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Goo 4 Two

Goo 4 Two

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Goo 4 Two:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Goo 4 Two overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Goo 4 Two Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Goo 4 Two Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Goo 4 Two Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Goo 4 Two Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Goo 4 Two DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Goo 4 Two A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  3/6/2005


SCENE 1:  Rita Faltoyano & Ellen Saint VS. Dillon

Anal, ATOGM, 1 Cumswap

Rita and Ellen peel off each other’s undergarments and then fondle each other as director Sammy Sixx (Is this another Danny Case/ Pat Myne pseudonym?) encourages them.  They nurse on Dillon’s cock before Rita reclines on the bed to let Dillon plunge into her for some missionary.  Rita starts to purr in her nubile schoolgirl voice and gives Dillon a footjob, displaying excellent technique.  Dillon then bends Ellen over onto her hands and knees and gets her rump jiggling.  Next, Rita has a seat on Dillon’s dick and bounces up and down- showing some nice tit-jiggle action as she spanks her clitty- grinding her hips in small circles.  Rita sits down on Dillon’s face and then Ellen impales her bum on his rod.  Ellen moves into reverse cowgirl and bucks on him like a rutting slut as Rita diddles herself.  The girls get into side-by-side doggie and Dillon reams Ellen’s ass as Rita fingers her bum.  Dillon starts to spoon Rita and she makes some sexy facial expressions before Dillon explodes into Ellen’s hungry mouth.  She scoops the spilt cream into her mouth and then drools it into Rita’s mouth who gulps it down.
What I liked:  Some better than average hip-grinding action on both parts of the girls.  Rita was very into the sex, at times entranced by Dillon’s cock like a hypnotized kitty.  Her moaning voice definitely stands out above the crowd- Its very cute!
What I disliked:  A very weak and undeveloped tease sequence.  No finishing cum-kissing or even kissing.
ENERGY:  3.5



SCENE 2: Sandra De Marco & Stacey Silver VS. David Perry

Anal, ATOGM, ATM, Gapes, 1 Cumswap

I don’t ever recall Stacey looking as burning hot as she does here.  She and Sandra pose in their terrific outfits- pink and yellow net shirts with matching thongs and punk-rocker gloves.  Sammy Sixx has Stacey exhibit Sandra’s ass as she slaps at it playfully.  Then David Perry’s dick comes into view and the girls take turns servicing it in a very brief blowjob sequence.  David starts to spoon Stacey as Sandra laps at her love-button, her pert ass flaunted for the camera.  Next, Sandra starts to fuck in cowgirl and Stacey sucks it clean as Sandra’s bum gapes open.  Sandra moves into doggie with Stacey lying underneath and we get some enthusiastic ass reaming as David’s cock goes from ass to the cock-cleaner Stacey and back.  Stacey begins to cowgirl and then Sandra takes up the mantle as cock-cleaner.  Then the trio form a fuck-sandwich with David pumping Stacey on the bottom in cowgirl and Sandra lying on Stacey’s back.  David maneuvers his meat from Sandra in the middle to Stacey on top and then back to Sandra as the other girl rubs her cunny.  After some side-by-side doggie, Stacey sucks and jerks the guy off into her mouth and then dribbles the splooge into Sandra who swallows it.  The girls kiss and do some shallow tongue-fu to end the scene.
What I liked: The fuck-sandwich had an interesting dynamic as David took turns between the girls’ asses smoothly.  Stacey jerks him to pop instead of him doing it himself. A strong tease sequence with a generous display of gorgeous bum.  Brief blowjob action.
What I disliked:  Only regular kissing (no cumkissing) at the end after the load was already swallowed. 
Notes:  Numerous quick gapes in this scene along with a hefty amount of ATOGM




