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Hardcore Innocence 2

Hardcore Innocence 2

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex
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Speelie's ratings for Hardcore Innocence 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Hardcore Innocence 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Hardcore Innocence 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Hardcore Innocence 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Hardcore Innocence 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Hardcore Innocence 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hardcore Innocence 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hardcore Innocence 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  3/31/2002
Hardcore Innocence 2
Directed by Tony Ribas
Elegant Angel DVD
Released 6/19/01

This second installment of Hardcore Innocence is again related to Nacho’s Killer Pussy line, and while it isn’t the full sister-movie to Killer Pussy 5, let’s call it the half-sister. It opens by taking a slight step back, with lovely Linda, who got a pounding from Nacho in Killer Pussy 4, not 5. She looks great standing framed in a nighttime doorway, wearing a leather trench coat, fishnet stockings, and nothing else. The lighting shows an appendix scar I didn’t notice before, but othewise her body is tight and enticing. She has a pretty face, and brown hair that is dyed black (she still has black hair for High Octane 6, which was shot months later. That is the only other appearance I know of for her). Nacho, and not for the first time, is already hard before she can latch onto his schlong and start sucking. She fellates him eagerly, as a dog barks annoyingly outside. The dog eventuallu shuts up, and Nacho returns her favor by snacking on her genitalia. As he did in their other pairing, he follows his custom of pinching her vulva between his fingers. They then have a long intercourse session in various positions, and Linda looks especially good with her ass in the air for doggy. This scene goes on almost too long, though Nachoribas movies are known for lengthy vaginal fucking sessions.

Inga and Mallory are admiring fish in an aqaurium in one of the frequently seen living rooms of the House of Ass. This moment is shown in the opening credits, during which their names are reversed. Inga is actually the red head, she took on Nacho and Roccaforte in KP5, in a scene shot close by, at the downstairs swimming pool. In that movie, Mallory was around the corner in the other living room with Ribas, Nacho, and Roccaforte. Both women look the same, and with Ribas and Roccaforte on hand again, and Nacho operating the camera, this scene was almost certainly made on the same afternoon. Inga once again should have spit out her gum, but she’s too busy chatting in Magyar with Mallory throughout the scene. Mallory actually speaks decent English, but doesn’t display that here. She shows that despite her plain appearance, she’s a much better performer than Inga (two of her best scenes are with Rocco for Animal Trainer 5 & 6).

Mallory gives Ribas a great, largely hands-free blowjob, and then bodies tangle on the sofas. Mallory mostly stays with Ribas, and Inga with Roccaforte. Mallory is having fun (or knows how to act like it), and laughs a lot, while Inga tries to look serious as she goes through the motions. While Mallory is riding Ribas, Roccaforte steps in to make it a DP. After this, the girls trade partners, with Inga taking Ribas anally in a couple of positions, while Mallory keeps the larger Roccaforte out of her ass. Inga then gets her own DP, which finally causes her to emote a bit. Ribas pulls out of her ass to come on Mallory’s face, with Inga moving to her knees to get what never happened in KP5, Roccaforte’s thick cock up her ass. No translator is necessary to understand that she’s stating, “Damn that’s big...” to Mallory. The latter is looking up at Roccaforte, making sexy faces as she waits for him to pull out and douse her, something he finally does. This scene again was too long, and had something of the feel of watching a home movie (indifferent lighting, for example, though how many home movies include DPs? Not mine, anyway...).

Two blondes are waiting their turn down by the pool. One is 1 by Day model Magdalena, the thin knockout from KP5, who got her start making Woodman movies such as Collector and Sex Therapy. I should point out now that the credits for Hardcore Innocence 2 are almost as screwy as for the typical Nacho movie, and “Magdalena” is not one of the names listed (Ribas is labelled “Rivas” for some reason). One name present is “Blondy Bunny,” and a cross reference with the next-to-useless official list for KP5 shows the name “Bloudy.” My guess is that the letter “n” got turned upside down, causing “Blondy” to become “Bloudy,” and if so, that would leave “Caroline” as the other blonde in this scene. She’s pretty though rather plain, with a resemblance to Nicole Taylor (and similarly enhanced breasts) and turns up again in Killer Pussy 6 (though not under that name).

