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Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Harder:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Harder overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Harder Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Harder Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Harder Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Harder Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Harder DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Harder A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/8/2011

Running Time: 80 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: Joshua

Cast: Inari Vachs, Teagan Presley, Danny Mountain, Eric Masterson, Jack Vegas, Sean Michaels, and Tommy Gunn

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and makes nice use of music letting it flow in and out rather than forcing it into each scene. The video is nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen. There's nice use of lighting, the picture is clear, and the camera work is smooth through most of the movie.

The Movie:

Scene 1 – Inari Vachs and Teagan Presley

As Inari walks into what appears to be a virtual reality room, she finds herself in a white bra, panties, porno pumps, and sheer robe. She makes her way to where Teagan is laying back naked on a white couch drinking what appears to be pink Kool-Aid from a wine glass and joins her on the couch to kiss her and let Teagan explore her body. Teagan strips her down as she checks her out and plays with Inari's pussy from behind before eating and fingering it from the front. Inari lays Teagan back to suck her tits and eat her pussy before letting Teagan finger her from behind and as she lays back on the couch. Finally, they close things with a kiss.

Scene 2 – Inari Vachs and Eric Masterson

Inari finds herself in a little pinkish dress as she walks in the next room, and finds a well dressed Eric sitting on a stool enjoying a smoke. She struts around him before kissing him and dropping down to suck his cock while giving him some nice eyes. Inari works up some nice spit as she sucks him, and finally takes his load on her great natural chest.

Scene 3 – Inari Vachs and Sean Michaels

Room 3 has Inari in a spaghetti strap top, pants, and heels walking around a bed where Sean lies in wait. She kisses him passionately before Sean worships her from head to toe, kissing her through her clothes and then pulling them out of the way to get right to the source. He worships her feet while encouraging her to play with herself, and then moves in to eat and finger her pussy. Inari gives Sean plenty of spit and stroking along with a bit of throat action as she reciprocates on him orally., and then lets him tongue her holes a bit from behind before he starts fucking her doggie style. Inari rides Sean cowgirl style before laying back and letting him eat her pussy and fuck it missionary style, and even gets in a reverse cowgirl ride. Finally Sean pulls out and stucco's Inari's thigh as she tortures him with a bit of cock stroking to get every last drop out.

Scene 4 – Inari Vachs and Danny Mountain

The penultimate scene and room takes Inari to a room that's empty except for a chair. As the lights dim and return Danny appears behind Inari and she appears a bit apprehensive. After a bit more of the lights flickering Inari drops down and eagerly gobbles Danny's knob. Danny helps Inari strip down a bit and goes right to fucking her from behind as she braces herself against the chair. After a bit he goes from fucking her pussy to fucking her asshole, which Inari takes without missing a beat. She gets up to impale her ass on his cock reverse cowgirl style as well as laying across the chair for a little anal missionary work. Finally Danny pulls out and pops a nice load over Inari's pussy and stomach.

Scene 5 – Inari Vachs, Jack Vegas, and Tommy Gunn

Finally Inari drops through a door in the floor to find herself in a sexy red and black corset along with black fishnets in a dungeon-like location. She's approached by Tommy and Jack from each side, and after letting them quickly check her out drops down to suck and stroke her way between them. Jack works in a little pussy eating before fucking Inari doggie and cowgirl style as she continues to suck Tommy. The guys team up to DP Inari reverse cowgirl style with Jack continuing to fuck her pussy as Tommy taps her ass, and Tommy keeps spooning her ass. Finally Tommy and then Jack pop on her face and tits.

