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astroknight Heart Strings (Wicked) 4 starsHeart Strings (Wicked) 4 starsHeart Strings (Wicked) 4 stars
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Heart Strings (Wicked)

Heart Strings (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Heart Strings (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Heart Strings (Wicked) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Heart Strings (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Heart Strings (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Heart Strings (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Heart Strings (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Heart Strings (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Heart Strings (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/7/2011
Welcome fans to a new title from director Stormy Daniels and she has written a story here about losing love, finding love, keeping secrets and having secrets revealed. There's a broken heart which is mended by a stranger showing up but just as bliss is about to be achieved that's when pasts are revealed which threaten this new found happiness and we'll just have to see if in the end love conquers all-- I think it will but let's take the journey anyway as Stormy is a pretty good story teller. As for the cast we have India Summer, Carolyn Reese, Gracie Glam and Brooklyn Lee in the main female role with Bill Bailey, Rocco Reed, and Michael Vegas as the lead males with Michael getting the lead male role and he sings too! The opening credits were cool and I loved the guitar track that plays as we see the images flash across the screen, a few sexy ones here and there.

As the credits wind down we begin to see more of a focus on Brooklyn Lee who I enjoyed recently in another title so this chance to see those pretty titties in action again was one I didn't want to pass up. Anyway she's having some fun with Seth Gamble but as they finish up and she's sad about him leaving for school you see Seth wants to talk to Brooklyn and I suspect she won't like what he says. Sure enough he wants to cool it for awhile, it's his last year of college and she blurts out he just wants to sleep with other girls. Seth even has the balls to ask for his ring back, guess it was a promise ring and she does indeed toss it at him as she rushes off. What an asshole! Back home we see an upset Brooklyn come in and go right upstairs while her sister, Gracie Glam, is on the couch and having a much better night smooching with Rocco Reed. The tv is on and they stop making out long enough so we can see who wins the Country Artist of the Year-- this ties in our second main character as it is Michael Vegas's character that wins. Gracie sees this but Brooklyn doesn't.

India Summer & Michael Vegas:

So after the award show is done, Michael has done his last tv interview it's time for a little post award celebration nookie and turns out his manager does more than just see that he gets to the show on time! Good shot of the two in bed making out and India looks sexy in her red/ black lingerie. Michael does some good kissing around her neck and to her breasts before letting India take over as she gets a good pace going engulfing Michael's cock. Mr. Vegas returns the favor and it takes a few seconds until he opens up her legs giving us a great shot of her pussy being licked. Good pounding in mish leading to the two changing it up with India on top riding and the side view was very nice here with her rocking on his cock. India ends up jerking him to pop on her hand but no cleanup or cum tasting so very much a couples scene here.

Well so much for manager/ artist harmony as the two get in a heated discussion after they've finished fucking. Michael is looking forward to taking some time off with India but she only sees $$$$$ so she's ready to keep the fire going with his career even though Michael says he's burnt out from so much touring and also that he hasn't had time to really write for the next album. The talk doesn't end well with Michael storming off and he hasn't agreed to this new leg of the tour and India hasn't expressed any feelings other than to put the pressure on so that bit of sexual bliss they just experienced is long gone. A short time later Michael has grabbed a friends keys and taken off in his truck so I'd say the tour is on hold, stay tuned!

Carolyn Reese & Bill Bailey:

Alright that is enough drama for a little bit, how about some sex again! We head over to Bill and Carolyn's place where he's just heard from Michael that he'll be indisposed for awhile. Carolyn joins him and the two decide its time to rekindle their relationship. Carolyn had on a nice black dress that was very easy to move around so we start seeing the naughty bits exposed from her ass to her tits. The dress soon disappears altogether along with her bra so we see much more of Carolyn which is great. Bill was sure to show some loving to those gorgeous tits before working his way down to her pussy where we get a good open shot of her cookie. Miss Reese then gets to enjoy a few moments enveloping Bill's cock leading to the duo hitting a few positions closing with Bill popping on her lower belly. Another solid couples scene.

