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Hardcore Circus

Hardcore Circus

Studio: LFP Video
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Hardcore Circus:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Hardcore Circus overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Hardcore Circus Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Hardcore Circus Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Hardcore Circus Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Hardcore Circus Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Hardcore Circus DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hardcore Circus A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/14/2009

The Little Details

Running Time: 129 min.

Production Date: 11 / 23 / 2008

Director: Erica McLean

Cast: Aiden Starr, Audrey Hollander, Blue Iris, Kendra Banx, Kimberly Kane, Lavish Styles, Lilly Lovely, Madison Scott, Starri Knight, Evan Stone, Lee Stone, Mike, Otto Bauer, Rob Rotten, Ron Jeremy, Sergio Roho, and Tommy Gunn

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: There's something about this one that makes me very curious, as well as something about it that makes me a bit afraid. I'm not sure what to expect here.

Initial Reaction: It's definitely different, but also very hit or miss throughout the movie.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for something different from the typical adult film

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting straightforward porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and well balanced for the most part, but there are a few very minor background noises and a couple places where the balance seems to falter. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks pretty good. The lighting is a little inconsistent and there's a touch of grain throughout the movie.

Music: The music is nicely done, and normally limited to the setup portions of the movie.

False Advertising: The back cover claims there are ”3 Bonus Scenes”, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I'm deducting a full point from the overall score because of this.

Menus: The main menu works through a few clips, stills, and a bit of animation before settling on a little animation combined with some of the cover for a pretty good first impression. The chapter menu shows some nice care, and lets you choose a scene based on a clip from each scene and the name(s) of the girl(s) in it. There's also a “Select a Star” option that lets you choose a scene based on a still of each of the girls and their name.

The Feature

After slipping in a bit of lube on her hardwood floor and hitting her head, Erica McLean finds herself taken to a sexual circus instead of the hospital she requested. In her fantasy circus world she finds many people who seem very much like people she's met in the rough day leading up to her accident.

Scene 1 – Madison Scott and Lee Stone

Blonde Madison watches strong man Lee lift weights, and when she comments on his big muscles he offers to give her another muscle. He kisses and gropes her while helping her strip down before moving down to lick her pussy as she lays back with her legs spread apart in the splits. Lee moves her around and even holds her above himself to eat her pussy before she drops down to suck his cock in return. He picks Madison back up for a standing sixty-nine before fucking her in a standing bow and arrow and as they stand facing each other. Madison also rides Lee in each of the cowgirls including letting Lee pick her up to fuck her in midair before dropping down for a nice facial that she plays with before swallowing it down.

This is a surprisingly well done scene. I love how it uses the circus theme to bring together the strong man and the contortionist, and although Madison never really does anything more than the splits it's enough to keep the idea flowing through the scene. There's very nice chemistry between the two of them as they fuck, and they both put out plenty of energy along with some nice vocals from Madison. Topping things off is how the action is captured, which is normally straightforward but also with a touch of artistic style now and then that kicks the scene up a little without ever interfering with the action. This is a hot scene that started the movie off very well for me and was easily my favorite scene in the movie.

Scene 2 – Audrey Hollander and Otto Bauer

Redheaded Audrey starts her scene in plenty of jewelery with cat make-up as “lion tamer” Otto whips her from behind outside of the tent. Their sparring continues in the ring where he subdues her with his crop and a stool before pulling out his cock to fuck her face. He dominantly fucks Audrey's face and mixes in a few more slaps with his crop as she occasionally resists before moving around to fuck her shaved slit missionary style. Otto stuffs the handle of his whip into her pussy before sliding his cock into her ass, and then has her suck the whip clean as he works his cock between her holes. He fucks his way around Audrey's ass with her on all fours and has her suck his cock clean before double stuffing her ass with the whip and his cock. They mix in a little reverse cowgirl anal action as well before Otto gives Audrey a small pop over her mouth that she swallows down.

