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Hit Dat Shit 1

Hit Dat Shit 1

Studio: NJ Films
Category:  Black
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Hit Dat Shit 1:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Hit Dat Shit 1 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Hit Dat Shit 1 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Hit Dat Shit 1 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Hit Dat Shit 1 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Hit Dat Shit 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hit Dat Shit 1 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hit Dat Shit 1 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  6/5/2005
Prologue Gracing the cover of this DVD is the combination of Jada Fire and Monique. Those two firebrands are enough to draw me in regardless of the rest of the cast. I'm familiar with the BBW that is Carmen Hayes and look forward to seeing her get pleasured but I'm new to Lady Armani and Latrece. This could be one to grow on.
The video opens with Jada Fire and Monique cuddled together on a couch. Jada's got her sassy mouth going right from the git-go. She hopes we enjoy their scene, but doesn't really give a shit. Monique cracks up and welcomes us with a bit of her patented nastiness. They start getting at each other's body and Monique goes wild on Jada's tits before diving into her muff. Tit and pussy spanking, a short finger pop and cut to Jada pulling Monique's panties off to get at her hot ass and pussy. Four fingers in her pussy and they're at each other like animals. Jada sticks her boobs in Monique's ass, which gets a rise out of her. Cut to the girls teaming up on Nat Turnher, Monique gagging herself on his fat cock. Jada takes it and Monique holds her nostrils while it's buried in her throat. Lots of slobber as they both look like they brought their "A" game to this set. Monique sits on his cock in CG, the floor shot showing off her incredible bubble ass. Jada turns the P2M into a deep throat and earns herself some head from Nat. He sticks his cock in her lubed hole while Monique's jilling off. When he pulls out, the girls work Jada's hole manually. Jada has a taste for cunt and spreads Monique for easy access. Nat comes up behind Jada and his missile finds it's silo. 'Nique's left to just watch, wait and wank. Nat goes to the couch and grabs Monique, fondling her ass and inspecting her love holes. He does her doggy and Jada goes off, self pleasuring herself. Cut to Jada mounting cock in RC. Monique gets her head down there to flick at Jada's clit. Jada moves into a scissor position to get as much dick in her pussy as possible. Monique sucks her friend's juices from Nat's cock. Jada's just using Nat's cock for her own pleasure. He looks like an innocent bystander just trying to hand in there. She rides him hard, then squeezes the shit out of his balls before rolling into spoon. Monique does P2OGM and flicks at his balls and shaft as he rails Jada. Monique cleans off the soaked dick again. Cut to mish with Jada, Monique spread by her side. Nat finally remembers she's there and enters from the side. Deep mish strokes get the tension building in Monique's taut body. Some balls deep thrusts bring out the ferocity in 'Nique. He pounds her and fondles both their necks. Cut to doggy on Monique. She starts talking shit and he covers her mouth. P2OGM for Jada. Some butt warming slaps for Monique, then Nat stacks Jada on her. He dogs her until she's quivering. Cut to Jada blowing Nat and and Monique at her ass. He can't hold it and the girls just get into position as the pop flies. They share the PCH and Monique feasts on the jizz that covers Jada's tits.
Lady Armani is getting ready to Hit Dat Shit. She's paired up with Sledge Hammer and gets right down to sword swallowing. Lady A really looks to be enjoying his fat piece of meat and works it over pretty well. When her top comes off she dives on it almost to the root. Guess she intends on getting messy. Sledge starts fondling her big, firm butt. Cut to Lady A on her knees continuing the bj and hardening Hammer for a CG insertion captured from below. She's got a great ass and her pussy seems to be soaked with lube and anticipation. Sledge makes that pussy foam, hittin' dat shit just right. The camera's spending too much time on the floor and not showing us this hotty's face. Lady A sits on Sledge in RC and gets her nut. P2M, then a slight shift in positions to that scissor move so he can bang her cervix. After dilating it to about 10 cm. she moves back into the regular RC position. They move to mish and Lady Armani shows a hot pink pussy gape. Juices are running out of her as Hammer is pinning her to the couch with his thrusts. Cut to a sitting side entry, then spoon. Hammer pounds away and Lady A is feeling all over her body and squirming around. She goes into a dreamy state for awhile, apparently worn out by the hammering. She has him stop thrusting for a second and cums deeply, purring as he strokes gently. She looks like she needs a smoke and a nap. Sledge isn't done yet and he even fingers her sphincter a little. That ain't gonna happen here. He goes balls deep and Lady A comes to life for a few seconds but soon goes back to her mewing. Cut to a doggy insertion against couch. He's just wearing this girl out. She hits the floor and Sledge strokes his gonad goo into her open mouth. Nice smile on her face as he gets every last drop out for her. She kisses his cock and applies some jizz on her lips like gloss, then slobbers cum and saliva down her front.
Latrece introduces herself, turns, drops her pants and sits down to show us some pink and roll her clit. Julius walks in and licks her inviting pussy. He doesn't stay at it very long before standing to let Latrece make his cock grow. She does a good job, and quickly. Julius spears her in doggy and Latrece lets out a happy gasp. He pounds her and she fucks back before they move to some kind of seated missionary. She's laid out in mish, he's seated, sort of scissored on top of her. That big fatty has Latrece urging him on. Cut to some no hands bj action and girlfriend shows some throat. Mish on the arm of the couch and Latrece is starting to sheen. Cut to an up and over doggy. Latrece has a nice smile on her face. Julius warms her buns up with some smacks. She tells him he "hits dat shit like a rabbit". Cut to RC with Latrece taking him to the hilt and cumming when Julius starts to pound from underneath. Cut to a tear inducing deep bj. Back to mish and Latrece is urging him to "hit it" and doesn't like it when he stops. He picks up steam again and she appears to get her nut. He gets her back against the armrest for piledriver and she's ready for his cum. He's not. She resettles into piledriver on the floor and happy Latrece gives a tongue wag to the camera. Julius gives her another nice reaming, then a quick cut to him dropping a nice cumload into Latrece's mouth. Some nice PCH as she continues her lip love of his cock.
Carmen Hayes introduces herself and the camera drinks in her boondacious body. She's just spilling out of her outfit, there's so much of her. And it all looks good. Julian St. Jox has to get a taste of those big natural tits and pulls them out of her halter top. He reaches down for her love hole but you know he's not leaving those boobies for a while. He pulls down her stretch pants to reveal an ass that makes you want to cry. Carmen splays out on the couch showing some of her flexibility and opening her pussy up for Julian's tongue. He licks and fingers the hot pink hole and Carmen's leg shakes with his ministrations. That's the leg that goes behind her head to really open up for him. Everybody's laundry gets dropped and Carmen squats to bring little Julian to life. She slobbers on his cock, making him rock hard. The mess runs down Carmen's torso sexily. Julian drives his cock home in mish and just disappears inside her. He goes up and over with Carmen having no trouble taking him to the hilt repeatedly. Cut to RC with the camera at floor level. Carmen's mammaries look awesome here. The angle goes up top and they look just as good there. Julian repositions her in spoon making Carmen coo. She shows more incredible flexibility and balance as she raises one leg verically while he thrusts. Her sweet face is all sweaty from her exertion. Cut to Carmen with her face in Julian's lap, slobbering on his cock again. She does make it sound nasty with her slurping and gargling. He does her in and up and over doggy. When he pulls out, Carmen starts twitching her butt cheeks lewdly. Cut to doggy, Carmen's tits swaying in time with his thrusts. They hold this position for a healthy stretch, then P2M. Cut to Carmen sitting on Julian's face, then planting her wet pussy on his cock in CG. Her gorgeous globes fill the screen as she works her cunny over his stiffy. It's amazing how firm her glutes are. Hardly any rebound when he smacks them. She really works his cock over good and throws in some deep grinding. Carmen does some hard squatting that had to have Julian going crazy underneath. When he finally can't take it anymore they scramble for the popshot. Julian lets loose with a wild projectile that streaks Carmen's cheek before he settles down to get the rest in her mouth. A little face fuck, some PCH and Carmen drools the jizz out over her body.

