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Hellcats 11

Hellcats 11

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
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astroknight's ratings for Hellcats 11:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Hellcats 11 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Hellcats 11 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hellcats 11 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Hellcats 11 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Hellcats 11 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hellcats 11 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hellcats 11 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/4/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 166 min.

Production Date: 7 / 1 / 2006

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Jazmine Leigh (extras only, listed here as Jasmine Leih), Katsumi, Mia Rose, Sativa Rose, Tobi Pacific, Vixen, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Derrick Pierce, Jean-Claude Batiste, Joachim Kessef, Lee Bangs, Lefty LaRue, Mark Wood, Richard Kline, Ronnie Flipp, Tee Real, and of course, Joey Silvera

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Although I haven't seen anything from this series yet, Joey Silvera's name alone is enough to give me very high hopes here.

Initial Reaction: It's pretty hot, but not quite as good as I remember some of Joey's other titles being.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of barely legal babes getting nasty

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting girl on girl action

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a little weaker than what I normally expect from the Evil Empire. The audio is nicely balanced, but also has a scratchy feel to it like the levels weren't adjusted right during editing. There's a few background noises, but thankfully they don't interfere with every scene. The video is nicely done, and presented in the full frame format. It's nicely lit, as usual, and although it's shot by hand it has a pretty smooth feel to it. There's a touch of grain, but it's very minimal.

Music: None

Menus: The main menu, as usual, nicely blends a little animation, a still, and a bit of the movie. The chapter menu, also as usual, lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a name of the hellcat in it.

The Feature

Joey Silvera's back with more Hellcats. Here the scenes focus on barely legal girls, and he works in plenty of barely legal themes such as schoolgirls, along with plenty of the anal one has come to expect from Joey.

Scene 1 – Tobi Pacific and Joey Silvera; Tobi Pacific, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, and Mark Wood

Dirty blonde Tobi starts her scene out in a blue button down shirt, a dark blue tie, a short skirt, and white shoes drawing on the chalkboard for Joey. He tells her to go home and think about what she drew, and when he meets her outside the next day he has her show him how she smokes. She reaches down to grope his cock as she smokes back inside, and after learning that she isn't ticklish, Joey learns that she isn't wearing a bra either. Tobi drops down to work Joey's cock out of his pants, and sucks on it while she continues to smoke. After working on Joey a bit, Tobi stands up and plays with her pussy.

When Mark and Arnold arrive wearing only jeans, Tobi, wearing only a skirt, gropes them a bit while also letting them check out her tits. She drops down to mouth Mark's manhood with a fair amount of throat action before letting Arnold join in the fun. Tobi gets the spit flowing nicely and tries to put her throat to work before letting Mark have the first fuck cowgirl style. She hops off to suck Mark's cock clean as Arnold lets her have it from behind, and soon after lets the guys switch off so she can keep working on a cock at each end. Tobi lies back to let Mark spear her shitpussy missionary style, and nicely sucks it clean before letting Mark go back at it both in missionary and doggie. She takes a break to suck her way between the guys before letting Mark take her from behind a little more. She lets them double stuff her cowgirl style with Arnold finally getting his turn in her ass, and takes a couple breaks to just fuck Mark. Finally Tobi lets Mark and Arnold give her a pair of very nice facials that she takes in her mouth, in her eye, and all around her face with a bit of a laugh. She chats with Joey a bit more while lighting up a smoke and lets him admire her fine ass. He whips out his cock for a little more oral action, and Toby repeatedly takes it into her throat while smoking. She catches a small pop from Joey in her mouth before chatting with him about her background.

This scene leaves me with some mixed feelings. On one hand, Tobi looks great and does a very nice job throughout the scene. She plays the tease very well, and does a great job both sucking Joey and taking on Mark, where she shows some very nice chemistry. The problem here is Arnold. For most of the scene he seems to just stand around stroking his cock and watching Mark work her over. When he does get a chance to fuck her he seems to push her too much and I couldn't help but think that one of the editing cuts was due to him pushing things a little too fast as Tobi repeatedly told him to take it slow. The ending with Joey is nicely done, with Tobi looking like she's being pushed but not badly. The tag on the end with her talking to Joey also helps with the feel of the overall scene, just because Tobi comes off as having such a bubbly personality. This is a pretty hot scene that could have been better with a little better balance between the guys.

