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Grand Theft Anal 11

Grand Theft Anal 11

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Dan's ratings for Grand Theft Anal 11:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Grand Theft Anal 11 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Grand Theft Anal 11 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Grand Theft Anal 11 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Grand Theft Anal 11 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Grand Theft Anal 11 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Grand Theft Anal 11 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Grand Theft Anal 11 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Dan  on  6/8/2008
Beautiful women. And the men are no pussy-loving gentlemen. Straight to the ass of every lady they go. And in between the lady's ass-cheeks they stay until they are finished and done.

This is a very good porn film as far as the anal sex goes. All of the ladies here are beautiful and attractive. And they all get it really, really, really good in the ass. A good 20-minute anal workout each and everyone of them gets. And since there is no pussy-sex here. The guys have no choice but to go all out on their ladies' lovely asses in order to work up their cum. Which makes the anal sex for the ladies as good as it gets.

A lady named Ocean is first (top left corner on the back cover). Pretty face. Nice tits. Gorgeous ass. Sexy legs.

Slap, slap. The horny guy impatiently spanks Ocean's nice ass. Turn around this lady does. And suck, suck. She makes the guy big, hard, and strong. No time to get into the doggy position. Straight to Ocean's ass the guy goes standing up. Balls-deep, standing up. Her ass-ride looks real good. Deep-throat A2M. Balls-deep RAC. Flip-flop, flip-flop. Ocean's natural boobs dance around nicely. Good view of her pussy too. A2M she takes straight from her ass. And oh yeah! He goes for her asshole in the standing position again. Excellent ass-ride. Standing doggy. Standing RAC. Missionary anal, hard and fast. Deep throat A2M. The guy turns around. And it's an all out doggy ass-ride for the pretty lady to the finish line. Gaping asshole. Squirt, squirt. The guy fills it up with cum. Oh yeah! He plunges back inside the lady's ass. And fucks his cum deep inside her asshole. Hot, very hot anal creampie. I wish more guys would do their anal creampies like that for the benefit of the viewer.

Brianna Love is next. A beautiful ass she certainly has. Sexy legs. Pretty face. An assman's dream cum true.

Hot butt tease. The horny guy comes in. Takes one look at Brianna's gorgeous ass. And 'mmmffff', he buries his face in between her ample ass-cheeks. Kiss, kiss, kiss. He kisses her lovely asshole right on the lips. He even sneaks out his tongue and does some intimate french-kissing with Brianna's lovely asshole. Oil, baby oil all over Brianna's sexy ass this guy really pours. And it looks good, very good for an anal fuck. Oh yeah! The guy grabs a handful of Brianna's fleshy ass-cheek, quickly enters her asshole, and pumps the be-jesus out of her in the standing anal position. Hot, very hot standing anal. (I wish more guys were this handy with their lady's ample ass-cheeks for the benefit of the viewer.) A2M. Brief doggy anal. Then RAC. Balls deep. Brianna works this guy's cock real good between her cheeks. Brianna is tired but her anal guy is not. Up he lifts Brianna's sexy legs off the floor. And it's a one hard and fast RAC ride for Brianna Love. Hot cowgirl anal. Jiggle, jiggle Brianna's lovely ass-cheeks certainly do. Missionary anal. Oh yeah! This guy goes all out on Brianna's ass. Looks like he doesn't care if he is going to cum or not. Hard and fast, every which way. And sure enough, he suddenly pulls out of Brianna's asshole and quickly goes towards her open mouth. Lots of cum. And she cleans him good with her mouth too.

Sasha Grey is the beauty queen on the front cover. Hot butt tease with a toy in doggy she does for the viewer. The horny guy comes in already at the ready. The nice lady's asshole he sees. And in between her lovely ass-cheeks he plunges his cock without delay. Dirty talk from Sasha Grey. Naughty girl! Slap, slap. The anal guy spanks her ass, while riding her asshole hard and fast. Gape, huge gape. Sasha Grey gapes her asshole wide open, when the guy pulls out of her ass. Wild RAC ride for Sasha Grey is next. This guy lifts Sasha Grey's sexy legs off the floor and goes all out with his cock between her ass-cheeks. The way her legs flail all over the place with the guy's hard cock pounding her ass is something to behold. Hot. Very hot. Spoon anal ride. Doggy anal fuck. Pile-driver anal debauchery. Enough is enough. Sasha Grey deep-throats the guy straight out of her ass and makes him cum right inside her mouth.

