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Gob Swappers

Gob Swappers

Studio: Vertigo Videos
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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RLD Fiend's ratings for Gob Swappers:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Gob Swappers overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Gob Swappers Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Gob Swappers Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Gob Swappers Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Gob Swappers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Gob Swappers DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gob Swappers A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by RLD Fiend  on  5/6/2005

Gob Swappers

Studio: Vertigo Videos
Director: Martin Del Toro
Year: 2005

Feature Time: 2:27:51

Extras: Bonus Footage and Trailers (0:20:38)

Genesis Skye
Brooke Haven
Lisa Marie
Jezebelle Bond
Vanessa Lane
Lexxi Rippa
Goldie Coxxx
Lezley Zen
Gia Paloma

Themes: Straight Sex, Spitting, Cum-Swapping

Here's another pretty hot release from Vertigo, with a great cover featuring the blondes Genesis and Brooke Haven. I've reviewed several other movies from this studio, and I am very impressed with Vertigo's style of hardcore gonzo. Their trademark is spitting and drooling on the camera. They're also becoming known for inventive cum-play at the end of every scene, and a rough, high-energy gonzo attitude in their movies. Martin Del Toro seems to employ the freshest, hottest young porn starlets and really puts them through the hardcore paces.

My big, and really only, complaint with "Gob Swappers" is that the cast list is pretty much a clusterfuck of disorganization. If you have a hard time identifying girls in porn movies, this DVD will not help matters. There was no identification of the girls in the movie itself. I pretty much had to pick out the ones I knew and then eliminate by trial and error. It took me forever just to decipher who these girls were. Sophia is in scene three but she's not listed anywhere at all on the cover, as far as I can tell. Please, Vertigo, let's have some decent cast listings, scene by scene.

Scene 1: Genesis Skye + Brooke Haven and a guy

I knew both of these blonde cuties already, thankfully. The cover would have you believe that this is Genesis Skye and Lexxi, but it's actually the busty and voluptuous newbie Brooke Haven, who's already a personal favorite. The scenes start at the end and work backwards, which is kind of strange. We meet Brooke and Genesis enjoying a crystal glass full of cum with a drinking straw. After a second we discover just how these girls got to this point. After a fuzzy flashback, we see the two hot blondes fully dressed and on a couch.

A guy walks in and sits down; they soon start blowing him. Brooke sucks his dick while Genesis licks the balls. The oral is not that rough, but the guy face-fucks Brooke and Genesis a little bit and they spit on his cock. Brooke eventually gets fucked in missionary on the couch and really seems to enjoy it. "Don't stop fucking me!" she screams orgasmically. Genesis gets the same exact treatment. There's some drooling on the camera as both girls do some nice gagging P2M. They lick at the camera lens and the spit gets everywhere.

Brooke takes the guy's cumshot entirely into her mouth and then swaps it back and forth with Genesis before spitting it back into the champagne glass we saw at the beginning of the scene. I really think the cum-swapping is well done here and this is probably the strongest scene of the movie, all-around.

Scene 2: Vanessa Lane + a Blonde Girl and some guy

I recognized Vanessa Lane; she's a really cute, petite brunette with an insatiable sexual appetite. Your guess is as good as mine as to who this other girl is. She's pretty attractive, however, with very small breasts and a super-tight body. I wish I knew what her name was. Hopefully I'll see her in another Vertigo release or something so I can figure it out.

Vanessa and the guy walk in to catch the Blonde Girl packing a box full of porno. She's apparently a pervert and so the guy feels the need to whip his dick out. She of course starts sucking it immediately. Vanessa as well does some nice oral work. Vanessa spits in her co-star's mouth (more like drools) which was pretty hot. More spitting from the guy into Vanessa's mouth.

Damn, I hate to keep calling the other one Blonde Girl, but Vertigo has left me no choice, unfortunately. She and Vanessa switch off at the guy's dick. Vanessa does some nice deep-throating. The guy spits a couple wads of saliva on Vanessa's face. There's actually tons of spitting in this scene to enjoy, if you are into that sort of thing (and I certainly am).

The guy rims Vanessa and eats her pussy before fucking her in doggy-style. Blonde Girl provides the P2M as she sucks on his cock. She gets banged as well in reverse cowgirl. No anal for anybody so far in this movie. Vanessa takes a small cumshot and snowballs it with the Blonde Girl back and forth. It doesn't get swallowed, but rather ends up in the champagne glass and the girls suck it up with straws and blow cum-bubbles.

Scene 3: Sophia + Goldie Coxxx + Trinity + Lexxi Rippa and two guys

Thankfully, I recognized Sophia from other movies, because she's not listed on the box cover at all. Trinity was featured in Vertigo's "Stocking Stuffers" and a lot of other recent releases. She's quite attractive and a nasty performer. I'm pretty certain the blonde girl here is Goldie Coxxx, and the petite, pale brunette is Lexxi Rippa, as I discovered from some other box covers. If you were trying to identify these girls from the cover of "Gob Swappers," you would not have much success at all figuring out the identities of these mystery starlets.

