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Groupie Love

Groupie Love

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Interactive
Directed by:
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astroknight's ratings for Groupie Love:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Groupie Love overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Groupie Love Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Groupie Love Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Groupie Love Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Groupie Love Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Groupie Love DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Groupie Love A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/27/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: approx. 165 min. including all angles and non-sex footage (cover states Nearly 4 hrs. of POV Interactive Sex. This is roughly an hour and a quarter difference, or a running time of about two thirds of what’s advertised. With a difference of this magnitude, I can’t help but penalize the overall score by a full point.)

Production Date: 2 / 11 / 2004

Director: Tyrone Shuz and Jonni Darko

Cast: Kathleen Kruz, Candace Jackson, Kaylani Lei, Monica Sweetheart, Lacey Duvall, Daisy, Charisma Cole, Ramona Luv, and Erik Everhard in sexual roles and August Night, Jamie Brooks, Jayna Oso, Jennifer Luv, Nadia Styles, Rio Mariah, Roxy Jezel, Shy Love, Taylor Rain, Big Daddy Young Buck, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and plenty more in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: The only thing rap seems to be missing for me is to have the letter “C” put in front of it. That said, Digital Sin has done such a great job with so much of their other stuff that I can’t help but to be really curious here.

Initial Reaction: It’s a nice idea, but it doesn’t come close to living up to what the cover claims.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who’s sick of the same old virtual sex DVD

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a lot of rap star action or who wants a little action with all the stars listed on the cover

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are excellent. The audio is very clear and very well balanced. The video is just as good. It’s normally presented in about a 1.85:1 aspect ratio with the selections listed in the black bars above and below the action. It’s very well lit and very clean, and the only problems I saw was a very small amount of what looked like it might be digital breakdown.

Music: There’s a little music in the plot portions, but the sex scenes are completely free of music.

Disc Problems: The copy I bought had a bad second disc. Since it was over a month between when I bought it and got to it, I was unable to return it and ended up having to rent the second disc to finish watching the DVD. Hopefully I had a freak disc, but because of my problem I’m deducting a half point from the extras score of the DVD.

Borderline False Advertising: In addition to the running time of the main feature being roughly two thirds of what’s advertised, the cast listing is also very deceptive. Jennifer Luv, Nadia Styles, August, Roxy Jezel, Taylor Rain, Shy Love, Jamie Brooks, Rio Mariah, and Jayna Oso are listed in the cover and are in the movie, most of them just have a cameo appearance in the background. Some of them don’t even have a word of dialogue! That’s also nine of seventeen girls listen on the cover of an interactive DVD who aren’t any more than part of the set. This really ticks me off since there’s some big names there and some of them were part of why I bought this DVD. I’m deducting another full point from the overall score because of this. If these girls were listed with something like “Cameos by” in front of them, I wouldn’t have a problem, but the way they’re listed here it makes it sound like there’s a lot more action than there really is.

Menus: The main menu has some nice animation, a few clips from the movie, and a little music. It gives a very good first impression.

The Feature

Every now and then a guy gets connected. Here you get connected to rappers Young Buck, 50 Cent, and Lloyd Banks. They hook you up with some of their groupies in their limo, at their house party, and at their studio. They even hook let you check out their G4 Private Jet where the stewardesses like to take care of each other. It’s all interactive, so you get to control the action.

Hummer Limo - Kathleen Kruz and Candice Jackson

After the boys check your i.d. and sing a bit, they let you have their way with groupies Kathleen and Candice. Kathleen’s the “nice” white girl, while Candice is the “naughty” black girl. They’re more than willing to stroke your cock or suck it, and will even team up to suck it. For the handjob they stroke you to an animated pop in the air, while solo sucking will lead to a faked pop in their mouth that they swallow down. Finally, the team blowjob will lead to “you” popping in Kathleen’s mouth and then her swapping a little over to Candice.

This is a nice segment. The girls are both cute and look like they’re having fun. Yes, most of the pops are faked, but I have to admit that they’re faked well. I actually did a double take on the animated pop, and if the guy would have throbbed his cock a little I might have been more tempted to believe the pop in the mouth that got swallowed down. The bigger problem for me here was the moods. Both girls look cute and sweet, and although Kathleen comes off very well as “nice”, Candice comes off just as nice rather than appearing “naughty”. That said, this is still a pretty good segment that worked well.

