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Heat 1 (Adam & Eve)

Heat 1 (Adam & Eve)

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Compilation , Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Heat 1 (Adam & Eve):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Heat 1 (Adam & Eve) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Heat 1 (Adam & Eve) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Heat 1 (Adam & Eve) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Heat 1 (Adam & Eve) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Heat 1 (Adam & Eve) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Heat 1 (Adam & Eve) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Heat 1 (Adam & Eve) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/27/2002

Running Time: 150 min.

Production Date: 11 / 16 / 2001

Director: Various

Cast: Silvia Saint, Jill Kelly, Johnni Black, Asia Carrera, Juli Ashton, Charlie, Alexandra Silk, Raylene, Stacy Valentine, Ashton Moore, Alyssa Allure, Nina Hartley, Rebecca Lord, Shayla LaVeaux, Keri Windsor, Julia Ann, Alexandra Nice, Tabitha, Tammy Parks, Jeanna Fine, Christi Lake, Dakota, Kaylan Nicole, Porsche Lynn, Christy Angel, Yvonne, Dante, CortKnee, Cheila, Monique, Gigi, Epiphany, Star Chandler, Mark Davis, Valentino, Brick Majors, Tyce Bune, Eric Price, Dick Nasty, Marc Wallice, Nick East, Dale DaBone, Kyle Stone, Alec Metro, Christina Steele, John Decker, Steve Hatcher, Michael J. Cox, Aaron Colt, Lexington Steele, Joel Lawrence, and Luc Wylder

Initial Expectations: Adam & Eve has put out some nicely done compilations recently, so I hope this is another to add to the list.

Initial Reaction: It’s a pretty average compilation, and nowhere near as good as some of Adam & Eve’s other compilations.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for well done sex that you normally don’t have to worry about watching with a “friend”

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for more extreme sex

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with compilations, the audio and video vary from scene to scene. The audio is almost always clear and well balanced. There is a little dubbing, but unfortunately it’s not always due to the video being slowed slightly for a romantic affect. The video has a varying degree of grain, but is more often than not clear. There’s a bit of shadow and over-lighting in a couple places, and it occasionally interferes with the scene.

Music: Since it’s a compilation it’s no surprise that there’s a wide variety of styles and balances. For the most part, they’re very well balanced and the music fits the scenes nicely. It’s very rare for the music to be the only audio, but there are a couple spots where it does and works well.

Menus: The main menu has a little animation to start it off with an okay feel. The chapter menu is pretty standard and only offers a small clip of the scene and a scene number to let you choose.

The Feature: Heat Vol. 1 is the latest entry in Adam & Eve’s continuing string of compilation features. It’s simple and gets down to business without throwing anything extra in.

Jill Kelly starts the heat out very well in a scene from The Garden Party with Eric Price. It’s a nicely artistic scene with some great costumes and a sepia tone. Eric starts out taking some naughty pictures of Jill before they exchange oral favors. Eric moves on to work over both of Jill’s holes as she shows why many consider her one of the best trash talkers in the business. Jill gives her ass a nice workout before finishing things with a great facial. It’s a very hot scene, and shows very well that Adam & Eve can do much more than just slow couples scenes.

Tyce Bune gets it on with Dakota, a kind of trashy looking bleached blonde, next in a scene from Desiree. She sucks and tit-fucks his cock before he gives her pussy about two licks and starts fucking it from behind. They don’t stay there long, and move onto reverse cowgirl where Tyce takes care of both of Dakota’s her holes before unloading on her tits. It’s a pretty good scene and both Tyce and Dakota appear to be having quite a bit of fun, but the editing seemed a little jumpy, which brought things down a little for me.

Next up is Sex Patrol and a scene that pairs Johnni Black with Valentino and Brick Majors. Johnny nicely sucks both guys to get them warmed up, and then lets them work over both her holes with their “nightsticks”. They start out working on her pussy, and then Valentino moves on to let Johnni’s ass ride her cock. Brick doesn’t want to get left out, so he lets Johnni suck his cock and then plunges it into her pussy for the double penetration. Johnni finishes things up with a nice double facial. The editing on this scene seems a little rough, but Johnni gets into it so well that even it doesn’t hold back the scene too much.

Cowboys Marc Wallice and Nick East ride up to fulfill Kaylan Nicole’s fantasy in a scene from Cameron Grant’s Dinner Party. Kaylan squats on Nick’s face and then fucks him while sucking off Marc. The guys trade places, and finally hose her chest and stomach down with spunk. It’s a quick and pretty easily skipped scene.

