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Hardcore Innocence 3

Hardcore Innocence 3

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Gonzo
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Speelie's ratings for Hardcore Innocence 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hardcore Innocence 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hardcore Innocence 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Hardcore Innocence 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Hardcore Innocence 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hardcore Innocence 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hardcore Innocence 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hardcore Innocence 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  5/5/2003
Hardcore Innocence 3
Directed by Toni Ribas
Elegant Angel DVD
Released late 2001
DVD released early 2003

Cast : Maria Belucci, Nikki Blonde, Anastasia (aka Tunder), Rubin (aka Gabriella), Amanda Twice, Veronica B./Carso (aka Sophie Angel), Pinty O’ke (aka ?),
Dina Pearl (aka Andrea Csepke), Maria Ricci (aka Blue Eyes, Sylvia Karat), Monic (aka Francesca), Nacho Vidal, Alberto Rey, Franco “Teo” Roccaforte, Toni Ribas

*Note : I was selected to visit Elegant Angel, and spent several days in December 2002 at their facility in Chatsworth, California. The next month I was able to have several private conversations with Toni Ribas at the AAE in Las Vegas. So take the following with as many grains of salt as seem appropriate.*

Hardcore Innocence 3 at last makes its long-delayed debut on DVD, and harkens back to an earlier time, in 2000 and 2001, when Toni Ribas and his friend and fellow-Spaniard Nacho Vidal made their movies side by side. Most of Hardcore Innocence 3 was shot in the spring of 2001 at the House of Ass in Budapest, during the same session that yielded Nacho’s Killer Pussy 6, Sexx the Hard Way 1, and parts of Blowjob Impossible 1 & 2. Finally, this missing piece of that puzzle is available on DVD.

Maria, now known as Italian porn queen Maria Belucci, gets out of her car and walks into the house, showing plenty of leg thanks to a very short skirt. The camera tails her as she heads upstairs to a bedroom, where she begins to pleasure herself on the bed. She is a brunette with a strong, tight body, and gorgeous, perfect small breasts (sadly, these have apparently since been marred through surgery, from what Walter Burns and Sbando tell me; anyway, she is second from right in the lower row of photos on the cover). Ribas enters the scene, and as he stokes her fires, and then gets blown, it is clear that Maria is very much into him. Naturally, he is soon into her, literally, as they fuck in many positions. Pleasure shows on her face, and depending on the angle, she looks somewhere between simply good and downright amazing. After a bit of anal, Ribas returns to her pussy, and is pumping Maria doggy when he pulls out to cum around her mouth. She gives him extended post-cum sucking as he moans in delight. It’s a shame Maria never worked with Nacho, at least so far as I know.

Skinny Nikki Blonde strips, and begins to bathe, soon joined at the tub by tall, slender brunette Anastasia (not shown on the cover, Nikki is second from left in the bottom row). Nikki did lots of movies at this time, with A Bevy of Blondes and Beautiful Girls 2 being two of my favorites. Anastasia also has experience working for Christoph Clark, with his Birthday Booty, where she gives her name as “Tunder,” being the only other place I have seen her. The present scene isn’t too thrilling, at least to a non-lez fan such as yours truly, but it is an excusable matter since the movie includes five full boy-girl scenes. Nikki and Anastasia engage in licking, rug munching, and some dildo insertion. I’m not much of a judge of girl-girl action, so enthusiasts might get more out of it, but it did seem to lack the sort of intensity found in the Bella’s Perversions series.

I’ve written in many previous reviews of the special bond between Rubin (front center on the cover) and Nacho. He brings out her silly best in Killer Pussy 4 & 5, Sexx the Hard Way 1, and Blowjob Impossible 2. I’ve also written about Amanda Twice (not shown), a sturdy blonde who enjoys getting fucked hard, including up her butt. She can be seen in Killer Pussy 6, Sexx the Hard Way 1, and Blowjob Impossible 1, among many other titles. The two women pose seductively for Ribas, then join Nacho on a couch. Ribas also steps in, pairing off with Amanda as Nacho sticks with his buddy Rubin. As usual, Nacho has her laughing a lot, but this time it is nice to see her get so worked up that she’s sometimes too lost in the moment to smile. Amanda, meanwhile, is in her element, loving every moment, even as Ribas movies to her ass. Nacho and Ribas then trade partners, with equally good results to what has already occurred. Amanda gets a little DP, then Nacho vanishes from the scene. Ribas is doggy fucking Rubin when he ends matters by pulling out to shoot his jizz on Amanda’s face. Amanda can be seen recently sharing a nice scene with fellow blonde nymph Myli in True Anal Stories 18.

