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Happy Endings (Hard Candy)

Happy Endings (Hard Candy)

Studio: Hard Candy Films
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Happy Endings (Hard Candy):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Happy Endings (Hard Candy) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Happy Endings (Hard Candy) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Happy Endings (Hard Candy) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Happy Endings (Hard Candy) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Happy Endings (Hard Candy) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Happy Endings (Hard Candy) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Happy Endings (Hard Candy) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/28/2013

Running Time: 132 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: Nica Noelle

Cast: Adrianna Luna, Asa Akira, Nikita Denise, Rayveness, Alan Stafford, Danny Wylde, Marcus London, and Mr. Pete

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with Nica Noelle, the technical aspects shows some very nice attention. The audio is clear, well balanced, and free of background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks great. It's nicely lit with a clear picture and a solid eye and hand on the camera.

The Movie: Happy Endings focuses on massages and sex. Each scene starts out with a small explanation of either the masseuse or patient's background before moving through a slow and sensual massage and sexual journey to a happy ending.

Scene 1 – Rayveness and Mr. Pete

Smoking hot busty brunette Rayveness lights a few candles and talks about how experienced she is at being a masseuse and what she's learned over time. Mr. Pete arrives soon after and she guides him to the table and lets him strip down to work him over with some oil. She works around his leg and butt while checking him out and chatting a bit, and then covers him back up to let him roll to his back so she can work on his front. Mr. Pete is more than surprised when Rayveness starts giving his cock a mouth massage, and sits up to give her a few kisses. He bends her over the table to spank her ass, play with her pussy, and eat her holes, and moves on to fuck her from behind as she bends over the table. Rayveness rolls over to let Mr. Pete fuck her missionary style and to oil up her big titties, and also lets him pick her up to carry her to a couch for a cowgirl ride. They mix in a little ass play as they fuck cowgirl style and go back to fucking missionary style. They also spoon and work in plenty of kissing before Mr. Pete goes back to fucking Rayveness missionary style and pops on her pussy.

Scene 2 – Asa Akira and Alan Stafford

Hot Asian Asa talks about how some people are really difficult to work on due to how fugly or deformed they are, but she really enjoys work on Alan due to how good looking and built he is. She's definitely disappointed that he's engaged, but when it sounds like there might be a little trouble she makes her move on him. They chat during his massage, and Asa spends a bit of time working around his cock before oiling it up to stroke him. She climbs up to mix in a bit of sucking, and Alan quickly sits up to mix in a few kisses for her as she sucks him, as well as helping her out of her top so he can suck her tits and admire her body. Asa lays back for Alan to eat and play with her pussy before letting him fuck it missionary style. He continues to fuck Asa as she lays on her side, and Asa gets up to suck his cock before he joins her on the massage table. They fuck on the table in missionary and cowgirl with Asa working in a little more cocksucking for Alan as well as letting him spoon her. They bring things to a close with Alan spraying his seed over Asa's tight stomach after fucking missionary style one more time.

Scene 3 – Nikita Denise and Danny Wylde

Danny's never had an easy time with girls, so he decides to make an appointment with masseuse Nikita after seeing her ad in the back of a magazine. He goes to her house and she quickly has him strip down and lay on the table before she starts to oil him up and rub him down. Nikita talks about how he's much younger than her normal client and that shouldn't have any problems with girls before telling him to be more aggressive. Danny doesn't quite like what she tells him, and still can't do much when she has him roll to his back, oils up his chest, and drops her to rub her big titties all over him. He finally makes the move sitting up and laying her back to kiss her after she talks down to him a bit more. Danny kisses his way around Nikita's great body and eats her pussy as she urges him on. He spins Nikita around to fuck her doggie style, and keeps giving it to her after rolling her to her back. She sucks his cock and licks his balls after he lays back on the bed, and lets him pull her on top for a cowgirl ride with some nice ass spanking mixed in. They fuck doggie style a bit more and spoon before Danny moves around to fuck Nikita missionary style one last time. They look deep into each others eyes as they fuck, and he finally pops between her face and great tits.

Scene 4 – Adrianna Luna and Marcus London

Busty exotic beauty Adrianna is more than happy to find Marcus as her masseuse, and as he leaves her, strips down past her sexy bra and panties. She adds a little perfume around her body before covering up with the towel and laying on the table. Marcus checks with her about the temperature of the bed and if she has any problem areas as he starts oiling her up and rubbing her down. Adrianna talks about her man problems, and as Marcus rubs her she pulls down the towel to show off her great ass. Marcus raises it back up to remove the temptation, and makes sure to cover as much of her as possible as he rolls her over to work on her legs. Adrianna slides off the towel claiming she's a bit warm, not shy, and won't tell anyone that they're breaking the rules. Marcus is a bit nervous, but gives in and concentrates as best he can on her feet. She lets him know that her thighs are sore and asks him to work on them, before guiding him to the front and then inside while promising not to tell a few more times. Adrianna guides him to her beautiful bald beaver as he rubs her, and returns her soft passionate kisses as she sits up. Marcus lays her back and runs his hands around her great body as she helps him out of his shirt. He sucks her tits before moving down to eat and finger her pussy, and then lets Adrianna mouth his manhood in return. She gets up to ride him cowgirl style with Marcus laying back as well as sitting up before letting him take her from behind over the table. Adrianna lays back for Marcus to fuck her missionary style with plenty of kissing mixed in. Marcus finally pulls out and lets Adrianna stroke him over her stomach and bald pussy before they share a few last kisses.

Happy Endings is another excellent release from Nica Noelle. As usual with Nica behind the camera, there's great chemistry in each and every scene, and once again she gives it some nice time to develop rather than seeing how quick one can rush to the fucking. This makes all the difference here, as it not only lets the chemistry develop, but it does so while focusing on the massage as well. I also like that Nica mixes things up, sometimes letting the masseuse making the move and sometimes the customer, as well as mixing things up a little by having Marcus be a masseuse rather than only having females in the role. The other thing that really stuck out to me was how fantastically consistent the scenes were. Rayveness starts things out extremely well with Mr. Pete, and I was sure it was going to be my favorite in the movie until I saw Asa with Alan. The confusion continued with Danny and Nikita's excellent scene, and I gave up trying to figure out which scene I enjoyed the most before Marcus and Adrianna's scene was even half done. That's a truly wonderful thing for the viewer, although one that's not unknown for those who have previously experienced Nica's work. Happy Endings is easily one of the best massage themed releases I've watched, and definitely worth the purchase.

The Extras: The extras show a nice bit of effort with a blooper reel, a behind the scenes featurette, and some trailers.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about twelve and a half minutes. Mr. Pete starts out with Rayveness talking about how fantastic she is to work with and her talking about why she wanted to work with him. There's also a bit of talk about how agents are holding back some of today's movies. Asa talks about working on a massage table before Alan and Asa talks about how different it is to work with Nica. Danny and Nikita talk about how much they enjoyed their scene and working with each other. Finally you get a little of Adrianna and Marcus talking about working together in the past as well as in this release. This is a very nice behind the scenes featurette. You get some very nice personality from the performers as well as some nice eye candy due to the interviews being immediately after the each scene was done shooting.

The blooper reel lasts about a minute and a quarter. You get a few flubbed lines as well as plenty of other laughs as things go wrong. This may be a short blooper reel, but it's also one of the best blooper reels I've seen in a very long time.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: It's a must buy for anyone who likes massage themed adult entertainment.

Note to Hard Candy: Thank you for putting out such a wonderfully consistent product.

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