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Heat (Titan)

Heat (Titan)

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Heat (Titan):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Heat (Titan) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Heat (Titan) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Heat (Titan) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Heat (Titan) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Heat (Titan) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Heat (Titan) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Heat (Titan) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  10/14/2002
[NOTE : This is only my second gay DVD review as well as my second Titan Media DVD. I liked Fallen Angel III so much, that when I got the chance to review another, I jumped at it, though it took me a while to get around to finishing this review, it was reviewed by netguy in January, 2001, and by joeblow69 in June, 2001.]


Starring Chris Steele, Yuri Breshnev, Victor Racek, Alec Martinez, Brice Patton, Blake Harper, Michael Vincenzo, Jason Branch, Lance Gear, Nick Nicaste, and Jon Galt.

Directed by Bruce Cam
Edited by James Sheridan
Produced by Titan Media and Keith Webb

The intro is 7-minutes long, then the film opens with a jeep driving down a desert road, as an overlapping image of two guys kissing on a parked 4-wheeler plays.

SCENE ONE : Two good-looking physically fit guys, Alec Martinez and Yuri Breshnev, kiss as a jeep is driven down a desert road. Alec has a smooth hairless chest and face, while Yuri is unshaven and more rugged looking. Victor Racek, another good-looking and well-built guy, stops the jeep and gets out wearing just pants and shoes and binoculars in hand, which he uses to spot the guys giving each other oral. As he walks closer and closer to the action, he sees Yuri giving Alecís ass a pretty intense and lengthy tongue fucking. Alec gets fucked Ďtil he cums, followed by Yuri pulling out and cumming and they kiss some more. Victor joins them, and thereís a lot more kissing, oral, rimming, and sex that goes on in all sorts of variations. Alec cums two more times, once while getting fucked by Victor and again after they switch up and then Victor cums. I couldnít see if Yuri came again, or not, but this was great scene with three very good-looking guys, fucking out under the hot sun. After they finish up, Alec starts up the 4-wheeler and rides off naked. Yuri and Victor drive off in the jeep, and soon Yuri gets out. Victor drives on and the jeep runs out of gas, so he walks through the desert with a gas canÖ

SCENE TWO : Chris Steele, a good-looking guy, hairier than the previous guys, is drinking a bottle of water when Victor spots him after walking through the desert. Chris, who is slightly shorter than Victor but very well built, gives him a drink before they kiss. They get good and wet with the water then Chris gives Victor some oral and they switch up. Victor cums first onto Chrisís chest and they kiss, then Chris cums onto the side of Victorís face and shoulder, and licks his own cum up. Thereís more kissing as Chris soaks both himself and Victor with more water. Victor gets fucked and gives more oral. Chris then gives Victorís ass a pretty intense tongue fucking before he fucks him some more. Chris cums twice on Victorís stomach, followed by Victor cumming once to end this very hot one-on-one scene, which is all captured excellently on film.

SCENE THREE : Michael Vincenzo and Brice Patton, two well-built and good-looking guys, are sitting by a campfire kissing and sharing an apple as night falls. They give each other some oral in a few variations, and soon Michael rims Brice. Blake Harper, another well-built and good-looking guy, slightly more rugged in appearance, walks towards them with a flashlight and his shirt open. They greet one another with a good amount of kissing and oral before the fucking starts with Brice riding Blakeís cock. Michael jerks off onto Briceís shoulder as he is getting fucked, and he cums soon after hopping off of Blakeís dick. Blake cums and Michael cums again before they all fall asleep. When they wake in the morning, the action continues with the guys giving and receiving more oral from one another. Michael lubes up and slides into Blake for some good, hard fucking. Blake then gets to return the favor, giving Michael a good ride, and as he is getting fucked, Brice cums on his shoulder. Michael shoots two good-sized loads, back to back, followed by Blake cumming to end this very hot scene filled with lots of hot sex, lots of cumshots, and some great film work.

SCENE FOUR : Jason Branch, a good looking and well-built guy, walks along a railroad track, stops to take a piss, and then walks on. He spots Lance Gear, Nick Nicaste, and Jon Galt lying down in his spot under a railroad trestle, so he wakes them and makes them suck his cock. These well-built and ruggedly good-looking guys follow Jasonís orders well, and a good amount of oral, rimming, and fingering follows in various positions before they walk on to another location. When they arrive at the new location, Jason orders the guys to get on their knees, from there he pisses on Lance, giving him a long shower, and a little more piss play follows. Jason does all the fucking staring with Jon, who cums after a position change, and then he moves onto Lance. I couldnít see if Lance came or not, but Jason certainly did. The guys now focus on Nick, who was told by Jason to stand still before the fucking started. Both Jon and Lance piss on his Nickís chest as Jason stretches his ass before he pisses into his ass with the help of the two guys, who hold his ass open. Lance kneels before Nickís ass and receives a face full of piss. Jon, Jason, and Lance all cum on Nick. I didnít see if Nick came at all, but this is a pretty hot and nasty scene, filled with lots of oral, pissing, and a bit of kissing.

EXTRAS (on Disc Two, only): The total time of Disc Two is just under 1 hour and 7 minutes. Included on the second disc are four trailers, which run for 20 minutes, behind the scenes footage, which lasts for just under 20 minutes and just over 28 minutes of materials that were edited. There is also an autoplay photo gallery, just over 13 minutes, with no music (the photo gallery is not included in the runtime of Disc Two).

BONUS FOOTAGE on Disc Two : The guys from the third scene showering together, out in the desert, in the heat. Various pissing segments from some of the guys. And some serious butt play to close out the bonus footage, which includes Nick Nicaste getting a huge dildo up his ass before some fisting.

OVERALL : Four hot scenes, all with good looking, some more rugged than others, and very well built guys, filmed in the desert, with some incredibly hot sex, which is all beautifully and skillfully shot. Some areas of the film appeared a little grainy, but it couldíve been that those shots were in dark areas. Great extras round out this very well produced DVD.

FINAL THOUGHTS : Whoa! I have seen some sex acts in this DVD, but mostly in the last scene and the extra footage, that would blow the minds of straight porn through the roof. Not only are the scenes long and intense but they are very well filmed. Chris Steele is the standout in this film, with Jason Branch being a very close second, in my opinion. I love the way Jason takes control, I would follow his orders any day, and thatís coming from me, a fairly straight guy. The first three scenes were all good and passionate, but the last scene, being hot, wet, and kinky, really threw me for a loop.

This was a very hot DVD, and it certainly RECOMMENDED for guys who love guys.

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