Bonus Blow Job

Latrece is faced with a big fat dick. She starts off slow, not knowing exactly how to attack this monster. You can tell she's massaging what she's got insider her mouth with her tongue. Nice ball swabbing and decent attempts to get it all down her throat. She's doing very well and has a good attitude about it. The tears are running out of her eyes but Latrece is becoming more resolute. She wants to know if he wants it deeper and comments on how fat his cock is. She gives him the eye contact he wants and gives us some, too. Latrece bobs her head nicely on the big stiffy. With a renewed determination and a guiding hand from her meat puppet, Latrece goes down to his pubes. She strokes it up for another go and asks for more help. She takes it down and holds, backs off and does it again. I like this girl. He gets more active, pumping into her mouth and Latrece is stroking and sucking. The guy takes things into his own hands and Latrece sucks his balls and kisses his thighs. Her tongue comes out for a nice creamy load delivered right on the money. Latrece gives him some PCH and shows her coated tongue before swallowing. Good work.
Epilogue I wonder if the director of this video realizes what a missed opportunity he had. Jada Fire and Monique. He should have needed the Fire Dept. standing by. He even hired a solid new male talent in Nat Turnher. Somehow it just turned into an ordinary scene and Monique was rendered almost obsolete through too much of the action. I figured coming in that there would be a dearth of anal in this video but I didn't think that this scene would go without. Is it about the money? Is it my imagination and does Monique's best and most memorable scenes only occur with white dick and sometimes pussy? Stretching four scenes to 2 1/2 hours is a cost cutting move. I can almost accept that, but if you're going to get two of the premier talents in the industry you have to go all the way. The other scenes were ok but nothing to write home about. Lady Armani had a great time and so did Latrece. Carmen Hayes was nice to watch but I'd like to see her with someone more physically imposing. So far NJ films has managed to titillate me but not totally deliver the goods. It's not a bad video, just not what it could have been.
The Disk There's the bonus bj, trailers, photo gallery and a BTS.
Recommendation This may be worth a rental. Jada was spirited and bogarts the dick from Monique. Lady Armani was fun and Carmen Hayes is a sight.

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