Back to Michael who is now on his little mini break from the biz and he's enjoying a ride in the country, not quite sure where the road will take him--- oops the truck suddenly dies so looks like he's stuck until a motorist passes by to offer some assistance. Turns out it is Gracie but I guess she doesn't recognize Michael from the tv. Anyway her boyfriend is a mechanic, that's Rocco, and she offers a lift into town so Michael can see about getting the truck fixed. They arrive back at Gracie and Brooklyn's place. Getting out Michael gets a first glimpse of Brooklyn as she's trying to do some work with a horse. A short time later the two run into each other in the stables, the all important first meeting. It's obvious the two have a bit of chemistry as the dialogue between the two flows easily. Gracie then comes in telling Michael his truck's been towed to the garage and that it will take a couple of days to get the part needed to fix it. In the meantime he can stay with them and there was a Help Wanted sign posted just as they pulled into their place so this is fortuitous plus I think Gracie is trying to set her sister up, fresh off that hurtful breakup with Seth. A short time later we have everyone at dinner and even Rocco doesn't recognize Michael as being famous so apparently he and Gracie didn't pay attention the other night when the awards were on, lol. The chemistry between Brooklyn and Michael only gets more visible with each passing glance from Brooklyn towards Michael.

Gracie Glam & Rocco Reed:

Later that night we have these two alone and Rocco does feel like he has seen Michael somewhere before but just can't quite place him. The two also notice that Michael has the hots for her sister but let's keep the focus right here on the lovely Miss Glam who I think is about to get naked for us!With the candle flickering before them the two begin making out, a deep passionate kind of kissing that fits right in with a couples scene and you have Rocco slipping his hand underneath Gracie's shirt which is soon lifted making it easier for her boobs to get some needed attention. Loved the lace bra she had on and loved it even more when Rocco slips it off but not real fast but artfully slow, slipping down her shoulders until finally her titties were free and ready to be kissed and touched. Rocco then works out of his Dickies,lol, and gets a prime spot right between Gracie's thighs front and center to taste her sweet pussy. The next bit of action has Miss Glam working her pretty lips on Rocco's cock moving nicely to her riding in cowgirl-- hell yeah that ass was sweet here. A good strong doggie finish yields the pop across that sweet ass.

From that fine coupling we are taken back to the corporate world where India is very upset with Micheal's friends none of whom seems to know where he is. Wow she is really good at being cold and calculating. I can really see here how she shared the AVN award last year for Best Actress. Well she tells everyone to leave when it becomes clear no one has anything to say. India calls a promoter and has to cancel another show so you know her mood is even worse if that's possible. The show then returns to the farm where it's a new day and we get a little get to know ya time with Michael and Brooklyn. He even gets in a stall with a horse that's been difficult but around him no such issue arises. This is noticed by Brooklyn and the two then head off to do more work around the stalls. Things progress so well that we soon have Brooklyn in a swing with Michael standing behind pushing her. The chemistry is definitely heating up, there is a picnic, feeding the other and more glimpses from Brooklyn towards Michael which definitel have sexual overtones to them. Michael then picks up a guitar that used to belong to Brooklyn's dad and she was happy to hear it played again but still she doesn't know about his celebrity status. The two are about to kiss when Rocco interrupts to say his truck is done. Michael then calls his brother to let him know he is fine and that he's met someone. He also tells where he is which I think will lead to a resolution for this story as I bet India is tracking this call. Brooklyn also overhears part of the call and knows Michael is keeping something from her. Michael actually comes right out and says he's waiting for the right time to tell Brooklyn that he is crazy about her-- this she hears so I think a little nookie is coming up!

Ok we don't get any loving just yet as the story takes us back to India who gets some bad news. If Michael isn't at the next show then she's going to be fired so India heads off to find Bill Bailey, the brother, and puts the full court press on telling him they all will be fired if Michael doesn't make the next gig and doesn't he pay the mortgage. So evidently she's not tracking the call but I think this will suffice to spur Bill to tell her where his baby brother is. Back to the farm where Gracie gets Brooklyn up out of bed because she just has to show her something and it's Michael riding the white horse that has been such a troubling project for Brooklyn up to this point-- this certainly gives him more points in Brooklyn's eyes.