House Party - Kaylani Lei and Monica Sweetheart

At the house party, Lloyd takes you through stars like Shy Love and Taylor Rain (as well as the rest of the girls listed on the cover) so that you can have your choice between nice girl Kaylani and naughty girl Monica, both of which are looking darn hot. Both let you choose between having them suck your cock and fucking them in missionary, doggie, or cowgirl. The pop shots are mostly animated that go into the air nicely, such as popping over the girl’s thigh and looking like it lands just over the hump, but the cumshots for the blowjobs are real. Each girl takes the facial finish, with Kaylani taking “your” joy juice in her mouth and letting it run out while Monica lets it run over her tongue and sucks out the last little bit.

These are also nicely done sequences. Kaylani and Monica put some nice energy into the sequences, but once again there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference in the mood between “nice” Kaylani and “naughty” Monica. The other problem I had is the segments between loops. I really like this idea for regular pop shots, but here after “you” pop “you” go right back to fucking her. With how the popshot sequences end I think it could have went back to the regular segment looping without any problem, so the segment with the girl asking you to fuck her again just interrupts things. Other than that, these are some decent segments.

The Lab - Lacey Duvall and Daisy

In the lab, you’re given the choice between “nice” black girl Lacey and “naughty” Latino girl Daisy. Just like at the house party, both girls let you choose between having them suck your cock and fucking them missionary, doggie, or cowgirl style. The pop shots are animated and go into the air nicely, but the blowjobs get real popshots. Both girls take the pop in the mouth, but neither of them swallow any down.

This is another nice scenario except for one thing, the only real difference between this setup and the House Party is the girls. Yes, having different girls is good, but a couple different positions would have made a lot of difference here as well. Maybe the nice girl could have thrown in a few teases and the naughty girl could have thrown in a bit of anal. The main thing that made this scenario seem different was that Daisy seemed “naughtier” than all the other “naughty” girls. Unfortunately, she also made the animated pop shot more noticeable by talking about it going all over her pussy after it shot over her thigh.

G4 Private Jet - Ramona Luv and Charisma Cole

After stripping down and kissing, stewardesses Ramona and Charisma go to work servicing each other. They work each other over with fingers, tongue, and dildo, and let you control all the action. You can make them cum and have them switch back and forth to determine who’s in control. They’ll even have a nice little orgasm when you tell them.

This is a nice sequence. I love the kissing sequence, and it nicely wraps around in such a way that I think I could have watched it all afternoon. The girls seem to get into each other pretty well, and both of them look absolutely gorgeous. The switching and orgasm sequences also work very nice. This is a nice sequence, but it seems a little shy compared to some of the others.

Groupie Love is a nice idea that shows some good effort and just doesn’t work out all the way. To start with, there’s a lot of things done right here. I’m anything but a rap fan, and I really enjoyed the setups and never had the feeling to reach out and skip the intros. There’s also true multiple angles throughout all of the virtual action, and the cameras move around a bit during the sex just like if you move your head to see the girl’s head instead of the penetration in the POV angle. The virtual mechanism is easy to use, although it isn’t always that clear due to having to make choices based on the first letter of what you want done in the first three setups. The virtual segments loop very nicely, and even better don’t loop completely. The main problem with the virtual loops is that after the cumshot it goes into a little plot segment that keeps looping even though most of the time it looks like it could have easily looped back to the sex act. The other problem was that each girl only had one real cumshot for the straight scenes. Yes, the animated pop shots were some of the best animated pop shots I’ve seen, but they’re still animated pop shots. I’m thankful they were animated to a realistic volume and were aimed in such a way that they disappeared rather than having each girl play with some imaginary cum, but they’re still animated pop shots. My final problem is that the House Party and The Lab are the same thing sexually with different girls. If a couple different positions were used or something else were thrown in it would have been much nicer than having the same three positions and blowjob. Groupie Love is a good idea that works pretty well. Digital Sin has shown the ability to improve their product over time, and since this is pretty much the first DVD of its kind I’m really looking to see what they can do in the next year or two.

The Extra Stuff

A second DVD is included to hold the extras. Kaylani Lei gets the only bio, which includes several pages of text. Trailers are included for seven installments of the My Plaything series. The photo gallery lasts about three minutes, and gives you about five seconds per great looking snapshot or full screen photo. There’s also outtakes, a behind the scenes featurette, and bonus scenes.

