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Zineb Hardcore Innocence 4 starsHardcore Innocence 4 starsHardcore Innocence 4 stars
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Hardcore Innocence

Hardcore Innocence

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Straight
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Overall Rating 4 stars
Hardcore Innocence overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hardcore Innocence Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Hardcore Innocence Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Hardcore Innocence Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hardcore Innocence Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hardcore Innocence DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hardcore Innocence A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  3/31/2002
Hardcore Innocence 1
Directed by Tony Ribas
Elegant Angel DVD
Released 2/22/01

Cast : Vanda (aka Monique Vanda), Vanessa, Brigitta (aka Melody Kord), Stella, Sharon(e) (aka Szylvia), Claudia (aka Claudia Singer, Claudia Jackson, Zita Bernstein), Nacho Vidal, Frank Gun(n), Tony Ribas

Despite the title, this isn’t really a “young girl” themed movie. Tony Ribas is the Spanish husband of Private Hungarian star Sophie Evans, and often works with her in various movies shot in Europe and America. It is understandable that he is friends with fellow Spaniard Nacho Vidal, and that when Ribas isn’t working with his wife, he often is a hired gun in Nacho’s movies. I suppose the idea occurred to them that they could shoot more than one movie at a time, with Nacho being the focus of some, and Ribas of the others. New Sensations already had plenty of Nacho, what with releasing his three related lines of Killer Pussy, Blowjob Impossible, and Sexx the Hard Way. Thus, Ribas sold his line of virtually indistinguishable movies to Elegant Angel, which releases them as Hardcore Innocence. The only real difference between a Ribas movie and a Nacho one is that each gets a bit more screen time when he is credited as the director (other than Sexx the Hard Way, in which Nacho is only the cameraman, at least for 1 & 2).

This first Hardcore Innocence installment is the sister movie to Killer Pussy 4, and could almost have been titled Killer Pussy 4.5. Just as KP4 opened with a Vanda scene, we begin here with that lovely lady reading a romance novel, which gets her hot and bothered. Vanda is an all natural, curvy cutie with very expressive brown eyes. With other directors (especially for Private), she’s an anal champ, but she doesn’t get her butt plugged in these Nachoribas releases. After she plays with herself a bit, her fantasy becomes reality, as Ribas appears to give her a thorough eating out. Vanda has never looked better, as Ribas’ tongue causes her to get a wonderfully intense look in her eye. She works a lot, but obviously especially enjoys movies such as this and KP4. Maybe it’s working with handsome guys like Ribas and Nacho that really turns her on, since she delivers Ribas a great blowjob, which leads to a standing 69. She’s so sultry it is almost painful!

Ribas and Vanda fuck in several positions, with plenty of kissing, and Nacho captures it all well as cameraman (he and Ribas share this duty throughout the movie). Finally, as they spoon, Ribas pulls out to cum on her racing stripe. As he then lies back, still groaning in ecstasy, Vanda gives a grin to some off-camera spectators, and, exalting in the power of her pussy, gives Ribas a tender peck on his nose.

Was it all a dream? Vanda lies in the afterglow, spooge still glazing her jellyroll, when Vanessa steps in. Ribas is now behind the camera, and pans out to show Nacho and Frank Gunn sitting close by, waiting their turn. Vanessa is a big blonde whose acting is as fake as her bolt-ons and painted eyebrows. She might be pretty with a more natural look, but what gets her work is her willingness to allow her ass to be plundered. She’s on the cover of Matador 10, which I haven’t seen, but I understand she gets handled roughly. Nacho is quickly fucking Vanessa, who greatly annoyed him in Killer Pussy 4. I wonder if this scene was shot later, after some sort of truce, or if the other scene was the culmination of frustrations that began here. Regardless, he is much nicer to her this time. Meanwhile, Gunn is Hungarian, and a fixture on the Budapest scene just like Vanda, so it is understandable that the two have an easy familiarity, since they’ve probably worked together numerous times. As Gunn and Vanda go at it, Vanessa uses her big hoop earring as a novel cock ring on Nacho. The guys switch partners, and Vanda shows a bit of the same fondness for Nacho as in KP4. Gunn anals Vanessa, before Nacho joins to make it a DP. Vanda eventually pulls Nacho’s cock out to suck him off, which is followed by Gunn jerking off onto her face.

The Danube River tour boat seen in so many movies, including Vanda’s KP4 scene, is drifting through Budapest, with the parliament building in the background, as Brigitta leans on a rail in a fur coat. She quickly opens it to reveal a none-too-surprising lack of garments underneath, the better to show off her amazing curviness for a women of her height and slender build. Brigitta is better known as Private actress Melody Kord, the star of Woodman’s epic Madness duology. Even as I adored her body in those movies, I hated her painted eyebrows and permed dark brunette hair. Here she is back to her natural look, as also seen in Woodman’s Exotic Illusions 2, with her real eyebrows and light brown hair. Her cute face and magnificent breasts are the same, and she plays with those jugs a bit, in case any newcummers doubted that they are real. Ribas and Nacho provide many good body shots throughout the scene, and she displays her usual enthusiasm.