SCENE 3: Simone Peach & Janet Peron VS. Dillon

Anal, A2OGM, ATM, 1 Cumswap

Janet pries Simone’s panties to the side and begins to lick her bumhole.  When Dillon comes in, Simone gets on her hands and knees and envelopes his cock in her lips and we get a nice shot of stacked ass as Janet straddles on top of her to help out.  Dillon quickly moves behind them and doggie fucks Janet on top as the stacked ass flesh bounces vividly.  He switches between the pussy meat in the sandwich as the girls solicit him to fuck them.  Next, Janet starts riding him in reverse cowgirl and then Dillon throws her off so the girls can suck her girl-juices off his cock.  Cut to: A closeup of Simone’s ass as Dillon slowly inserts his cock in her bum.  He pistons into her over the couch before feeding his meat into Janet’s waiting mouth.  Simone massages her clitty slowly as she gets reamed some more.  Then Dillon spoons Janet before he bangs her in anal missionary as she plunges two fingers in and out of her pussy.  The lust mounts in Janet’s voice while Dillon continues to punish her ass and then Simone takes her turn in anal mish.  Simone hops on Dillon’s dick for some reverse cowgirl until they switch back into anal missionary.  Here, Simone starts moaning passionately and then Dillon whacks off into Janet’s mouth.  The cum is swapped to Simone who swallows and then the girls kiss and lick each other.
What I liked:  The background in this scene consisted of a simple white wall and black couch that was easy on the eyes and accentuated the female curves.  Some very eager and frenzied ATM and ATOGM here.  Dirty talking and a smiling Janet Peron.
What I disliked:  Dillon talked too much in this scene and his moans got loud.  Once again, no cumkissing and an undeveloped tease.  I needed to see more girl in the beginning.




SCENE 4:  Jane Darling & Claudia Rossi VS. David Perry

Stockings, Anal, ATM, ATOGM, Gapes, 1 Cumswap

Jane licks Claudia’s belly and bucks her pussy back and forth against Claudia’s fingers. David Perry comes in and lies on the bed so the girls can take turns sucking his meat.  He and Claudia move into reverse cowgirl and we get a great shot of Jane as she rests her titties on Claudia’s back and everything jiggles.  Claudia sits up and rides cock and Jane is off to the side playing with herself.  Next, Jane is taking it up the pussy in spoon position- tits undulating- while she devours Claudia’s girlhood.  Claudia sucks some pussy-drenched cock and then David thrusts into Jane’s beautiful bum before Claudia engages her for some 69.  Next, Claudia gets into anal cowgirl and she presents her gaping bumhole over and over.  Jane gets onto his cock for some frenzied reverse cowgirl riding and Claudia finger-fucks her bum.  Then David and Claudia move into spooning with Jane lapping clit before she positions her cunny over Claudia’s hot and wet mouth.  Next, David rubs Claudia’s button and it isn’t long before he brings her to a trembling orgasm- her spine curving as she pulses.  The girls then get into side-by-side doggie and they take turns having their bums reamed out.  After that they get into 69 and David sinks his cock in Jane’s butt and then in Claudia’s mouth, repeating this many times (very hot!).  David then jerks off into Claudia’s mouth who swaps it to Jane for the swallow.  They kiss twice and the scene fades out.
What I liked:  Jane gives another solid performance, showing up the other 11 girls in this flick with her sensuality and expert cowgirl riding.  A good amount of enthusiasm- fast riding and hard finger-fucking.  A good connection between the three performers.  Sexy female orgasm by Claudia.
What I disliked:  Very weak ending- not enough kissing or interaction. 
Notes: Lots of gapes and ATOGM here.
ENERGY:  4.5



