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The Pocketcomb Pimp Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 3.5 starsGringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 3.5 starsGringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 3.5 stars
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Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3

Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gringo Dicks In Latin Chicks 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  9/15/2005
Prologue Le'Wood may be a mom and pop type business concern but they have an eye for talent and create and ambience that allows for some stimulating performances. I know one thing. In my next life, I want to be Mark Wood. Married to a beautiful and depraved woman who not only allows him to go off and work at fucking all kinds of women for any number of directors and companies, but brings home the cream of porn to augment his sex life. And it seems like Francesca only occasionally indulges herself along the way. Damn that's a great life!
Staring out at me on the cover is Jasmine Byrne. She's been blowing me away since Teenage Spermaholics 3 and just seems to be getting sexier. Victoria Sweet is included here. Such a pretty woman, but I'm still waiting to see her defining scene. Or maybe I already have and will just have to live with the fact that she's just never going to reach her full potential. Sativa Rose chips in and she's always welcome. I'm new to Nikki Nievez and Luscious Lopez, but if you're carrying a moniker like Luscious, you better be something special.
Bound with her arms behind the back of the chair she's seated on, and muffled with a ball gag, is the blindfolded Victoria Sweet. Mark Wood has a leather paddle that he's teasing her body with and Victoria sounds very turned on by the sweet sting. Her leather cuffs and outfit are crimson, as is the back of the paddle. Mark smacks her with a leather hand. Where does he get those toys? Victoria's nipples are like rocks. He's got a growing bulge himself. I just noticed that Victoria's feet are bound to the legs of the chair and she's trying to suck the ball in her mouth. Mark starts to set her free. First her feet, then Victoria's mouth. She slips right into the submissive cock sucking position and tries to work Wood into her throat. She's wide open for the face fucking he administers and more than up for the hot oral. Mark frees her hands but attaches a leash to the beauty's choker. Victoria sits back in the chair and gets a hot pussy full of hard cock. I don't usually like masks but I think the blindfold is adding to Victoria's sensation and she looks more turned on than any time I've ever seen her. Mark pulls her into a new position with the leash, CG. Victoria rides hard and her virgin pucker looks ever so inviting. There appears to be a nice little orgasm and the mask is removed. Victoria just gets wilder. They indulge in some choking and Victoria's senses are being fully assaulted. Tit spanking while she bobs furiously and Victoria cums again. She reclines and Mark strokes her in mish. That hot little chocha of hers almost gets the better of Wood. More choking and spanking around the loins. Victoria impales her throat with his cock and Mark fucks her wind pipe. She turns for doggy and gets some more spanking, which has an amazing calming effect on her. They fuck in doggy and Victoria teeths on her leash as Mark pounds more pleasure into her. P2M, some ass slaps and more doggy. Victoria has a sweet smile gracing her lovely face that shows more intensity as she gets filled and thrilled. Victoria rewards Mark with some big toe sucking, then a big unit throating. Now Mark wants her to lose her clothing. Victoria can't strip fast enough, then sits on his cock in RC. She puts that pussy on him hard and gets herself off yet again. Mark spanks her clit while filling her pussy to the hilt, then Victoria rides side saddle. Her face is a mask of pleasure. They combine a hard railing with more choking and Victoria is just bouncing from one sensation to the next. P2M again with a deep draw that makes her eyes roll up in her head. Cut to mish and more tit spanking as Victoria threatens to cum. Whether she does or not is open to conjecture but it's finally too much for Mark as he pops his load into her open mouth. A very grateful Victoria mouths his organ, shows the cum and swallows, then crawls off at Mark's command. I do believe that Victoria Sweet has finally made her mark. Great scene.
