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Hellcats 11

Hellcats 11

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Hellcats 11:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Hellcats 11 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Hellcats 11 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Hellcats 11 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Hellcats 11 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hellcats 11 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Hellcats 11 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hellcats 11 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/29/2006
I've not watched as much Joey Silvera as a lot of you but he's definitely a legend in the biz and I've seen some good porn lensed by him. He seems to have an easy going style which is easy on to watch and he certainly gets some of the hottest chicks in the biz to shoot for him as Sativa, Mia, Katsumi are all up there. Not sure how he's introducing Vixen but that's a minor quibble and she's fucking hot in the black/ white convict outfit which stirs up memories of Katja Kassin at AEE a couple years back as she wore a similar outfit at their booth. Well one other tidbit to look for in this dvd is the inclusion of anal in the Sativa Rose scene and while many girls do this particular act in their scenes and have from day one Miss Rose is relatively new to this so her anal scenes are to be treated as National Holidays until further notice!!! Seriously with as perfect an ass as she's got the true crime would have been to never tap it so thankfully with some anal scenes now coming out we don't have to worry. Speaking of asses you've got Katsumi and Mia Rose who has among the new girls this year perhaps my favorite ass and just to make you jealous just a little that red pussy of Vixens was perched over muahs face in a scene about five months back and I must say the view from the bottom never looked so good!! Ok let's hit some highlights.

Tobi Pacific:

We see Tobi is a student and her art teacher doesn't have instruction on the mind, nope he wants his young student to help him relieve some stress. Well nothing happens there so we go to the next day where a smoking Tobi walks up and blows smoke into Joey's camera. Daddy tells her she's a good artist Tobi tells us and of course she's wearing a skimpy skirt which Joey takes up residence behind and looking up at her ass. Ok I don't get the fascination with the smoking so I was glad when they got rid of the cigarette and instead it appears our teacher's going to receive that bj, fuck there's the cigarette again, lol. Well it appears the ciggys part of the package for the bj and I do know there's a smoking fetish out there so this definitely scratches that itch and Tobi gives a most assertive blowjob. Pretty soon we've got this young lady taking on two guys and now the cigarette is long gone and she's only got the two hard cocks to keep her mouth occupied and she does a fine job gagging on them. This is more towards the harder end of the bj spectrum so my interest waned some but I appreciate the effort Tobi gave as it required a good one on her part. Sexwise you get some cowgirl, doggie and yes some anal fucking as well in mish and doggie. She gets the dp treatment as well from the guys and in the end two good pops to her face. The smoking fetish didn't do much for me but I liked her energy and for her fans this should be a good scene to watch. She's not quite done either, returning to her "art teacher" to finish off the job and the cigarette returns too so I kinda wished they'd not done this. At least she'll get an A in the class though!!


We go from a relative newbie to a firmly established star and Katsumi is among the best girls working today, consistently turning out stellar scenes regardless of if it's gonzo or feature. The elegance with which she visually carries herself is awesome and then to see how nasty she can get is quite the amazing transfirmation but one I love seeing. The title of her scene is "wall to wall" and she comes on already nude at least her breasts are showing and this is a scene shot before her recent boob job. The sexy accent is used right from the start and Joey takes us a on a tour of a big house it appears and we have a seat right behind Katsumi's gorgeous ass!! Damn, damn, damn that is one fine ass and Joey's no fool giving some extended screen love to that excellent tush, you just want to run your hands smoothly over her delicate skin and then of course bury your face deep in her ass crack!! Katsumi walks around for a bit until she spies Tee Reel who is in a romantic mood giving some passionate kisses to Katsumi who massages the bulge in his levis. There is already one naked black cock ready and as Tee gets his out Katsumi engulfs it and then Tee's when he's ready. This woman is a pro's pro when it comes to fellatio so any pace, any style she can make it look good so watch and appreciate. Joey does a good job with the camera too giving a good broad view and then moving in closer on Katsumi as she lustfully services their cocks. As for sex you get to see that perfect ass get violated right away from behind. I can only imagine how awesome that must feel to slip your cock into that ass, holy shit it looks like a lot of fun. More anal is seen in spoon, then vag cowgirl, back to anal in reverse and the guys dp Katsumi as well. Katsumi is so good it's not surprising the facials came off looking great. This is truly one of the better performers working today and an asset to any production she is asked to be a part of.

