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astroknight Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) 4 starsHappy Endings (Wicked Pictures) 4 starsHappy Endings (Wicked Pictures) 4 stars
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Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures)

Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Happy Endings (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/4/2011
Welcome fans to a new story from director/ performer Stormy Daniels and she's brought together a fine cast to tell of a tale of love between two people from opposite sides of the track. Gracie Glam is back again working for Stormy and she had quite a sinister turn earlier this year in one of Stormy's movies so I'm glad to have another chance to see the two collaborate. You also have Alektra Blue and Andy San Dimas in this so there isn't a shortage of hot girls in this and we'll just have to see how Stormy weaves this tale of love of opposites and if they succeed in the end of staying together. On to the story. As the opening credits roll we see the two principals, Gracie and Brendon Miller her love interest, and how their lives are very different. She wakes up to a healthy drink, he cracks open the last beer. She does yoga in the backyard while he sits at a drum kit banging out some tune. Her bed is crisply made while his laundry is strewn about the floor-- you get the idea I think. After they are done the story begins with Gracie arriving to work and telling Stormy of her bad date the night before and Stormy thinks her boss is a bit to picky, you never know where you'll find love.

Andy San Dimas & Aiden Ashley:

Sure enough we find love at another business as the first scene begins with the two girls making out. I'm never opposed to two hot girls kissing and they move nicely to disrobing each other and working down to kiss their breasts. The picture quality was good and we got a great wide open shot as Aiden moves down to lick and fingers Andy's pussy. The two switch it up and I loved Andy on her knees arching up to lick Aiden who was in a doggie style pose, even a little ass licking!Andy also does a nice pose of standing over Aiden's face as she goes back for seconds. This was a quick but real good g/g scene with a very good emphasis on oral sex as both ladies get a couple chances to taste the other.

The first scene as we learn takes place at a tattoo parlor where Brendon Miller works. He sees the goodbye kiss between the girls and raises the point again about Andy practicing her lesbianism at work- only if I get to watch, lol. Andy for her part wonders when he is going to take out a friend of hers but Brendon is reluctant- you know with this girl dressing as a vampire and there's a coffin they are keeping for her at his job-- might turn a few guys off! We return back to Gracie at her business and the day is winding down and Stormy takes off but reminds Gracie of doing the night deposit and when Gracie goes to do that she has the run in with Brendon. At first scared but quickly the two connect and do a little get to know you chatting. It was amusing listening to the music going from ominous while Brendon's shadow approached to almost pop music lite as the two went off to share a drink, ahhhhhh. The montage was successful in showing the two growing close and finally having sex.

Gracie Glam:

After enjoying a nice dinner and conversation the two head back to I will assume Gracie's place where they get intimate. Gracie looks very good here as they undress her, the panties were sexy with Brendon fingering her over them and ok the tennis shoes made me chuckle as she was still wearing them in bed. The panties come off and Gracie goes doggiestyle giving us a very good ass spread shot followed by her turning over allowing Brendon great access to licking her pussy. Gracie showed nice energy taking on his cock, side view was good also bringing her boobs into the shot. Watching her ride in cowgirl was a big treat, ass was spread perfectly here. Doggie to close with an ass pop for the finish. Well I'd say that was a successful first date wouldn't you!

Ok we learn that Gracie actually went back to Brendon's place as the scene the next day finds Stormy on the phone wanting to place a missing persons report on her roomie. But Gracie then comes in an the afterglow of fucking is all about her and this intrigues Stormy. Later on we go to the tattoo parlor where Barrett Blade joins the show along with Andy returning. Barrett wants to hang out but Brendon has plans with Gracie. We will just have to see what happens from this, Brendon even had a tofu burrito, lol, so is he conforming so much to Gracie's lifestyle- Barrett won't let this stand, lol, what a pal. Andy then raises the issue of Gracie being a massage therapist-- Happy Endings!! They raise the issue with Brendon of fucking going on at those places, a massage therapist is the reason I'm a lesbian Andy says, lol. Andy goes further into how this changed her- she wasn't always a lesbo and followed a man she was dating to one such place and found him doing something other than having the kinks worked out in his back.

Alektra Blue:

So as we watch from Andy's perpective the action unfolds with Tony De Sergio lying on his back with Alektra Blue almost naked at his ankles, on the table, and fully engaged in sucking/ stroking his cock. The two switch places and Alektra looked very good here with Tony face diving in her pussy- clear boob shots of this woman always look great. There is some fine riding in cowgirl followed by Tony really driving hard in doggie leading to a good open mouth pop shot with Alektra letting some fall out down onto her tits. I'd call that a Happy Ending to this partnership but not to his relationship with Andy who goes full lesbo after!