Brooklyn & Michael:

Fresh from his ride Michael is met in the stalls by Brooklyn who is impressed that he can ride and finally the passion that had been building between the two is allowed to blossom. Like a gentleman Michael takes off his hat and the two lean in for that first kiss but they don't stop there as the clothes start flying off. Michael gets to kiss his way down from those fine titties to Brooklyn's pussy and he starts doing a good job there pleasing her. There is a sense of passion to the oral sex performed on Brooklyn that we've seen built through this story from their acting and the visuals. Just as Brooklyn was about to pull out his cock Michael puts the big squadoosh on the proceedings-- being noble he tells his new love she deserves better than getting nailed in a barn. Not this wouldn't be a good place to fuck but I think he wants their first time to be in a more special place but I think events might derail this plan.

On to a new day and we have both of them on the horse riding around. Rocco comes up to let Michael know his truck is finally ready. A short time later Gracie comes to the stalls and gets Brooklyn taking her back to the house where we see India is waiting-- looks like those events are happening. India lets Brooklyn know just who she'd been spending time with and this comes as a big shock to Brooklyn. India tells her that Michael had called her to come get him and India lays it on thick telling Brooklyn that she's his wife. Obviously we know that's a lie but Michael isn't allowed to pursue Brooklyn because first Rocco and then Gracie holding a shotgun tell him it's time to hit the road jack. So he does and we go to one month later and you hear the roar of the crowd so Michael indeed has hit the road getting back into the swing of things. I'm not entirely sure if this is Michael singing or not but I think it is and I have to say he's good and I'm not a big country fan but he puts on a good show as does the band surrounding him. After the show we go backstage where Michael learns just exactly what India told Brooklyn about the two of them being married. Well this was the last straw and Michael fires her on the spot. Next shot we see and he's back at the farm I assume to spill his guts to try and win Brooklyn back. Brooklyn opens the door but it doesn't go well and she turns him away. Michael leaves but expresses that he needs her in his life and he drops off a plane ticket to Dallas and we'll just have to wait and see if she picks it up.

Brooklyn & Michael:

The door opens and the ticket is lying there..... dissolving into the next shot and we are back onstage with Michael belting out his latest number and it's a heart tugger with him seated playing the guitar for additional support. A good track here and the backing band is pretty solid I think. Well I guess she took him up on the offer as Michael looks offstage to find Brooklyn standing there touching her heart and that happy ending is definitely within reach. Brooklyn is all smiles and tears as she watches her man play his heart out. The song ends and he waves to the crowd immediately going to Brooklyn who hops up into his arms-- in the classic slo-mo shot. A short time later the two are alone and finally that building passion is fully allowed to express itself. Good kissing and we watch as Michael once again gets to kiss his way down to Brooklyn's pussy. Missed seeing Brooklyn getting an early chance to suck his cock but they instead move to Michael slipping inside to fuck her in mish. Ok they do let Brooklyn have a turn and she kisses down to his cock taking him in for a nice sensual bj. From there it's back to fucking in spoon leading to a butt popshot. Brooklyn then asks so does this mean you're staying-- I take that as a yes!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I have to say this was an impressive story from Stormy Daniels with solid acting all around- chiefly Michael Vegas and Brooklyn Lee as the two main leads but you also have to give big props to India Summer for her wicked turn as Michael's manager. Gracie has some nice moments too as well as a good scene with Rocco. Now for extras you get some behind the scenes which I'd certainly take a look at. Plus you get two bonus scenes one featuring Karina O'Reilley & Bill Bailey from Getting Away From It All and the other is from this production and it's that first bit of action we saw with Seth Gamble and Brooklyn but now without the credits being in the way so that's great another chance to enjoy Brooklyn Lee who is a knockout. Well worth checking out for her performance in this as we end up with two sex scenes plus a bit of oral from Michael in that abbreviated scene just before the whole semi-reveal takes place. Stormy has written a good story and assembled a good team of actors to bring it to life, highly recommended.

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