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Girly Riders 2

Studio: Porno Static
Category:  All Sex
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stinkfist's ratings for Girly Riders 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Girly Riders 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Girly Riders 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Girly Riders 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girly Riders 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Girly Riders 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girly Riders 2 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girly Riders 2 A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  6/13/2008
Scene 1-Alexis Silver

Alexis poses on her bike in the park she is wearing a purple fishnet top with black bra underneath she has on a short black skirt which resembles a belt and black knickers and purple and black striped stockings.She has lovely dark hair and has on black shades and looks cool as fuck as she sits astride her bike.As she looks into the camera she sticks two fingers up..anymore of that and i will be letting down your tyres young lady.Alexis has a great curvy figure and huge tits and whoever told you that more than a handful is a waste really lied to you,she is watching 3 guys kick about a football on a sports court.Soon she gets talking to the guys and is seductive and sexy and the lucky bastards get invited back to hers,they are now indoors and Alexis caresses her boobs and we get a great view of her ass as she sits astride the chopper.It was time to watch Alexis suck cock as one of the guys thrust his length towards her.

Alexis really knows how to suck cock,if she doesn't she can practice on mine if she likes.As she sets about this guys beef she spits and wanks on his cock but i cant take my eyes of that cleavage of hers,soon the guy is slapping her ass and fingering her pussy as she continues to suck on his tool.She soon goes reverse cowgirl and her shaved pussy looks fantastic as she bounces up and down riding away.Then she pulls up her fishnet top and pulls her tits out her bra and what a pair they were absolutely huge,the areola angels had smiled on this girl and as i glanced down between my legs i only wished the penile gods had been kinder to me.Her tits jiggled about like they were suffering from parkinson's disease and throw in a couple of jelly's and you get the idea what these tits were like.Even a goth would raise a smile on seeing these whoppers in action.The scene goes from strength to strength with Alexis getting done in a variety of positions and loving it as the cock plunges in and out of her juiced up cunt.I loved it when she got done doggie style as those jugs flopped about as she ordered the guy to fuck her harder.Alexis gets hammered missionary position and eventually the guy pulls out and wanks off till he comes in her mouth.

What a great scene to start the movie,Alexis is smoking hot with a great figure and if you like your woman with massive tits then this scene is what you are looking for.The male talent gave her a good fuck and no talk from him either,if you are wondering what happened to the other two guys well this guy won the right to fuck Alexis.

Scene 2-Janie

The scene starts with Janie on her bike wearing a khaki see through vest and no bra on,her tits are perfect not huge and not small either she has some war paint on her face and has got shoulder length hair and she is wearing a army camouflage skirt which has ridden up to show of khaki knickers,she wears black fishnets with black leg warmers pulled down to her ankles and has black fishnet elbow length gloves on.She has a beautiful curvy figure and as she makes her way on her bike towards two guys we see she has a curvy pert bottom.I think i am going to love this scene,after she chats to the guys they get invited to hers it was time to see if this Girly Rider could live up to her name.Janie now stands in her apartment telling us she cannot wait to get fucked,she is still wearing her outfit but this time something is missing and it's her knickers,she rubs her shaved pussy and with that the two guys erect cocks appear either side of her.

She sets about one guys cock and deep throats him gagging on his pork sword,i think we have a classy cocksucker here guys and it is great to watch,she also has a filthy mouth and looks every inch the porn slut.Janie is a British girl and a scouser so if you think The Beatles were the only good thing to come out of Liverpool then watch this scene with your trousers at your ankles and i'm sure you will change your mind.She takes turns sucking and spitting on each guys cock before forcing both cocks into her mouth.That was not enough for Janie as she demanded to be fucked,she went reverse cowgirl while sucking the other guy off as she bounced up and down her cunt looked really tight as it was stuffed to the hilt with cock.Both guys switch around and give Janie a good fucking,i enjoyed it when she went cowgirl as she has such a sexy round bum and it looked hot as hell to watch.The guys continue to change around with one of them fucking her on her side only to pull out and ease his cock up her arse,this looks amazing and Janie looks incredibly horny getting done up the arse.Soon she has a cock up her cunt as both holes get hammered while she talks dirty,this continues for a while before she gets done up the arse while she sucks of the other guy sucking on his balls too.The scene ends with Janie sucking of both guys till one wanks of and cums in her mouth she plays with the cum before taking the last load in her mouth.