This is another surprisingly good scene. Audrey and Otto are very hit or miss for me due to them often feeling like they have to see how extreme they can get so they can get more attention, but here that actually worked for the scene rather than losing me. Audrey plays into the cat aspect very well and Otto's domination was just as good of a fit. As usual Audrey took it up the ass like a champ, and they kept the action moving very nicely. This scene worked well for me.

Scene 3 – Aiden Starr and Rob Rotten

Dirty blonde Aiden heads into the tent with tattooed freak Rob for a little loving. She quickly helps him out of his pants and into her mouth to give him a good sucking before laying back and letting him tongue and finger her twat in return. Aiden lets Rob suck her tits and blows him a bit more after he strips her down, and then gets on all fours for him to fuck her doggie style. She gets on top to ride Rob cowgirl style and mixes in a little more cocksucking as well as riding him reverse cowgirl style. Finally, Aiden gets down for a slightly below average pop in and around her mouth that Aiden eagerly receives, plays with, and rubs around her face and tits.

This is a pretty good scene. I'll readily admit to Aiden Starr being very hit or miss for me in the past, but here she did a fantastic job putting out plenty of energy as well as some very good vocals taking on Rob. Rob, on the other hand, made me wince when any part of his body was on screen with how much of a distasteful looking tattooed freak he is. He didn't bring a lot to the scene as the male talent, and some choppy editing in places and Aiden continuing to mix in oral led me to believe that he was having some fair wood problems. This scene makes it past the average mark, but the only reason it does so is by the strength of Aiden's performance.

Scene 4 – Kimberly Kane and Evan Stone

After dancing around with an umbrella outside, brunette Kimberly gets it on in the circus with ringmaster Evan as a group of masked women sit around the circle watching them. He gropes her before she reaches behind herself to stroke him in return and then drops down to suck his cock. They sixty-nine before Kimberly rides Evan reverse cowgirl style, and she turns around for a traditional cowgirl ride before laying back and letting Evan fuck her missionary style. Evan moves down to lick her ass before fucking it missionary style, and Kimberly comes up to suck it after he pulls out and lets him pop on her pussy.

This is another pretty good scene. Kimberly is another of the girls that normally doesn't do much for me, and that didn't change here. I'll readily admit that she does a very nice job taking a cock up her ass and seems to enjoy the sex quite well, but there's just something about her that I just can't get into. This isn't a bad scene, but due to my personal quirks I just couldn't get into it.

Scene 5 – Lavish Styles and Tommy Gunn

Clown Tommy peeps on hot black babe Lavish a bit and tries to make her laugh as she pulls him in wanting more than just humor. She finally gets his cock out of his pants so she can suck it before letting Tommy worship her tits and ass while helping her strip down to show off plenty of ink. He tongues her from behind and as she lays back on her back while also mixing in a little minor pussy play before Lavish rolls back over for Tommy to fuck her from behind. They move to a cot to spoon and fuck reverse cowgirl style before getting up so Tommy can fuck her from behind a little more before popping on her tits.

This is another hot scene. This is the first I've seen of Lavish, and although excessive ink can frequently be a turnoff for me it didn't hold me back at all enjoying Lavish. She has a great smile and a wonderful twinkle in her eye to start the scene out, and puts out some nice energy as she and Tommy took each other on. There's also nice chemistry through the scene with the action being nicely captured. This scene worked well for me.

Scene 6 – Kendra Banx and Starri Knight

After riding a bit of dirt bike, dirty blonde Kendra and brunette Starri kiss passionately as their hands wander around each other. They suck each other's tits while stripping each other down before laying back on a blanket on the ground where Kendra fingers Starri while kissing her mouth and tits. She moves down to eat Starri with a little more finger play mixed in before fucking her from behind with a glass dildo. Starri licks Kendra in return and fucks her with a glass dildo as Kendra lays back on the ground. Kendra also gets on all fours for Starri to fuck her before the scene cuts off with the girls looking like they might have been done.

