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Hard as a Rock Band

Hard as a Rock Band

Studio: Tribal Pulse
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Hard as a Rock Band:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Hard as a Rock Band overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Hard as a Rock Band Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Hard as a Rock Band Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Hard as a Rock Band Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Hard as a Rock Band Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Hard as a Rock Band DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Hard as a Rock Band A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  3/14/2006
Itís hard to believe that with the boy band craze over, a video comes out featuring a group of young men in a band, but here it is, and itís a nice change from what has been put out before. The story behind this video in its five scenes is the fun and sex that goes on with the band members and their groupies. Unlike other videos of this nature, donít look for twinks with wild hair, body piercings or inked up because (thankfully) you wonít find any of that here. Instead we get good looking jock type bodies with no piercings and little ink with several neck chains. The video apparently takes place in Europe and so the producers provide us with background music instead of the guysí voices.

The video opens with Brock, Stefan, and David boarding a van and headed for a show. Once on the road, these three start playing with each other, kissing and rubbing on one another. Brock and Stefan get to undressing David. While all three are hot, there is always one band member who stands out as the hottie and in this case itís David. Brock is first to start licking on Davidís chest. Brock is the tallest of the three and Stefan is the shortest. These two also have the biggest dicks of the three. The three of them get to stroking, kissing and sucking on each otherís dicks and bodies. David has some nice tight pecs, and his chest and nipples receive a lot of attention from Brock and Stefan. Cars are driving by the van as these two all sort of trade off working on each other. These three apparently seem to be into each other as the action is quite intense. They donít seem bothered by the traffic outside. No fucking in this scene but lots of hot oral action on each other. They finish by Brock and Stefan on both sides of David shooting their loads over his chest. David also spits out a load. This scene goes to show you can still have a hot scene without any anal action.

The van arrives to its destination with a group of about 50 groupies waiting for them. The van stops and the groupies are banging on the van, rocking it, and pushing on it. The guys get out and they start performing for the crowd of dancers. This non-sexual scene lasts too long for me. It goes on for 7-8 minutes. Three groupies stay behind to hang out with the band. I am guessing these three are Vaclav, Jacob, and Rossóbased on the pictures on the box cover. David and Brock join them and they divide off with Vaclav joining David and the other two joining Brock. Vaclav is the hottie of this bunch of groupies with blond hair and a tight muscled body. The other two, Jacob and Ross, are also smaller framed but not with the muscle. I have to guess at these names since the box cover has an obvious error for Stefan and the credits do not show names with faces. They all do the kissing and nipple licking and once they are all naked Vaclav is sucking David. Brockís group is in a 3-way jack off. Ross sits back while Brock and Jacob service his dick and chest. Jacob drops down to suck on Brock and soon afterwards all three of them join David and Vaclav for a 5 way. The guys are all over David at different times. Every naked guy in this video that comes into contact with David is all over his pecs. With five guys I really would like to hear them instead of the music, but music is what we get. They do the 3 way daisy chain sucking and 69 sucking before moving into the fucking. David and Brock are the tops here. Vaclav and Ross are the bottoms and Jacob appears versatile. They do the riding and the doggy style and the missionary. They even do a fuck with one getting fucked while fucking another one. The fucking scene really lacks intensity. No ass pounding here. Even when they pull out to shoot they all jack themselves and busts their load.