Harder is a good movie, but not much more than that. I know that doesn't sound like the best thing to say about a movie, but I just couldn't get overly excited about it. Inari looks great, and it's great to have her back in front of the camera. She also does a very nice job in each of her scenes, and in all honesty looks so natural there that it's hard to believe we haven't had the joy of being able to watch her over the last eight years. Her scene with Sean Michaels is outstanding, but sadly none of the other scenes seem able to keep up. No, I'm not a big fan of blowjob scenes so her hummer with Eric was okay but not great and she did a good job with Danny in her anal scene making it look darn hot while at the same time seeming to be in a location that was far from comfortable. The opening and closing scenes were the weakest for me, when they seemed like they should have been two of the strongest. I'll admit that Teagan just doesn't much for me now that she has so much ink on her that one might confuse her with a boxcar on a train that just passed through the bad part of Chicago, but she and Inari did have some decent chemistry together. The bigger problem was the closing scene, which was a wood killer with how hacked up the editing in the scene was. It felt like we only got to see about a quarter or a third of the scene with how chopped up it seemed, and there were so many gyno-cam shots that I wondered if the location was moved to a broom closet where the camera couldn't even get more than a foot away from the action once the fucking started. On paper the thought of Harder starting with softer sex and getting harder with each scene is a good one, but the reality of the situation never seemed to be as good as the idea. Although it doesn't always work the best, at least Harder gives five scenes that show why we should all be happy that Inari Vachs has returned to pornoland. With the performance she puts on here, it's almost as if she never left.

The Extras: The photo gallery lasts about four and a half minutes. There's also about ten minutes of trailers, an interview with Inari Vachs, a behind the scenes featurette, a bonus scene, and commercials.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about thirty five minutes and features Eric Masterson behind the camera. After a few words of greeting, Inari locations up and gets dressed for her scene with Sean while chatting with Eric. There's a few stills before shooting Inari's scene with Sean as well as a few comments from Inari after shooting her first scene in years. Joshua takes a few moments to talk about the movie before Inari poses for a few stills by herself and with Teagan. After shooting their scene Teagan, who looks much better with clothes on, chats about the movie while looking very cute and fun. Inari chats with Tommy before their scene and talks about why he was chosen for one of her scenes before they shoot the scene with Jack looking like he might be having some wood problems. Finally there's a bit of the setup sequences being shot as well as Inari thanking people. This is a pretty good featurette. You get some nice personality through it as well as some good eye candy. It did seem like it could have been tightened up a bit as there's quite a bit of watching the movie again just with cameras in the way, but for those who don't want that they can always grab the remote. This is a good addition to the overall DVD.

The interview with Inari Vachs lasts almost ten minutes. Inari talks about why she left the industry, her time off, and coming back. She talks a bit about the different feel now than when she left and being pickier about her projects in her return. This is a very nice interview. Inari appears every bit as real here as she was before she left, and once again comes across as having a great head on her shoulders as well as a good heart. This is a very nice addition to the DVD.

Bonus Scene – Inari Vachs and Dale DaBone

The bonus scene comes from The Third Eye. Dale starts out getting his unit worked over by Inari Vachs’ mouth with Inari giving him her usual over the top (in a very good way) blowjob. Unlike many of her blowjobs, however, Inari's salivary glands don’t produce the equivalent of about three baseball teams worth of spit but still do a more than adequate job. Dale reciprocates by kissing Inari all over her body before arriving at her bald beaver, which he works over with his tongue and fingers, along with giving asshole a nice rimming. She continues to lay back and let Dale fuck her pussy and then moves to lying completely on her back for Dale to poke her brown eye as she diddles her pussy. It’s a perfect position for Inari as it lets her all natural tits jiggle just as they should when a girl’s getting fucked. Dale ends things with an impressive pop on Inari’s ass and thigh. This is a hot scene with some nice chemistry.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: Although Inari looks so comfortable one might think she never left, the movie has enough holding it back (including a scant 80 minute running time) that I can't help but recommend renting this one or aiming low pricewise rather than just rushing out to buy it.

Note to Skinworxxx / Adam & Eve: Although you put some very nice effort into your extras, an all sex moving that doesn't even last an hour and a half is going to leave a lot of people cold.

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