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Hit Dat Shit 3

Hit Dat Shit 3

Studio: NJ Films
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Hit Dat Shit 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Hit Dat Shit 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Hit Dat Shit 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Hit Dat Shit 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Hit Dat Shit 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hit Dat Shit 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hit Dat Shit 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hit Dat Shit 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  9/4/2005
Prologue NJ Films has teased me with their titles in the past. They always look good on the outside, but have failed to truly deliver the goods. Even armed with that knowledge I've been lured back again. What did it take? A cover with Marie Luv on it and a DP in her scene. Of the rest of the cast, Chyanne Jacobs, Beauty and Chastity, I've only ever seen Beauty. She hasn't left me craving for more, but she's ok. I just hope these girls all get lit up in fine fashion as they're all slated for double duty.
Cuntre Pipes and Tone Capone are cleaning a pool in somebody's backyard. Marie Luv is sitting inside the house watching them and petting her kitty while she evaluates they're fuckableness. She's horny and impatient, deciding to go out and bust their balls a little. Marie disparages their work and pisses the guys off. Of course she's dressed to thrill. Her pink top is pulled up to reveal her lovely tits and the only other clothing is a skimpy black bikini bottom. She decides to give them another job to do and leads them into the house. Marie presents her ass, but they want head. She squats and starts slurping schlong. It doesn't take long before her eyes start to tear as Marie takes them balls deep. She's impressed with the size of Tone's huevos and shows these guys how nasty she can make her bj's. Tone sits down so Marie can continue to work him over while Cuntre bangs her from behind. She gets all worked up and puts her creaming pussy on Tone's cock in CG. Cuntre gets head and Marie goes ballistic on the dick in her twat. RC on Cuntre as Marie strains to get more cock in her mouth. Tone face fucks Marie, who's putting on quite a show. Cut to a standing doggy anal insertion by Cuntre. Marie's mouth is always busy with cock. Tone takes a turn in her shit chute and gives her a taste of ass. RCA on Cuntre with Marie totally getting into it. Her pussy is left wide open for Tone to fill for the DP. A2M deep throat for the nasty Ms. Luv. Back on the cock in RCA and Tone fits four fingers down her throat before filling the DP again. More A2M and a mish anal insertion for Cuntre. Tone steps in for some booty banging and Marie worries her pussy. She shows some hot pink and might have even gotten herself off. Cuntre can't resist that phat pussy and he rails her in mish. Marie is just throwing her body around and talking some shit. Tone takes his turn in her pussy, then Marie cleans the cocks. Cut to CG on Tone and Cuntre pulls up the rear for another DP. Marie's in her element here as Tone drills her sweet ass. She goes solo on Tone for a little while and cums on his cock. Cuntre gets back into the fray to DP her some more. Cut to Cuntre pounding Marie's pussy in mish. He pulls out in a hurry and sprays her face and mouth with his seed. Tone strokes over her face till he busts a nut into her mouth. Marie plays with the cum and lets it run out over her tit where she messes with it some more.
This is easily the best scene I've ever watched from NJ Films and in the BTS you can see how nasty Marie was willing to get.
