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Go Deep

Go Deep

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
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sydguy's ratings for Go Deep:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Go Deep overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Go Deep Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Go Deep Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Go Deep Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Go Deep Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Go Deep DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Go Deep A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by sydguy  on  4/28/2007
What’s the basic formula for a minimalist gay porn film? First, take eight good-looking guys with decent bodies and above-average dicks. Divide them into four tops and four bottoms and pair them up for four scenes. Start each scene with mutual sucking and perhaps some rimming, and then have the top fuck the bottom in one or two positions until they both cum. Don’t allow the actors to cross the rigid top/bottom divide by flip-flopping. Don’t add variety by having more than two performers in a scene. Don’t require the models to cum more than once per scene. Don’t waste money on exterior shots of any kind.

Veteran director Michael Zen follows this formula to the letter in his latest film, with the unoriginal title “Go Deep”. The formula can work if the models are exceptionally attractive or talented (which his aren’t). Otherwise, to save the film from being a routine example of the genre, you need either an interesting plot or some kind of gimmick. “Go Deep” has no plot, and only the prologue has any dialogue. The gimmick Zen uses is the desire we have to watch ourselves having sex. Unfortunately, the gimmick isn’t enough to lift the film above the routine.

Before the action starts, there is a prologue unconnected with the rest of the film. Young, bland soldier Trent Atkins fantasizes about being interrogated by his straight-laced sergeant, daddy-type Josh Marcus. Seated across a table, wearing only their underwear, Marcus grills Atkins about his sexual practices, but no sex ensues.

Instead we cut to a gay movie theater, which is the basis of the gimmick: each pair is seated in the cinema, initially fully clothed, watching themselves have sex on the screen. The action flips between the cinema and the screen throughout the film.

In Scene 1, the screen sex starts with Marcus engaging in sensual foreplay with Atkins, before he sucks Atkins and they 69. The cinema sex starts with lots of kissing, then stroking of dicks, and finishes with exchanging spit.

On the screen, Marcus rims Atkins before fucking him in two positions. Atkins groans a lot and stays hard throughout, though he looks pained most of the time. He splatters a decent load on his chest while being fucked, but Marcus’ blink-and-you-miss-it cum shot is a disappointment. Marcus is a good top and there seems to be some chemistry between the two, so the scene works fairly well. This can’t be said of the next two scenes.

Scene 2 pairs two Titanesque guys i.e. older and beefier than average, with plenty of facial and chest hair. They are handsome cover-man Adam Faust and the less interesting Brock Hart, who carries a few too many pounds. On screen, Faust gives orders to Hart to suck, then rim, him. Both actions go on too long and although Hart is bathed in sweat by the end, the viewer is not.

Faust then sucks Hart before inserting a big dildo up Hart’s ass. Neither guy is hard, so it’s difficult for the viewer to get it up either. After 20 minutes of build-up, the fucking finally starts – Faust into Hart. Hart covers his (obviously flaccid) dick throughout, and seeing his spare tire wobble as he gets fucked is not exactly a turn-on. The fucking lasts less than two minutes before both guys dribble out a weak load.

Scene 3 stars Park Wiley, a talented performer with blond hair and a boyish face. His partner is the equally young, but less talented, Josh Carter. In the cinema, Wiley whips out his dick early on and starts stroking it; eventually Carter does the same. On screen, Carter sucks Wiley while he fingers Carter’s ass. Then Wiley rims enthusiastically, but not well enough to get Carter hard. Wiley gives Carter’s uncut dick some good oral attention before they 69. The fucking (Wiley into Carter) starts with no insertion shot, but soon builds to a fast pace in two positions, though Carter still can’t get it up. Again, the fucking lasts all of two minutes. Wiley gives us a decent money shot, but Carter produces only a few drops of cum. If the energetic Wiley had been paired with an equally skilled performer the scene could have sizzled; instead, it fizzles.

Scene 4 involves two cowboys – Kyle Aames and Lee Walters. Walters is the more interesting, with a fierce-looking face but a nice slim body and a big dick. The on-screen sex jumps right into Walters lowering himself down on Aames’ dick for a nice reverse cowboy fuck. Then we cut back to the cinema, where Walters’ excellent sucking alternates between him deep-throating Aames and being face-fucked by him. Aames’ sucking of Walters is boring in comparison. Then Walters sucks Aames again – we’ve just seen it all before and it goes on too long. Aames then fucks Walters doggie-style, and gives him a vigorous pounding.

In the middle of that fuck, we cut back to the on-screen sex, and see the same footage which began the scene. The fucking continues, alternating between Aames thrusting hard from below, and Walters fucking himself while his semi-hard dick windmills around. This is the best fucking of the film, but again it is diluted with cut-aways to the cinema. This time we see all eight guys in the cinema, but sitting by themselves. Throughout the film, the cut-aways to the (lack of) action in the cinema only weaken, rather than enhance, the action on screen.

The DVD quality is good. There are 4 chapter selections and 5 trailers. The extras include a decent photo gallery, and a 12-minute “behind the scenes” section, which has a cum shot review and deleted scenes from the prologue (which explain its connection to scene 1).

Overall, a disappointing effort from an experienced director. Even by the standards of a routine porn film, the disappointing cum shots and the lackluster bottoms in scenes 2 and 3 let it down.

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