Brendon soon leaves this conversation even with Barrett having to tape himself up as he was getting some work done. We also check back in with Gracie and Stormy who isn't so sure about her roomie dating a tattoo guy. But Gracie is still very much in the glow of the early relationship bliss with Brendon though when she goes out to dinner with him that night and he runs into a former client the words of her friends come back into her head especially when Brendon introduces her as his "friend" and not his girlfriend. Lets just say the night ended right there with Gracie returning home for a girl bitch session with Stormy. Gracie then has the idea of using one of Stormy's friends who has slept with four tattoo artists to go and flirt with Brendon but Stormy doesn't want to do that but then Gracie turns the idea onto Stormy herself-- she should go and flirt with Brendon since she helped put this idea of cheating into her head so Stormy reluctantly agrees.

Stormy Daniels:

So Stormy heads over to the tattoo parlor and gets flirted with briefly by Andy before Stormy is shown in to wait for Brendon. The music is setting a terrified mood and Stormy's facial reactions were good here in helping visualize this- a bit of humor here which is good. But it goes from funny to bad news when Stormy faints. Gracie then tries to text her friend who is lying knocked out but Andy who rushed in when she heard the noise finds the buzzing cell phone and reads the text then showing it to Brendon. We see Gracie in full panic mode when Stormy doesn't answer her texts or calls-- what if they are actually doing it so this feeds into a full on visual fantasy with Stormy giving Brendon's cock a very nice blowjob. Stormy then lies back with her big boobies pulled out and Brendon face deep in her pussy which is opened nicely for us. A little bit of titty fucking too with a bit more bj before they fuck in a few positions. Wished she'd taken the bra off for a ride in reverse but mish wasn't bad and the cowgirl riding was nice. The scene ends with some doggie fucking and a butt pop shot-- then we go back to reality with Stormy coming back home and finding Gracie asleep. Gracie finds out her boyfriend actually didn't take the bait but we know that Gracie's texts were read by Brendon so we'll just have to see what comes from that.

Back to the tattoo parlor where Brendon, Barrett and Andy were having a pow wow over why Gracie would do this and so Brendon decides that Barrett should return the favor and go to the massage parlor and see if Gracie will provide a 'happy ending' !! Well Stormy sees Barrett coming and ducks down because she knows him from earlier. So when Barrett gets a call and talks openly to Brendon about why he's here- to get a whack job from Gracie we see Stormy overhear and slink away presumably to tell her friend what's up. So Gracie comes up after a few seconds have elapsed and boy does she lay on this will be a happy experience for you type deal for Barrett and leads him to the back. Ok time for some big time humor and laughs as we see Barrett flat on his stomach all ready for his massage when a big black guy comes in and the picture goes to dark while Barrett's eyes spring wide open, haha!! Later on Barrett returns and lets just say the experience he had wasn't pleasant and you'll have a laugh. The phone call then comes from Gracie and there is a big argument between she and Brendon about what each had done to the other but we know actually it was Stormy and Barrett. The two break up. On to band practice but Brendon is a weepy mess without Gracie, there is no crying in metal Barrett exclaims before stomping out. We also see that Gracie is an emotional wreck over this break up. Later that night we have Stormy and Barrett actually running into each other at a bar and decided they need to rectify this wrong that they in effect had caused.


So lets just say that before they help put their friends back together they head back for a little nookie session of their own, alright another Stormy scene. It doesn't take long for Barrett to move down to lick her pussy with Stormy following soon after sucking his cock. They bang it out in a couple of positions ending with mish and Barrett pulls out popping up towards her chest with Stormy licking a bit at her tits. Ok time to put the lovebirds back together!

This is done in a wordy way-- you'll see as Barrett orates a long list of various points about life and what is it without love-- trust me it is wordy! Gracie and Brendon are at least seated next to each other and after Barrett has nearly put them to sleep with his speech Stormy gets up and puts things into clarity in a much more concise fashion and finally the two get back together, all's well that ends well!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another good story from Stormy and though not as dramatic as her other recent collaboration with Gracie still bears some good fruit with several good scenes and some good dialogue plus a few bits of humor interjected in the story. Not a lot really in the way of extras for this, no BTS but there is a bonus scene with Gracie and it comes from that other team up this year with Stormy, Teacher's Pet, and she also happens to work with Brendon in this scene so have a look at that to see another fine Gracie scene from this year. Certainly worth checking out if you're fan of Miss Glams but also for Stormy fans as well as she has two full sex scenes in this plus there is a good Andy San Dimas g/g scene and Alektra Blue makes a brief but good appearance in this banging Tony De Sergio. Stormy has good chemistry with Gracie in the two shows I've seen them work together in so hopefully this will lead to more collaborations in the future.

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