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Gof Grand Theft Anal 4.5 starsGrand Theft Anal 4.5 starsGrand Theft Anal 4.5 stars
mr october Grand Theft Anal 5 starsGrand Theft Anal 5 starsGrand Theft Anal 5 stars
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Grand Theft Anal

Grand Theft Anal

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Grand Theft Anal:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Grand Theft Anal overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Grand Theft Anal Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Grand Theft Anal Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Grand Theft Anal Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Grand Theft Anal Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Grand Theft Anal DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Grand Theft Anal A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/11/2003
You start off with another awesome covershot. Hannah Harper is looking very sexy and to think this blond babe will be taking a dick up her ass puts a smile on my face and it helps raise another important point!! Wendi Knight has brought in some other hot women so this dvd has all the makings of one hot ride!! I like the line about the girls having no time for pussy play and only will accept it up the bum! So grab your gear shift and see which girl best fits the power you are ready to unleash!!

Jessica Darlin:

First off you hear the awesome effect of some tires squealing and then we see the lovely face of Jessica Darlin. In the background you see the big city of LA and Jessica is looking very sexy in her red lingerie. The interview is fun and Jessica answers all the questions sometimes the answers were amusing. After the interview we move inside where Mark Davis is waiting for her. Mark starts right off caressing and feelin all over her body. This is Mr. Davis's first one on one scene with Jessica. The lighting is good, kind of a gold feeling which is cool Mark gets in a few kisses on her great tits plus he does some hard fingering to Jessica's pussy. Miss Darlin then gets to have some fun by wrapping her mouth around Mark's tool. Jessica is a real aggressive cock sucker and she does a lot of no hands head plus much gagging is shot. Mark even slaps her face wit his cock. The angles for the blowjob vary giving us all the shots we could want and this continues during the sex throughout this scene as well as the entire dvd. Mark spreads her legs in mish for some oral lovin as well as more furious finger action. The sex is all anal an we see Jessica's pooper drilled in reverse cowgirl, doggie and finishing in mish. Jessica does a lot of ATM sucking and Mark ends the scene jerking out a pretty good load on her face. Jessica is always hot to watch and this was another fine effort!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Mandy Bright:

Well, well we see this tanned skinned Hungarian come on our screen and she has been most impressive in the scenes I've seen her do so far. Great enthusiasm and a seemingly genuine hunger for cock. Mandy is looking really nice today, big bright eyes and her dark hair is combed down straight. Her body is most impressive and the tease footage here shows that off. The interview is again fun especially with Mandy's accent. Moving inside you see Ben English waiting for her and he gets a nice feel for her ass. The angles shown are hot and you see some good fingering down by both Ben and Mandy to her ass. Next we see Mandy keeping up the great finger action while giving Ben's cock a super cleaning with her mouth!! Miss Bright is able to take Ben's schlong deep into her throat even gaggin a bit for us. The rapid fire approach ending with the gagging was just awesome, and seeing the hungry look on Mandy's face as the saliva drips from her mouth-- Very Hot!!! As for the hot backdoor action we see reverse cowgirl, doggie, and scissors. Mandy keeps up the great cock play with multiple ATM sucks and we see a pullout from the doggie anal finish so Ben can deliver a good pop to this cock hungry babes face. Mandy does great cleanup and overall she really delivered a fine performance.

bono-Meter: 9.0

Alicia Rhodes:

Well I just saw this hot English import in Young Ripe Mellons #2 and she was fuckin awesome so I'm really looking forward to seeing her work again. Alicia is looking very sexy in her blue lingerie and she speaks very confidently to us plus she's the accent going for her!! When asked if she's a fan of anal sex she replies, " Oh hell yeah!!!". Moving indoors we see Mark Wood is already waiting on the couch and when she sits down next to him no time is wasted as he pulls down her top so he can get to those titties!!! Mark also turns her over to he can tongue and finger her ass. Alicia is a nasty tart and proves it by licking his fingers clean when he removes them from her bum. Miss Rhodes then gets to show off her oral skills and we get a superbly filmed blowjob mostly from an up close underneath view. Alicia is also a very good dirty talker as she proves in this scene. You also see Alicia help Mark finger her ass while she's giving this awesome bj. The anal sex is really hot and we see reverse cowgirl, scissors, doggie, and a personal fave piledriver anal!! There's lots of ATM and throat fucking during all these smokin positons and Alicia just looks awesome taking dick up her ass in these positions especially reverse cowgirl!! We end with some missionary anal and the pop to end the scene is a good one and Alicia laps the spunk up and the cleanup is very sexy. This woman is a very hot performer and she should definitely be working for a long time to cum!!

bono-Meter: 10!