Veronica and Pinty (top right and bottom left, respectively) are licking big lollipops and wearing bibs in a hallway full of balloons. I don’t know the reason for the infantilism, nor can I place Pinty, though she looks familiar. Veronica by this juncture had just gotten done calling herself “Sophie Angel” in movies such as A Bevy of Blondes and Rocco’s Initiations 3. With her new name, and a new hairstyle that involved bangs over her forehead, she also at this time worked for Nacho in Killer Pussy 6, Sexx the Hard Way 1, and Blowjob Impossible 2 (sharing Amanda’s scenes in the first two). Alberto Rey and Ribas join the ladies, with the former getting busy with Veronica as Pinty sucks and fucks Ribas. Veronica can be over-the-top fake if she isn’t truly turned on, but here that isn’t a problem. She never does anal (aside from a few old stills), so that is left to Pinty, who takes Ribas that way on her knees, along with an awkward DP in the same position. There’s several more quick runs through positions, before the girls kneel so that both guys can jack off onto their faces. Veronica’s most recent appearances are both for T.T. Boy, with a good role in Orgy World 3 and a hokey one in 18 and IR 3. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the passive Pinty, though I imagine any other scenes she did were under a different name.

Maria Ricci and Dina Pearl are eating bananas sexily in the kitchen when Nacho and Alberto arrive to give them something different for their mouths. Maria (top left) was already the veteran of a couple of years, while Dina (bottom right) had even more experience, with her credits dating back at least as far as 1996’s The Coming of Nakita (that’s the first time I ever noticed her, the movie is also one of the first for the eventual San Francisco sex show tandem of Nakita and Vicca. Dina and Vicca both had their real breasts back then). These two know the good jobs from the bad, and they really enjoy themselves in a situation such as this, where the emphasis is on fun, and hard fucking. Dina is really turned on by Nacho, and and Maria seems to like Alberto, with whom she worked in Sexx the Hard Way 1. She also turns up in Killer Pussy 6 and Blowjob Impossible 1 & 2, while Dina’s only other movie from this session is Blowjob Impossible 1.

After each girl gets plenty of pussy fucking from each guy, Dina takes Alberto up her butt, with Nacho joining to make a DP. Alberto is mish screwing with Dina when he cums on her pussy, while Nacho is doing standing doggy with Maria when he has her drop to take his load on her face. She sucks post-cum, and probably decided to skip the anal this time, after doing it in her Killer Pussy 6 and Sexx the Hard Way 1 scenes. Maria seems to have vanished after appearing in Fresh Meat 12. As for Dina, she has become the makeup artist on Kovi’s sets, and one of her lesser-known movies, Hardball 10, is due to finally arrive on DVD during May of 2003.

Monic has really impressed me in movies such True Anal Stories 14 and Kelly’s Way to Love. She’s not exactly my type, what with her pale skin, curly hair, and skinny build, but she has a wonderful attitude, and always seems to get off from aggressive sex. She’s pretty, and I imagine most viewers will find her quite attractive. Monic is seen on a couch with Alberto and Teo, who stand over her so that she can fellate both at once. She seems to really enjoy cocksucking, as she proved to Nacho in Blowjob Impossible 1. The guys then only fuck her for a moment before making a DP of it. Plenty more anal and DP follow, and Monic has a great time through all of it, happily sucking the guys whenever they aren’t inside her (she’s one girl not intimidated by Pierre Woodman’s working conditions, see Superfuckers 8 for proof). Alberto is spooning her pussy when she strokes his spooge onto her face. Teo then fucks her some more, before beating off messily, also onto her face.

The DVD of Hardcore Innocence 3 includes a bonus scene from Hardcore Innocence 5. It is the full, long scene of Dora Ventor, who plays with a dildo and then gets DPed by Ribas and David Perry. Besides this, there is a really nice, extended photo gallery, full of posed and action shots (and they’re not from other random movies, as happened on earlier Elegant Angel DVDs), along with trailers for Ribas’ Hardcore Innocence 4 (a great movie, anxiously awaited on DVD), Hardcore Innocence 5, and Exxxplosion, and two Axel Braun titles. The transfer and picture quality are good, but I would like to see more than one chapter stop per scene. Still, this is an improvement, production-wise, from the first two DVDs in this series.

Hardcore Innocence 3 is one of Toni Ribas’ best releases. It will of course be appreciated by those who have already enjoyed its sister-movies, but the appeal should be much wider than simply for established Nachoribas movie fans. It has the expected high energy and performer chemistry, but it also includes more than normal quotient of anal and DP, since this particular female cast enjoys those activities. So even those viewers who consider the Nachoribas movies “soft” will probably like this example, and that also makes it a good introduction to the Nachoribas style for a newbie who is accustomed to seeing more so-called “circus acts.” For the habitual followers of the sexual adventures of Toni Ribas and Nacho Vidal, Hardcore Innocence 3 is a definite purchase.

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