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Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa

Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa

Studio: Samurai
Category:  Asian
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Linus's ratings for Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa:
Overall Rating 1 star
Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa Male looks rating 1 star
Sex Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa Sex rating 1/2 star
Plot/Acting Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Himiko 3: Ran Asakawa A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  11/20/2004
HK-03 Himiko: Ran Asakawa

Preview Expectations: I've seen the first volume of this series, and I liked the idea but was iffy on the execution of the idea. It appears to be another single girl multi scene all sex title, and the girl looks pretty attractive. I'm not really expecting buy hoping for some nice scenes with some variety with this japanese cutie. It's given me enough to pry open the box, I hope it can deliver.

Initial Thoughts We essentially have one very attractive Japanese girl going through a series of scenes in an all sex or vignette setting. I would love to see more of these types of movies, but this one really lacked in chemistry and energy between the performers. All of the speaking is in Japanese, so most of you reading this are probably not gonna understand what is being said, but I kind of like the oddity of it and some of you may too. This movie fails on so many levels, and has one of the worst scenes I can remember seeing. There is absolutely nothing in the way of extras on top of it. There is some comedic value in it as it is a bit goofy at times, but in general it has a amateur feel to it and really little to be positive about.

Technical thoughts Decent. Picture quality is usually quite good, clear and smooth. Sound although in Japanese, is pretty clear, there is a bit of distortion and it is sometimes distant. Camera work is usualy acceptable but always amateur feeling. Lighting is for the most part reasonably well done and not too much of an issue here.

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Ran Asakawa

Ran is riding a van or mini bus of some sort, and sitting next to a guy and goofing around, then another goofball japanese guy comes up from the back with a black wig on, and they exchange some banter that I cannot understand since it is in Japanese. It seems to turn into mostly a skit with interview and for a while that continues, until one of the guys pulls out a vibrator and starts to get Ran in the mood, it doesn't take long, and soon he is working her pussy with the vibrator while the wig guy watches and video tapes it outside of the actual cameraman. This is basically as far as it goes, there is not a lot of variety in thier vibrating of her, and she never seems to get all that worked up, this goes on for a long time, but she sort of seems to fake an orgasm, and it ends with no real interaction between her and the guys other than the vibe. Duration: 18: 04 mins

Scene 2: Ran Asakawa and 2 guys

We get a brief playboy style clip of Ran posing partially nude, there is a 8mm film effect added to try and set the mood, there isn't much too this and soon we go to a scene of Ran talking on the phone in a bedroom while the two guys from earlier start to pull off her clothes and play with her body. She stays on the phone for the duration. Soon she gets fingered and starts sucking one of the guys dick's all still while on the phone. Some vibrators come out, we get some oral sex by everybody performed on everybody, a couple people take over the phone, and the poor girl tries to carry on her call while the wigged one pounds her. The other guy has now left the building aparently and Ran is left with her phone partner and wiggy to ride like crazy, she shows some decent energy and does a decent job carrying on the plot. That soon fails though as she seems to be more intent on moaning and talking on the phone than she is with the guy fucking her, he flips her over like dead weight a few times and by the time he cums a few drops on her face, she honest to god looks like she is in a coma. Her eyes are shut, she doesn't move or do anything, and she mumbles like she is having a bad dream or something, really bad ending on the heat scale. Duration: 28: 37 mins

Scene 3: Ran Asakawa and The guy

We get another few minute clip of Ran in a nude photo shoot, but it is short lived and pretty stationary. We then get transported to a Japanese bath house where a nude ran joins a nude man who does not appear to know her, in the bath. This guy is something to see though. He is a nerdy looking asian guy, he immediately grabs his tiny dick to hide it from Ran, and while doing this manages to look like he needs to take a shit, piss, and vomit all at the same time, and very badly. This guy makes awkward look like it just changed it's name to suave. Ran tries her hardest to open old conserva-asian up, and it takes a really long time, I mean for porn this takes 100 years. She finally gets him to take his hand off his dick, but he doesn't lose the spasmic bathroom look just yet. It takes almost 10 minutes before she finally gets her hand on his dick, and there was virtually no foreplay, it was all this guy looking constipated and her trying to talk her way into his crotch. She finally gets her lips on him for just a minute, and it looks pretty hot, but she soon hops on him for some cowgirl riding in his lap. Now the problem is we see nothing, the camera shot doesn't show us any penetration, and soon she hops off and starts jerking him. At this point Mr Magoo would be an easier fuck. She humps his leg a little while she strokes him, and sucks his man breast. This girl is really hot, but yet this guy cannot keep wood at all, he is erect for a second then soft, and when your only sporting a 5 inch dick to begin with, that ain't good for a porn movie. Finally out of most likely exhaustion, she leaves him and goes to play with herself on the side of the pool, she soon returns to suck on him a while but he is still soft. He does get just enough wood to fuck her standing doggy, but again we see no penetration for most of this sequence. They move to missionary, but he is so close to her he just kind of rubs pelvises with her, it kind of looks like a lesbian scene in that regard. We see no more penetration and he never cums. I'm sorry to poke fun, but in reality it was the only thing that got me through this scene, because it did become almost comical, the guys performance was bad, this scene should have just been scrapped and either replaced with a guy who could perform, or redone if this guy was up to the task, but this is unacceptable. Ran is really an outstanding looking girl too, and her all wet in the bath could have been so hot, but this was just one horrible failure after another. Scene Duration: 26:19 mins

Extra Stuff

There is a 3 minute section at the end of the feature previewing volumes 1 and 2 in this series, and that is it, there is not one extra in this entire disc, no gallery no nothing.

In The End

That is it, I have had it, this movie has put me off of Samurai and Japanese videos for some time to come. I really like Ran Asakawa's looks, and she tried in this movie but has a lot to learn, if you really like her, you might like parts of this movie, I really don't like to be negative because so many people are gonna like so vastly different of things, that in porn as much as anything else in life, one man or woman's garbage, is another's platinum card. Saying that though, I just don't know where to point out the positive because I found very little to point out. Samurai has a long way to go to get thier product up to an enjoyable level across the board. If you just want to look at Ran or something along those lines, I hope you find some enjoyment out of this title, but for for the rest, Buy or rent at your own risk, big time on this one. Not recommended. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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