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Grand Theft Anal 3

Grand Theft Anal 3

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Anal
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Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Grand Theft Anal 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Grand Theft Anal 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Grand Theft Anal 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Grand Theft Anal 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Grand Theft Anal 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Grand Theft Anal 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Grand Theft Anal 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by hardware  on  2/4/2004
Title: Grand Theft Anal 3

Director: Wendi Knight

Cast: Luiza DeMarco, Katherine, Jessica Fiorentino, Angelica, Nikita, Dana Vespoli, Mark Wook, Kurt Lockwood, David Perry and Joachin Kessef.

Cut to the chase: This is the 3rd installment of Zero Tolerance's all-anal series. With the exception of Dana Vespoli's scene, it was shot in Prague with Czech women. I recommend it to people who like anal but don't like it too rough. I say this despite Dana playing the submissive and some scenes abounding in A2M and gapes.

Features: Main menu
Play Movie
Scene Selection
Special Features
- Photo Gallery
- Behind the scenes (Quaze goofing,shooting some stills, bits of the teases, etc)
- Striptease
- Cumshot loop

1) Jessica and Joachin
This scene takes place in a large white room with a shallow ornamental pool in the middle and various plants distributed around it. I suppose that's classy, but it made for some annoying echos. Still, I'll take that over cheesy music.
Jessica is a nice looking brunette who has dressed for the occasion in black leather calf-length boots; black fishnet hose that go mid-thigh; black leather, fringed-panties; and black leather bra. It makes a nice contrast to her light skin. Joachim hasn't dressed up, but I doubt anybody will mind. As usual, Quaze starts the scene interviewing the girl from off-camera. I had to laugh at him slipping into a fake Czech accent when he wasn't careful. Anyway, after the interview, Joachim and Jessica briefly kiss before he turns her around and bends her over to lick her asshole and stick a couple of fingers in. He finger fucks her ass for a while, taking occasional breaks to stick his fingers in her mouth, then pulls out his cock so she can kneel and suck it. The panties disappear when the anal starts, the rest of Jessica's outfit stays on throughout. I'll list the remaining acts in the 'sex acts' portion. Overall, I thought this was a pretty good scene.

The sex acts: Ass fingering, A2M, BJ, RCA (with legs up and down), a couple of gapes, spoon, 'Rocco' anal (he's on his knees, holding one of her legs up with both hands; she's on her back), doggy w/ repeated insertions; he jerks off on her extended tongue, she give him post-cum head.
Rating: B

2) Nikita and David
The scene takes place in what appears to be a small attic apartment at the same location as the first scene, with a bed way in the back and the action taking place in the living portion.
Nikita, wearing black and red panties and bra, agree's that she's eighteen in the interview, but she doesn't appear to understand what's being said. In fact, Quaze put a scrolling banner over the interview saying as much, which I didn't find amusing. Anyway, following the interview, David, dressed in jeans and no shirt, leads Nikita through the scene, which starts off act-wise almost identically to the previous one. Nikita grimaced through much of the scene, which, coupled with the fact that I didn't find her appealing, made it a non-starter for me. Your mileage may vary.

The sex acts: ass-fingering, A2M, BJ, RCA, standing doggie, spoon, cowgirl, gapes; he jerks off on her face and receives a little post-cum head.
Rating: C

3) Angelica and Mark
This scene takes place on and next to a white spiral staircase, with a couple of ottomans doing duty during some mish.
Angelica is a tall woman with short blonde hair, long legs and an ass to die for. She says she's 22 in her interview. She has on black, stilleto heels with those long straps wrapped around her lower legs, and is wearing a sheer, black negligee with purple trim; Mark is in blue jeans and a casual shirt. Mark starts things off by kissing Angelica's breasts through her negligee, but soon gets after that ass, tongueing her asshole and sticking a finger in. A brief warmup suffices, then he helps her out of her nightie and removes his shirt as she dives into his pants for his cock. She gives him a very nice BJ before he moves her to the stairs and bends her over to insert his cock in her butt. She asks him if he likes her ass. Hell, yes! There's lots to like in this scene. Angelica doesn't have an angelic face IMO, but she has a nice smile and enjoys the anal, even claiming an orgasm. The camerawork shows her long legs to advantage, and Mark makes an enthusiastic partner for her. The only thing I didn't really like was the cut to the facial at the end.