SCENE 5: Julie Silver & Janet Alfano VS. Mick Blue & Choky Ice

Anal, ATOGM, ATM, DP, DAP, Gapes, 2 Butt plugs, 2 Cumswaps

We get a peek up the girl’s dresses at the butt plugs in their bums.  They play with each other using the butt plugs and we see Julie plunging it in and out of Janet’s butthole heatedly while she stirs it around and shakes it.  She adds a few hard spanks for good measure.  Janet starts to return the favor and the camera moves in really close to show her sopping pussy.  Enter the guys and the girls are soon sucking cock.  Then Janet slides underneath Julie to suck Mick’s cock as he fucks Julie while she sucks Choky.  Soon, both girls are having their pussy’s pounded and Julie starts shaking as her’s gets rubbed to explosion.  Next the guys encourage the girls to expel the butt plugs from their bums like missiles: “3….2….1….GO!,” Choky quips as the girls shoot the butt plugs.  Each girl does this three times as they smile in glee, with Julie getting some nice range.  The girls then resume fucking in cowgirl, and Julie takes cock up the pussy as she slides her butt plug in and out of her bum.  She moves that toy into Janet’s ass next, producing slutty moans from her friend.  The toy is replaced by man-rod and Janet is treated to a DP as she peers back over her shoulder in disbelief.  Julie lies off to the side and watches as she fucks her naughty holes with the toys.  Then Janet seats her bum on dick in reverse cowgirl and Julie gets into cowgirl and they get reamed for a bit until Julie takes her turn with being DP’ed.  Next, we see Janet stuffing two cocks up her mouth and then they move on to Julie in doggie, who fucks Janet with a toy, who sucks off Choky in a fuck chain.   Janet is then fucking in reverse cowgirl and Julie adds a butt plug in Janet’s ass along with the cock.  They try to fit another cock in there to no avail and we hear Mick mumble in accented English, “…because I have no space.”  ROFLMAO!  Janet gets some more DP action and both guys jerk their loads into her mouth.  She drools the cream into Julie’s mouth who gives it back to Janet for the swallow.  They french kiss to end the scene.
What I liked:  Some very raunchy anal action with the two butt plugs.  Watching Julie shake as she came. 
What I disliked:  There was a mirror behind the performers and I could tell this was causing Chris Streams to shoot from down low to avoid getting his reflection- this made some shots unflattering to the sex.  Only regular kissing (no cumkissing) at the end after the load was already swallowed. 




SCENE 6: Liliane Tiger & Angel Dark VS. Andres Moranty

Stockings, Anal, ATOGM, Gapes, 1 Cumswap 

Liliane and Angel strip their tops off and they rub their titties together.  Soon, Liliane is rubbing cunt and sucking dick simultaneously before Angel takes over her sucking duties.  Angel then lays down on her back and offers her cunt to Andres while Liliane caresses Angel's perfect boobs.  Liliane climbs onto Andres' cock and humps him fast and furious with short strokes (very nice cowgirl riding here).  When Andres starts to spank her ass, she slaps him back in the face a few times in a nice, honest exchange.  Its Angel's turn to ride and she gets into reverse cowgirl and sets those flawless cha-chas into a bounce.  She gets onto her hands and knees and Andres sinks his dick in her butt.  Then Liliane gets her ass spooned and she raunchily jabs her fingers in and out of her pussy as Angel laps at it.  Angel gets into reverse cowgirl and Adres pummels her ass hard as she purrs in ecstasy.  They shift to anal spoon and Liliane sucks his dick clean while pumping it with her signature hummingbird hand.  Its Liliane's turn to get spooned as Angel watches and dips her fingers into her fuck holes.  Next, Andres jerks his load into Liliane's open mouth- she drools the small load into Angel's mouth and they do some very brief cumkissing.  Angel swallows and the two kiss once more.             
What I Liked:  Liliane rides it well here.  Great chemistry between the three performers.  
What I disliked:  A long drawn out blowjob sequence.  I needed to see more of the girl's full bodies in the tease.  Andres makes some weird wounded animal sounds.  Very small cumload and needed more cumkissing. 
ENERGY:  4.5




Photo Gallery, Cumshot Loop, 17 minutes of Deleted Scenes, Trailers for: Wet Dreams Cum True 2, Not Just Another 8teen Movie 3,  Black In the Saddle 2,  Internal Cumbustion 4,  Wrecked ‘em Double Anal Girls


Dare I say the most beautiful female cast ever assembled?  Very sexy girls! Times 12!  The extra 6th scene, typical of Zero Tolerance movies is always a good thing.  Strong camera work by Chris Streams even though threesomes are very difficult to shoot.  The viewer is saved from having to look at a lot of hairy male ass and balls.


Overall weak tease sequences; Sammy Six fails to make the word-exchange psychologically sexy and the tease action is undeveloped.  Run of the mill typical gonzo sex.  Scene endings have a basic cumswap with little or no cumkissing.  Eastern Europeans often fail to deliver in the dirtytalking department- this movie is no exception.  Average extra footage.


The sex isn’t brilliant or creative but the girl’s looks sure make up for it.  A good flick but all the girls have had better performances.  Buy this movie if you want an overdose of beautiful eastern-euro girls.  Just don’t expect powerful sex.  Ask yourself which is more important to you- looks or fantastic performances?




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