Scene 2 – Katsumi, Joachim Kessef, and Tee Reel

Katsumi starts her scene out in a kitchen wearing a sexy black bra that's pulled down to show her tits, black stockings, and an apron that leaves nothing to the imagination before strutting her way up and down a staircase. Joey follows her around for a bit until she finds Tee in what almost looks to be an art gallery. They kiss as she gropes his cock and lets him work his mouth around her neck and tits before she kneels in front of Joachim and starts working her mouth around his cock. Tee strips down so Katsumi can suck his cock as well, and the guys give her ass a few slaps as she works her way between them before Joachim goes right to fucking her ass from behind. The guys trade back and forth fucking Katsumi's ass and face, and after a bit let her lie back and take her rectal reaming lying on her side on a couch. They even mix in a little dicking for her twat both in missionary and cowgirl before Katsumi slides her ass back over Joachim's cock reverse cowgirl style. She also gets in a bit of anal spooning and a cowgirl ride for her pussy before inviting Tee to join in fucking her ass from behind as she continues to ride Joachim cowgirl style. She stays on Joachim for an anal cowgirl ride, and lets Tee pop on her face as she bounces on Joachim. She finally hops off to suck Joachim's cock and balls as he gives himself a hand to make the long trip to giving her about four drops of cum on her tongue.

This is another pretty hot scene. As usual, Katsumi looks great and does a great job taking cock no matter where it's put. Unfortunately, once again there's a lopsided feeling to the scene with Tee seeming to be there just to help out with the double penetration. This was a major disappointment to me as Joachim often seems to have a hard time keeping wood and he never seemed to get really hard here either. If that isn't enough, he barely seemed able to pop. As usual, Katsumi does a very nice job while Joachim leaves plenty to be desired. This wasn't too bad of a scene up until Joachim had to pop.

Scene 3 – Sativa Rose and Richard Kline

Sativa starts out her scene talking with Joey about how she's failing “Mr. Doop's” class but how she's going to work herself up to an A. She teases Joey in her plaid skirt, little girly panties, blue button down shirt and tie before Richard, aka “Mr. Doop” arrives and questions her about where her books are. When Sativa says that she knows how she can pass, Richard tries telling her she needs to study harder, and then clarifies what she needs to study by putting her hand on his pants. He helps her strip down and admires her body a bit before Sativa drops down to attack his cock orally. She strips down to her tie and slides her pussy over Richard's dick for a reverse cowgirl ride before getting off and having him worship her feet. Sativa isn't happy when she learns that she's only worked her way to a B, but rides him cowgirl style to keep making her way up the scale. She even lies on her side and lets him spoon her ass before pulling it out to stroke, admire her ass juice, and finally suck clean. She isn't too happy when Richard helps her take his cock all the way into her throat, but lets him fuck her ass from behind and gives it to him cowgirl style. Sativa sucks her ass off Richard's cock again, and mixes in a little stroking that causes his cock to erupt over her tongue. Sativa doesn't slow down, and milks out every last drop with a nasty little smile. Finally she collects her clothes and takes off.

This is a great scene. Sativa works the tease and bad girl attitude extremely well to help the scene get off to a quick hot start. She gives up the ass very well also, and puts out plenty of effort along with some very nice vocals. Sativa isn't a girl who disappoints me often, but this is definitely one of the hottest scenes I've watched her in for quite a while.

Scene 4 – Mia Rose and Derrick Pierce

Brunette hottie Mia starts her scene out in a collar, black thong, and tall white boots getting ready to brush her teeth. She chats with Joey a bit and adds a silver corset before Derrick helps out by putting a pair of white studded cuffs on her wrists and snapping a leash to her collar. They kiss by a mirror before Derrik starts working his way south to check out Mia's great natural tits. She drops down to suck his cock in return and lets him give her a nice face fucking before having him fuck her from behind in front of the mirror. She sucks him clean before sliding her pussy back over his dick cowgirl style so she can cum a few times. They even get in some hard missionary work with Derrick choking Mia as she encourages him and pulls him in to fuck her good and hard. Finally Mia gets down to suck and stroke Derrick to a nice pop on her face, in her mouth, and in front of her face with Mia looking like she's enjoying all of it. Afterwards, she puts her collar and leash back on.

This is another excellent scene. I love the looks between Mia and Derrick, and of course it doesn't hurt that Mia's as cute as can be with an ass the doesn't seem to want to quit. There's very nice chemistry between them and I love how she takes a little action pulling Derrick in to fuck her deep when she gets close to cumming herself. There may not be anal in this scene, but it's still one heck of a smoking hot scene.

