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Heat (Titan)

Heat (Titan)

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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joeblow69's ratings for Heat (Titan):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Heat (Titan) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Heat (Titan) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Heat (Titan) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Heat (Titan) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Heat (Titan) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Heat (Titan) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Heat (Titan) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by joeblow69  on  6/20/2001
Note: This review is of the 2 disc uncensored version of Heat. The censored version probably has most of the pissing in the last scene removed.

Scene 1
Out under the blazing desert sun, Victor Racek’s jeep has run out of gas. (If you aren’t in love with Victor, you aren’t gay… it’s as simple as that!) Victor heads off to look for some gas, when he spies real life lovers Yuri Breshnev and Alec Martinez getting all hot and heavy down in a gorge. My big, beefy Russian Yuri is looking as great as ever, especially with those designer sunglasses of his! The two lovers exchange blowjobs, then Yuri gives Alec’s ass a good spit shine to loosen it up for the pummeling it’s about to receive. Don’t miss the few short glimples of Alec’s dilated hole! Yuri fucks some big jets of cum out Alec, then blows a juicy load all over Alec’s dick.

Victor hurries down into the gorge to join the two lovers, and this is where things really start to heat up. Yuri gets down on his knees to service both Alec and Victor… there’s nothing quite like seeing a hunky guy like Yuri kneeling with two big uncut cocks flapping in front of his face! Yuri offers Victor his boyfriend’s ass, and Victor pounds another great cumshot out of Alec. Then it’s Victor’s turn to get fucked, with both lovers getting a chance to pound that furry little ass. If I had to gripe about something, it would be that Alec looks a little out of shape. Other than that, this scene is amazing!

Scene 2
Victor may have had a lot of fun, but he still needs some gas for his jeep. As luck would have it, he finds a little oasis in the desert, populated with none other than Chris Steele! I’ve lusted after Chris for quite a while now, but the scenes I’ve seen him in on DVD haven’t been his best. Looks like I’ve finally hit the jackpot, though… Chris is downright electric in this scene! Of course, when you’re working with a studpuppy like Victor, you have no excuse not to be at your best. My mouth was literally watering as I watched Chris drool all over Victor’s big uncut cock. After some nice oral pleasantries, Chris jerks a big gooey load out of Victor’s prick, that splatters all over Chris’s hairy chest! Not to be outdone, Victor returns the favor. Man oh man, I love it when men jerk each other off to climax!

But wait! You haven’t seen nothin’ yet! Chris props Victor up against a tree, then shoves his big dick up that tight Czechoslovakian hole. Chris gives Victor a good fuck, then the two head back to the grass clearing for some more oral fun. It’s well know how much Chris loves to rim, and he must have been in hog heaven during this scene, as Victor has the most edible, furry little ass out there. Chris really pulls those cheeks apart, and shoves his tongue as far in there as it will go! Victor’s obviously ready for some more action, so Chris mounts him doggy style and gives him ass the royal treatment. Thee big cumshots end the scene. Completely worn out, Chris collapses on top of Victor, and the two share a tender moment cuddling.

Scene Three
Ah… it doesn’t get much better than site of three gorgeous men making out next to a flickering fire on a dark desert night. The lighting in this scene is amazing… all the guys' golden brown tans seem to glow in the faint light from the fire. Michael Vincenzo and Brice Patton start out alone, but are quickly joined by dreamboat Blake Harper. After both guys get a shot at swallowing Blake’s bulbous cock, Blake lays down on the ground so Brice can ride him cowboy style. These guys seem to really connect, and poor Michael is left to his own devices. After some spirited fucking each guy blows a nice juicy load (Michael cums twice here!)

All worn out, the guys cuddle up close and fall asleep. Everyone wakes up with morning wood, so the action picks up right away. Man, if there’s one thing I will never tire of seeing, it’s Blake Harper with a nice big dick up his ass! You can tell by the look in his eyes, that at that moment, he’s the happiest guy in the whole world. Blake gets another turn on top, this time, shoving that big cock of his up Michael’s hole. It’s an incredibly hot scene, and it’s nice to see a 3way where everyone bottoms for once!

Scene Four
So now I’m thinking… Man, that was 2 hours of some of the most romantic porn ever… wouldn’t it be nice to see something really kinky now? Heat sure doesn’t dissapoint in that regard. This fourth scene starts out innocently enough, with hunky Jason Branch barking orders to his 3 sex slaves: Lance Gear, Jon Galt and Nick Nicaste. Say what you will about Lance Gear; he may not be the best looking in the bunch, but he sure has a sweet little hole! John gives that yummy little ass a good licking and finger poking, while Nick services Jason’s thick rod.

The guys then find a more private place to play, and this is where things get really weird. Lance gets down on his knees, and Jason pisses all over him! Lance even gets a few mouthfuls of piss (he doesn’t swallow, though). Next up, Jason starts fucking Nick doggy style… Jason’s got quite the long dick, which looks great sliding into Nick’s tight ass. There’s a few more yummy dilated ass shots here… ( I can’t imagine an ass not getting dilated when it’s being ravaged by Jason!) Lance gets his chance to feel the fire of Jason’s cock up his ass before we get back to the kinky stuff: piss!

John lays down on his back, and Lance and Nick have a big pissing party all over John’s chest! Jason’s got other ideas, though. He pries open John’s ass, and fills it up with a nice hot load of piss! That’s right, we’re talking piss enema! After John expels this piss all over Lance, the three guys form a circle jerk around John, and each blow healthy loads. Whew! Talk about N-a-s-t-y! (But I loved every minute of it!!)

Titan really packed a ton of extras into the second DVD. There’s the fisting that was cut from scene 4, some random shots of people pissing, the guys from scene three taking a short shower together, and a 20 minute behind-the- scenes featurette. Add to that previews for Fluid, Eruption, Desert Train, and Swell (I didn’t think Swell was on DVD yet… hmmm).

Video Quality
For the most part, Heat is crystal clear. However, something seems to have gone drastically wrong in the first half of the third scene. The graininess is unbelievable. I’m not sure if it had to do with the darkness, or bad tape, or what. It is rather disappointing, but the scenes still manages to sizzle.

Final word
In case you couldn’t tell, I loved this movie. The men are gorgeous, the scenery is beautiful, and the sex is scorching. I’m truly amazed at the quality of this film. Titan is clearly at the top of their game right now… this is easily the most erotic film I’ve ever seen!

Running Time: 162 minutes + extras

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