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Head Case 5 (3rd Degree)

Head Case 5 (3rd Degree)

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Sex , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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T0MBOne's ratings for Head Case 5 (3rd Degree):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Head Case 5 (3rd Degree) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Head Case 5 (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Head Case 5 (3rd Degree) Mael looks rating 1/2 star
Sex Head Case 5 (3rd Degree) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Head Case 5 (3rd Degree) Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Head Case 5 (3rd Degree) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Head Case 5 (3rd Degree) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  2/27/2009
HEAD CASE 5 (2008, 3rd Degree) is a 2 hour and 13 minute blowjob title featuring a dozen lovely ladies giving 12 blowjobs under the direction of Mike Quasar shooting in a POV style while using dicks supplied by 4 male performers: Sascha, Christian, Chris Johnson and Chris Cannon. The DVD sleeve promises "100% blowjobs where the girls finish you off." Quasar keeps his camera still and allows the females to work their hand job and blow job magic within the frame of a POV shot that is mostly, slightly tilted downward as the gal performs kneeling inbetween the guy's legs.

I'll list each female performer in order of appearance and offer up what I like best/worst about each gal's scene then close with a few overall words about the disc in general.

Head Case 1---AVA "I'm gonna come suck your cock" ROSE

Ava shows off her nice bod: big tush, dark eyes and straight hair with a piece combed back at her forehead so that it does not fall into her face during the blow job. She finishes off her guy's dick with a hand job then licks up the cumshot. This 10 minute scene is a solid start to this DVD---!! 1/2

Head Case 2---DIANA "I love your cock in my mouth" DOLL

Diana, a sexy gal with long, straight blonde hair, teases in front of a pale, back-lit green screen that becomes the background for this scene. She shows us her cute boobs with tiny nipples then sucks her stud with the bikini top tossed into the background. I like her arms and hands gripping his cock but the cumshot kinda comes out of no where as she swallows and the 11 minute scene is over---!!

Head Case 3---EDEN ADAMS

Eden, a dark eyed blonde, teases in a room with a piano and natural light. She performs her blow job duties with her bikini on, a tongue piercing in her mouth and a small heart tattoo on her right hand. Prior to the cumshot, she spends the most heated moments sucking and working the dick but not looking into the camera. For some reason, her tongue was yellow and matched her blonde hair and the cumshot mostly misses its opened mouth target. This 11 minute scene rates ! 1/2

Head Case 4---EVIE "Nice and hard, just like I like it" DELATOSSO

Evie looks invitingly voluptuous in a lavender bikini supporting big boobs and a nice tush. From a red couch, Evie asks "Are you ready to get your cock sucked?" Without her bikini top, she engages in some incredible double-fisted action up and down the dick shaft. A brief titty fuck features her incredible nipples that contort and wrap around the dick, then more double-handed action brings our guy to climax with the cumshot landing in Evie's mouth and her saying "yummy." A yummy 13 minute scene with a nice balance of sexy talk, hand job moments and brief titty-fuck action---!!!


Jackie has this wild tattoo up the left side of her body but her incredibly cute upper body is the featured attraction of this blow job scene. She has a cute face with black hair and a mole above her upper lip plus small boobs with incredible nipples. She takes the one hand route to get our guy to achieve a tiny popshot. Cute, sexy girl in a short 7 minute scene---!! 1/2


In black and pink lingerie, Kelly plays with herself in a chair. She pops out her small boobs with pierced nipples. With honey blonde hair and dark eyes, she tiny spits on the guy's dick, climbs on his dick for a few moments of reverse cowgirl, gags a bit on his dick then moves into a handjob. The highlight of this 11 minute scene is a zoom that reveals the cumshot popping off Kelly's nose as her face perfectly fills the left side of the widescreen camera shot---!!!