Red seems to be the color of the day as we see some crimson fuck me pumps and a satiny red slip. The camera moves up the delicious body of Sativa Rose and runs into some blue denim for her top, but it's also got red piping and straps. Sativa is more striking now than any time I've ever seen her. I don't know if it's the make-up or a slight slimming to her face but she's one fine looking woman. No longer just a cute little girl. Of course she still has that unreal rack and bee stung lips that just beg for something to suck on. With maturity comes the knowledge of how to tease us mercilessly with her great body. Sativa disrobes as she undulates her body, then regales us with Spanish love talk as her pussy gets rubbed. She gives herself a little thrill and tells us she wants more. A big stiffy is stuck in Sativa's face and she attacks Alec Knight's cock with hunger. A little too aware of the camera, Sativa nontheless puts on a great show of oral cock love. Her body gets streaked with slobber and she rubs the cock on her perfect tits. Alec dines on her lovely clam and seems to be taking the proper enjoyment of that tasty morsel. Once Sativa is good and lubed up she takes the penetration in mish. A littany of Spanish comes from her mouth until she insists on tasting her juices. That she imparts in English. She rides in CG and doesn't get cheated out of anything. Hard and fast. Deep and slow. Sativa does the dance of lust on Alec's rod. Cock cleaning and a turn to RC. Sativa keeps saying she wants it as her bouncing gets more active. P2M leading to doggy. Good back and forth as they trade control. A move to spoon and a wonderful view of Sativa's splendid body. I'll just never figure out how Alec can keep his hands off of her tits. The stroking gets furious and Sativa gets into the receiving position for Alec's ball blast onto her tongue. Sativa gives him some sloppy PCH into the fade.
Luscious Lopez breaks the streak of red, although she stays in the family with hot pink undies. She does continue the Spanish banter of Sativa's scene and asks if we like what we see. Short answer? Yes! Luscious is sexy and earthy looking. A honker that rivals Sativa's prominent probiscus. Long brown hair and a butt worthy of worship. She's got on some big hoop earrings just to make me a little crazy. Did I say she had a nice butt? You could get lost in that thing. And I, for one, would never consider asking for directions out of there. Her bottoms get lost and Luscious keeps finding ways to shake and tease her assets. Mark gets involved and she sits on his face for some smother love. Luscious fishes out his enraged manhood and tries to swallow him whole. Good intensity, if not depth, and the slobber flows, dripping from her chin. Mark penetrates in doggy. That would have been my first choice of positions also. They move to CG and Luscious puts on a little show as her ass cheeks flap while she's bouncing on his cock. Her top gets removed and Mark laps at some sweet looking, if not large, tits. The main event is that ass, though, and Luscious starts to demand a harder fuck. P2M with some enthusiasm, then mish. Luscious pulls her legs back and there appears to be a trail of juice running into her ass crack. More P2M and some throat training. They move to doggy again and Luscious backs that ass up on him. Mark tosses her salad, which she definitely enjoyed, then sits back for RC. His cock gets covered in pussy cream while being treated to her butt show. More cock clean-up for the ravenous Latina, then spoon. Luscious spreads her wet holes and they're back to doggy. That's the position they take us home with and Mark drops his babies on her extended tongue. Show and swallow, then some light PCH.
Nikki Nievez is a member of the gap toothed club. She has a strong resemblance to Nadia Nyce. They could be sisters. Nadia bears a resemblance to Belladonna, and all three skipped their appointments with the orthodontist. Nikki's wearing a red two piece that doesn't stay on long. She sports a bald beaver with fat lips and some nice tits with a little hang to them. Nikki takes a dip in Mark's pool and wets herself while spewing a little Spanish for Mark's benefit. He sends her into the house for the real action and she plops down onto an easy chair to explore her pussy. From the looks of that cave, Nikki can take some size. She gets a cock put in her face and Nikki works her mouth over it sensually. She's a little too aware of the camera as Alec Knight face fucks her. He lick lubes her pussy and buries himself in her. Nikki's pussy gives up some cream and she looks ecstatic as her velvet sheath gets filled. P2M, leading to a standing doggy. Nikki backs up on Alec and he gets to pounding her slit, eliciting cries of "harder" ("mas duro"). P2M and an RC mount. She looks especially good with her feet on his haunches and her body sliding the pole into all the right places. Cut to a side entry anal insertion. Nikki's no longer playing to the camera as the intensity gets ratcheted up. Her tight pucker gets filled in CG next. Great shots of her heart shaped ass surrounding Alec's cock. Nikki rotates into RCA, then standing doggy anal. She begs Alec for some "leche" and he's quick to comply as Nikki kneels for her prize. He lays it right on her tongue and Nikki swallows after putting the jizz on display.
