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Heel -n- Sole

Heel -n- Sole

Studio: Fallen Angel
Category:  All Sex , Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Heel -n- Sole:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Heel -n- Sole overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Heel -n- Sole Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Heel -n- Sole Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Heel -n- Sole Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Heel -n- Sole Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Heel -n- Sole DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Heel -n- Sole A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/17/2001

Running Time: 67 min. (cover states 90 min., information screen states 120 min.)

Production Date: 6 / 4 / 1999

Director: Luc Wylder (also produced and shot)

Cast: Alexandra Silk, Ariana, Kami, Nancy Vee, Brandon Irons, James Wand, Luc Wylder, and Todd Alexander

Initial Expectations: I’ve only seen a few of Luc Wylder’s features, but so far they’ve all been very good. Being a foot freak makes me have very high expectations for Heel -n- Sole as well.

Initial Reaction:

Who Should Watch It : Anybody with a foot fetish

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks feet are made for walking

Audio /Video Quality: Although not a high production value feature, the audio and video quality are both well done. The audio is clear and well balanced for the most part. There are a few parts where the balance is off a little, but it’s not enough to interfere with the scenes. The video is also very clear and there are very few signs of pixelation.

Music: The music ranges from a very nice balance to the only audio. It’s normally nice music that doesn’t feel like most of the music out there, but there is some harder techno. It’s not a lot different, but it is enough to make it feel different and it always fits the scene.

Disc Problems / Complaints: An icon in the left corner allows you to skip directly to the pop shot. I have no complaints about being able to jump directly to the pop shot, but sadly you can’t turn off the icon. This is a common complaint and one that appears fairly easily fixed with how many companies have changed their icons to be turned off.

Menus: The menus are simple but done well enough to get everything across very clearly.

The Feature: Although I haven’t seen a lot of Luc Wylder, I have heard a little about him and his features. From what I’ve heard he’s one of the nicest guys in porn, and from the chat with Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder , I haven’t experienced anything different. I’ve seen a few of his features, which have ranged from very mainstream porn friendly to well done fetish features. Heel -n- Sole falls into the fetish feature, and steps right to the main idea, feet. There isn’t an entire minute of set-up to the scenes in the entire feature. Each scene cuts almost directly to the performers, who get right to the action.

Alexandra Silk, dressed in a red bra, panties, stockings, and platform high heels, starts things off leading James Wand along and directing him to get down on his knees in front of him. She tells him how she’s had a hard day and needs her feet massaged, worshiped, and given a little extra attention. He agrees and then goes to work on her heels, pleasing Alexandra enough that she starts rubbing his cock with one foot as he works on the other. After he works over her feet a little more, she rewards him by giving his cock a little attention with her feet and shoes as well as a little head. One might even say she had him covered head to toes. They masturbate for each other a little before James blows his load all over Alexandra’s feet, which she brings up right away to lick clean with a smile on her face. It’s a hot scene with Alexandra playing the aggressive role throughout the scene. As good as the scene is, it’s the only problem I had with the scene. Alexandra almost always appears like one of the sweetest people in porn. I had a hard time watching her play the dominant role in the scene because she always seemed way too nice. It’s a minor complaint, and I only include it to warn people who enjoy watching one person strongly dominating another.

Todd Alexander starts out on his back with a mouth ready to clean off Ariana’s shoes. As did Alexandra, Ariana, wearing some nice leather fetish wear, plays the dominant role, doing it much better than Alexandra. She appears to have much more of a dark side and even talks about walking through dog shit as he licks off her shoes. Todd rushes things, so to punish him Ariana has him go over and get her slap paddle to punish him. She spanks his ass and slaps and steps on his cock and balls to teach him a lesson. Afterwards she has him take off her shoes and suck on all of her toes at once. She teases him with a foot job and then has him rub lotion all over her feet as she plays with her pierced nipples. Finally, she lets him fuck her feet as she plays with her pussy. Finally he blows his special lotion on her feet to finish things off. It’s a very hot scene that surpasses Alexandra’s only because Ariana’s dominance is much more believable.

Nancy Vee and Kami, both dressed in french maid costumes and wearing bright fishnet stockings, rub their feet together until Brandon Irons comes in to lick their shoes. Nancy is one of those girls that I always enjoy watching but don’t see a lot of. She has a natural beauty and appears to love to fuck. I haven’t seen Kami before, but she doesn’t look that natural. She’s Asian and has shoulder length hair in what strikes me as a slightly geisha girl style and has a stud right under her lower lip, which I find about as attractive as having a bone through her nose. Brandon takes off Kami’s shoes first and sucks on her toes before giving Nancy’s feet some much needed attention. The girls start to strip down and make sure they get a little help in removing their clothes. Both girls give Brandon’s cock a little foot love before turning their back to Brandon as they kiss. Nancy gets her toes and ass worked over with Brandon’s face as Kami rubs her back. Kami turns around so her pussy can get a little foot action followed by Brandon blowing his load onto a mirror in front of them. It’s a good scene, but not as strong as the previous scenes. It also lacks a little because the music is about the only audio in the scene.

Finally, Alexandra, dressed in a plaid skirt and black top, crawls up to Luc and starts to lick his boots. She gets lipstick on his boots and he won’t risk it happening again so he has her rub it off with her pussy and then worship it after it’s removed. She eagerly removes his boots to worship her feet and then kicks her legs in the air while squealing slightly for him to remove her shoes. It’s perfect Alexandra Silk. You can tell how eager she is and how much she enjoys sex, which makes the entire scene a lot of fun. Luc picks up one of her shoes after they give each other’s feet a little attention, and spanks her ass and pussy. He whips out his cock and Alexandra gives him a foot job as she works over her pussy a little with her shoe. Luc finally has Alexandra suck his cock a little before he lets go on her toes.

As a foot lover, one normally doesn’t get many chances to see what you really want to see. There’s a little Jim Holliday stuff that’s okay foot-wise, but most of it seems like the DVDs should be used as coasters instead, such as Foot Lovers Only and High Heeled and Horny 4. Thankfully, now there’s Heel -n- Sole. Luc Wylder put together a great foot fetish feature that’s going to make a lot of toes curl. The action focuses nicely on the feet, while not completely ignoring the rest of the ladies’ bodies. It also doesn’t confuse things by trying to add a little bad plot into it. I’ve only seen a few of Luc Wylder’s features, but I have yet to watch one where I don’t feel like I should pick up more of his stuff afterwards, and this is no exception.

Extras: Of course, there’s some web site information. The slide show lasts two and a quarter minutes with about five seconds per photo. It’s accompanied by some fairly driving techno music that gives it a little more of a fetish feeling. If you don’t like the automated photo gallery, you can also see the pictures in a photo gallery setting where you get to choose when the picture changes. It’s nice to see a company give the viewer a choice. Bios are available for all of the girls. You get to choose which girl by their picture, which is another nice touch. Finally, you can jump directly to the cum shot for each scene.

Themes: Straight, feet, shoes, toe-ing, masturbation, fetish wear, spanking, and group

Raincoat Factor: Extreme if you like feet, medium low if you don’t have a foot fetish

Overall: Currently, Hell -n- Sole can be found online for between $22 and $25, but there aren’t many stores offering it. If you have a foot fetish, it’s money well spent. The focus remains on the feet throughout the feature but doesn’t ignore the rest of the women’s bodies. The transfer is very good and the extras, although fairly average, are done better than most other companies.

Note to Fallen Angel: It’s great to see a company finally release a decent foot fetish feature. I hope there are more in the future. Please change your pop shot icon so that it can be turned off (I think other companies do it as a subtitle but I’m not positive).

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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