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The Magus Gobble the Goop 2.5 starsGobble the Goop 2.5 starsGobble the Goop 2.5 stars
seniorpronking Gobble the Goop 5 starsGobble the Goop 5 starsGobble the Goop 5 stars
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Gobble the Goop

Gobble the Goop

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Gobble the Goop:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Gobble the Goop overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Gobble the Goop Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Gobble the Goop Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Gobble the Goop Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Gobble the Goop Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Gobble the Goop DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gobble the Goop A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  2/22/2005
John Leslie's: Gobble the Goop


Initial Thoughts Sometimes I think John Leslie's style is often lost on people, he often shoots with a kind of gritty voyeuristic style, and personally I like it, you get a little of that here, but I found that it went a little too far trying to be like Jule's Jordan's "Feeding Frenzy" series, it is so similar in design and attempted execution that it's pretty obvious. Now I don't blame John or Evil Angel for going with another support line for that incredibly successful series, but personally I would have prefered to see it more unique to Mr. Leslie's style than it was. Philosophical style idiological differences aside, this is a pretty good porn disc anyway. Great looking girls, some nice teasing and dancing, and some pretty good dick sucking in group quantities. This disc does go along the same lines as Feeding Frenzy, however, it doesn't focus on the actual act of swallowing with as much focus, it's more about the fun of watching these girls suck the cocks off and then that they happened to swallow, rather than the whole setup around swallowing that feeding frenzy seems to have. 7 good scenes and the runtime is around 165 minutes. Extras are kind of weak, but the feature is still solid.

Technical Considerations: I found the picture to be a little grainy but mostly clear, sound was slightly booming and unbalanced, lighting was reasonable and usually got the back of the throat even pretty well, camera work was pretty good but at times the voyeur typical "bob and weave" motion got a little indecisive at times. Menus were nicely done and easily navigated through.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Crystal Ray and 4 guys

Crystal does a nice poolside dance and semi strip with some taunting and teasing, she has on a pink top and black bottom lingerie outfit with fishnet leggings and near knee high black latex boots. She comes in the house and gets some cocks to suck on, and she says that was what she wanted. I like Crystal's bubbly almost over believable perkyness, and she exudes that again here as she does a nice job sucking off her 4 studs and alternates between them well, always keeping her hands busy and her mouth full of cock. She isn't quite as aggressive as I have seen her in the past, but never bats an eye at handling all the guys and stays perky and teasing all the way through with some gagging and some spit play. Each guy deposits his load into her open mouth, and she isn't quite as super perky here but still fairly into it. She swallows down the first two guys one at a time and then saves the last two for a good swallow. Pretty good loads but she doesn't play with the cum much. Duration: 19:34 mins

Scene 2: Brandi Lyons and 4 guys

Brandi is out having a smoke on her break from work, when that old voyeuristic camera man spies her, and approaches her, talking her into risking getting fired to come with him to his friends, she gets led into a garage shop, and luckily enough there is a pole in the middle of the joint for her to use as she does a hot striptease for us, Brandi really looks hot here, and although she does a great job sucking off and draining 4 guys into her mouth, you really end up wanting to see that ass get fucked senseless. She is sweet and seductive through her scene and handles her guys with good energy and enthusiasm as they swarm her, she gets some nice no hands rhythm going for a while and has a smile on her face as each guy fires thier thick nut batter into her mouth and she swallows down each load. She tells him that anytime he has a job like this she would like to do it, it was fun. Good performance. Duration: 23:31 mins

Scene 3: Alexis Malone and 3 guys

Alexis has on a sexy black dress and fixes her makeup in the ladies room before she comes out and frigs herself a little and plays with her tits before she does a sexy walk down to the guys, and starts to play with thier cocks in her hands as they suck her tits and kiss her. She is probably the most aggressive so far as she gets the saliva flying, both spitting on thier cocks and really packing them down her throat with a little gagging, lots of ball sucking and she does a pretty decent job using her hands and mouth to service her guys, but not quite the job the first two ladies did. They tug her hair and she gets drenched in her own salive by the time she gets them all overstimulated to the point that her mouth becomes filled with sperm. The loads are not quite as impressive here, but she gets a pretty decent mouth load as she collects them all and quite a bit of overspray gives her a solid facial to top things off. She swallows it down and leaves. Duration: 22:35 mins

