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Good Source Of Iron 5, A

Good Source Of Iron 5, A

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Cumshots , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Cumwhipper's ratings for Good Source Of Iron 5, A:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Good Source Of Iron 5, A overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Good Source Of Iron 5, A Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Good Source Of Iron 5, A Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Good Source Of Iron 5, A Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Good Source Of Iron 5, A Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Good Source Of Iron 5, A DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Good Source Of Iron 5, A A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Cumwhipper  on  7/26/2005


This is a great movie. Probably the best Good Source entry so far. All the girls are hot, and the blowbangs and swallowing are performed with enthusiasm

As this movie has already been reviewed by others in a "blow-by-blow" format, I'm going to try something a little different. First, I'll list each actress, mentioning things about their performances in general. Then, I'll list the high-points of the movie - by chapter and sometimes by the elapsed time (some of these things need an exact minute and second for you to find them!)

The actresses

Kelly Wells
Like all the other girls in this movie, Kelly has great enthusiasm and energy. She just loves getting down and dirty, both in word and in deed.

Jackie Ashe
She has the hottest performances in the movie overall, at least for me. She's got a cute and innocent aura about her that is quite hot, especially when you see this cute girl gargling with 5 loads of cum! She has a great ass too.

Alicia Alighatti
Brandon mentions during her interview that she may be the prettiest girl to appear in front of his camera in the Good Source series. I'm not quite sure about that. Delilah Strong is definitely "stiff" competition in that department... but I digress. Alicia is pretty, cute, and has a perfect attitude for gonzo. She seems to be up for almost anything. Another good dirty talker as well. Oh, and she has amazing breasts!

Jackie Diaz
Oh my god! This girl for some reason just gets me going. Extremely cute face and big eyes that just stare up into the camera. Sort of a "deer in the headlights" effect that is just hot. Watching her do such nasty things is extremely "inspiring". She's in the latest Throat Gaggers (#8), and she's pretty damn hot in that movie too.

Deja Daire
I never really noticed Deja much before, but she really outdid herself in this movie. She eats a LOT of cum. I forget the load count, but it seems like she just does mouthful after mouthful. But the best thing about Deja is her cute voice - sort of high-pitched and innocent-sounding. Very wood-producing - especially when she talks to the guys, egging them on.

Melissa Lauren
What more can be said about Melissa. There's a reason she's liked by so many ADT'ers. Her multi-load facial (which she then eats off her face) in this movie is a bravura performance from a true professional.

Hillary Scott
My future wife. LOL. Too cute for words, and can swear like a sailor. Loves cum. One of the highlights of the movie is Hillary receiving several loads in her mouth snowball-style from Kelly Wells and managing to swallow all of it down (it takes her a few swallows, but I swear she almost seems to enjoy the effort). Virtually any movie with Hillary in it is worth a rental, but her presence in this movie is like icing on the cake (so to speak)!

The highlights

Kelly Wells gets points for good dirty talking during her first scene with the by now infamous cum-martini glass --- egging the guys on, dipping her tongue down into the accumulating man goo, stirring it with her fingers and then sucking it off, and finally, playing some extreme gargling games, prompting Brandon to remark "Now you're just showing off!" It takes her two big swallows to get it all down.

Jackie Ashe, in her first scene, and perhaps the hottest performance in the movie overall, gives great dirty talk. "Please sirs, fill up my mouth with cum" and "Whose gonna be first?"
As her mouth starts to fill up, Brandon remarks about the fact that it looks like she's got a little swimming pool of cum in her mouth, and Jackie laughs.
After swallowing the entire mouthful in one big gulp, she giggles and says "Thank you" like a good little girl. Awesome!

Alicia Alighatti. Great interview with Alicia before her first scene.
Brandon : "What are the qualifications for being a girl in this movie?"
Alicia : "She has to love to swallow cum"
Brandon : "Are you the best person for this job?"
Alicia : "Duh!"
As Alicia gets down on her knees and prepares to suck, she exclaims "This mouth is open for business!" Nice!
Lots of double-sucking with great eye contact. At one point, she decides that she will attempt to deepthroat each of the 4 guys and proceeds to do just that! She gets a lot of cum in her mouth.
At 28:18, with her mouth already filling up, Brandon tells her to "Say your name". Alicia attempts to say her full name, and it comes out sounding like a barely-understandable gargling sound. HOT!

