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Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Hitch:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Hitch overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Hitch Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Hitch Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Hitch Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hitch Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Hitch DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hitch A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  10/21/2006
In Titan’s HITCH hunky Jake Deckard plays a security guard in a small California town, serving as an inconsistent link between the scenes. Jake tells us that he often picks up hitchhikers and gives them a place to stay and something to eat. (Jake indeed has something mighty fine to eat, but he’s not being punning here.)
As the film opens Jake spies the coverboy Damien Crosse (making his porn debut here) sauntering along. Jake describes Damien as “a gen-u-wine cutie”. (He ‘s too butch to be cute, but he’s one hot hunk.) Damien’s a bit reluctant to take Jake up on his offer of a place to shower, but given the choice between a shower and incarceration, he wisely decides to come clean.
The first glimpse we get of Damien as he prepares to shower is his muscular butt. It’s a gorgeous—but I fear—inviolable ass. His cock is a real beauty—uncut with a generous foreskin. A light sprinkling of hair graces a manly chest, adding much to his appeal.
A naked Jake doesn’t take long in joining him. They kiss with hard cocks intertwined. Jake has a beauty also, a great upstanding piece of meat with a large mushroom head. After soaping up Damien, Jake drops to his knees to swallow down Damien’s proffered cock until his mustache meshes with Damien’s pubic hair.
With Damien seated on the floor of the shower, Jake lubes up and jacks off onto the reclining lad. (Oddly—and horribly—Damien’s chest hair has disappeared, robbing him of 25% of his unique sex appeal! Why, oh why? What the hell was in that soap that Jake used?) Jake gets down and licks up his cum from Damien’s thighs to conclude the scene.

Elsewhere Jake encounters Jesse Balboa who is looking for work. Jesse enters a barn where he finds Nick Horn. Nick says he doesn’t need help, and there follows the most clichéd lines in all of gay porn:
“What’re you good at?”
“Anything?” (always said sneeringly)
After that excruciatingly overused bit of dialogue, we cut—thankfully—to big Diesel Washington coming out onto a high porch and letting fly with a torrent of piss.
When Diesel enters the barn we find Jesse chowing down on Nick’s dick. Diesel—of course gets his big black mamba sucked too. Indeed everyone has a taste of everyone else’s before they all cum.
[In the director’s extended edit, a seated Jesse pisses on his own belly while Nick and Diesel add their yellow streams to the flow.]
Diesel eats out the new employee’s ass and fucks it. When Nick has his turn fucking Jesse, Diesel drives his prick into Nick’s pounding ass.
[In the director’s extended version, Nick fist-fucks the pliable Jesse, who does indeed prove that can do anything.]

In another barn (or maybe in the same barn some time later) Tamas Esterhazy lies down on a bale of hay and proceeds to stroke his long uncut meat, not knowing Sergio Anthony and the now-depilated Damien Crosse are observing him. Eventually the voyeurs can no longer bear to be just onlookers and pounce on the unsuspecting Tamas where Sergio takes matters into his own hands. Tamas is soon going down on both their cocks until they cover him in cum.
[In the director’s edit the guys now blindfold Tamas and tie his hands behind his back. Then they give the bound and kneeling Tamas a lengthy piss-bath. (If you have not been a fan of this particular activity before, this scene will no doubt convert you.)]
Damien now forces Sergio to suck his cock. This goes on for much too long without either a change in position or much variety in camera angles. The same is true of the fucking after Damien eats out Sergio’s ass (something he does extremely well and with relish). He fucks his former voyeur buddy fiercely.
Before cumming, they release Tamas so that he too can be the anal recipient of Damien’s dick. The impressive tribal tattoos on Tamas’ arms, thighs, and bum make it appear that Damien is fucking someone who is part human and part zebra. Sergio fills Tamas’ mouth with his cock, so that the handsome performer is impaled at both ends. Sergio then positions himself so that he can suck Tamas’ cock as Damien continues to fuck Tamas. When Damien stops fucking, they all cum on the supine Sergio.