Very nice fleshy ass Jenny Hendrix has. She is one girl whose backside I wouldn't mind seeing on the front cover.

Hot butt tease. Two fingers up her asshole the horny guy puts right away. An impatient guy he really is. But his cock needs some work from Jenny's lovely mouth. Hard, hard, very hard Jenny makes this guy. Doggy anal. This guy is impatient. He doesn't hold back. Jenny furiously masturbates her clit to make the guy's ass-ride easier to endure. A2M. Hard spoon anal. Ass-wrecking RAC-ride. Hard spoon anal. Open mouth facial. This horny guy really takes advantage of Jenny Hendrix's lovely ass. No question about it. I never thought a girl this good-looking would ever let a guy bang her ass this hard. But let him bang her lovely ass she does. And you can see just how good she gets it between her cheeks from her facial expressions. Play-acting she certainly is not. Her anal sex is as real as real can be. Which is hot.

Sarah Wild is next. And she really is wild as far as anal sex goes. Good-looking too. Nice natural tits. Gorgeous ass.

No waiting. The horny guy comes in. Sarah swallows his cock. He ignores her oral efforts, spits on his fingers, lubes her asshole, and straight to doggy anal on her he goes. *@#! The lovely anal lady swears at him. Like a common anal whore he really takes her. Excellent RAC ride. Good spoon anal. Oh yeah! Hard and fast missionary anal. This guy makes the lady's nice natural tits dance around nicely. An all out anal fuck like that is liable to make the man spill his cum. And sure enough. It doesn't take him long to groan, moan, and pop his load all over the lady's open mouth and lovely tits.

Maria Belucci is one pretty lady. Nice tits. Great-looking ass. She certainly is a good choice to keep the viewer interested in anal debauchery all the way to the end.

Maria's bikini accentuates her gorgeous ass nicely. Good butt tease. The horny guy fingers her lovely asshole. Aroused and impatient for anal sex this lady really is. With her thong still on, down on her back she goes, spreads her legs for the horny guy missionary style, and pulls back her thong for him to enter her asshole. And enter her asshole he really does without delay. Missionary anal. A2M. Cowgirl anal. Reverse-cowgirl-anal. A2M. Spoon anal. Doggy anal. And spoon anal blast to make the horny guy cum fast. All over the lady's lovely ass-cheeks he spills his cum.

The best thing about this film is that each and every scene here has a memorable moment, which makes you want to watch it again and again. For lady Ocean it's her spectacular anal creampie where the guy spills his cum inside her gaping asshole and then bangs in that cum so deep that there is no way this pretty lady can shit it out. For Brianna Love it's the way the horny guy literally grabs a handful of her lovely ass-cheeky flesh and hanging onto her gorgeous ass like that proceeded to bang the crap out of her pooper in doggy. For Sasha Grey it's the way she dirty-talks to her anal guy, while spanks her ass-cheeks and rides her asshole. For Jenny Hendrix it's her facial expressions that make her anal sex look very real and sincere. She clearly isn't faking it. For Sarah Wild it's the way she starts swearing at the horny guy, when he goes straight to her ass without waiting. And for Maria Belucci it's the way she rolls into the missionary position with her thong still on. No time to take it off. She simply pulls it away, spreads her legs for the guy, and gets him to ride her ass missionary style. Now, that's what I call anal co-operation and anal-sex collaboration from the lovely sexy lady. Such anal willingness from a beautiful lady is the stuff men's fantasies are made of.

I sure hope there is a 'Grand Theft Anal #12' coming out soon with equally beautiful women and equally good, no nonsense, straight to anal sex. There are plenty of pussy-only movies. But very few porn films show anal-sex only. Which is a pity. I think there is plenty room for both types of genres to co-exist. Mixed pussy and anal sex is good for DP's. But for a true anal fan, pure anal sex is the best. Because when the guy has too many holes to fuck. Then quite often he looses his focus. And he doesn't do a good job in any one of them.

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