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Studio: Dreamland
Category:  Fetish , Squirting
Starring: , , , ,
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Em's ratings for Golden:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Golden overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Golden Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Golden Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Golden Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Golden Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Golden DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Golden A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Em  on  5/13/2004
Golden: Volume 1
Older damsels, watersports, high heels
2000, Dreamland, 58 minutes
Harley Raine, Rayne, Jennifer Leigh, Danielle Rogers, Tara

Featured Screenshot

Special Features
Notable Older Damsels: [3/6]
Anal Play: [0/6]
Deep Oral Penetration: [0/6]
Footsies: [2/6]
Plenty of good high heels shots, given that this is a watersports video.
Kissing: [0/6]

Purchase Recommendation: [3/6]

Overall Rating: [3/6]

Golden: Volume 1 has ambitions. It is not a take-a-squat, take-a-squirt collection of ultra-short peeing etudes, like so many other videos of this niche. Similarly, the models are not spring chickens you can get a dime a dozen elsewhere. Recommended for those who would enjoy the ladies do something different for a change, as well for fans of shower scenes and for foot fetishists.

Episode 1: Tara

Half a kingdom for Tara! What a lovely girl! A superb mature blonde with a tight body, and beautiful bust. The nipples are apt to haunt your dream for a long time. The first scene is a killer; hands down the best in the entire series (of three volumes). Do you enjoy an attractive damsel take a slooow shower? Then this video is for you. Forget about Cumming Clean: Slippery When Wet from Starr Productions, a fetish series of poor quality that also features some older ladies. Forget, too, about a not-quite-amateur lesbian series: Hot Showers. Although Golden: Volume 1 has plenty of shortcomings, the first episode does deliver. Like hell!

Our girl takes a long time to get soaked, turns to and fro, and whilst she slowly turns around, over and over again we have a wonderful focus on her face, her body, and even her feet. Indeed, if you are a foot freak, then do not hesitate. Take it from us: if only the director(s) knew their trade better, this video would top our collection as far as these petty details are concerned. Certainly, they didn't lack dedication to the subject. Tara herself is not only very attractive; she made us feel as if we shared the shower with her. Not a single time did she acknowledge the camera (a rarity in this genre). If you crave authenticity, you will love Tara. Her tight bust is worth its weight in gold. Does she ever have enough of the massage! Now we know why it has always taken the ladies we used to live with so long to take a shower.

To sigh or not to sigh. Long minutes passed, one after another, and we forgot about the world outside, or indeed that we were watching a peeing video. The golden trickles are a bonus; the real value of this video are the ladies galore. For that very reason, we were quite surprised, when after a loong slide down Tara's wonderful breasts, we saw the liquid column, silently joining the ranks of the regular shower waterfalls. Blissfully, the endowed bust was still in view, leaving us in danger of getting cross-eyed and confused. Tara takes her time, and whilst we thought that what trickled, was all there was to trickle, she lets it out, and lets it out. When the business is over and done with, we return to the joys of showering with Tara, for quite some time, until the damsel considers that enough of water has flown under the bridge of her legs, and steps out of the shower, cloaking herself in a red towel. Magnificent.

Episode 2: Danielle Rogers

Danielle is a leggy damsel who reminds of of the 1980s, for some reason. She dances. She dances all the time, from beginning to end. The lights alternate between green, silver, and blue, and she dances alone. Time and again, we are interrupted with a sudden focus on her legs, or better -- nice feet clad in silver-strapped high heels. Yes, Danielle is the damsel whose feet we see on the box cover, on the DVD menu, as well as in the screenshots section of the disc. Sadly, this picture is nowhere to be found in the actual video. It was cut off. Whatever for? Why was the best part dispensed with? Be damned if we know.

Have a fetish for dancing girls with slender legs? Care for "artsy" artificially colored scenes and snapshots? Then this is an episode for you. Forgive us if we demand a bit more to be satisfied.

Episode 3: Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer, the devil! There is something wrong with the lower part of her face, and the damsel has a vulgar look no matter what sort of facial expression she tries to make. Only when you see her from upside down, or from beneath, she is without fault. That grumbled, the woman is incredibly sexy. She seems to be born to seduce men and women all around her. Good Lord, and all that talent was supremely wasted by the clueless cameraman, who couldn't keep the camera steady. Or perhaps he didn't want to. During over ten minutes of the video, we managed to take two half-decent screenshots, featuring the damsel's legs and her shapely butt. So much effort, so much passion of the girl's was lost. All that we got was a camera literally jumping to and fro. Annoyingly enough, there is no continuity, either. After such a long tease, the video transfer is interrupted, and when the picture comes back on screen, we already jump inmidst of the action. Now, at last, the man kept still, and we could focus on the goods. Panta rei, they used to say, but whyever was the beginning cut off? Most strange.

Episodes 4,5,6: Harley Raine, Rayne, Mickey Ray

With half of the video behind us, we enter a decidedly inferior part of the video. Episode four features a very busty damsel under the name of Harley Raine, but we never have the opportunity to see the bare flesh, or ponder the round half-domes, nor anything else for that matter. In a chopped sequence of irritating snapshots (recall those Charlie Chaplin movies?) with written comments on the screen, we see Harley take a pee. The same, short squirt is repeated several times, from different angles. Pathetic.

Then comes Rayne. Take a cigarette now, make some coffee, and come back when she's done. You won't miss a single thing.

The last episode is a reprise of the second, this time with Mickey Ray, who is one of those bland girls no one ever notices, noticed, or will ever notice. The eternal whatshername. The video ends with a nice goodbye shot of a wet high-heeled foot. Ah, thanks at least for that.

--- Em
MadameDVD Review, 13 May 2004

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