The sex acts: BJ, ass-fingering, standing doggie, mish with her holding her legs up and together most of the time, doggie, RCA; he jerks off on her face and gets some pc-head.
Rating: B+

4) Luiza and Joachin
Thise scene takes place outdoors in a patio garden.
In the interview, Luiza says she's 25 and might open a coffee shop after porn. Luiza is dressed in a red mesh top, teensy-weensy black vinyl pants, and red high heels. Joachin wears a red sweater and jeans. They kiss for a minute then Joachin pulls up her top to expose her breasts so he can play with them. He spends some time kissing and fondling them before getting her out of her clothes. She sits in a wooden chair and helps him get his cock out of his pants, sucking it as he removes his shirt. She keeps a hand on his cock most of the time she's stroking and sucking him; probably doesn't want him trying to stuff it down her throat. At any rate, she give him a vigorous BJ before he stands her up, turns her around, bends her over, then licks and finger fucks her ass. I think he likes her! This was another nice scene, unfortunately he was too big for her to be comfortable with in her ass. You could tell she'd had enough when they cut to the facial after Joachin tried a few too many anal-insertions in doggie. Should of gone with the flow bud, that was some mighty fine ass.

The sex acts: BJ; A2M (between most positions); she does spoon in the chair while he stands, RCA on the patio floor, including my favorite where she hold her legs together up in the air; standing RCA with him holding her legs in the air; standing doggie with one leg up; doggie with her kneeling in the chair.
Rating: B

5) Katherine and David
The scene takes place in yet another white room, a bedroom this time, complete with large bed where all the action takes place.
Katherine goes by Kate. She's an attractive, well built blonde that I wouldn't mind chasing around the room a few times. She's wearing matching black bra and panties with a red, flowers-and-vines motif, along with black fishnet hose. David's in his usual jeans - no shirt outfit. They start off kneeling on the bed kissing, then he pulls her bra down so has can caress and suck on her breasts. She undoes his jeans and dives for his cock. He pulls her panties aside to tongue her ass, then lets her get back to fellating him, pausing only long enough to get his jeans off and lie down. After a few minutes of her oral attention, he puts her in doggie to lick and finger-fuck her ass, with the now requisite A2M breaks. From there things lead to a very nice anal scene which I thoroughly enjoyed. David obviously did too, and he kept Kate in a round-robin of positions the better to enjoy that fine ass from.

The sex acts: BJ, anal spoon, A2M, RCA (legs down and up for the also obligato gaping), cowgirl and doggie; he jerks off in the direction of her face, managing to land only a little before getting some pc-head.
Rating: A-

6) Dana and Kurt
This scene takes place in somebody's living room; there's nothing remarkable about the location.
What can I say about Dana? She's half Thai, half Irish and all beautiful. The fact that this girl is in porn is obvious proof that God loves me, but not that much (hey, she's in porn, not in my bedroom!). Anyway, Quaze is obviously as smitten as I am, and doesn't get far in the interview before turning her over to Kurt. Dana wears a black top and panties for about as long as it takes Kurt to get her out of them. OK, a little longer, but not much. She bends over so he can spit in her crack and finger-fuck her asshole. He spanks her ass to her obvious enjoyment, and dominates her while getting, or taking, a no-hands blowjob. I liked this scene a lot. Not only is Dana a beautiful woman, but she enjoys sex, knows what she wants, and gets as much as she gives.

The sex acts: spoon anal, A2M, doggie anal, pile driver anal, mish (probably vaginal, we can't tell); he pulls out to cum on her face; she give a little pc-head.
Rating: A

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