Asia Carrera and Ashton Moore are taken care of by what appears to be a tribe of about ten Amazons in a scene from The Search for the Snow Leopard next. Asia and Ashton never receive, but are constantly worked over by a couple women each while others stand around, watch, and masturbate. The girls start

Cowboys Marc Wallice and Nick East ride up to fulfill Kaylan Nicole’s fantasy. Kaylan squats on Nick’s face and then fucks him while sucking off Marc. The guys trade places, and finally hose her chest and stomach down with spunk. It’s a quick and pretty easily skipped scene.

snow_leopard/orgy.jpg>working on them with their tongues and fingers, and move on to use a dildo on each of them. It’s a very warm scene, but the action is cut between Asia and Ashton enough that it has a hard time building up the heat much beyond that.

Keri Windsor returns with another scene from Fire & Ice, this time her amazing solo scene. This is one of the most artistic and erotic solo scenes I think I’ve had the pleasure to watch. In it, Keri takes on an ice sculpture of a man. She runs her hands across it, as well as her lips and tongue, literally making love to the statue. In a move that Lorena Bobbitt would greatly enjoy, Keri breaks off the statue’s wedding tackle ad takes things into her own hands to finish herself off. It’s a really great scene, and I can’t begin to imagine how long it must have taken to film. It also shows Keri to be one heck of a trooper when it comes to filming a scene like this.

The appropriately named Dick Nasty appears in the next scene with Alyssa Allure and Porsche Lynn in a scene from Tattoo. Alyssa and Dick start out warming up Porsche from the front and back with their tongues before the girls lower themselves to suck Dick Nasty’s cock. Dick moves on to fuck Porsche first, and then let her play with his ass as Alyssa rides his cock. Porsche returns with a strap-on, and first fucks Dick’s ass and then moves it up to Alyssa’s ass to give her the double penetration after she begs for it. Alyssa finishes things taking a decent pop in her mouth and then letting it drip out so Porsche can see it. Despite having Dick Nasty, it’s a pretty hot scene. Everybody seems to be well into it, which almost always makes a scene great.

Next up, Juli Ashton and Tammy Parks get cooking in the kitchen in a scene from Dinner Party. They start out making something, but the food gets another sweet tooth going. They play a little with the food a little before Tammy pours milk across the front of Juli’s dress. Tammy stays in control, making Juli bend over and rubbing what looks like cookie dough across her ass, spanking her, fingering her ass, and rubbing her funbags into Juli’s ass. The milk comes out again, as Tammy pours it over Juli’s ass while playing with her pussy. They move up onto the counter, so they can play with each other’s pussy, and pour a little more goodies on themselves before finishing with a little kissing. It’s a very hot scene with great chemistry, and shows why this film has been held in such high regard.

Christina Angel stars things off the next scene with Yvonne in a Victorian style living room in a scene from Dreamers 2 . Both girls look very good and have on black and gold lingerie. Christina goes down on the Yvonne first while fingering her own asshole before both girls demonstrate how they like to masturbate for the other. Afterwards Christina gets her own pussy eaten before moving to a 69. Mark Davis walks in a little later and the girls break apart to work on his cock together while fucking each other with a strap-on. Mark fucks one of them from behind before popping in their combined mouths and giving each of them a nice big kiss. It’s a pretty hot scene that has grown on me over time. I wasn’t too impressed with this scene the first time I watched it, but this time I really got into it. It has some nice style and some very nice chemistry.

Next up, Dale DaBone and Nina Hartley go for a roll in the hay (of course there’s a blanket there since this is a porno) in a scene from Hard Bound. They start things off with quite a bit of kissing before Dale slowly undresses Nina and kisses his way across her chest while she playfully giggles. Nina follows suite before slowly sucking Dale’s cock and looking like she enjoys every second of it. Luckily for Dale, Nina has a couple condoms handy, since she was going on a date, so he can fuck her. They only fuck missionary style, and Dale finishes things off by blowing his ball butter on Nina’s chest. It’s a very romantic and fun scene that isn’t the type one is used to finding in porn movies any more.