Head Case 7---KRISTINA "You know what I'm here for today" ROSE

In sexy black and purple lingerie with sheer black stockings, Kristina has a cute, small mouth, dark eyes also dark straight hair. With open walkways and a hallway in the back ground, Kristina slurps and spits on the guy's dick, then pulls the bikini top off her tiny tits and rubs the dick shaft inbetween them. Some unnecessary gagging stuff follows but her sexy talk and licking of the cum off her fingers for the finale pushed this 11 minute scene to the top---


With long honey blonde hair, Lindsey plays with her twat on a blue couch and eventually moves on to the blowjob. Her ugly shoulder tattoo is especially noticeable in this scene along with the hair coloring at the top of her scalp, which is evident every time she tilts her head down into the foreground of the frame. The cumshot is the highlight of this 11 minute scene because the camera captures a direct shot of Lindsey's cute face---!!

Head Case 9---LISA ANN

DVD sleeve covergirl, Lisa Ann, has incredibly big boobs, a cute face, and thick, rich, dark hair. She shows her tremendous tush, which should satisfy the booty worshippers out there, then she takes off her top and climbs a stairway to an awaiting stiff cock. She sucks and holds his cock with one hand while the other hand rests on the guy's thigh. She breaks to take off her bikini bottom, finger her twat, play with her butt cheeks, then return to sucking. Cute gal but why no brief titty fucking in this 12 minute scene?---!! 1/2

Head Case 10---MINA LEIGH

With straight black hair, small gal Mina spreads out on a couch, pulls her panties, then fingers her twat and tiny asshole. She climbs off the couch and crawls over to suck cock. Her top stays on which is okay because the real star of this clip is Mina's silky straight hair. Her brown eyes stare into the camera as she sucks his shaft and jacks him off with one hand. She takes the cumshot in and around her small mouth for the finale of this 11 minute scene---!! 1/2

Head Case 11---STEVIE HART

Stevie wears black lingerie, which is a nice contrast to her pale skin. She has big boobs and big eyes and a thick head of hair that she plays with throughout the blow job. I wanted to see more of those big beautiful eyes that are often hidden behind all that hair. She brings him to climax via a hand job which she continues after the initial spurt of cum hits her nose. Nice to see her face during the cumshot finale of this 9 minute scene---!!

Head Case 12---TRINA "What do you want me to do with that big cock?" MICHAELS

Trian has the same honey blonde streaks in her straight hair, plus big boobs and tender nipples. Topless she crawls off a couch to suck dick with an assist from a huge tongue piercing. Her sideways head movements work well in Quasar's frozen framed camera shots. There's also brief titty fucking and a finale where a hand job and sucking lead to a popshot where she wraps both hands around his shaft and sucks cum for the fade out of this 14 minute scene---!! 1/2

Bonus Features include an 8 minute Cumshot Recap that is perfect viewing after the main feature, a 15 minute Behind The Scenes, a 4 minute Photo Gallery and 7 minutes of trailers to CHEATERS, CUM TO MOMMA 2, FINGER LICKING GOOD 6, SWEET CREAM PIES 5 and TITS AHOY

Mike Quasar's HEAD CASE 5 mostly delivers on the "100 % blowjobs" promise as a minimal amount of time is spent on teasing and titty fucking. His POV style is a about perfect in that the gals perform within the same camera set-up for each scene, which allows the viewer to compare and contrast the different nuances that each gal brings to her particular way of cocksucking.

The problem with this particular tilted-down camera set-up occurs when the female performer actually tilts her head down to deep suck the dick and her scalp becomes front and center in the camera's foreground: the shot reveals too much of the top of the performer's head and not enough of her face. Granted, the tilted-head shots look okay in the instances of all those dark haired lovelies with natural hair coloring, but the gals with that honey blonde hair coloring showing strange roots and dark patches with every head tilt dragged down the visual quality of their blow job scenes. Final rating for HEAD CASE 5 (2008, 3rd Degree) is !! 1/2 outa !!!!!

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