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Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi

Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi

Studio: Samurai
Category:  Asian
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Linus's ratings for Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi:
Overall Rating 1 star
Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi Mael looks rating 1/2 star
Sex Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Himiko 1: Hiyori Shiraishi A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  11/20/2004
HK-01 Himiko: Hiyori Shiraishi

Preview Expectations: Well I decided to take a bit of a gamble and try something completely different to my norms, and checked out a few Samurai all Japenese titles, all those reviews will be up now or shortly. I have never seen any "true" Japanese titles before, the box cover is pretty useless since it is in half Japanese and half English but the translations are either intentionally horrible, or just poorly done, but they are comical, but provide nothing to give me a clue of what I am in for. It looks like a hot asian girl will get plowed though, and that is enough to get me to open the box.

Initial Thoughts We essentially have one attractive asian girl going through a series of scenes but it is not a compilation or atleast does not appear to be. The idea to me is a winner, something we don't see a lot of over here in the US, some of the execution of that idea is a little dissapointing, but overall it is a nice change of pace, if you like the cover girl, you'll probably like the movie. All of the speaking is in Japanese, so most of you reading this are probably not gonna understand what is being said, but I kind of like the oddity of it and some of you may too. Not overly adventurous, but softer sex with a good bit of tease is the way of the world here. There is absolutely nothing in the way of extras though, so keep in mind that an 80 minute feature and nothing else is all your gonna have to hold you over. Worth a look though if it sounds like something you might like.

Technical thoughts Pretty solid, Picture quality is usually quite good, clear and smooth. Sound although in Japanese, is pretty clear, the dubbing sounds a bit odd at times during the sex, but not too bad. Camera work is pretty consistent and stable, if your used to american camera work, this may seem a bit amateur like to you, but the style they went for was pretty well executed. Lighting is for the most part reasonably well done and not too much of an issue here.

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Hiyori Shiraishi and a guy

We start out by entering her room to see this lovely girl sitting in a dressing room type setting, and soon after a lengthy interview and eventually tease section begins, all speaking is Japanese, so I can't understand any of it, but the tease is a little timid, but kind of nice, she has very nice oriental features and some really nice tits for an asian girl, they may be implants, but they seem to move pretty naturally. After nearly 10 minutes of this opening, they feel the need to put her in handcuffs, for no aparent reason, and she happily gets a dick to suck on in short order. She is pretty timid, but she does it with a smile, and gives us some nice no hands and later double handed action to watch, the guy is pretty small in the pants, but she still only takes in a few inches into her mouth. She works over the little chubby hairy one for a while, and soon he shoots a pretty decent load onto her great tits. Aan ok BJ scene to get us going. . Duration: 17: 24 mins

Scene 2: Hiyori Shiraishi

We open the next scene with her sleeping at a desk in her room, before a pudgy and grungy looking asian guy comes in a wakes her up. He spins her around in the chair and brings out a big ass bulb massager and starts to go over her body with it. This segment is really all tease, it is slow and at times pretty sensual, Hiyori is mostly clothed for most of it, but he does work over her tits and a bit on her pussy over her panties with the massager. It never gets any farther than that with the massager, but if you like slow fairly erotic tease, this is a nice scene. Duration: 11: 34 mins

Scene 3: Hiyori Shiraishi and pudgy asian guy

After the massager gets put away, old pudge the grunge decides he wants to do a little more with our asian doll, and he starts manhandling her. Another long sequence of tease and foreplay, lots of groping but this time with more nudity and it leads somewhere. After a while he decides he needs to suck on her groomed buy hairy pussy for a while and get himself worked up. Soon he lays her down and provides his dick to her to be sucked. This appears to be the same small peckered guy from the BJ scene, but Hiyori is more aggressive and energetic in her oral talents here, it's still incredibly tame for the standards in american gonzo for example, but it has a real feel of it being kind of like real sex with that awkardness to it and on some level it does work. Unfortunetly though this scene just abrubtly stops during the oral and that is the last of it, so real depressing on that front. Scene Duration: 15:10 mins

Scene 4: Hiyori Shiraishi

This scene is just Hiyori rubbing herself and fondling her breasts, it is little more than softcore here, and in some ways a lot less erotic. They tried for an effect, but it is just blurry and wobbly camera work and It might work for some, but it made me a bit motion sick. Kind of a dud here. Duration: 9:18 mins

Scene 5: Hiyori Shiraishi and guy

We again start off real slow, with this guy rubbing her breasts and body, before he pulls out a vag and clit vibe and starts working her over with that for a while, again it's pretty tame and there is not a huge amount of energy, but it again has kind of a real or amateur feel to it and it is not too bad to watch. Soon enough he has her on her knees sucking his rod, she takes him a little deeper this time and we even get some titfucking action here. Soon he has a condom on and starts to plow her pussy and they work through a few positions with some decent energy, some of the shots are just softcore, but there are some penetration shots and she looks really nice with her tits flopping in doggy especially. he pounds her in missionary for a while and finally pops his load on her chest where she plays with it for while before the camera fades to black. Scene duration 25:38 mins

Extra Stuff

There is a 3 minute section at the end of the feature previewing volumes 2 and 3 in this series, and that is it, there is not one extra in this entire disc, no gallery no nothing.

In The End

I like the idea behind this series, take one girl and make a film out of her, do different things and show her off. The execution of that idea though was pretty poor here, if Jenna Jameson or Taylor Rain or somebody was in one of these type of movies and it was done with the energy and attitude of a top tier studio, it could really rock, so I give Samurai props for starting this line. I personally found it way too bland, but I liked the girl and that helped. I think there definately is a market for this kind of series, and I would recommend it to someone who is watching softcore and wants to just take a small step closer to hardcore without plunging in. It doesn't have the eroticism of softcore, but there are some moments, if you like the girl here, I think you'll enjoy the disc, but considering all the other stuff that is out there and how this disc is both a short feature and offers nothing for extras, I cannot really recommend it on the whole. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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