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Hellcats 5

Hellcats 5

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MLyons's ratings for Hellcats 5:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Hellcats 5 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Hellcats 5 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Hellcats 5 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Hellcats 5 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hellcats 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hellcats 5 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hellcats 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  1/25/2005
Hellcats #5

Mike Lyons Reviews    

Joey Silvera
Judy Mastronelli, Lola, Holly Wellin, Cassidy, Desire Moore, Sammie Rhodes, Svetlana, Chrstie Lee, Kemmy, Falcon X, Fabio Scorpion, Nat Turnher, rick Masters, Anthony Hardwood, Brett Rockman, Sascha.

All Sex

First scene with Judy, Fabio and Falcon is shot in Brazil, and as such, has condoms.

Female Orgasms
A few, and they were believable enough for me.  :)

Those who enjoy Joey's ability to create sexual chemistry between people who are otherwise strangers.  Those who enjoy harder edged sex, that somehow still occasionally manages to put a smile on your face after you've watched it.

Those looking for focused, fetishistic sex (all anal, all swallowing, all dp, etc.).

Those of you who've read even the smallest amount of my excessive verbiage on porn should be painfully aware of my affinity for Joey Silvera's work. He's a consistent favorite of mine, and can usually be counted on for at least engendering a unique environment on his sets that promotes chemistry between his performers, and at its best, Joey's work can be a fuck-fest of insanity, including all the craziness of today's hardest porn, but with an edge of freshness that is often lacking in the work of his contemporaries.  Joey manages to be organic, yet controlled at the same time.  He works within the somewhat asexual construct of the hardcore adult industry, and yet often manages to elicit genuine performances from performers whose true gifts have been shamefully suppressed by lesser directors.  In short, Joey's earned my trust, and I don't need anything more than his name on the box for me to be inspired to pick it up.

Judy Mastronelli, Gabio Scorpion, Falcon X

This scene takes place in Brazil, with a pretty blonde named Judy.  She has a collar on, with a heavy, chain leash.  It's these kind of suggestive touches of dominance that I love about Joey's work.  He will often follow through with some pretty rough sex as well, depending on the girl and how the scenes go, but in this case, it's simply enough that the suggestion is there.  A black man she's with makes a point out of holding her leash--not pulling on it, not choking her with it, just holding it.  It is a simple sexual juxtaposition, and for me, this kind of thing lends a wonderful psychological dynamic to the sex that accompanies it.  Although the scene isn't particularly rough, it has plenty of "harder" elements, and culminates with a double anal penetration (albeit condoms are used throughout the scene).  Judy doesn't speak much English, but Joey speaks to her, and has the same worshipful attitude that I've come to expect from him.  She seems to get into the sex well enough, but this is definitely not the strongest work I've seen Joey do.  It might have been the DAP, or the fact that Judy's lack of "American-ness" made her hard for me to relate to, but I was sort of bored throughout.  This one seemed a little more "day at the office"-esque in terms of performances, but I have a bunch of biases that might have contributed to that feeling.

Lola, Holly Wellin, Nat Turnher

Lola is brunette tight-body who's been doing the nasty in porn for more than a few years now.  She's always been a good performer, and has an uninhibited way about her that I've always enjoyed.  She has small, pretty tits and they are shown off here by a sort of chest-less corset.  Holly is a pretty, British blonde, with a thick (cockney?) accent that is, at times, difficult to understand.   Nat is a black man, and this scene on the whole is characterized by some very nice chemistry between all three performers.  Lola and Holly aren't afraid to actually kiss one another, and Nat gives a refreshing air of un-jaded interest in the two women he's lucky enough to be paired with.  It's nice that the girls seem into each other as much as they are into Nat, and Joey has an instinctive "street-camera" style that, while somewhat improvisational and raw, keeps the attention on the girls' beautiful assets and doesn't linger long enough on any one detail to leave me bored.  It's a decent scene, but it just lacks the magic that I know Joey is capable of.

Cassidy, Rick Masters, Anthony Hardwood

Cassidy is evidently a swimmer, and this scene starts out with her donning her swim cap and doing a few laps for the camera.  Joey talks to her a bit, and the magic I've been missing so far on this disc starts to reveal itself in their conversation.  He coaxes out her personality, and just as importantly, her smile, which is just heart-meltingly cool when she really lets it loose.  She's blonde, a self-proclaimed 5'-10" tall, and has a really nice body, especially when she replaces her swimsuit with the stereotypical pink maid's uniform, complete with large-weave fishnet stockings.  Rick Masters and Anthony Hardwood come down the stairs and interrupt Joey's brief suckle of Cassidy's nipple, and so the sex begins.  Cassidy is treated to a lot of pussy licking as she sucks cock, and is eventually fucked good and proper.  I believe she has more than one orgasm over the course of the scene, and finally, she takes what she claims is her first double penetration (which a subtitle that appears on the screen suggests was an unplanned event). The scene ends in a dual facial, and I'm left with a smile on my face, and the impression that Cassidy really did enjoy herself.  Yep--this was the magic I was missing earlier.  Although not mind-blowingly amazing, I very much enjoyed this scene.

