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astroknight Grand Theft Anal 9 3.5 starsGrand Theft Anal 9 3.5 starsGrand Theft Anal 9 3.5 stars
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Grand Theft Anal 9

Grand Theft Anal 9

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Grand Theft Anal 9:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Grand Theft Anal 9 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Grand Theft Anal 9 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Grand Theft Anal 9 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Grand Theft Anal 9 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Grand Theft Anal 9 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Grand Theft Anal 9 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Grand Theft Anal 9 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/31/2006
Alright fans time for a little Grand Theft Anal action courtesy of Zero Tolerance. I know there was a cry of joy throughout fanboy land when Jenna Haze went back to doing guys and she nicely graces the cover for this release so go in knowing that tasty ass of hers will be plugged quite a bit in the scene. In addition to the lovely Miss Haze you get the talents of Aurora Snow, Jamie Elle, Holly Wellin, Tory Lane, and Sasha Knox to enjoy. I can say right now without typing another word this one is worth buying. Zero does a fine job on the sex- bjs are good and you'll get plenty of well shot anal with Quasarman holding the camera and with this cast there shouldn't be a bad scene so anal fans are in for a 6 scene treat. Let's hit some highlights anyway.

Jenna Haze:

Right off the bat, they come out swinging with this well liked babe. Jenna made quite the splash with her Darkside dvd and now we're getting more hot b/g action. Here we get Jenna clad in a black and yellow dotted bikini but the shot quickly focuses in on that ass and like a good cameraman Quaze just points, shoots, and doesn't say a word letting that gorgeous ass tell the story. Jenna for her part lets her hands get involved spanking her booty, spread those pussy lips a bit for some finger action and the floor shot for this was perfect. A medium sized pink toy is then brought in by Jenna and it slides right up into her ass. Our girl cleans the toy off shortly after Tommy Gunn joins her and he does a little ass appreciation as well with the toy again and his fingers. Then we get the site I know many of you want to see and that's Jenna Haze with a cock in her mouth and it's a great picture as her mouth does its magic on Tommy's wand. Good side view along with some fine eye contact from Jenna highlight this bj. The sex here is all anal my friends so no dipping the stick in the pussy to get things wet, nope we're jumpin right into the deep end of the pond! Among my fave positions shot would have to be reverse anal, doggie anal, and the mish looked good too. They close with Jenna jerkin the load out onto her outstretched tongue and those eyes looking up were just about as sexy a pair of eyes you could ever want staring up at you. A good solid scene.

Aurora Snow:

Well this next girl is also no stranger to most of you out there. Aurora's been burning up the gonzo charts for a few years now and she can work a cock with the best of em. She's looking as hot as ever here in her mostly pink outfit complete with fishnets and a small pink toy sitting close by. Aurora does some tease moving about before provocatively licking the toy and then shoving it into her pussy. I liked her hair here too like she just washed it and it's nice and fluffy plus she's got that confident demeanor about her as you can tell when she speaks. Now we're talking, she flips over to a doggie pose, the shorts are lost and fucking A there's an ASS!! Quaze is the man getting us front row seats as this delictable tush is played with. Aurora then brings back the dildo to pump her ass pretty hard until her male costar joins and he takes over the toy duties. OMG it's the Icon himself, Lord Tom Byron, well well will wonders never cease. Tommy then whips out his legendary schlong and Aurora engulfs it like it's cotton candy. Much more aggressive style to her head than in the previous scene but I actually prefer Jenna's approach but there no denying Aurora can't suck a mean dick!! I think that's so fucking cool that Tom can shoot for other companies, awesome dude! They work a few positions of Aurora taking care of Tom's cock until it's time for the fuckin but Tom's not in any hurry so before that he buries his face deep in Aurora's canyon licking that ass before then standing up and sliding his cock in that ass doggiestyle. I remember the hub bub when Miss Snow began doing anal a few years back and while not new at it the appeal still is quite high to see this pretty woman taking a dick up her hershey highway. Cowgirl anal was probably the best position and they got a great rhythm going here but I'd also say reverse anal had its moments too. Tom misfired with part of his pop but Aurora's pretty face got enough jizz to complete a well done fuck scene.

Jamie Elle:

Our next girl is perhaps not as well known as some of her other costars but she's a very good young performer in the biz and I've enjoyed reviewing quite a few of her scenes and she's also packing quite the nice ass to go along with that cute as a button face. The scene here begins with Jamie walking down what appears to be a long hallway, kinda like the ones you see in your dreams when it seems you'll never get out,lol. Well Jamie does make it to a living room where she perches that sexy ass on a couch, there's some teasin with the facial looks and then Jamie lets her ass do the rest of the talkin! Tommy Gunn is back once again and he's no fool dipping down to tongue that booty as well as use a finger or two to open up that bunghole. After the extended finger banging it was time for Jamie to have a little fun and she lavishes her affections on Tommy's cock quite well thank you. More of the style used in the first scene and you see Jamie taking the cock about as deep as it could go in her throat. Moving to the sex you get reverse to start and I liked this. She's got modest sized breasts but they do some nice movement while she's analized. There's also anal in spoon, doggie and there's a nice facial/ mouth pop for Jamie to end it. Not the flashiest performer but very solid and so cute to watch.