Chyanne Jacobs is on a couch and flanked by Brock Adams and Nathan Fiend. They're stroking her thick body and she's a little concerned about what the title of the video means. She thinks she might be in for a beating. Chyanne's in a powder blue tank top and matching panties. She turns to give us a view of her tight body and pulls off the bottoms. I love it when she gets on all fours and her pucker just opens up. What an invitation! Nathan crawls under her to lap at the pussy. Brock gives Chyanne a taste of meat. She seems to have a pretty good idea about how to suck a cock. Nathan decides to get him some and Chyanne sucks them in tandem. She's a little unsure as to dividing her time with them but manages to get them both very hard. Brock gets first pussy in CG. Nathan gets whatever he can out of her mouth but Chyanne is putting on a little butt shaking show on Brock's cock. CG on Nathan. This is just a great position for someone with such a big, firm ass. Brock face fucks her but the fucking is what's got her attention. They move to doggy with Nathan sitting up front for his cock cleaning. A good hard ride and the guys switch ends. Nathan rails her and cut to a doggy anal insertion for Brock. He goes to town on her hot ass and Chyanne pacifies herself on Nathan's cock. Cut to RCA on Nathan and Brock fills her pussy for the DP. Great view of her nice, natural body and her tits jiggling with the thrusting. With Brock driving her ass in RCA, Chyanne sucks Nathan back into working order to spear her pussy. She sucks her pussy juice from his dick, then greets Brock's member on her shoulder. Back to the tandem bj before they put her on the spit. CG on Nathan to set up another DP, which is quickly realized. This one really gets to the center of her being but unfortunately the camera is stuck behind her. This cried for a reaction shot. They run through it again and this time the camera is better situated. Nathan flips Chyanne over to spoon her while Brock strokes over her face. She helps him out with a little ball licking. The scene has just about lost all it's energy by now and Chyanne just wants them to cum. Nathan cooperates and shoots his load onto her mouth. She's a spitter and it runs down her neck and onto her tits. Brock two hands himself in her face and finally shoots a nice load onto her mouth. Some PCH and a nice view of her cum streaked chin, neck and tits. Now Chyanne understands the meaning of the title.
Lee Bang and Dwayne Cumminz are kicking back and talking about how skeptical they are concerning Beauty's willingness to take it up the ass. She walks in on them and throws down the gauntlet. Beauty has some junk in the trunk and a loose body. She's got a nice face, a sexy demeanor and is wearing a multi-colored bikini. Things start with a tandem bj and Beauty gets nasty with it right away. Spit and slobber with Lee getting his cock dredging the salivary glands. The exposure is funky here as the camera keeps reacting to the white walls of the room. Don't they know how to lock it down so it doesn't keep shifting every time more wall gets into the shot? Beauty gets on the rotisserie with Lee banging her from behind. Cut to the guys switching ends, then Beauty mounts Lee in CG and gets her ass flapping on her hard ride. She keeps her throat full and generally seems to be trying to prove something to the doubters. Sliding over to Dwayne she repeats her moves. Quick cut to throating Lee. Another cut to a doggy pounding. His dipstick is showing her crankcase is full. Beauty moves over to suck on Dwayne and finds herself back on the spit. Dwayne gets to tag her pussy from behind and Beauty licks her juices from Lee's cock. There's a cut to doggy anal already in progress, then another cut to Beauty riding Dwayne in CG and Lee squeezing his fat dick in her ass for the DP. It's over with very quickly and another hard cut to a kneeling Beauty taking a pop to her mouth from Lee. Some PCH that leaves the splooge hanging off her chin and streaking her tits. Dwayne busts his nut across her mouth to add to the mess. She lets the cum run down her body and takes a taste as the camera surveys the scene.
Chastity is in NJ Films offices and trying all the doors looking for someone. She's wearing a cute black dress w/white polka dots and looking very normal. Slim Dawgg and Cuntre Pipes are in the warehouse boxing DVD's. Chastity walks in on them and asks to speak to the boss. She's looking for a job as a secretary. The stockboys decide to do the interview and Slim whips his joint out. I guess the first test is dick-tation. She's a little leery about their lack of authority but gets down with the program and starts the tandem bj. Slim gets hardcore with the girl and starts to throat fuck her. She figures she better hop out of her dress before it gets ruined and bends over for her holes to be examined. Getting back to the bj's she deep throats Cuntre and slobbers on the two cocks at once. Rotisserie time as Chastity gags herself on Slim and Cuntre takes her from behind. He loses interest in a hurry and comes around for more throat while Slim slam fucks her in doggy. She sits on Cuntre in CG and throws her ass into it nicely while trying to keep her mouth full. Slim takes a turn in CG and Cuntre feeds Chastity her juices. Cuntre tells her he's going to stick his dick in her ass and Chastity exclaims "I've never been to an interview like this!" What he actually does is join his friend in her pussy for a DPP. More solo CG, P2M and a cut to doggy anal, then another to mish anal. Chastity keeps her foot on Slim's stomach to govern his thrusts. Definitely not an anal veteran. Her face is all sweaty and she's showing the strain. Slim gives her a break and slides into her pussy but spanks her tits to keep the energy up. He goes back to her ass and Cuntre muffles her mouth with meat. Cut to RCA on Slim and Cuntre fills the pussy for a DP. This works much better and Chastity spreads herself wide open for the double dip. They actually have the nerve to attempt a double anal. That ain't happening. CG on Slim and Chastity takes exception to the spanking the two guys start giving her. Back to RCA on Slim and another shot at the DP. Chastity cums from the double pumping and she's so disoriented that she doesn't realize she's supposed to suck the dick out of her shithole. The guys steer her straight and she gets another hard smack to her rear as her lips envelope Slim's cock. Nice action as she takes both guys down her throat, then a cut to a hot load from Slim to her open mouth. She lets it run out over her body and takes a ball blast to her face from Cuntre. PCH for both guys and they tell her they'll call. She walks away in a huff.