Is there anyone who's unaware of Jasmine Byrne at this point in time. She's the total package in cuteness, beauty, sex appeal and a penchant for nastiness. Jasmine can do the dirtiest things and look like a sweet angel at the same time. She's dressed in a knit two piece. Pink peppered with lime green, and wide net stockings in just the opposite balance of the two colors. This is the kind of color scheme that only a dark skinned woman can get away with and of course, Jasmine looks smokin'. She ascends a spiral staircase to a deck overlooking a big valley. Her clothing gets divested along the way and Jasmine does a little posing in front of a white partition. She walks into the house to the sight of Mark and Alec sitting on a couch naked and wanking. Jasmine gets down between them and takes over the dick manipulation. She moves back and forth, sucking and gagging. Mark gets rimmed and Alec gets up to a more dominant standing position. Mark follows suit and they take turns fucking that beautiful face. Jasmine takes some deep draws and establishes a great intensity before telling them she wants to be fucked. She lays back on the couch exposing her phat pussy. Mark goes in a little dry and Jasmine squeals but lubricates easily as he thrusts forcefully. Alec gets face time until offered some of that sweet clam for himself. Mark skull fucks her and Alec gets P2M. Jasmine mounts Mark in CG and gets quite a ride on his pole while Alec bats around her tonsils some more. Jasmine's ready for sodomy and impales herself on Mark in RCA. It doesn't take long before her pussy gets filled by Alec to complete an RCDP. Jasmine is turned on to the max and licks at Alec's nipples while he's pleasuring her love tunnel. She moves onto him in CG and Mark swoops in for the DP. Jasmine's a hot little bitch and everytime her body gets freed up she bounces on the remaining cock like a she-devil. The DP's are hard and deep. And lengthy. Jasmine does A2M, then asks for more double dicking. She gets picked up for a flying DP, then let down on the floor for a double suck. Another CG ride on Alec, the precursor for another flying DP. Jasmine requests a spanking and the sting makes her even more passionate. Up and over doggy anal with Mark, and then with Alec. A2M and Mark goes back for more. Jasmine kneels on the floor and begs for cum. Alec splatters her mouth and chin. That makes Jasmine even hornier as she turns to Mark for more of the same. Gargle and a swallow to end another great scene by Jasmine Byrne.
Epilogue There are times when I see a great scene and I wonder what went into making it so. Obviously the performers have to be fully engaged and into each other, but chemistry is a tricky thing. How much input does the director have? And where does said director apply the influence? I had been waiting for a while to see Victoria Sweet really get her groove on and her scene here did the trick for me. In the BTS it became obvious that the elements of the scene that had Victoria so turned on were thrown together at the last minute because Francesca and Mark discovered her kinky side while she was rummaging through their toys. She expressed a fondness for BDSM, or at least a strong curiosity. The paddles and cuffs were things she was drawn to and Francesca told her they could make that happen for her. I was also heartened by Victoria's interest in some anal toys. Maybe another day for that. Her scene also contained a good dose of real choking. She was totally down with that and said so. I know there are people who get up in arms over the practice but this was a mutually agreed upon circumstance and I have no problem with that. The flexibility that Francesca showed and her open ears certainly contributed mightily to the success of this segment and opened the video on a very high note. Sativa Rose followed with a good scene. You know what you're going to get from Sativa and she rarely contributes anything extraordinary. She plays a little too much to the camera, and of course limits herself in what she's game for. Still, she likes to get fucked hard and her body is a work of art. Luscious Lopez should make all the big butt enthusiasts happy. I envision the same reaction about her that Sara Jay used to get. That is one big ass. She was supposed to do an anal scene but I didn't catch any of that. Did I miss something or did it just not work out? A very good scene nonetheless. My observations about Nikki Nievez's look was confirmed by Mark Wood in the BTS. Glad to get some validation there, and I swear I wrote about her resemblance to Nadia Nyce and Belladonna before viewing the interview. She was a slow starter but eventually worked out a good scene. The best was saved for last. Jasmine Byrne is so hot she makes zippers melt. Her sheer beauty and slutty intensity carries the day. Bookending two sensational scenes with three good ones make this an easy video to like.
The Disk There's a slide show, trailers and a very good BTS.
Recommendation This is an easy title to recommend. Try it, you'll like it.

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