Desire Moore, Sammie Rhodes, Brett Rockman

I first saw Sammie in what I believe was her very first scene in porn, Shane's World College Invasion #5.  She is indeed, quite the cutie, with blonde hair, a killer body, and largish natural breasts.  She also has some tattoos adorning her lower back.  Desire is another blonde, who's been around the porn block a fair amount more than Sammie has.  She has a more petite look, and braces.  There's some good action here, which includes some yummy, "two blondes and a guy" images.  At one point Brett eats one pussy while another is wrapped around his cock, and as male fantasy goes, it doesn't get much better than that.  Sammie's personality is brought out by Joey a little at the beginning of the scene, and she does some dominant role playing with Desire, calling her dirty names, etc., but she never really seizes the part.  After a fair amount of tag-team fucking, Desire finally takes Brett's cock up her ass in the spoon position while Sammie looks on.  There's no anal for Sammie, but she does get fucked doggy style until Brett can't take it anymore and cums over both girls' faces.  There's some very nice eye candy here, as well as a dash of personality to boot, but like much of the rest of the disc, by Joey's standards, I'd still characterize this scene as a bit on the mediocre side.

Svetlana, Nat Turnher

Svetlana is a small Russian blonde with an absolutely gorgeous body, and pretty face besides.  Evidently, she speaks 5 languages.  Let me say that again.  She's 21, and she speaks 5 languages!  As far as I'm concerned, that alone is the equivalent of a fuckin' masters degree.  Given the fluency with which she speaks a non-native English, she's already got me beat in the intelligence department.  But she's got a lot more than that going for her.  Did I mention her gorgeous body?  Her breasts are just perfectly sized, and I love her small frame.  Moreover, she fucks with a smile on her face, and aside from a few moments of possible discomfort during the initial stages of the anal festivities, she really seems to enjoy herself with Nat throughout the scene.  She's pretty, Nat seems to enjoy her as much as she enjoys him, and once again Joey captures all those tiny, wonderful interactions like only he can.  Like the Cassidy scene, I left with a smile.

Christie Lee, Kemmy, Sascha (DVD ONLY)

Ah, Christie Lee.  Christie is a natural when it comes to sex on camera.  She's a Canadian cutie with sandy blonde hair and a pretty little body.  Kemmy is Japanese, and a very cute girl in her own right.  The scene starts out in average Joey fashion, as Kemmy is wrapped in a trash bag and presented to Christie as her present.  After Sascha spends some time fucking Christie, Kemmy is on hand to provide some cocksucking and a bit of oral stimulation to Christie.  If Christie doesn't have an orgasm, I'd bet she comes pretty darn close.  Eventually Sascha takes Kemmy's ass, and then the really interesting part of the scene begins.  Christie straps a black cock around her waist and then fucks Kemmy's pussy, and finally her ass with it.  Kemmy is pretty convincing when she says that she enjoys Christie's rubber attentions, and the scene ends with Sascha cumming on Kemmy's face and Christie's pretty titties.  I liked the offbeat dynamics here.  Christie, as usual, is quite fun to watch, and Kemmy isn't anything to shake a stick at either.

By regular porn standards, I would call this a solid title.  It's got plenty of pretty girls.  It has some great personality and dynamics peppered throughout the scenes, some decent camera work, and some good sex.  The only problem is that this is Joey Silvera, and because he's managed to set the bar so high for himself in movies past, I can't help but be a bit disappointed by this one.  My favorite scene on the disc was Cassidy's.  She had an air about her,  an authentic smile that warms my insides, and in the extra footage she cites Lauren Phoenix's amazing scene in Service Animals #15 as among her favorites--a girl after my own heart.  Svetlana turned in a really nice scene, as did Christie Lee and Kemmy.  Truly, every scene had a few moments that I really liked, and although I might fault him for not producing his best work here, "mediocre" Joey is, by any other standard, still pretty "good" porn.

The normal offering of Evil Angel extra is in evidence here.  About 9 minutes worth of extra footage is included.  Some of it is more sex, some just some cool talking, and some of it, just plain strange, but then again, that's Joey for ya.  That is accompanied by the obligatory photo gallery, a cast list by scene, filmographies and a fetish menu.

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