This begins with a short blowjob for Ribas, and then Brigitta hops aboard for some reverse cowgirl. Brigitta does anal with the best of them, and Nacho is careful to capture that action in doggy and reverse cowgirl in a way that perfectly shows her tits flopping. There’s less kissing than is typical for Ribas, and the scene ends with a weak cumshot, but then, as I indicated, the focus was on her body more than on interaction between the performers.

Stella is in a bathroom with an Elegant Angel towel draped over the tub. She’s very pretty, with black hair and bedroom eyes. Her only flaw is a bit of butt cellulite, surprising in such an otherwise toned body, but Nacho skillfully avoids showing that through most of the scene. Stella writhes for the camera, and then kisses with Ribas before he begins eating her. She gives him a leisurely blowjob, and then they have a long, passionate screw, availing themselves of practically every known position. Somewhere along the way, the water was turned on in the shower, but this got edited out. Both are soaked, so it almost certainly wasn’t a golden moment that provided the moisture. They probably turned on the water because they got each other so hot and sweaty. Even with the editing, they must have been fucking for quite a while, and certainly enjoyed each other’s company, with Ribas finally cumming on her stomach. Stella went on to work with Nacho in Killer Pussy 6 (some stills are in the photo gallery from KP5 by accident).

Sharone is sometimes just a helper in her scenes, a background girl to do some sucking while another young lady gets analled (for example, Claudia Jamson in both Animal Trainer 5 and Hardball 9). Her best scenes are ones such as in The Voyeur 19, where she is the focus. Sharone’s no dummy, she was around 27 when this was made, and as an experienced performer, she knows the good roles from the bad, and saves her best for scenes such as this, where she can be in full sex kitten mode with studs like Nacho and Ribas. The latter finds her in a room around the corner from the stairway where she shot her scene with Nacho for KP4. A careful check between the disks revealed that her hair and makeup are identical, suggesting the two scenes were shot the same afternoon. This one starts with Ribas showing what a cunning linguist he can be, and after he gets her juices going, he’s ready to go without the need for oral stimulation. They fuck aggressively in several positions, and while Sharone can be rather predatory if the scene calls for it, here she lets Ribas take the lead. As she’s riding him reverse cowgirl, he pulls out, shoots some jizz, and then they continue. They roll into a spoon, and keep going at it, with the cum still on her trace of a bush.

At last, Ribas is too tired to continue, so he trades places with Nacho, though only after protesting that Nacho is merely supposed to be the camera guy. “Fuck you, man!” is Nacho’s eloquent response. Sharone and Nacho know each other fairly well, since besides their KP4 scene, he also shot her for Latin Psycho 1. She was happy to work with Ribas, but has no less enthusiasm for Nacho. His sexual endurance isn’t quite as good as his friend’s this day, and as she rides him cowgirl, he barely pulls his dick out before shooting his load on her ass. Then, just as in KP4, he continues the in and out for a while. “I enjoyed it soooooo much...” he declares. Did Sharone have fun? “Oh yes!” Does she want more? “Yes!” So Ribas gives her a few minutes more of hard fucking, and this time cums on her face. She smiles coyly after wearing out the two men. If you weren’t a fan of her before, this movie will make you into one!

It is raining outside as Claudia, yet another Private actress, is posing under an umbrella. Nacho steps in, and takes the umbrella as she takes his cock and fellates him. These two had a great scene in KP4, and I again checked the hair and makeup. In this case, it is rather different, so the scenes might not have been made on the very same day. But she and Nacho are just as eager for each other as in their previous coupling, as they move in dorrs for him to eat her. She looks tres cool in only sun glasses, and indeed the sun begins to peek out as the scene continues. Ribas maintains this movie’s tradition by including plenty of shots of her tall, slender body. A long, hard doggy pounding is followed by the glasses coming off for a frenzied reverse cowgirl ride. She’s another in a long line of girls in whom Nacho brings out their best, and perhaps one reason she looks so good is that she’s having a lot of fun (her makeup is a bit harsh for my taste, however). They go through a variety of positions before Nacho coats her face with big spurts of cum, and as in KP4, the movie closes with Claudia providing extensive post-cum head.

This DVD is a sorry excuse for that form. It is divided into one chapter per scene, and the bonuses consist of a very short photo gallery of action scenes from the movie, along with three trailers for older, awful looking Elegant Angel movies. Maybe Patrick Collins hopes consumers will be fooled by this release into believing that Elegant Angel movies are typically this good, increasing sales on these three dogs from his back catalog. Meanwhile, the picture quality of the movie is decent, but not as good as with Digital Sin’s Nacho titles.

As I said in my review of Killer Pussy 4, if you enjoyed one of these movies, you’ll likely enjoy the other. This has almost exactly the same spirit of fun and high energy sex as the best Killer Pussy editions, and can rank as one of the best releases in the Nachoribas canon.

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