Sativa Rose:

Ok we go from one sexy and exotic woman to another. There is just something about Sativa Rose that does it for me, could be that great smile, the dark skin tone, the great ass, nice boobs and she puts on one hell of a scene so it's not just one thing but many things that help make Sativa such a hot lady. Here she's excited to be in Mr. Doop's class, this is going to help her put porno behind her but she's getting an F now so she's going to work on that today! Well she's not totally done with porn as she gives Joey a little ass peek. The teach shows up and Sativa puts her plan to work and one thing leads to another, etc. etc. etc. and soon we have the teacher fingering her ass and Sativa drops down to help him out with his "longfellow!!" The sound is so good here you can here the cock going in and out of her mouth. As the bj goes on she's already moved up to a C as in c for cocksucker she tells him. The sex features a good bouncing reverse cowgirl and damn those titties were doing some dancing here. After a little P2M, she lets the teacher suck her toes but it's only a B for our girl at this point so she soldiers on giving us a great cowgirl and then it's anal time folks with the teach sliding in in spoon. Sativa is looking much more comfortable doing anal now than when I first saw her explore this and the cock was pounding her booty pretty good here. Sativa does some A2M and I can feel her sliding by the B+ level and edging into an A with this sexy cock play. Mr. Doop then drills her pooper some more in doggie and then it's the ultimate position cowgirl anal where for a Sativa Rose fan it doesn't get any better than this. She hops off again to do A2M and she jerks the teach off until he pops up into her mouth and she gives some great cleanup. I do think she'll get that A now, what do you think!

Mia Rose:

We Rose follows another Rose! Mia is fairly new to the biz, around 5 months or so and wow she's made quite the splash on the message boards and now we're seeing the scenes start to come out. Mia's got an amazing ass, one of the best I've seen come in the biz probably since Teagan. She comes off pretty confident in her conversation with Joey and the outfit she wears here is fairly understated by porn standards but the silver looked good on her and a little bling is added to round out the attire including a dog collar and leash so me thinks Mia is someones Pet!! Well I'd like to know where I can pick me up a Mia if that's the case. Oh wow, the guy moves in and the two engage in some really passionate kissing and I mean they kissed very nicely and not what you usually get in most porn scenes. Our man then moves down to sample those modest boobies of Mia's. Moving ahead a bit we get this sexy young girl fucked and without a doubt the premier position for Mianites would have to be cowgirl and thankfully Joey captures some of that. Our girl does some mean dick sucking too in the scene and her energy was there too showing she should be a player in the gonzo arena for a good couple of years if she so chooses. I had some techincal issues watching this scene with the picture freezing up on me but I'm chalking that up to my copy and yours shouldn't do that.


Our final full scene stars this pretty redhead who enters the frame wearing a different outfit than the one pictured on the dvd cover. She walks around like she's a runway model and the way her hair looks and her pretty face she could easily pass for one except for the fact she's got nice sized tits and I haven't seen as many models with big knockers, usually they are skinny and flat chested. Ok we see her change into the prison garb while Lee Bang oogles her bod, you can bet those clothes won't stay on long. Ok I'm having more technical shit going on and the scene finally stopped on me. This is a combo factor as my player sometimes doesn't like dvds but Evil's been real good but the first 3 scenes here I had no trouble with so not sure why the last two would give me issues. I try jumping ahead when the dvds back up and we get Vixen experiencing some doggie anal and she's also taking on a second black cock so our man must've been waiting out in the large room with Lee when the scene first got underway. Cowgirl anal was a nice shot and the guys give her the double fuck in this position too, she calls them daddy! Joey then delivers a crystal clear close up as Vixen is analized in piledriver/ mish and finally she gets a couple pops to her face. I'm sorry the scene fucked up on me there but that happens sometimes and the scene might play better in another player. I would stress this shouldn't dissuade you from picking this up but I am curious why 3 scenes would play totally fine and the last two not.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a good dvd from Joey, nothing to flashy just consistent good hard sex led by Katsumi's elegance and Mia's youthful beauty. Throw in a healthy dose of Sativa and Vixen anal with Tobi toking a ciggy and you've got a nice dvd to check out. I'm sorry the technical stuff hampered those last two scenes and hopefully someone can give a better description for you but Mia and vixen both give you ample reasons to check them out here. Extras for this title include a cumshot recap, a photo gallery, a cast list for the scenes, and some extra sex from the scenes. Nicely here there's more with Mia Rose who fucking looks awesome sucking dick! And you get a bit more with Vixen from her scene and the guys definitely layed some pipe to this young redhead. I forgot to cover the bonus bj, lol, it is right after Vixen's scene and Joey has this Asian girl dressed in some black lingerie and a military style skirt but it's not military issue as the length is about two inches, lol. Wow she's got one nice ass as he shows us and some good modest sized boobs too adorn her chest. What follows next is a solid POV bj tilting towards the slower style and away from the gack,gack, gack attack. Joey lets her slide his dick between her tits for a little titty rubbing and he delivers a pretty substantial load to her face with the first volley smack dab in her left eye and the rest mostly around her mouth. This is well worth renting or buying as you get so many good things which I alluded too, Sativa and anal, Mia's ass, Katsumi's brilliance so definitely check this one out.

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