The paper-thin setup is some sort of class reunion, where the four girls take on a couple guys in a window-filled circular room in a mansion. They all drink a toast to each other out of some martini glasses, one of which will eventually get filled with cum. After the brief set-up, the gang gets down to business for a nice orgy. The girls pair up, Sophia and Lexxi, and Goldie and Trinity, to orally service the two guys. There's lots of drooling as the blowjobs get sloppy and messy.

All of the young female starlets here are great-looking and attack the dicks with great enthusiasm. The director begins to film the oral from underneath so a lot of the spit and drool begins to pile up on the camera lens as the girls all get throat-fucked with no-hands blowjobs.

Goldie Coxxx is the first of our young hotties to get fucked, followed by Sophia in cowgirl. The other girls Lexxi and Trinity look on lustily. All of the lovely starlets get fucked round-robin style, but none of them took it up the ass. Goldie and Lexxi do a nice Lesbian 69 and eat each other out.

Trinity and Goldie are the first to receive the two cumshots, which are swapped with the other girls and combined, then passed down the line of cum-hungry hotties. All the cum eventually ends up, like all the other scenes, in a crystal champagne glass. This was another strong scene, like the first one with Brooke, and great stroke material. I was blown away by all four performers, who were super-hot and brought a certain intensity to the proceedings. I only wish the other three scenes on the disc could live up to those two.

Scene 4: Lisa Marie + Jezebelle Bond and a guy

Jezebelle is a rather goth-looking, punkish kind of girl with short spiky hair and lots of tattoos, and Lisa Marie is an adorable cutie who I always like to see in porn movies. They are shown playing with cum, and then we flash back to how they got that way. The girls enjoy some champagne while admiring some kind of purple glass modern-art sculpture. One thing leads to another and all three are on a couch screwing each other.

They start off with some average oral sex on the guy (complete with drooling and spitting at the camera) before Jezebelle lays down on the couch to get fucked in missionary. Lisa also gets fucked in turn. Jezebelle gets bent over and banged in doggy style. Lisa Marie looks very cute, but there's not a whole lot going on in this scene, so to speak. They take a load and spit it into the champagne glass.

Scene 5: Venus + Lezley Zen and Mark Davis

This last scene features the two dark-haired porn veterans Venus (a.k.a. Monica) and Lezley Zen. Their job in this movie is to fuck Mark Davis and look great while doing it. They do some deep-throat oral and Lezley drools into Venus' mouth a couple times. Mark starts to fuck Lezley in doggy-style and reverse cowgirl. Lezley screams like an animal in heat as she bounces up and down on the dick.

Venus climbs on and rides Mark in cowgirl while Lezley plays with his balls. There's some pussy eating and more vaginal fucking in a variety of positions before both the girls spit and drool all over the camera lens while doing oral on Mark. Neither girl did anal in this scene which was kind of surprising, given the crazy anal antics in Venus' porn past. Mark shoots a nice load which gets swapped around and spit into the crystal champagne glass. There's certainly not much, especially for a cum-swapping movie. Mark is only one man, I suppose.

There's a nice behind the scenes segment for extras on the DVD. Gia Paloma is seen a number of times but she isn't in the rest of the movie. Brooke Haven looks just as fine without makeup in her street clothes as she does at any other time. Genesis Skye chats on the cell phone for a while and poses for some stills. Gia Paloma flips off the camera. The mystery Blonde Girl reveals that sneezing gets her off. We meet Mark Davis. Goldie Coxxx looks super-cute. We see Lezley Zen for a second posing for a still photo shoot. A guy admires her and talks about her nice "hairy pussy."

The only real complaint about the movie is the disorganization of the cast list, and it's sufficiently major to deduct a half-star for that mistake alone. The cute blonde mystery girl of scene 2 will perhaps remain forever unidentified. Sophia never gets any credit either for her solid effort in the third scene. I'm disappointed to see such blatant crediting mistakes from an otherwise hot studio such as Vertigo.

The girls who are here are all freakin' gorgeous, however, from top to bottom, and they do some spit and cum-swapping with great enthusiasm. The sets in the movie were also really nice, everything takes place in a glass-filled porn mansion which is very pleasing to the eye. The sexual acts are a little limited, however, compared to other Vertigo movies; in "Gob Swappers," nobody gets any anal sex, and for a cum-centered movie, there's precious little cum that the girls swap. There's usually only one guy in every scene, so for a movie with a title like this, you'd expect more "gobs" to be "swapped." It's all a pretty hot and filthy piece of pornography, though, which, like every other Vertigo movie I've ever seen, comes recommended.

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