Holly Wellin:

Alright we get this sexy brunette up next. It's still taking some getting used to not to see Holly as a blond but she looks good with any hair color I'd suspect. You see a sexy skimpy outfit is barely covering her body and Holly's been around now for a bit so she's quite good at knowing what we want to see, namely that booty and seeing it played with which she does with her fingers. Oh my this young lady's got some serious fuck me eyes which she flashes to us as her tits come out to play and she quickly dips down to say hello to her pussy too with those fingers which have been pretty busy in the tease. Nearby you see a long pink dildo just sitting innocently by itself. Hmmm wonder what they will do with that!! Sure enough Holly picks it up, sucks on it, then james it up her poopchute, actually she massages it in to be more accurate!! We then get the interjection of the male talent, Chris Charming and how does he greet his costar, by slipping that huge German sausage up her ass, no hi, hello, how are you, nope it's right to nice to FUCKING meet you!! We learn in the BTS this is the biggest dick, black or white, that Holly's taken up her ass and having seen Chris work enough now I can concur with that statement, the guy is packing a big fucking cannon. Holly isn't shy, though, and works in some A2M which is always sexy to see a girl do in an anal scene. Reverse anal then follows and then cowgirl anal which let that sexy ass get some more screen time. You don't get to hear that accent to much which is to bad as along with the great fuck me eyes Holly's got that English accent which could get you hard all on its own. Chris then puts Holly in mish where he can really pound that ass into submission and Holly gives off an appropriate facial look, not quite pained but she ain't smiling either, lol. Flipping to doggie anal we close out with Chris pulling out and splooging to her gaping asshole. A pretty good scene and I'm just wondering how Holly was walking the rest of the day!

Tory Lane:

Oh my this next scene starts and Tory is just a vision in her pink outfit posing near a window. Giving some very sexy eye looks we see her top is opened up giving off some serious cleavage shots and Tory's another girl who's been around enough now to really work the tease well. The tits come out and who cares if they aren't fully real, such a great shape to them and then we get Tory turning around letting her ass, though, covered get a little screen time. Like Holly before Tory has excellent fuck me eyes and propping herself on a bed we get lots of eye looks as we continue to check out this sinful body which Tory is being kind enough to show off. That to me is what makes porn so much fun when a girl is this hot, knows it, and wants the whole world to have a look. I can't thank Tory and these girls enough for what they and this is what makes writing reviews so much fun. Thanks for the small rant! Back to Tory who is letting her hands get in on the fun massaging over her pussy area while she playfully licks at her nipples above. The ass then is laid bare allowing some finger insertion, again some excellent facial looks given by Tory here selling the tease perfectly. Sasha makes his first appearance of the dvd and he's bring a friend, not that friend, he's still holstered, but a plastic one and that finds a home deep in Tory's ass. Miss Lane then helps Sasha out of his jeans and like a tiger she pounces on her prey once it's laid out before her. You want aggressive blowjobs, then call Tory Lane as she is great at devouring manmeat. She also manages to work in some toy ass cleaning while servicing Sasha's dick. Now we get to the fun part as Tory hops on in cowgirl anal and the free flowing vibe of the scene which got much faster when Sasha shows up continues in the sex and it actually increases. Tory is cool doing A2M, then it's on to spoon anal, reverse and finally a popular position with the ladies closes it out, doggie anal. It is here that Sasha pops inside her so I'm not big on the creampie finish but I loved the intensity with which Tory carried herself in the scene, the best so far.

Sasha Knox:

Ok the last scene features this popular ADT babe who comes striding confidently into the living room at the scenes outset. She has a seat spreading those legs open but we concentrate on her face for the time being and Sasha then uses her hands effectively opening up her shirt, exposing her tits, and then we pull the shot out giving us the pussy massaging, then leaning back to give that ass a quick peek. Still leaning back Sasha uses a toy to probe that ass and there's some cleaning off of that toy. Mark Wood gets to close out the fucking and he is a good swordsmen to pick for Sasha. He does some good ass appreciation shaking those cheeks and then dipping his tongue in to test the waters! I loved the smiling face look she gave Mark just before his cock was taken out which she immediately engulfed giving a spirited blowjob. A good combo of slow and fast styles is employed by Sasha. I would have liked the bj to go on longer but hey Mark wanted a piece of that ass and who can blame him. They do the nasty in mish anal, then reverse, doggie and finally a very hot cowgirl anal, oh my that ass was awesome how it spread itself around Mark's schlong. Sasha gets a good load from Mark and she shows it off a bit before swallowing and there's some cleanup too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a very good anal themed title from start to finish. Jenna Haze got things off to a blazing start and Sasha Knox brought this baby home in fine style. I'd say Tory Lane probably had the best scene but there's just something about her sometimes which jumps out and this was one of those times for me but there's not a bad scene in the bunch. Extras include a photo gallery, a cumshot repeat, and finally some behind the scenes which I enjoy whenever I know Quasarman is behind the cam which he was here. Usually some hilarious hijinks are in order and this was no different with Travis snorting some powder up his nose and no it wasn't coke but some kind of candy but there's more with the girls which is good so give it a look. An easy purchase recommendation for this title.

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