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Grind (CalVista)

Grind (CalVista)

Studio: Cal Vista Classics
Category:  Classic , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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T0MBOne's ratings for Grind (CalVista):
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Grind (CalVista) overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Grind (CalVista) Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Grind (CalVista) Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Grind (CalVista) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Grind (CalVista) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Grind (CalVista) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Grind (CalVista) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  4/16/2009
About halfway through Henri Pachard's GRIND! (1988, Cal Vista) a sexually inhibited wife, Jill Webster (Shanna Mc Cullough) kicks her husband, Mike (Mike Horner) out of their place, says "if you love sex so much, why don't you move in with Frank and Billie?"

Billie (Krista Lane) and her hubby Frank (Jon Martin) are a swinging couple that have been trying to help Mike a little too much with his dull wife and their boring sex life.

All alone, Jill starts seeing things while she sits on the toliet and before long she's out walking in the rain and trying out down at a sex club, a place that scared the dickens out of her earlier.

Her rather unexplained transformation from inhibited wife to uninhibited sex show performer is just one of many things in this late-80s video that doesn't make any sense.

VCX has re-released GRIND! (1988, Cal Vista Video) as part of its Cal Vista Classic series of DVDs that debuted in 2008. It's standard frame presentation is fine, sound okay but cheesy video effects and cheap sets detract quite a bit, especially that stupid set that's suppose to be the sex show club.

Mike complains about his wife and their boring sex life so much so that Billie and Frank Sutton allow him to join them. (Krista Lane looks great here doggy fucking and sucking with the fellas Mike Horner and Jon Martin. A good start then it's all down hill---!!!)

The trio take Jill to a sex club where this caged woman (Ashley Welles) breaks free from her cell and pulls Jill's face into her her cage woman crotch. That scares Jill away. (Prior to the escape, Billy Dee and Gail Sterling fuck around on top of the cage as part of the sex show but that sucked---!)

"You watched while that tramp attacked me" says Jill, who kicks Mike out of their bedroom, then dreams stupid nightmares about the caged woman, and the following day imagines that the plumber (Henri Pachard in a cameo) is the crazy guy from the sex club show. Uhg.

Jill comes home to Mike complaining that their marriage is going down the drain. Billie and Frank show up and Jill lightens up when they give her as present. Jill and Billie go into the bed room so that Jill can try on her new black two-piece lingerie set, which leads to some girl/girl action that turns weird when Billie stuffs Jill's panties in her mouth so that the fellas can not hear of screams of passion. (Shanna and Krista are okay here---! 1/2)

Jill discovers that Mike fucked Krista so she kicks everybody out, then encounters that weirdness in her bathroom and decides trying out for the sex show is somehow a good idea. For some ungodly reason, Frank is on hand for this sex show try-out and Jill gives her first blow job to the creep she tossed outa her house. (Gail Sterling, Billy Dee, Shanna Mc Cullough and Jon Martin suck and fuck here but at this point who cares?---! 1/2)

Separated from his wife for a couple of weeks, Mike wonders what Jill is up to. Billie and Frank don't have any answers so the trio hook up with Mimi (Nikki Knight) and fuck some more at their place. (Dual doggy fucking is the hightlight of this particular sex romp---! 1/2)

The trio go back to the sex club where Jill, disguised in a black wig, sunglasses and a pink thing, performs as a performer in the new sex show with some sort of stupid beach party theme. Jill taunts Mike, who is too f*ing stupid to realize it's her. He sucks her twat, Mike mishfucks Jill, who cries out "I did it for you." Wig comes off. Uhg. (Shanna Mc Cullough looks pretty stupid here and her enounter with Mike Horner is lame---!)

Do yourself a favor and watch or re-watch Henri Pachard's BABYLON PINK or BABYLON BLUE or even SAMANTHA AND THE DEEP THROAT GIRLS. Skip this dud. Final rating for GRIND! is ! 1/2 outa !!!!! because maybe, just maybe, someone out there might enjoy seeing a pale Shanna Mc Cullough with small boobs. Or maybe somebody out there will endure this crapp to catch a glimpse of Krista Lane's tight body in fucking motion.

Extras include include the usual VCX-Cal Vista Classic bonus scenes and trailers plus a brief 2 minute slide show.

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