The outtakes last close to two and a half minutes. There’s plenty of people getting tongue tied with the lines, both with the porn stars and the rappers. There’s nothing special here, but it does come off as a nice and fun little featurette that helps out the overall DVD.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts over forty minutes and features camera work by Brother Love and Beau Holland. You get a little of the scenes being shot, but most of it follows the rappers as they mouth off and hit on the girls. There’s also a few interviews with the girls, which are normally nicely done. It’s a pretty fun featurette, especially if you’re a rap fan. At the same time it’s a little annoying because many of the girls get a heck of a lot more screen time here than they did in the main feature. For some it’s a nice thing, while for others (like Taylor Rain who comes off very much like white trash) it’s not nearly so nice. In the end, it’s a good behind the scenes featurette that fits the movie very well and shows some nice care.

Scene 1 - Taylor Rain and Nacho Vidal

The first bonus scene comes from Erotica XXX #1. Taylor and Nacho start things out stripped down to their underwear and kissing. Taylor lets Nacho slap her face with his foot before stuffing most of his toes in her mouth. His cock goes into her mouth next before it keeps going into her throat as she slobbers all over it. Nacho also gives her some vigorous pussy fingering and lets Taylor eat his ass before she shows off hers and how many fingers she can put in it. Nacho slides his cock into Taylor’s pussy from behind as she fingers her ass and lets her suck her juices off it after he pumps her a bit. Nacho has Taylor suck his toes while he fucks her from behind and then fucks her missionary style after stuffing her partially under a sofa. They continue to work in a little oral action as they fuck, and Nacho adjusts Taylor’s bra around her throat so she can control how much it chokes her. He also slides a plug into Taylor’s ass before fucking her pussy to give her a technical DP before just fucking her ass missionary style. Taylor takes a taste of her ass before moving up for a little reverse cowgirl action for each of her holes. Taylor keeps sucking her ass off Nacho’s cock as he fucks her ass in cowgirl and gives her pussy a little attention both standing up and in cowgirl. Finally, Taylor gets down to let Nacho give her a nice facial and even swallows a bit down.

This is a smoking hot scene! I’ve said many times in the past that Taylor just doesn’t do it for me, but this scene she had me completely enthralled. She seems like a perfect match for Nacho here, and matches his intensity with a submissiveness that seems perfect. It’s a long scene, but it feels naturally that way rather then feeling like it somebody tried to see how far they could drag it out. This is a great scene!

Scene 2 - Nadia Styles, Ben English, and Marco Duato

The second bonus scene comes from Double Teamed. After talking about wanting guys who are willing to be rough with her, Nadia’s joined by Ben and Marco, both of whom throw her around while working her over orally and having her suck their cocks. The guys take turns fucking her from behind before she climbs on Marco for a cowgirl ride. Ben moves in to bone her from behind again, and then fucks her face when Marco stands up and lays her back while fucking her cowgirl style again. The guys keep trading back and forth as they fuck Nadia from behind, spoon her, and let her ride them reverse cowgirl style. Finally, she gets down to let Ben decorate her face and Marco her tits before giving their cocks a few last loving licks.

This is an okay scene. The guys definitely throw Nadia around like a rag doll, but at the same time the scene seems extremely limited. It lasts over twenty five minutes, and I think over fifteen minutes of that time is one of the guys fucking her from behind. I went into this scene looking for some prime smut, and came out fairly bored.

Bonus Scene 3 - Jennifer Luv and Mr. Biggz

The third scene comes from Biggz and the Beauties 7. After Biggz calls her on her cell, Jennifer turns her oral talents loose on his cock. She lets him fuck her pussy from behind before sucking it clean then later hops up to ride it reverse cowgirl style. Jennifer also lies back for a bit of missionary work before Mr. Biggz strokes a creamy dribble onto her tongue for her to play with a little before she waves goodbye.

This is an okay scene. Yes, Mr. Biggz has a big cock, and yes, Jennifer handles it pretty well. Beyond her taking his size, however, there was nothing that really interested me about the scene. The chemistry and energy are okay, but I can’t say that I was really drawn into the scene to any degree. This is a very average scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, virtual sex, interracial, handjobs, oral, lesbian, and toys

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Groupie Love can be found online for between about $20 and $40 with most stores offering it in the $30 range. Rent this one first unless you’re a rap fan. There’s a nice idea here, but I don’t know if it has much replay value. The virtual sex aspect is very limited, but the technical aspects and extras show some good care.

Note to Digital Sin: You have a great idea here that makes me look forward to seeing what you can do in the future with a little more practice. I hope when you do that you’re a little more honest and clear with your cover claims.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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