In the next scene, we meet Roman, the manager of the band. He tells us that he also gets the attention of the groupies and its shown when Jiri comes up and the two are quick to start kissing and feeling each other. The clothes come off and Jiri is all over Romanís hot chiseled pecs sucking his nipples. Roman pulls off Jiriís shirt and returns the favor licking Jiriís chest giving his nipples the same attention. While not as muscular, Jiri is still a hot guy. Itís so rare to see two hot jock guys giving the upper body the sensuous attention these two give each other. Itís an exciting change. They finish undressing each other and we see Jiriís humongous thick dick. Like all the other dicks in this video, he is uncut. He bends Roman over to rub all over his ass. The things he does with his hands appears to be driving Roman crazy. His dick has hardened and they turn around to face each other so Jiri can begin sucking Roman. Roman doesnít do quite as good of a job sucking Jiri as he pretty much sticks to just sucking the head. Roman lays back on a table and Jiri starts fucking him. If not for Jiriís huge balls swinging as he fucks, the fucking is pretty uneventful. Maybe Roman is in pain taking his dick or just not into it, but the fucking is sort of blasť, especially after the hot action we had seen these two doing up to the fuck scene. They switch to doggy style and the intensity picks up. Maybe Roman has adjusted to Jiriís size or whatever, but it gets much better. Roman flips back on his back and delivers a cum shot with Jiri still fucking him. Jiri pulls out and shoots his load all over Romanís face.

The next scene has Michael, Marlan, and Ludek on a couch. The background voice says that the guys like to play when not performing, but I am confused where these three fit in since they have not been shown as being part of the band. Marlan and Ludek start with each other undressing and then Michael joins in. They strip, kiss and lick on each other. These three twinks have small frames with not much muscle. Michael is first to start sucking as he takes Ludekís dick in his mouth with Marlan rubbing Michaelís butt. Marlan lies back while Michael sucks, and Ludek feeds him his dick. These guys may be small in frame, but their dicks are pretty big. Ludek also does some sucking on Marlanís dick, Marlan has some large nipples and Michael and Ludek give them lots of attention throughout the scene. They do some three way sucking and Michael does some alternate sucking on Marlan and Ludek. They do this scene with all three asses in the air while they stroke Michael and he does some finger fucking of Marlan and Ludek. The three go thru various positions of Ludek fucking Michael while Michael sucks Marlan. Itís a shame we never see Marlanís big dick fucking anyone. As the scene is ending Marlan is standing over Michael stroking his dick and shoots all over Michael. Michael and Ludek are hard and stroking it, but the scene ends without us seeing them deliver a cum shot. I am not sure if they just couldnít shoot or was it an editing screw up.

For the final scene, two groupies we saw earlier, Jiri and Vaclav, meet up with Stefan. Stefan and Jiri strip Vaclav and he is soon sucking them. Jiri and Vaclav get naked after a while and Stefan feeds his dick to Vaclav while Jiri rubs all over Vaclav chest with one hand and strokes his own dick with the other one. Vaclav stays on his back while the other two move around feeding him their dick, sucking his dick, and fingering his hole. This must have been a long day as they scene has gone on for 10 minutes and none of them have gotten hard. They must have taken a break because the scene changes and both Stefan and Jiri have their humongous dicks up in Vaclavís ass. How Vaclav has managed to take both of these donkey dicks is amazing. They switch up again and Vaclav is taking Stefanís dick in his ass doggy style while he sucks Jiri. Vaclav flips over on his back for the cum shots. Stefan blows first letting it go over Vaclav chest. Vaclav shoots next, and then Jiri finishes it by shooting his on Vaclavís face.

The extras in this DVD include a photo gallery, website information, cum shot scenes, and trailers from three videos.

This video breaks away from the norm found in many videos, and it is a refreshing change. More time is spent on the foreplay (so to speak). More time spent on the kissing, licking the chest, rubbing and feeling each other, before settling in on the sucking and fucking. I have always found this part to be the hottest part of a scene so I really liked this format. I wished more directors took a cue from this one. The fucking sex was not as intense as the foreplay sex but still did good enough for me overall. Fans of twinks as well as those preferring larger bodies will like this one. The one thing I didnít like was the music. Even if the guys were speaking in a language other than English I would rather hear that than looped music playing over and over. I was tempted at times to turn the volume off rather than listen to this. A more diverse cast would have been nice. Even throwing in someone with chest hair would have created some diversity. On a technical note, I did not like that the time feature did not work. If I needed to go back, I could only use the fast reverse feature. I did not like it when my remote kicked me back to the previous scene a couple of times and I had to start all over again with the next scene. As a whole, this was a hot video. It is not a rental unit; itís one you want for your library.

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