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Handsome Drifters

Handsome Drifters

Studio: AMR
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Handsome Drifters:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Handsome Drifters overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Handsome Drifters Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Handsome Drifters Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Handsome Drifters Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Handsome Drifters Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Handsome Drifters DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Handsome Drifters A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  4/30/2006
Austin Ashley, the star of this film, once told me I was stupid. But I didn’t get angry at the snarky narcissistic little bastard because when they’re pretty you can overlook many things. This was ten years ago, about the time this film was made. The last film I think he made was six years ago. He will be 32 in October.
In HANDSOME DRIFTERS Austin plays a young guy living in Florida at the estate of a wealthy man who “likes his boys to wear as little as possible” when they work around the house. At night Austin and the boys work at the guy's bar where I assume they don’t wear much if anything.

As the film opens Austin and another of “the boys”, Chris Ramsey, are about to wash a couple of cars. Austin tells Chris—who like Austin is a pretty young thing—that he is fed up with it all and plans to “borrow” one his daddy’s cars and head west. Chris suggests that since Austin is feeling blue, he should go jet skiing with Cal Lawrence and he will wash the cars alone. In return he wants a favor from Austin. (Guess what?) So Austin lets Chris pull down his pants and suck on his cock. After Austin cums on Chris’ cheek, Chris hops up onto the hood of the car and Austin returns the favor.

We cut now to Tyler Grey and Alexi Firrera on a jet ski. They aren’t going anywhere but they will soon be coming. Alexei is seated in front of Tyler and Tyler’s cock is seated in Alexei’s behind. Meanwhile at another location, Cal Lawrence leaves his jet ski to go in the woods and take a piss. Seeing Tyler and Alexi going at it, Cal drops his drawers and grabs his dick. Now, it must be stated here that everyone in this film was chosen for his beauty. Tyler, Alexi, and Cal are absolute hunks. Cal is a gorgeous blond with a big cock. (He’s probably straight as he just masturbates here and never seems to be in another film.) Tyler and Alexi have hairy torsos—one light, the other dark. As Alexi is now on his back and Tyler is drilling him in the missionary position (really not that difficult on those wide jet skis) Cal cums. Tyler and Alexi do too.

When Austin returns home he finds Chris cooling off in the pool. “How was the jet skiing?” he ask. “Fine,” Austin replies, “But Cal took an awfully long time to pee.” Chris notes that it’s about to rain and Austin should be heading off but wouldn’t he like one for the road. So as the rain comes down we find Chris bent over with Austin’s dick in his rear. My favorite part is when Austin gets up and sits on the statue of a horse that’s in the garden and Chris gets up and sits on Austin’s cock. (I used to have a picture of this. I must look for it.)

Stealing…oops borrowing a beamer, Austin heads west. We have a brief meaningless tour of Las Vegas before captions tells us “The Desert” as if we couldn’t figure that out and Austin picks up a hitchhiker, Kurt Young. Austin tells us he thought Kurt was perfect—and indeed he was. More beautiful than Austin—more beautiful than anyone—Kurt was also an excellent actor wining best actor awards with ease. With his looks and acting ability he could have made it in Hollywood films. Austin was not much of an actor. Unfortunately he narrates the film. Narrates it in that mono-rhythmic style that unskilled performers use when reading. Putting Kurt and Austin together in a film is like putting Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock together in a film. Kurt is not called on to act here though—just look pretty. [As you look at the cover Austin is on your left and Kurt is on your right.] Austin stops the car and they get out to look at the uninteresting landscape. Then for about ten minutes we see them holding hands and running over the sand dunes in a montage of double exposures. They stop their running and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss. I had begun to think I was watching one of those softcore films from Greenwood Cooper until Austin dropped down and we saw Kurt’s cock in his mouth. After the brief blowjob and Kurt coming, we see them strolling naked (no longer running) hand in hand until we cut to find Austin bending over with Kurt’s cock firmly planted in his rear.

Back on the road Austin starts talking about their future together. Kurt tells Austin to stop the car. He decides to walk. He's not ready to settle down. He thanks the broken-heated Austin for the ride. Though I’m not sure which of the rides he was thanking him for.

We suddenly find ourselves at the Pacific Ocean. Austin is clambering over the rocks with a young Clay Maverick. Clay leans against a huge rock and Austin nuzzles his neck and kisses down Clay’s chest. (Not only do gay-for-pay guys not suck dick, they don’t kiss either.) Clay does suck a bit on Austin’s nipple. Austin sucks Clay’s cock in what may be the briefest blowjob in cinema. Clay's cum falls into the sand and Austin’s joins it there.
“If you want this to continue follow me,” Austin tells the young hunk. In a startling jump-cut we see Austin lying naked on his belly on a bed with Clay lying naked on Austin’s back. Clay's cock is entrenched in Austin’s ass. (Gay-for-pay guys do give perfunctory fucks.)

In the closing narration Austin tells us that he and Clay have been together for a long time, but he still longs for Kurt, the love of his life. Well, as a wise Frenchman once observed, in every relationship there’s one who loves and one who is loved.

The guys are all gorgeous, the videography is fine, the plot is better than most. However the editing is abrupt, and the sex is lacking in passion. It’s a pleasant diversion for those times when you want to watch something romantic or recall a lost love.

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