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Global Warming Debutantes 12

Global Warming Debutantes 12

Studio: New Machine
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Diville's ratings for Global Warming Debutantes 12:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Global Warming Debutantes 12 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Global Warming Debutantes 12 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Global Warming Debutantes 12 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Global Warming Debutantes 12 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Global Warming Debutantes 12 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Global Warming Debutantes 12 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Global Warming Debutantes 12 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Diville  on  10/29/2000
Starring: Michelle (Veronica), Ursula, Leila, Jennifer, Nicoletta, Sylvia, Kat, Ed Powers, Jake Steed, Faceless Fan

Director: Ed Powers

One of the side effects of being an adult performer is that you open yourself up to a very unique and strange kind of criticism. Where most entertainers are evaluated on their ability to act, sing, or dance, those who perform in adult movies are always judged by the way they look, have sex, and by how much they're willing to do on screen. Girls are often discounted for not doing the things we would never ask of our wives in personal life, and men are vilified if the volume of their ejaculations aren't up to acceptable levels. And then, there's Ed Powers, who is criticized for his age, the way he looks, the size of his penis, the paleness of his skin, and the awkwardness of his rap with women. Yet, I like the little fella. His Dirty Debutantes series is one of the most successful series ever, and it's been copied many times over. The formula is simple, though. You take a bunch of girls who have no or limited on camera sexual experience, and then you give it to them. Surely, Ed now has the money to improve his production values, but why go out of your way to fix what's been selling so well? Anyone remember New Coke?

Global Warming Debutantes is exactly like all Ed's other Debutantes series, only the girls here aren't American. That's it. Otherwise expect all those things you normally see in an Ed Powers production. Lots of muddy looking hand held camera work, hollow and distant sound, and not so surprise appearances by buddy Jake Steed. And you can also expect to see genuine sex where nobody is playing to the camera and nothing is artificial. Not everyone who introduces themselves to the porn world via Ed Powers' bedroom is going to be a star. In fact, most we never see again. But I've always liked the realness of Ed's collections. Not everyone of them is a winner, but frequently you'll find something very interesting. Here's what you'll see in Global Warming Debutantes 12...

Michelle and Ursula are a couple, not just a couple of very attractive girls, but a real couple. They claim to be mainstream fashion models in Europe, and we're told that there are fashion magazines out there with their pictures in them. I have no reason to doubt their truthfulness, but even though they are very pretty, they don't fit the tall statuesque mold that I normally imagine when thinking of successful foreign models. Still, they come to meet Ed and Jake because Ursula is jealous of Michelle's heterosexual experience, and wants to see her fuck a man with her own two eyes. The two of them eat up over an hour of this DVD as Ursula proves that she's the one with the sense of sexual adventure. Though Ed suggests she does a lot more off camera, we never see it. Instead, she delivers the most relentless tease I've ever seen as she does everything imaginable to Ed without actually engaging in sexual acts. It's fun to watch just how insane she drives him. Michelle, who is the regularly scheduled star of the scene eventually takes over and enjoys a lengthy romp with Jake Steed. It looks to me as if Jake has to pace himself, and maybe even recite baseball stats in his head once or twice just to make his time with Michelle last as long as it does. There's nothing insincere here. Everyone is into it. If you buy or rent this title, this is the reason you should do so. Everything else is just window dressing.

We never hear much from Nicoletta and Sylvia, but we see a lot of them. I don't think Nicoletta would turn many heads while walking on the streets of your town, but she looks pretty good in bed. Who knew an inserted penis would make for such a nice accessory? After some quick head she spends a few congical minutes with the Faceless Fan. Once he gets off, we cut to him with Sylvia going through the same motions, but only a little more enthusiastically and for little longer. Sylvia is a very attractive red head who may have a bright porn future if she could wipe the distant expression off her face and replace it with a smile.

There's nothing too spectacular about friends Jennifer and Leila. But they are attractive girls. Both are twenty years-old, both have long black hair, and both like to show off their natural bodies. Ed even asks at one point if they're really sisters. They are not. Ed takes his turn with each of the girls and after getting himself off, he accompanies them to the sauna to watch them do each other. Jennifer confessed earlier that she's never been with another woman before, and it's fun to watch her reactions here as she is initiated by her friend. Perhaps I'm overly concerned, but I read somewhere recently that sex in a sauna is really dangerous because of the stress it puts on the body. Even though nothing alarming happens to either of them, I halfway expected to see someone pass out or have a heart attack. That would have definitely been something new. Instead, they satisfy each other, then Ed escorts Jennifer back to the bedroom where he satisfies himself...again.

Lastly, Ed introduces Kat who is a very cute girl, but no real knockout beauty. Once there was a time I would have been as pleased as I could be to watch her on my television having sex, but good porn has made me raise my standards. It's all rather moot, though as she just masturbates while Ed paws at her and does his futile best to talk her into more. Fortunately, her time on screen is brief, and once Ed realizes there's nothing in it for him, the scene ends. And so does this edition of Global Warming Debutantes.

These kinds of pro-am compilations are more hit and miss than most titles. You know what you're going to get from Ed; he just never changes. The success of his movies depend on the quality and enthusiasm of the girls that agree to appear in them. Michelle and Ursula of the opening hour are winners. The others, while not a waste of your time, pale in comparison. And Ed's extras are really just promotions for other stuff and a quick self serving bio. What you're left with is half of one really hot DVD and half of one that's merely interesting.

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