Magdalena and Ribas really like each other, that was already established in KP5. So she sticks with him through the scene, while Caroline stays with Nacho. Who is operating the camera? Probably Roccaforte, and if so, that would make sense, as a more experienced cameraman might have shown us less of Caroline’s implant scars. After some oral play, each girl climbs aboard their man for a dual reverse cowgirl ride. The couples gradually switch positions, including dual doggies. Magdalena does the only anal, looking great as she rides Ribas reverse cowgirl. Ribas reverts to vag fucking before coming on Magdalena’s face, after which she sucks him off for a while. Nacho, meanwhile is spooning Caroline when he pulls out to cum on her face, and she then collects the cum with her fingers and eats it.

Next, Ribas is with slender cutie Claudia Jamson (“Famson” in the credits), and I’m expecting a hot scene. Unfortunately, this doesn’t develop. Claudia usually responds well to a manly man, such as Rocco in Animal Trainer 5. She’s worked with Nacho a number of times, including KP3 and Please! 9, and perhaps that is part of the problem. She seems much more interested in Nacho than Ribas. She keeps her boots on through the scene (a Nacho trademark), as Ribas tries his usual moves of aggressive oral and intercourse accompanied by lots of kissing. She doesn’t seem into him, but just when I think she might simply be having an off day, Nacho will put the camera in her face, and she’ll light up, reacting with smiles to his comments and camera activity. Ribas fucks her pussy for far too long for a man who isn’t getting much response, and she does her customary anal, taking him up her butt in a standing doggy. After the action switches back to vag, she looks at Nacho as if to ask, “Are we done yet?” It ends when Ribas finally cums. Claudia ignores him, and instead gazes into the camera with an expression that says, “You owe me!” Much as I like Claudia, this is perhaps her worst scene ever. It is also one of the only times I have seen a woman fail to be aroused by Tony Ribas.

Pamela is playing by the beach in a sort of school girl outfit, something not otherwise seen in Nachoribas movies. She’s a generic blonde, with an “American” look. I’m not sure what that means, other than to say she doesn’t seem like a Czech or Hungarian girl, and that impression is reinforced by the palm trees in the background. I suspect this seen was shot in California during one of Ribas and Nacho’s working vacations there. As always, Ribas fucks hard, and Pamela responds by moaning a bit, but otherwise just lies there. They go through the usual positions, and mix in another standing doggy anal. Eventually, Ribas cums and she smiles blandly.

As with the first Hardcore Innocence, there is one chapter per scene on the DVD. This one has many extras, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Most of the extras consist of a lot of hype for the then-upcoming Buttwoman iz Bella. Meanwhile, Belladonna did that one movie, and then hooked up with her co-star Nacho, and moved on from Elegant Angel. I imagine Patrick Collins feels a bit silly about all this promotion now that, six months after BiB, he has to start hyping Layla Jade as the new Buttwoman. Besides a tribute to the various Buttwomen over the years, there are three photo galleries devoted to BiB, along with exactly none that are devoted to Hardcore Innocence 2. A fourth gallery includes Elegant Angel’s usual, unwatchable “twisted pics.” Finally, the DVD also has the five shortest trailers in the known universe. I still wonder why a couple of years ago Collins gave up on letting people see more than 20 seconds of his movies. Then I remember that this is the same mind that thinks that the “William H. Nutsack Behind the Scenes” clips on other Elegant Angel DVDs are amusing.

I may have been too harsh on Hardcore Innocence 2, but for whatever reasons, it isn’t as successful as other movies I have seen from Nacho and from Ribas. Maybe Nacho’s typical running time of 90-100 minutes isn’t so bad, since this one seems padded out with moments that could have successfully been edited to a shorter length. I’ve heard that HI3 is a considerable improvement, though I haven’t seen it. Still, there are plenty of good moments in this movie, and if you are collecting, or at least renting, all of the Nachoribas productions, then Hardcore Innocence 2 should be included in your viewing, just to complete the picture.

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