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Glamcore (Teravision)

Glamcore (Teravision)

Studio: Teravision
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Glamcore (Teravision):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Glamcore (Teravision) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Glamcore (Teravision) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Glamcore (Teravision) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Glamcore (Teravision) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Glamcore (Teravision) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Glamcore (Teravision) DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Glamcore (Teravision) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/14/2007
Ok fans here's a dvd from Teravision dealing with the more glamorous side of porn and we've got an interesting cast too from Faith Leon to Annette Schwarz which is quite a gap but in between you've got Bobbi Starr, Samantha Ryan, Katarina Kat, and a new girl for me in Nikki Dominik so let's take a walk on the more fashionable end of porn.

Katarina Kat:

We lead off with this most flexible of pornstars and with the wind blowing through her hair and a big feather boa around her neck Katarina reels us in. The screen has a widescreen look to it for me as the picture seems stretched-- could be my tv as I was unable to get this to load up on my computer so I tried there and this is how the picture looked, still good mind you just a bit different. Katarina's hot no doubts there and we get some examples here of how flexible she is. A nice bench/bed is placed in the middle of the room they're in, covered in a nice looking blue fabric and Katarina moves onto it to continue the teasing. When the lights shine brightly on here her the action really heats up, great pussy fingering by Miss Kat which is captured up close. Gotta love a woman who is so into masturbating that she'll just go for it like Katarina does here, makes you want to dive in for a taste of that juicy kittie. Katarina gets a cool contented look on her face after doing this then she sees Nick Manning enter the frame and her interest is peaked all over again as he strides around. We soon get his cock out and Katarina does a solid job sucking him off, good side view for this also. It was great to see Nick reciprocating too eating out Katarina's pussy before laying pipe and I don't think he needed much persuasion to get a taste of that pussy. After both oral's are done we get a couple fleeting shots of Katarina in her sexy outfit, then it's time for some fucking and watch as Nick deliberately pounds down into her pussy, strong strokes here. The best position was probably doggie and we close out with a good load to her face and she gives good eye contact as she teases his cock before we fade out.

Faith Leon:

We follow the same pattern in this scene as the first with Faith appearing in a sexy outfit with matching boa around her neck and the images then flood the screen as we are given a visual tour of Faith's sexy young body. Check out the long slender legs on this girl, very nice and the eyes too do a good job of drawing us in when the camera focuses in on them. The music too which plays along with the tease does a good job of setting a tone for the scene, it doesn't overshadow which is a good thing. The music nicely stops when we get Faith engaged in some strong finger banging to her pussy and sitting up she has a good wise base from which to tickle those lips. The color is different covering the bed in the room, it's white here as opposed to blue in the opening scene. We get some great facial looks too from Faith as she's doing this hard pussy stroking, bet you'll wish you could dive in and clean those fingers off. We then get a edit and suddenly in the next shot Faith's sucking off Tommy Gunn and doing a mighty fine job of it too, some great no hands sucking mixed in with her stroking his rod. The dark colors surrounding them coupled with the white sheet and lights made the visual very easy to see. Tommy does some solid pumping to that pussy with reverse being a good position. Faith takes a fine pop to her open mouth to close with excellent cleanup head to Tommy's cock.

Samantha Ryan & Bobbi Starr:

This scene slightly changes the format- you still get the sexy lingerie and the wind blowing through the hair but we have two girls this time and no feather boas so far as I saw. The shots go back and forth between the girls as they are in various stages of undress. Great tushes on both girls along with two very attractive faces. The camera almost seems to rotate around the girls at times which is a good shot plus the closer in views don't hurt either. The color for the sheet in this scene is a combo it seems of purple and red mixed together. The girls finally appear together and do some fun interplay with each other tickling a pussy, sucking on a breast and yeah some kissing too. When they were both fingering the other you get some good moans coming out and did I see a hard ass spank, yep I did!! Samantha is the first to go muff diving and we geta great shot of Bobbi's legs opened up as she dives in. Miss Ryan mixes in some good fingering too while munching on Bobbi's kittie. Sadly the toys soon appear, I'd have at least liked to have seen Bobbi eat some pussy first. The toy is used quite nicely, though, to diddle Samantha's pussy which looks pretty wet so again why not have Bobbi get a taste first, then use the glass toy. I must say, though, that Samantha sure seemed to like the device pounding into her so Bobbi must have been doing something right plus she strokes the tip of the lips with her fingers. Samantha then gets to lick those juices off and the girls jointly like the toy which I liked because their tongues mixed with each other. Samantha then gets to use a separate toy on Bobbi who thrusts that ass nicely in the air giving Miss Ryan easy access. The scene started off pretty good but then went downhill for me when the toys took over, the ladies looked great together and I just wished for more action without the toys involved myself. As for the scene itself, pretty standard g/g fare as you see most days but they did look good and seemed to enjoy each other so that's always a plus. Some nice kissin to close the scene out along with the girls masturbating while watching each other and I loved the look out to us as we fade out.

Annette Schwarz:

We resume with the pattern from the first two scenes as Annette appears in sexy candy apple red with matching red boa. The eyes are good too looking at us a couple times and the wind definitely adds a look making her blond locks blow around. We stay with red too and you see the lights surrounding Annette as she gets on the centerpiece doing some strong pussy stroking too once the music stops with the camera shot too moving a couple times with the frontal shot being the best. The dark background is certainly helping in the girls standing out plus the lighting too mixes in making for a good picture and Annette is a great performer for such a spotlight as we get here. Annette then gives us this look while cleaning her pussy juices off her finger like she needs a man so guys hurry on over, lol. To late we see one already there and we have Annette all over his cock once it's out doing some great deep throating and ball sucking. Annette looked so good here on her knees from the side sucking cock, working in some stroking too while making sure it was a rock hard dick-- only such a device would be allowed in this sexy German's pussy/ ass. Sexwise you get a great bounce going in the doggie position and we end with Annette taking a good facial and there's great cleanup sucking from her along with a knowing look to the camera as she blows cum bubbles!!

Nikki Dominik:

Well this last scene opens like the others have before it with great shots rotating around the girl and this time you see the stage she's on actually moving, more great wind blowing shots but no boa this scene. Nikki has a fine look about her and gives us some fine facial expression as the camera shows her off. Ok we finally get the bed in the shot and the color this time was hard to judge for me, a brown maybe, dark green perhaps. Anyway we get Nikki naked and doing some great pussy fingering, lifting up one leg in fact to reach around to diddle herself. We see a bit more rotation of the stage she's on with her man soon appearing and it's not long before she's engulfing his cock, again a good side shot for the bj is given. I don't want to assume anything but I'm thinking this is Mario Rossi she's blowing making the guy before Pike Nelson if you're interested at home. As for the sex I'd say the opening shot in reverse was a good start but the slightly askewed camera shot was off, liked it better when they straightened it up. I don't like to have to tilt my neck to one side to watch, lol. Cowgirl wasn't bad either, like seeing a pussy stretched a bit this way to give the butt lovers something to enjoy. They close with some spoon action leading to Nikki taking a good facial but no cleanup before we fade out.

Final Thoughts:

This wasn't to bad, not usually my cup of tea but I liked the girls in this one. They were made up nicely in each scene and with the wind blowing made for some 'glamorous' shots indeed. The best scenes were probably the two to open the title with Faith and Katarina. The g/g with Samantha and Bobbi started promisingly enough but then went to far into toy play with no return to more sensual g/g play. There were no extras that I was able to find here but I'm sure they'll be there on the finished dvd so keep a look out for that. Worth a rental for the talent used, they looked pretty good.

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