This Brazilian babe is next and I've really liked her work so far. The intro stuff was shot outside at night which didn't show off her nice tan features as well as shooting her during the day say in a nice tropical setting. Just a small critique but you still see how cute she is and they quickly move inside where Dick Delaware is waiting. You see some of the same orange tinges that you saw in a couple of the scenes in a recent release from Zero Tolerance and hopefully that won't prevent you from getting this title as this scene was pretty good. Back to this scene where there is some fine tease footage shot of Rio and you see she has an incredible ass and her shaven pussy looks pretty good to Dick as he moves down to lick it. Rio softly moans as he flicks his tongue across her pussy lips and he even tongues her ass. Next Rio gives a nicely shot blowjob to Dick and she doesn't neglect his balls. I really like the close up shots of the blowjobs we are seeing in this dvd plus it helps when the girls seem into the blowjob and these girls certainly are! Rio uses a toy to get her ass a bit more ready for the real deal. As for the anal sex we get to see scissors, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. Once again the views are varied plus Rio does ATM in every position. The cowgirl anal really showed off her smokin ass and the concluding pop to the scene nicely covered her tongue. Check out Rio holding her tongue under Dick's cock to catch a big drop of jizz!! A very good scene for her despite the color issues some might have with it.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Anna Nova:

Here we have a hot looking German fraulein. The lighting during the little intro was a bit dark and there were some shadow issues but the interview was good and things really improved lighting wise when they moved upstairs. Anna has impressed me with some recent efforts so I expect another hot and nasty performance from her. Anna takes a seat next to Steve Holmes so the good performance I was hoping for should really become a reality as Steve has proven he knows how to attend to his costars!!! Steve has Anna stand up so we can get some fine shots especially of her ass which he tongues. Mr. Holmes also pays attention to her cookie and the smile on her face lets us know he's doing a very good job. Anna even helps out fingering her own ass!! Next we get another impressively shot blowjob and Anna really attacks the cock plus her eye contact was great. As for the anal sex we see Anna violated in doggie, reverse cowgirl, scissors, cowgirl, and piledriver! The ATM was hot and we end with a nice jizz deposit in her mouth. The cleanup was good and Anna impresses once again!

bono-Meter: 8.5

Hannah Harper:

Well, this girl is simply stunning to look at. I love the over the top title repeat we hear just as her scene is beginning! Hannah has just a super cute face and a body which will instantly get your dick hard or your pussy moist!! It seems Hannah has been away for a time but it thankfully back for this title so we can see her gorgeous bum filled with cock. The interview is fun to listen to, another hot accent and you really see how beautiful her face is and this is pointed out in the interview. Going inside we see just how hot her ass is as Mark Davis caresses it. We also see her most impressive rack and Mr. Davis gets some furious finger action going to her pussy. The floor view looking up really was hot, you see her pussy being fingered and you see just how big her tits are! Hannah even turns around to spread her ass while Mark is busy fingering her pussy. There is also some finger play to her ass and this gorgeous creature licks 'em clean! Next we get a very very good blowjob from Hannah and the floor level is used most successfully here. As for the anal sex this beautiful woman is analized in mish, doggie, and reverse cowgirl. There is much ATM, gaping and the scene ends with a great facial for Hannah and she does some hot cleanup as well. This was the best scene of the dvd for me just edging out her countrywoman Alicia Rhodes.

bono-Meter: 10!

This was another hot release from Zero Tolerance and any hardcore fan should definitely pick this one up!! There are no bad scenes on the whole dvd, there were a couple of lighting issues but not serious enough for me to lower my rating. For me the sex was off the charts and the girls all seemed into getting their asses pumped full of dick so there you go!! Wendi Knight has directed a very impressive flick so do yourself a favor and pick it up. As for the extras we get some sexy striptease action from all the ladies plus you can watch a cumshot recap. There is some behind the scene's action shot but there was a bit of a camera problem which might dampen your enjoyment of this but remember this was an extra and this does not impact in any way the hot sex and super performances these men and ladies give so once again this release is well worth checking out!!

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