This is an okay at best scene. It seemed to lose the circus focus right from the start, and the chemistry was average at best. The bigger problem here was the camera work, which often seemed stuck in gyno-cam mode and seemed to have trouble zooming back out when it went to pan around the girls. Throw in some extremely rough editing and a chopped off ending and you have a scene that made me glad to have a remote control handy.

Scene 7 – Lily Lovely and Ron Jeremy

When ringmaster Ron feels off his game and needs a little release, he calls busty brunette Lily up to assist him. He kisses her and sucks her tits while playing with her pussy before having her get down to suck his cock. Ron mixes in a little titty fucking and eats her bald pussy before fucking it missionary style. As he fucks her, Ron has Lily count down from twenty and pops on her face as she reaches zero.

This is another scene that just didn't do a lot for me. Lily isn't bad looking, but Ron seemed a touch annoying and also looked like his age was catching up with him with some wood problems. Yes, he was definitely able to pop when he should and put out a good load, but the scene was very short and never really enjoyable. This scene fit in with the circus focus, but just didn't do it for me.

Scene 8 – Blue Iris, Tere Joyce, Mike, and Sergio Roho

Old and overweight Blue Iris (with gray and blue hair) and Tere Joyce (with gray and pink hair) suck and stroke a couple masked guys in a circus tent. Tere does most of the sucking while Iris does most of the stroking, with the first guy never showing any sign of a pop and the second guy jerking it into a jar.

This scene also did nothing for me. It barely lasted a minute and was overly artistic. Throw in masked guys, old and overweight women, and being an oral only scene and you have a definite dud of a scene for me.

Hardcore Circus is an interesting release that's definitely one of the most unique adult movies I've watched in a long time. Yes, interesting and unique also often means that it's very hit or miss, and that's just the case here. Although I can definitely appreciate Erica McLeans's artistic style and love that she wanted to try something different and new, it was also often with people that I have a very hard time getting into watching. The movie started out very strong and fun for me, with Madison and Lee's strong man opening scene possibly coming in as my favorite in the movie, but as it went on and Ms. McLean decided to further stretch the artistic styles, the movie seemed to lose some of its sense of wonder and fun and end up not working nearly as well for me. Audrey Hollander and Aiden Starr both worked much better than normal for me, and Madison Scott and Lavish Styles also turned out very nice scenes. Rob Rotten and Kimberly Kane, however, weren't able to work as well for me, nor did Ron Jeremy, Tere Joyce, or Blue Iris. Hardcore Circus is definitely unique and worth renting if you want something different, but I'm not sure how much replay value it will get for most people.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts about thirteen and a half minutes with about six seconds per very nice looking snapshot or full screen photo. There's also a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about seventeen and a half minutes and is nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen with Varla Vex behind the camera. Things start out with Erica showing off some of her outfit and interacting with the cast backstage before a few random visits around the set and Erica chatting with Otto and Audrey about sex. There's a little fun with Audrey and Otto that continues on with Evan and Kimberly and Madison and Lee. Aiden also adds a little color as does Ron before moving around the set with a bit more humor. This is a very nice behind the scenes featurette. You get a little eye candy but a lot of personality with the cast looking like it's having a lot of fun throughout. This is a very nice addition to the DVD.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, B&D (light), anal, DP (technical), ass to mouth, DAP (technical), rimming (male > female), interracial, lesbian, toys, titty fucking, group, oral, granny, and big women

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of LFP / Hustler’s DVDs can be found online for between about $16 and $25 with stores offering it everywhere in between. Rent this one before you buy it. The movie is definitely unique, but because of that I'm not sure how much replay value it will have for a lot of people. The sex is hit or miss, but the technical aspects show some nice care and the extras show some good effort even though it doesn't come close to delivering what the boxcover claims. This is an okay release.

Note to Cheeky Monkey . LFP Video: Although this one didn't always work the best for me, thank you for trying something different rather than churning out the “same old” porn.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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