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Goo 4 Two

Goo 4 Two

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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loz cumquest's ratings for Goo 4 Two:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Goo 4 Two overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Goo 4 Two Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Goo 4 Two Mael looks rating 1/2 star
Sex Goo 4 Two Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Goo 4 Two Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Goo 4 Two DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Goo 4 Two A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by loz cumquest  on  5/3/2005
Goo 4 Two is my first Zero Tolerance purchase, and while I’m not sure if cum-swapping is a strong enough theme to build a movie around (isn’t cum-swapping pretty much standard among multiple girl scenes?) what’s really drawn me to this release is the quality of the girls involved – particularly the gorgeous Liliane Tiger; with that cover shot I just had to try it…

Two pretty hot girls to start with – Ellen Saint looks a little different to the last few times I’ve seen her (new hair/make up?), looking even better than normal, though it has to be said that Rita Faltoyano’s moles on her body are rather distracting here. Throughout the scene there seems to be a little light tension between Dillon and Rita, from the opening tease sections where she amusingly ignores every direction given to her, to scowls and slaps when she is manoeuvred into position. The scene starts with some fairly long but intense blowjobs, before moving onto standard vaginal sex / pussy to mouth oral for both girls. At one point Dillon slips into Christoph Clark mode with some foot obsession (a personal turn-off for me) but thankfully it doesn’t last too long. Eventually we move onto the anal sex, with both girls taking it in the rear and some ass to mouth action. The climax is the guy sodomising Rita then pulling out his cock and blasting into Ellen’s face (not a great angle though) before she dribbles it into Rita’s mouth to swallow. A decent opening scene, but I’ve had to knock off one point here for the total absence of any anal gaping/close-ups – both these girls take a good anal pounding, so having paid the money let’s see some close-up ass spreading please. Good, but in light of previous scenes I’ve seen these girls in this scene didn’t quite take off as it should – you’ll happily jerk off over it, but it’s not the sort of scene you’ll come back to again and again.
3 out of 5

Thankfully scene 2 is a big improvement over scene 1 – I’ve never seen Stacy Silver before and she is so stunning here that I’m going to have to track down more of her for sure. Both girls are in great costumes here – very bright and colourful matching mesh shirts, high heels and fingerless gloves – Sandra in pink, and Stacy in yellow – this is one of those scenes where just from the initial tease you’ll be gagging for the girls. The action starts with the obligatory oral / vaginal action, before we quickly move onto the anal action, with both girls giving enthusiastic ass to mouth oral. Another element where this scene scores over the previous one is that veteran cocksman David Perry recognises the value of gaping the girls anuses, and is regularly spreading the girls buttcheeks during the action for the viewer to drool over the girls wide-open fudge tunnels. Scene highlights include Stacy and Sandra in 69 oral, while David Perry sodomises Sandra from above, regularly pulling out to receive oral from Stacy while gaping Sandra, plus a great position I don’t think I’ve ever seen before: David sodomises Stacy face to face with Stacy on top, while perched on top of her bum facing the opposite way is Sandra – as such David can take it in turns to sodomise both girls in this position. The pop-shot perhaps isn’t as messy as I’d like, as it’s fully inside Stacy’s mouth rather than all over her face, but as this allows the girls to do the titular cumswapping it’s understandable.
4.5 out of 5

Compared to the previous scene the lack of effort in costumes is noticeable, with both girls getting naked in no time at all. No really spectacular positions or action here – just the standard oral, vaginal, anal and ass to mouth action, but what it does have over Dillon’s first scene is that there is at least a small amount of ass gaping here, though this comes from the girls themselves – Dillon may have an impressive muscled body, but he sometimes seems to forget to include the viewer in the action. Slightly stronger than the first scene, but like the girls themselves (neither of whom I’ve ever heard of before) this is pleasant but nothing spectacular.
3.5 out of 5

Another scene with David Perry as the male talent, and again this schizophrenic DVD has a complete turnabout in terms of quality. It’s not just that Perry is better at positioning the girls and providing anal gapes, but once again there is a noticeable difference in terms of production quality, with Jane and Claudia here in some sexy bright colour co-ordinated outfits - its almost as though there are too directors working on this film, one who provides a standard fuck and suck flick, and one who tries to push the quality to the max. As with Sandra and Stacy’s scene this is another winner – both girls look hot and energetic, and there’s a good amount of anal, ass to mouth and anal gaping. For me the highlight position is when Claudia is lying underneath Jane in the 69 position, while David sodomises Jane’s asshole, periodically removing his cock and gaping Jane while Claudia sucks his dick. The only slight disappointment considering the title is the rather weak cumshot, with David cumming in Claudia Rossi’ mouth who them proceeds to cumswap it over to Jane who instantly swallows it down – it’s just not messy or long enough. Nevertheless, a great scene.
4.5 out of 5

A change in location and male talent this time round, with two guys (Mick Blue and Choky Ice) providing the dicks. The scene starts with some great teas action, as both girls already have butt plugs inserted and proceed to play with each other’s. An early highlight is a scene where both girls have their asses spread wide, and literally fire out their buttplugs at each other a few times – great stuff! A decent mix of anal, gaping, double penetration and ass to mouth work follows – at one point a double anal on Janet is attempted, but doesn’t quite work. Both girls are hot – but Julie Silver is absolutely stunning. For the first time we also have a decent cumswapping scene, as the two guys cum in Janet’s mouth and she gloops it into Julies mouth, who then swaps it back to her for the swallow. Amazing – five scenes into a film called ‘Goo 4 Two’ and we have our first decent cumswapping scene!
4 out of 5

Finally we get to our cover girls, and in terms of talent this is a case of saving the best till last – I think I am seriously in danger of falling in love with Liliane Tiger. The girls have good colourful costumes on, and provide some good anal and ass to mouth action, but there is one problem that stops this scene from being a classic, and that’s the male actor Andres Moranty. How any guy could put me off of girls this hot I don’t know, but somehow Andres manages it – to start with he looks like a freak with his stupid hairstyle and 70’s style gold chain around his neck, and he comes off as an arrogant poseur - he also wont shut up, making stupid animal groaning noises that are louder than the girls and providing a constant running commentary. For the cumshot Lilian takes it in the mouth and gives it to Angel for the swallow. Gorgeous, exquisite girls getting nasty anal sex – just watch this one with the mute button on.
3,5 out of 5

There’s a lot right with this release, but a fair amount wrong as well. The biggest mistake is the title, with Goo 4 Two obviously selling itself as a cumswapping movie, yet this title contains some of the weakest cumswapping scenes I’ve ever seen. The scene with Julie Silver and Janet Alfano is the only one where the girls swap it back and forth with some messy interaction – in every other scene its it’s a straight ‘cum in mouth / pass into other girls mouth/ swallow’, and about as erotic as watching someone drink tea. Despite that however, there are some seriously beautiful girls on here, and this is worth buying for the fucking alone. Some annoying and/or inept male talent in the form of Dillon and Andres Moranty mean scenes one, three and six never quite live up to their potential – but that still leaves 3 excellent scenes – not a bad hit rate for a porno flick. Schizophrenic and uneven at times, but worth buying for the talent on display and a trio of standout scenes.


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