Scene 5 – Vixen, Jean Claude Batiste, Jon Jon, Lee Bangs, Lefty LaRue, and Ronnie Flipp

Minnesota's own hot redhead Vixen starts her scene out in a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt that she strips off to show a girly pink and yellow bra. She's soon after surrounded by black guys who put her in a black and white inmate outfit, and soon after stoops down to start sucking one brother's bone. After getting a little for himself he brings her back in so the others can join in, and Vixen sits on one's face while the others start lining up to get their knob gobbled. They lay her back so she can eat some ass as well as sucking cock, and start fucking her missionary style as she continues sucking cock. The guys trade off fucking her pussy missionary style before letting her put her ass to use reverse cowgirl and doggie style with a nice break in between to suck her ass off a cock. It doesn't take much of an anal cowgirl ride for the guys to talk about double stuffing her, and Vixen encourages them before having the guy move his cock to her pussy so another guy can fuck her ass from behind. If that isn't enough, Vixen also lets them pile drive her ass so she can show some gapes and sucks her ass off the last cock before getting down and having the guys cum on her face one after another.

I'm not much of a fan of the interracial gangbang, but Vixen does a great job taking on the brothers here. She has a killer body and seems to know just how to put it to use. She puts out some great vocals as she fucks, and does a great job on the “Daddy” talk that can be very hit or miss for me. If that isn't enough, Vixen also takes the cumshots extremely well and helps to make this the best group scene of the movie.

Scene 6 – Jasmine Leigh and Joey Silvera

Jasmine, a very cute Oriental, starts the final scene out in a black bra with a very short pleated camouflage skirt that she pulls up to let Joey admire her shaved and pierced pussy. She lets Joey check her out a little more before dropping down to suck his cock while giving him some great eyes and a little stroking. She oils up her tits so Joey can have a little titty fucking, and lets him know just how dirty he is while she sucks him. Finally, Jasmine lets Joey give her a very impressive pop across her face, and laughs as he nearly blinds her while Joey brings in a cumrag to help her clean up.

I'm not much of a fan of blowjob scenes, but this one worked quite well. Jasmine is cute as can be, and does a very nice job sucking cock. She gets into the facial very well, and it's even more impressive when you learn at the end that it was her first facial ever. This is a very nice little scene to end the movie with.

Hellcats 11 is a pretty hot barely legal movie. Joey does a great job blending fun and simple setups with harder sex, and still comes off as friendly, enthusiastic, and a bit perverted. He's also picked a great cast here who appears to like rougher sex. The only scenes that didn't work too well for me were Toby Pacific and Katsumi's scenes for the simple reason that it seemed like one of the guys was normally left out of it. Even with that problem with those scenes, I can't complain too loudly because the girls looked fantastic and did do a very nice job. As for a favorite scene, I'd have a very hard time deciding between Sativa and Mia's scene, as both had plenty of passion and a very enjoyable feel. Regardless of the scene, Joey does a great job with the camera work, and moves around the action in such a way that I barely ever wanted even a slight change in the camera angles. Hellcats 11 does a nice job blending a barely legal feel with more intense sex, but the lopsided feeling of most of the group scenes gave it a very slow start and held the entire movie back overall.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery includes about forty great looking snapshots. In addition to a cast listing by scene, filmographies are included for Katsumi, Mia Rose, and Sativa Rose. There's also extra sex, a bonus scene, cumshot recaps, and website information.

The extra sex lasts fourteen minutes. Tobi starts things out working with Joey a bit on her setup and letting him choke her before it moves on with Sativa and Richard. There's a little action between Mia and Derrick before she chats with Joey about sex, followed by a little more action between them. Vixen gets a little extra time as well. This is a nice collection of extra action.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, smoking, tease, oral, group, anal, ass to mouth, interracial, rimming (female > male), and titty fucking

Raincoat Factor: Borderline extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most of Evil Angel’s DVDs can be found online for between about $18 and $30, with a few stores offering them in the $20 range. I'd aim for the low end here. Joey is a great director, and although the one on one scenes are great, the group action holds this one back. The technical aspects also seem a touch weaker, but there is a bit of extra footage to help out the overall DVD. This is a pretty hot DVD, but not quite up to the level I normally expect from Joey Silvera.

Note to Joey Silvera / Evil Angel: Now that Mia's doing anal, I hope you bring her back for another Hellcats!

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