Charlie, a gorgeous brunette who seems to be highly underrated, gets herself taken care of in a scene from Tales From the Pink by Dante, the head of Pinkville who ironically looks like hell. He starts out eating and fingering her pussy but takes frequent breaks to kiss her on the mouth and suck her great tits. Charlie returns the favor by working over his cock and balls with her pierced tongue and mouth while frequently smiling and giving him some great eye contact. Charlie lies back to let Dante fuck her while sucking on her toes, and sucks her juices off his cock before letting him fuck her from behind. Charlie even fingers her own ass as he pumps and spanks her before letting Dante finger and then anally pile driver her ass. She finishes him off with a little tit fucking and sucking on the head of his cock that leads to a nice pop on her tits. It’s an extremely hot scene with great chemistry that reminds me why I always look forward to watching Charlie.

Kyle Stone starts off the next scene, which comes from KSEX with his cock in Cort Knee’s mouth. He reciprocates nicely as she lies back on the counter, and then fucks her pussy in a couple positions. She offers him her ass, and like almost any other guy, he agrees to plug her back door from behind. Cortknee seems to get into Kyle’s reaming pretty good, and encourages him to fuck it harder, plays with her pussy, and moves around so she can see it before taking Kyle’s nut butter in her mouth and on her face. It’s a pretty hot scene, and I have to admit to being pretty impressed with Cortknee. She does a great job of leading the scene and keeping the heat going.

Raylene starts taking on Alec Metro in another scene from Sex Patrol next. She quickly removes her all too restrictive top and then starts sucking his cock. They’re soon joined by Christian Steele, so Alec starts fucking Raylene so she can warm up Christian. Raylene sucks and fucks her way back and forth between the guys before letting them finish themselves off on her face and tits. It’s a pretty hot scene, with almost all the credit going to Raylene. Christian really comes off as an arrogant asshole throughout almost the entire scene, which really annoyed me. If not for Raylene’s great performance, this one would have barely made it to average.

Next up, Mark Davis gets a piece of Silvia Saint in a scene from Devoured. I think Mark Davis is one of the finest male actors in the adult film industry and I’m pretty sure that there’s some small villages who worship Silvia as a goddess after a plane accidently dropped one of her movies outside their village. No, they don’t have anything to play it on but one look at her is all it takes. Mark and Silvia’s chemistry really helps this scene. The scene takes place outside Mark’s front door and Mark and Silvia stand through most of the scene. It isn’t much of a difference, but it’s enough to make the scene stand out a little bit. There’s a little reverse cowgirl at the end, but every scene needs a little reverse cowgirl. It’s a great ending to the scene has a great romantic feel.

Mark Davis returns for the next scene, this time to enjoy Stacy Valentine in a scene from Thrust. Mark starts out warming Stacy up orally, and shows off some great strength by supporting her almost completely up in the air as he eats her out. Stacy returns the favor by giving him a nice looking blowjob and then climbing on to ride him cowgirl style. They move on for a little missionary before Stacy takes a nice facial. It’s a pretty hot scene that’s held back by the technical aspects. There seems to be some nice pillow talk to start the scene, but you can’t here it. The scene is also a bit on the grainy side.

Mark Davis and Cheila make passionate love in front of a waterfall next in a scene from Caribbean Undercover. They kiss and fondle each other before Mark holds Cheila in the air to eat her pussy. She returns the favor by sucking his cock slowly and then lets Mark stab away on her snatch from behind. They move on to a little more athletic standing sex as well as Mark stretching out Cheila’s ass as she lays back on a conveniently blanket covered rock before Mark lets go with a fairly small pop on her stomach. It’s a good scene that has a nicely romantic feel, but the slow motion really started to get to me. It’s slowed just enough to notice, and after watching even half of the scene, the noticing turned from a mere comment to something that was fairly annoying at times.

Next is the large group orgy from Corporate Assets 2. It’s a very surprising scene, especially for Adam & Eve, as it has aa lot of S&M action such as hot wax, lashings, and fetishwear before a plethora of girls appears to satisfy Mark Davis. Steve Hatcher and Michael J. Cox show up shortly thereafter and help Marc take on the nice group of lovely ladies. Although it starts off as a fairly extreme scene, it quickly changes into a nicely done orgy. Asia Carrera and Steve Hatcher won an award for best couples scene for this scene, but fans of Asia might be a little disappointed as she doesn’t get a lot of screen time in the scene.

Monique gets a little lesbo love from Charlie in another scene from KSEX. Charlie works over Monique’s pussy with her fingers, and finally works eight in. Monique returns the favor, and then increases the stakes with a double dildo. She fucks Charlie with the double dildo, but never takes it herself. Instead the girls get out vibrators and fuck their asses with them before finishing things up with a little kissing. It’s a pretty hot scene, but that’s to be expected with Charlie.