The patrolling Jake now comes across Brett Matthews.
“You hungry?” he asks the sexy lad.
Receiving an affirmative, Jake tells Brett to get in the car. Now at Jake's place, the hungry lad is just finishing a bowl of something when Jake uses the old shower ploy. As Brett is soaping up his svelte and hirsute torso I hope his luxuriant chest hair will remain intact. Brett’s cock is hard and the spying Jake is unable to resist Brett’s bouncing cock and bubble butt. Stripping, he joins the receptive Brett and tantalizingly runs his imposing cock between Brett’s butt cheeks. They kiss. Brett drops to his knees and consumes the beautiful cock; then permits Jake to return the favor.
Jake next lies back on a bench so that Brett can finger-fuck him. As Brett’s finger probes his prostate, Jake pulls on his cock until it erupts in a creamy load. It’s then Brett’s turn to lie back on the bench and masturbate with Jake’s finger tickling his fancy.
Another osculatory shower brings their cocks back to hardness. Strands of pre-cum link their two glans together. (This is something truly original on director Mills' part!)
Lying on his back on the floor, Jake condoms-up and Brett impales himself on the raging rod for a hot hard ride—his own stiff cock reaching skyward. After this great ride, Brett dismounts only to lean over a bench that Jake has thoughtfully covered with a towel so that he can get fucked that way. They soon adopt my favorite poison with the bottom on his back and his legs in the air. Jake screws him with gusto, forcing the cum from Brett’s palpitating dick. Jake withdraws only to add his load to Brett’s. This was my favorite scene so far, but the best is yet to cum—uh, come.

The handsome Dean Tucker is driving alone at night when he picks up the hitching Damien. As the rain begins and Damien dozes, Dean gets turned on by the handsome young man. Dean releases his straining cock from its confinement and stokes it as he continues to ogle the sleeper. Emboldened he reaches over to feel Damien’s through the jeans. Damien wakes.
“You want something?” he asks the guy whose hand is in his crotch.
“Yeah,” is Dean’s unhesitant reply.
(Amazingly Dean’s eyes have not been on the road for a long while yet they don’t crash. When anyone sucked my cock while I was driving—and they have—I always kept my eyes on the road for the most part.)
Dean and Damien now give one another a helping hand.
Then—for the first time in the film—Damien leans over and sucks a dick! He does a good job, too. It’s so good that Dean has to pull over so that he can consume Damien’s hard cock. This he does hungrily. Dean is one voracious cocksucker. He pauses only to remove his shirt, revealing a nicely haired torso and then returns to his feast. Damien also bares his chest and I’m delighted to see the hair on his chest is back. The boys jack themselves for a bit, but Dean can’t resist leaning over for another taste of Damien’s throbbing member. Finally they cum.
“Get in the back,” Damien orders,
A now naked Dean wastes no time in doing just that. An equally naked Damien quickly follows him. They kiss passionately before Dean lowers himself on Damien’s cock. It’s a wild ride with Dean at one point only being supported by Damien’s cock. It gets even wilder when Damien gets Dean in the doggy position and drives into him like a maniac. It’s rough fuck that brings the cum spurting out of Dean’s dick. But Damien just keeps pile-driving into Dean’s ass until we hear Damien say, “I’m gonna cum!” And cum he does.
It’s a scene that will make you want to rush right out and buy an SUV so you can start picking up hitchhikers.
[The regular DVD ends with the above, but in the Director’s Extended Edit Damien tells Dean he has to piss. Dean tells him to get out of the car. They go around to the front of the car. There, in the pouring rain, Dean kneels before Damien who aims his prick at the servile stud and washes him down.]

As always with Titan there are bonuses. A Behind the Scenes showing the cast and crew clowning around is feeble and boring. And there is a photo gallery of shots from the film and previews. Disappointingly there is not the usual photo session.
The most interesting part in the bonus section is the Additional Scene (as it is called) that shows the part of the shower scene with Jake and Damien where Jake lathers up Damien’s chest and belly and shaves him. It’s extremely hot, and I can’t for the life me understand why it was not left in. It’s integral! Then the viewer is not left wondering what the hell happened to Damien’s hair! And it’s so damned hot! I would then have understood and accepted this seemingly criminal act. Of course we can stop the first scene at the proper spot and hop to this addition and then return to the first scene—but we shouldn’t have to.

Damien Crosse is a great discovery for the studio and I hope they use him frequently (with chest hair). Brett Matthews is a fairly prolific performer who has only appeared for Titan before in Boot Camp. I hope they use him more as they seem to get the best from him. It’s also Diesel Washington’s and Dean Tucker’s Titan debuts and I hope both reappear in future films. Dean is such a ravenous cocksucker and bottom and he’s gorgeous to boot.
HITCH, I am happy to report, is traditional Titan fare—which means it’s fucking good! (Yeah, pun intended.)

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