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Ryder7 Glory Holes Of Las Vegas 2.5 starsGlory Holes Of Las Vegas 2.5 starsGlory Holes Of Las Vegas 2.5 stars
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Glory Holes Of Las Vegas

Glory Holes Of Las Vegas

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Glory Holes Of Las Vegas:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Glory Holes Of Las Vegas overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Glory Holes Of Las Vegas Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Glory Holes Of Las Vegas Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Glory Holes Of Las Vegas Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Glory Holes Of Las Vegas Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Glory Holes Of Las Vegas DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Glory Holes Of Las Vegas A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  10/30/2005
Could anything be more wonderful than finding Jason Ridge waking up in bed next to you? Not what one would call pretty or truly handsome, Jason possesses a sexy charisma that makes him the performer I would most like to have waking up beside me. As this film begins, however, Jason wakes up alone. He rushes around getting dressed so he can board a plane en route for Las Vegas.

Once there in the city that never sleeps, Jason heads—not for the nearest crap table or roulette wheel, but—to the nearest glory hole. In a smut shop, he cruises the beguiling Andy Hunter at the magazine rack. When Andy exits into the backroom, Jason goes after him. Jason’s cock makes its way through a glory hole and Andy swallows it down. Then when Andy’s finely-sculpted penis pokes through the hole, it’s Jason’s turn and he slurps it right down. When it comes to sucking cock, Jason is second to none. So why does Mario Cruz horn in? Andy’s tool is irresistible, that’s why. Jason feeds the new comer his cock too and then retires behind the partition so that Mario has his choice of two protruding penises. The action shifts to a pool table. A naked Mario is lying on the table. He is extremely enticing. His uncut cock stretches back along a belly entirely devoid of pubic hair. Jason sucks on Mario’s equally smooth balls, sticks his tongue in Mario’s ass to tickle the bald sphincter, and sucks up and down on Mario’s dick. Mario sucks Jason too before Jason’s cock makes its triumphal entry between those silky buns. Jason’s cock enters Mario’s ass in a great close-up—not once but twice! As Jason stops fucking to once more fellate Mario’s hairless cock, Andy climbs onto Jason’s back and skewers Jason’s very hairy hole. Finally Andy and Jason take turns screwing Mario. Andy’s load is disappointingly miniscule but both Jason and Mario’s cocks shoot loads that should make their owners proud.

After a series of shots of Las Vegas that glittering neon monument to bad taste, we go now to another of my favorite fuckers—Nick Capra. This sultry, sexy stud is dining in a restaurant. His waiter is Bo Knight who comes more and more to resemble Eric von Stroheim in Sunset Boulevard. When Bo exits into the rest room, Nick follows. Entering the head, Nick drops his trousers to reveal a very stiff cock, sits down on the john, and stares expectantly at the glory hole waiting for Bo to bring him dessert. Cock and balls are served through the opening. Nick goes down on them as though the meal he has just consumed was only an appetizer. Cock sure beats the hell out gnocchi. Although Bo’s dick is bound up tighter than a fat lady’s corset, Nick’s dick is harder by far—and looks a thousand times tastier. Bo gets to sample same. Having to get back to work Bo gives Nick his address. We cut to them in Bo’s bed. Bo is starkers. Nick is clad only in those detestable white socks. Bo is continuing the blowjob he had to leave off. Nick also fucks his face and his ass. When Nick cums, Bo lowers his mouth onto Nick's spurting cock.

As always between the scenes we are given a tour of this city of kitsch. Jason soaks in a tub. The tub props up an ad for another of the glory hole series: Glory Holes of Chicago. Jason is next seen getting into a gondola and floating off.

We get more views of deranged architecture and then we find Jason in a bar, ogling the super hot topless barman Rodd Johnson and drinking something that looks like Windex. He sees someone go into the back and trails after him. (I would have stayed with the barman!) In the back are beaucoup glory holes with beaucoup cocks hanging through them. I see Andy and Nick. Jason finds a couple of unattached dicks. There are two naked studs making out in a cage. I find them more interesting than the glory holes but—hey—the film’s called glory holes, not cages—so glory holes is what we get. I can’t possibly describe this montage. Just let me say there’s “a hole lot of suckin’ goin’ on.” I think the entire cast, the entire backstage crew, and lucky passersby were in this scene. What makes it really suck though is the fact that no one seems to cum. Now ain’t that odd?

