thing we know these two are shacked up together. Sam now disparages female bodies as being “soft” while men’s bodies are “hard”. It is Sam who keeps this scene going with his energy and sense of fun, but he’s seriously let down by his partner. Jason Adonis has a great build, but he’s as wooden as an oak tree and Sam has to do all the work as Jason just lies there to be admired. Sam gives it his all and actually contradicts the poet who said, “only god can make a tree”. If you have just turned gay, Jason, you should suck a dick. Nice body, yes, but what a bore he is in the sex department. Thanks to Sam, though, it’s still a good scene.

The scene that doesn’t reach its full potential, however, is the pseudo-orgy at the Dome in Roswell, NM. (Yes, Roswell!) The main participants here are Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway and Trent Atkins. There are a passel of super hunks—some them nicely hairy who provide a great contrast to the smooth skinned regulars. That they just stood around and diddled instead of getting into the action, such as gangbanging Trent in a kind of ritual orgy (many wear masks), was a great waste of time and talent. What could have been a standout scene that would have echoed down the corridors of time was just (yawn) so-so. There was one delightful moment in the scene when Tag and Josh who are spying on the activities notice Trent’s upturned ass waiting for a dick and cry out in unison, “The Hole!”

The final pairing of Tag and Josh that we have been waiting for does not disappoint. Both suck dick, and Tag fucks Josh in all the positions. It is a great scene! Oh, if only all of the scenes had been as terrific as the first and the last.

Mention must be made also of the two jack off scenes. In the first Vince Taylor, the deskman at the cabins where the tape is found, does a rather routine job. In the second, the cleverness of West makes this one to remember. Tag is looking at a magazine of a man and woman about to get it on. He imagines the woman, the attractive T. J. Hart, in bed beside him. She is replaced by the man, the smoldering Adam Killian, it is one of the most erotic jack off scenes on film as Tag strokes his big uncut boner and Adam fills his mind. (and ours!) Although both are with him at the climax, he cums on Adam; not T.J. Not only is it highly erotic, it sets us up beautifully for the neat conclusion.

The extras include a Cum Shot Review, A Photo gallery of production stills, Jet Set Models section (which I though would be interviews or something related to this endeavor, but it only has snippets of Jet Set films featuring the models) and of course a Trailers section which is sort of redundant as we have just had that with the previous section. It is interesting to see both the soft-core and hardcore trailers for The Hole. Why couldn’t we have had a behind the scenes and seen Wash West at work?

The Hole is a good film and you will definitely want it. It’s just that it could have been a great film. Believe me, it’s much better than the film it’s parodying. But beware! After viewing this film you just might discover you are gay! Oh, by the way, Tag Eriksson is Swedish.

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