Deja Daire in her first swallowing scene. The loads come thick and fast and quickly build up in her mouth. She does lots of gargling and swishes it around in her mouth.
At 35:00 one particular guy starts blowing his load into her already cum-filled mouth, and the first shot literally makes a "splut!" sound as it hits the pool of cum. Hot!
She swallows the entire mouthful in one big gulp.

Hillary Scott and Kelly Wells in their scene together.
At 57:22 we see a cock in Kelly's mouth doing a jawbreaker. Hillary comments "Look at this cock stabbing her cheek" She licks Kelly's cheek and then kind of sucks on it! "I wish it was in my mouth!"
Later, Kelly becomes the cum receptacle as about 5 guys unload in succession. Hillary supplies dirty talk as all of this is happening, and licks up any stray bits of cum on Kelly's face.
The scene ends with Kelly snowballing the entire mouthful into Hillary's mouth. She doesn't do it all at once, giving Hillary a chance to swallow a few times. It's a good thing, too - Hillary has a small mouth compared to Kelly!

Chapter 15 - Another blowbang with Jackie Ashe - Jackie says "More cock please!" At one point Brandon asks Jackie why she has a braid in her hair. She says something about thinking it would be cute - Brandon has other ideas - The guys should use it like a leash and tug on it when they want to get their cocks sucked!
The guys really seem to be enjoying the scene, and at one point Jackie says "You guys can all have a turn in my mouth" - Hot!
The climax of the scene sees Jackie getting seven good-sized loads in her mouth. Lots of gargling (with giggling!!!). She swallows all of it with ease

Chapters 21 and 22 is a Kelly Wells blowbang and Bakers Dozen-style facial. What's great about this scene is that Kelly keeps her eyes wide open as load after load sprays onto her face. Good dirty talk throughout, and Kelly pushes as much of the accumulated mass of cum into her mouth as she can.

Chapter 23 features Deja Daire giving Brandon a POV blowjob. At 1:41:50 Brandon starts fucking her face, and the sound effects are awesome.

Chapters 25 and 26 features Alicia in a great blowbang sequence. She has wonderful energy in this scene, and the guys are really getting into it.
At 1:45:52 Alicia says "Okay guys, let's stretch my cheeks a little bit", and the guys proceed to do lots of jawbreaker on Alicia - great close-ups with lots of eye-contact-with-camera during this!

Chapter 27 is a Jackie Diaz blowbang. LOTS of great eye-contact - plenty of that "deer in the headlights" look that just slays me. We quickly get to the cumshots.
At 1:54:45 two guys are shooting into her mouth simultaneously, and it's captured perfectly.
At 1:55:26 as she's gargling this big mouthful, Brandon asks her to sing! She gurgles a couple of notes and then starts to laugh. Awesome!

Chapter 34 starts Melissa Lauren's mega-facial scene. Like Kelly Wells did in her scene, Melissa keeps her eyes wide open as the cum builds up on her face. Great dirty talk throughout. About ten loads collect on her face - she's annihilated by sperm! She cleans up as much as she can, pushing a ton into her mouth. Her eyes are very red at the end of the scene. I hope Brandon was standing by with the eye drops!

Chapter 35 is a Jackie Diaz blowbang - the highlight is the swallow segment - she gets it all down in one BIG gulp!

Chapter 42 is a blowbang with Melissa. In this scene, she does a lot of deepthroating, at one point deepthroating what looks to be about a 9" black cock to the root, stays all the way down there for a few seconds and looks up into the camera. Killer.
At 2:51:29, after taking several swallows to get all the cum down, she half burps and half wretches up some cum - you can see it billowing back up into her mouth. She's finally able to get all of it down.
I don't know if it came up again after the scene was over!


Whew! That's a lot of highlights. And I had to pare down my notes!

Brandon just keeps raising the bar for cumswallowing series. I can't wait to see who he gets to do Good Source #6!

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