For a bonus, we have Marie Luv with a vibrator sleeved by a blue cock. She's running her saliva slicked toy through her phat pussy lips, then dipping in to that sweetest of places, her honeyhole. Her hot bung gets the vibe next and Marie keeps it clean with her mouth. She positions it straight up on the bed and rides the toy CG. A big pink buttplug is produced and Marie lubes it up before giving herself a DP. She lays back and works her pussy with blue while fingering her sphincter. A self induced orgasm followed by P2M to end her segment.
Chyanne Jacobs has a violet g-spot stimulator that she drives deep into her pussy. First on her back, then from behind while on all fours. She toys around with it in her ass, then gets back to pussy pumping. With the help of her free hand stroking her clit, Chyanne gets off and licks her cum from the toy.
Beauty has a purple vibe shaped like a torpedo. She pistons it in her pussy and licks her moistness. Some self titty licking and Beauty turns her ass to the camera, fingering her twat. Mostly she's just clapping her ass cheeks and sucking on the toy. A little CG ride and P2M. She plants the torpedo in from behind and drives herself into the bed, cumming and turning onto her back for the aftershocks. She licks the dildo clean and there's a cut to Beauty fingering herself from behind. Her ass is soaked with lube and she tries to work the toy into that tightest of holes. It disappears into her cheeks but there doesn't look to be much penetration.
Chastity starts out licking her nipple, then sucking on a purple double dong. She jills her already wet cunt and sticks one end of the purple boa into it and the other gets licked. P2M and the dong gets driven back in. Chastity goes face down, ass up and gives herself a rubber DP. When it flops out of her ass she just concentrates on her pussy's pleasure. Eventually the toy finds its way back to her rectum and Chastity tip fucks herself. More pussy plunging to orgasm.
Epilogue As always, NJ Films comes up a bit short. This video did at least have the distinction of a rousing scene by Marie Luv which is actually good enough to recommend this title. The other three scenes were very tentative, employing women who are not used to doing anal, much less being double penetrated. Of those three I would say that Chyanne Jacobs did the best job. Her beautiful body seemed to absorb the penetrations well but she couldn't go for an extended time in any anal positions. Beauty had difficulty with any ass play but she was game enough to try and even managed to do the double. Chastity almost repeated the previous scene but she loosened up and was able to enjoy the RCDP. I really don't look for firsts because they often turn out like this. To have three in one video almost took the luster off of Marie's romp. Speaking of Marie, in the BTS there's footage of a serious throat fucking by Tone where she repeatedly dumps the pre-puke onto her body and invites him back in. Cuntre was freaked out by her nastiness, Marie seemed to be turned on by it and for reasons I can't explain, so was I. It was pretty disgusting, but hot at the same time. She's just determined to take things to another level entirely and seems to be channeling Monique in the tone of her performances. Anybody still sleeping on this beauty because they aren't attracted to black women should get over it and check her out. Marie Luv delivers the goods and NJ Films can thank her for a generous rating on this video.
The Disk There are trailers, a photo gallery, the masturbation scenes and the BTS I alluded to earlier. Pretty good package.
Recommendation Marie Luv fans, get thee to a rental site and give this a go.

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