Jason returns in the gondola. Back in his room he picks up an ad for yet another of the series: Glory Holes of San Francisco. (It pays to advertise.)

There are a lot of chapels in Las Vegas for those quickie marriages that will end three days later in quickie divorces. So it’s off to chapel where Dillon Press is being moved by a handsome young priest—Luciano Haas. Dillon tells the priest that he is a sinner and wishes to confess. The opening in the confessional proves to be a fine glory hole and the priest decides to suck Dillon’s sins out through his cock. This young handsome priest knows how. He suggests they go into the office where he can continue this absolution. After a bit more oral work, Dillon eats out the priest’s ass. It’s a nice touch when Dillon slowly lifts the cassock to commence fucking him. After Dillon has dropped his sinful load on the black cassock, the young priest says he must return to hear more confessions. We find him back in the confessional with a prick in his mouth. It’s small to begin with but the priest manages to coax it larger. We cut to the office where the priest is now naked except for the crucifix around his neck. He is on all fours in the doggy position. Behind him stands Ty Hudson all in leather ready to enter Luciano’s anal orifice. It’s a much too brief scene that I think exists primarily so the leather dude can say, “Who’s your daddy, father?” and receive a baptism of semen from this “holey” man.

There’s more Las Vegas views which by now are thoroughly irritating, especially as we see things we’ve seen before. (Did the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce finance this film?) Back in the hotel we have Jason perusing an ad for Glory Holes of New York. (We seem to be getting as many commercials as network television.)
Jason peers out his window to find K C Hart beside a waterfall in—I guess a fountain. In the days before DVD, K C Hart was a porn twinkie in VHS films. He’s not a twink any longer but he’s still attractive. Jason thinks so too and as K C strips and masturbates in the fountain, a naked Jason beats off watching from the room.

And now we have—guess what—yes, more views of the garish metropolis before paying a visit to the jail. We’ve been to a dirty bookstore, a restaurant, a bar, a chapel, and now a jail. But never once to a casino. Queer! There was sex on a pool table, but none on a crap table. What possibilities of sex on a roulette table. Someone could spin around on the wheel to see which cock would land in his ass. Anyway, it’s time for jail time where we find Jason Crew a hot young stud looking at a girlie magazine and stroking his dick.

My favorite line in the Bond books is when Goldfinger has Bond strapped to a table and is about to split 007 in half with a laser beam. “Go fuck yourself!” Bond snarls. “Alas, Mr. Bond,” Goldfinger replies, “Not even I am capable of that.” Well Jason Crew is capable of that and does so. This kid can get a good two inches of his own cock up his own ass. (Eat your hearts out, you smug auto-fellationists!)

Jason is in a cell with Andrew Addams and Rik Jammer. The guard is Steven Richards. The three prisoners start sucking and fucking. So what’s this have to do with glory holes? Well, there’s a glory hole in the cell wall and sure enough it’s not long before a cock peeps through and each of the prisoners has a go at it. . It must belong to the guard Steven Richards because in an abrupt cut we find him in the cell fucking away. Steve gets to fuck all three guys—apparently—though I wasn’t 100% sure he was actually fucking Jason. I hope he was. Jason Crew is one hot dude so I hope he’s also one hot fuck.

Before the film ends we have yet another unending travelogue of Craptown. Jason throws a coin a fountain, I guess to insure he will return one day. It ain’t Rome and it ain’t the fuckin’ Trevi Fountain, Jason!

The scene that will be talked about is the scene with the priest in the confessional. That may elevate the film to cult status. But the film is full of super hot stars and some really good sex. Director Bruno Riccelli has done a fine job. There’s much much much much much too much of views of Las Vegas. Yet we are fortunate enough to have fast-forward buttons on our remotes. The extras are truly super. There’s a Behind the Scenes, a Cum Shot gallery, a slideshow, trailers, and even some extra footage (although this could easily have been left on the cutting room floor). What is really great are the chapter entry points. Each scene has four so, if we want say to cut right to the pool table section in scene one; we can do so with having to make our way to that point.

Not being a gambler I never saw much need to go to Las Vegas. This film has caused me to rethink that. But would Jason Ridge (or Jason Crew) go with me? And would Rodd Johnson be tending bar? I won't place any bets on it.

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