Scene 4: Layla Rivera, Holly Wellin and 4 guys

These two ladies start out all over one another, and strip each other out of thier plastic outfits and start to caress each others bodies and get physical with one another, kissing and licking each others tits, and getting into some oral sex with one another and some mutual masturbation. Each girl gets on a strapon, and they blow each other's plastic penis before they each get a couple of real cocks to play with. The girls seem more interested in each other than the dicks, which is kind of a bad thing in a movie about sucking dick, but the girls do some hot kissing with a cock in the middle, and they do a pretty decent job of working over their guys with thier mouths and hands, the cum shooting doesn't go so well as there is some dodging and some spitting out that really wrecks the ending. Duration: 27:09 mins

Scene 5: Keri Sable and 4 guys

Keri looks super sexy in a blue and black short skirt and top, with blue panties. She struts her stuff in front of the bar and rubs her ass before giving us a peak at her pussy before she fingers herself right then and there. She does a sexy semi strip with some more fingering before she magically has her clothes back on as the guys come hither and disrobe her again with some titty play and kissing. Keri seems a little overwhelmed by all the dicks staring her in the face, but she gets right in and starts to do her best to suck them off, she really only handles one cock at a time for most of the scene, but as time goes on she starts to get better at handling atleast 2 at a time, and the guys pass the time by playing with her pussy and licking her labs while she blows the rest of them. She does a good job though staying with her task and just losing herself in the wall of penis, she looks up at the guys and just keeps at it until the jizz starts flying. Each guy dumps a load into her mouth and she doesn't shy away from it and holds the loads for a multiple swallow before the last two get shot into her mouth. Duration 19:51 mins

Scene 6: Sativa Rose and 3 guys

We get our first glimpse of Sativa outside as she appears in a black fishnet lingerie outfit, she pops out her big tits and plays with her mams for us while she caresses her ass. The guys show up in short order and they move indoors where she gets topless and goes to work. Sativa is an old pro at this multi dick thing, and it shows, she really works the guys over effortlessly, and at times almost seems too unchallenged by things, but she uses plenty of spit, and passes the time by playing her tits like bongo drums with cocks as her drum sticks. She gets sexier and sexier though as the scene goes on and works things up nicely by the time the guys start blasting thier ball batter into her mouth, She takes three big loads like it ain't no thing, and a nice facial splattering to boot, she downs all three loads at once and sucks the guys clean to finish. Scene duration 25:35 mins

Scene 7: Marie Love and 3 guys

Marie keeps up the now familiar tradition of teasing the camera and stripping down a little, she looks super hot as she plays with her nipples and pulls down her multi color striped outfit. She shakes that great ebony ass for us and dances around a little bit before she struts over to 3 guys that just happen to be standing there and in need of getting their balls drained. They guys swarm her and play with her tits and pussy as she has a bit of a smile as they get her a little closer to naked. She drops down to her knees and immediately gets some cock in her mouth. Marie is quite a talented oral artist, and she really does a great job of going deep with these guys, she attempts deepthroat on all three guys, and nearly succeeds most of the time, a little gagging and lots of spit from her, and most of the time she does a nice job of working over all three guys at once, a little titplay and some titfucking only sweetens the deal and before long she has all three guys spurting thier loads in her cum receptical she calls a mouth. The loads are a little off target but she takes what she gets like a champ and with a smile. Duration: 27:24 mins

Extra Stuff

Photo Gallery: 70 shots or so of the oral sex and posing from the film.

Previews: "The Voyeur 28", "Drop Sex 2", "Crack Her Jack 1 & 2".

Other Extras:Cast List and Filmographies for Evil Angel, John Leslie's Blues Band info, Biography of John Leslie, Website info, Cumshot Recap.

In The End

A pretty good oral only entry from John Leslie here, as I said above I think it too closely emulates "Feeding Frenzy", but it's a worthwhile adventure full of hot young women taking load after load of ball slime in thier mouths, and for the most part with a great attitude. I would say this one is a maybe on the purchase side, but well worth a rental. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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