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Hard Trip To Berlin

Hard Trip To Berlin

Studio: Eagle Video
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Hard Trip To Berlin:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Hard Trip To Berlin overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Hard Trip To Berlin Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Hard Trip To Berlin Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Hard Trip To Berlin Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Hard Trip To Berlin Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Hard Trip To Berlin DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hard Trip To Berlin A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  2/17/2006
Two hunky Italians set off for Berlin to have a hard time. They do and we do too. In spite of the fact that all the performers are Italian they are every bit as degenerate and decadent as anything you’d find in Germany. It’s a film that is guaranteed to bring out any latent Sado-Masochistic tendencies you’ve denied up to now. It is—in short—one hot film!

We cut from our strolling tourists to a guy strung up in chains. Although he has a light beard, his head, chest and pubic area have been shaved. He releases himself to go hook up a leather sling. He lies back in the sling and strokes his uncut cock spilling his seed onto his belly.

We once more see our Italian visitors who have arrived in the gay district of Berlin and are consulting a map.

We go inside to join a bearded stud, who strips down to a jock and heads to the sling. As he lies back the camera lovingly pans the body of this green-eyed stud. He fishes his cock from the jock and starts manipulating it. Tony—the handsome one of our Italian visitors—appears similarly clad (or unclad as the case may be). He heads over to the reclining stud and proceeds to give head. He does it well. He also tastes the stud’s ass. It’s then Tony’s turn to lie in the sling. His jock is removed and he’s fucked until he shoots his sperm. The stud spews on Tony’s balls.

Tony’s companion and guide now goes to be with the other masters (so he tells us). That will be the scene that you’ll remember.

We first see a close-up of a cock being bound with a thin rope. And boy do they bind it! The slave is supine in the sling and is wearing a black hood with only a mouth hole. Clamps are applied to his tits and yanked off until they are red and swollen. His cock in its tight confinement looks as though it might burst. A finger enters his rectum, followed by a beaded dildo. The slave is whimpering. Hard slaps with hands and a paddle strike his asscheeks until they turn crimson. (The beaded dildo is still in his anus.) Seven clothespins are affixed to the skin of his penis. A noose is placed around his balls and they’re hefted high pulling the slave onto his shoulders. His sore tits and his glans are licked bringing forth mewling sounds from the captive. Votive candles are placed on him and the hot wax is dropped on his tits and prick. One of the masters feeds him cock. When his cock is unbound a metal rod is inserted into the piss slit like a catheter. (This made me squirm.) Then electrodes are placed on the prick and it’s subjected to electric shock. This brings forth screams. Afterwards, as a reward, one of the masters sucks it.

But it’s not over. Once again the cock is bound. But this time the slave is on his belly in the sling and the cock and balls protrude through the sling. The slave sucks off one of the masters while the other master slaps his ass with a riding crop, frequently going under the sling to slap the bound balls. Placed again on his back, more hot wax is administered to his genitals. One of the masters cums on him. The slave beats off.

Once again we find our tourists strolling the streets and get a mini-tour of Berlin. The action is narrated by a chap with a plumy British accent who pronounces it BER-lin instead of Ber-LIN.

For the next bit of sex-action we find two cute young guys seated in the sling and swapping tongues. Crotches are grabbed. The sexiest of the twinks gets down on his knees and chews on the younger twink’s dick through the trousers. The trousers are removed, and the turgid uncut cock is freed and sucked. After more tongue sharing the sexy twink is undressed and lain back in the sling. He has a pierced nipple and a lightly haired chest. He looks like someone I know (straight, alas) so I’m turned on in a scene that might have been a real letdown after the preceding one. The young kid’s cock plays teasing around the asshole. The sexy twink is fucked. We don’t see the insertion. (I would have shot my wad if we had.) But it’s still hot. Both fire off massive—and I mean massive—loads.

Our Italian tourists are back at the hotel. Tony is in his room writing postcards. The other is in his room playing with a penis pump. (They have separate rooms???) The pump-player has a neat Prince Albert. He decides to leave Tony behind and go after some real sex. (His words, not mine.) We find him with a nice scruffy young thing wearing only a jockstrap. He goes down on the tourist’s pierced cock. The tourist pulls the sucker across his lap and spanks him. Then leads him to the sling where scruffy is sucked and masturbated. The tourist shoots, too. Now this scene is a decided anti-climax. But perhaps we need to cool down slowly after the scene three scorcher.

Eagle Video has some surprising films. This is one of them.

It’s funny that the film The Missing, which I just reviewed, is nominated for best leather video, and it’s so vanilla. Compared to this one, it’s a cream puff. HARD TRIP TO BERLIN is what a leather video should be. American producers should take note.

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