Julia Ann appears next, in a scene with Shayla LaVeaux and Aaron Colt from Elements of Desire. Julia gets home and walks in on Shayla sucking Aaron’s cock. Julia slaps Shayla a bit, and then tries turning the other cheek and loving her neighbor. After slamming her against the wall, Julia starts kissing Shayla and then moves down to lick her pussy. They move over to the bed, where Shayla helps Julia strip out of her constrictive clothing, and then eats her pussy. After the girls warm each other up, Julia lovingly motions to Aaron to come join them. The girls start out teaming up to suck Aaron’s cock before he fucks Julia with Shayla riding her face. He finishes things off by blowing his ball butter over the both of them as they cuddle together. It’s another great and sexy scene. Once again the chemistry is fantastic, as is the artistic direction.

Asia Carrera plays with herself in a waterfall next in another scene from Search for the Snow Leopard. It’s a very soft scene, and never gets too dirty or heavy. She gently works herself over with her fingers, and most of that is even just suggestive. It’s a short and sweet scene, but something Asia fans will probably appreciate.

Alexandra Nice teams up with Lexington Steele in a scene from Sex Spell which also appeared in Adam & Eve’s Ass Angels Vol. 1 and Shades of Sex. Lex starts things off by telling Alexandra that some gifts you can never take back. He mentions the truth being one of those gifts, but she seems to be thinking of a much more physical gift as she opens her robe. Alexandra is a cute gal (at some angles she reminded me a lot of Sandra Bullock), but she has one of the worst boob jobs I’ve seen in a long time. They strip down some and she pulls his cock out from his shorts to give it some attention. She gets her turn next as Lex licks, spanks, and spits on her pussy before she brings him up to fuck it. Of course, Alexandra is a heck of an anal fan, which Lex is happy to oblige her with. She can’t handle all of it, or at least that’s how it appears since Lex has his hand around his cock for most of the scene, and she stops him a time or two so she can cum. Finally he blows his load across her stomach. It’s a hot scene which nicely builds its heat even more as the scene gets closer to the end. Most other times I’ve seen this scene it’s been in a widescreen form. This time it’s not, but the perspective of the scene seems a bit off.

Finally, Joel Lawrence and Luc Wylder take on Alexandra Silk in a shoe shop in a scene from Sex Across America Third Stop: San Francisco. Alexandra tries a few pair of shoes on, settling on a pair of high heeled ballerina style shoes, and when the salesman goes in back, Luc and Joel get busy with Alexandra. It’s the first time I’ve seen Luc in an actual scene and he foes a very good job. Luc and Joel each take an end of Alexandra and switch back and forth a couple times. Finally, Alexandra straddles Luc so he can fuck her ass reverse cowgirl and still have the room for Joel to fuck her pussy. Afterwards, both guys launch their love lotion on Alexandra’s face as she begs for more. It’s a hot scene that fits the series to a tee.

There’s a nice variety of sex in Heat Vol. 1, as well as talent, which should mean that everybody will find something to their liking. As usual with compilations, there’s a fair range in technical qualities here as well, but very few of the scenes are of lower quality. The biggest problem with the entire compilation is that none of the scenes are labeled with the original feature or the talent in case you want to see more than what you have here. It’s probably my biggest pet peeve when it comes to compilations, as it’s something the people making the compilation should know, and it allows the viewer to see more of what they liked. A compilation in essence is just a huge commercial for other features, and if the viewer doesn’t know what that feature is, they have no way to go out and buy more of the company’s product. It’s perhaps the biggest problem with Heat Vol. 1, along with its lack of any kind of extras. It makes it look like this was just pumped out to get something else on the shelf, rather than spending the time to come out with something really worthwhile. It’s too bad, since Adam & Eve have shown repeatedly that if they put their minds to making a good product, it’s very worthwhile.

Extras: Web links

Themes: Straight, anal, spanking, group, DP, lesbian, toys, masturbation, orgy, B&D, male anal insertion, and inter-racial

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Normally, Adam & Eve’s compilations can be found for around $10 or $15 after a couple months. If you’ve seen a bunch of Adam & Eve’s other features or especially compilations, you’ve probably seen many of these scenes before, so I’d recommend waiting. They haven’t put as much care into this compilation as others, which makes it not as worthwhile as the others.

Note to Adam & Eve: A little care can go a long way in compilations, which sadly, this one doesn’t show like many of your others.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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