Fantastic scene Janie was a treat to watch,she gave good sloppy blowjobs and enjoyed spitting on there cocks and there was quite a bit of spit play.The dp action was great and she took a good anal pounding and dirty talked her way through the scene.Her body is lovely,nice and curvy this is my favorite scene so far.

Scene 3-Sahara Knight

The next Girly Rider is Sahara,as she sits astride her bike she is wearing a fluorescent pink top with yellow piping and pink shorts with matching pink sweat bands and leg warmers on.She is petite and has a sexy little figure she has lovely long hair and looks so cute although she soon gives the camera the middle finger and rubs on her pussy as two guys watch from the bushes.They were soon over there questioning Sahara about being a dirty slut for rubbing her pussy in the park for all to see.Sahara gives them plenty of verbal back,the scene soon cuts to inside her apartment and Sahara poses seductively over her bike she looks fantastic and every inch a Girly Rider,she has tiny little titties with hard nipples and before we see anything else a cock is thrust in her face she goes to work on it and gives the guy a nice slow teasing blowjob and with the camera now behind Sahara her shorts are pulled down and her cute little ass is on display.The guy seems to be having some wood problems but as the bj action unfolds so does the rest of his cock.

Sahara soon goes reverse cowgirl on this lucky guy and you can hear her pussy squelching away with her juices as she bounces up and down this looks and sounds great and with her dirty talk thrown in it it's fantastic to watch,why did she not enter the Eurovision Song Contest with acoustics lke that.She rubs on her clit while thrashing around then goes on her side and gets done nice and hard her shaved pussy looks great stretched full of meat.For such a slight girl she can handle this guy no problem and as she screamed her way to orgasm i think i better turn down the volume or that nosey neighbor of mine will think i am hosting a roman orgy in my house.As she continues to get fucked she sucks on a lollypop sweet and Don gives her some verbals only for Sahara to curse and swear at him before launching some spit in his direction before going back to fucking this guy who soon has her doggie style and plunges his cock in and out so that we can see Sahara's gaping hole.As she gets done missionary you can see her cream coating this guys shaft as he pounds away and now that he takes her doggie style she turns the air blue with filthy talk.The scene ends with Sahara standing up and sucking on her lollypop as she asks the other guy if he enjoyed the show,i don't think she needs to ask my thoughts as my smile gives the game away.She slaps her arse and talks dirty then the guy moves towards her and she demands his spunk he soon fills her mouth with his cream and she lets it flood out and dribble down her chin

I am really enjoying this Girly Riders title a great scene again with Sahara looking sexy and putting in a slutty performance,she is slim and petite and has that look about her that will drive you crazy she does not have big tits but what she does have is my respect after watching her scene.A little nymphomaniac who cursed her way through the scene.Lovely stuff.

Scene 4-Aaliyah (Anaya leon)

Scene starts with her out on her bike in the park she is wearing white fishnets with white leg warmers rolled down to her ankles,short white top,white skirt and a white visor on and she has dark hair that is in stunning ringlets.She looks really beautiful and catches the attention of Don "Dogging" Roobles the man behind the camera for Killergram's On A Dogging Mission series,he chances his luck with this Girly Rider and with the promise of big cocks for her she is soon on her bike with Don doing the pedaling.Now we are indoors with Don leading her into a room with a promise of a huge cock for her,he was as good as his word as lying on the bed was a naked guy with a hard on she throws her hat of and goes to work on this guys shaft and Aaliyah looks stunning and just oozes sex appeal and is a right little pervert.

She dirty talks while plunging his cock in and out of her mouth this girl might need an intravenous drip to wean her of of her addiction to cock.The guy tries to be bossy but there is only one person in charge and she is wearing virginal white and soon she is stripping of to reveal her lovely figure what a fucking body she has.The male talent soon has his fingers deep inside her pussy and i honestly thought when he brought them out they would be charred to the bone with the intense heat from this Girly Riders wet pussy.Some great 69 action follows with the camera catching Aaliyah at her best with a mouth full of meat.And as she squatted over the guy to have her clit licked it looked amazing,she continued with the dirty talk and a good close up of her pussy lips followed.

Now Aaliyah goes reverse cowgirl and it's great to watch her in control quickening then slowing down the tempo then the guy gets to be in control as she mouths of all sorts of abuse at him.She gets put on her side and ram raided with his cock,but don't feel sorry for her as she was demanding to be fucked hard.She spits and gags on his cock before he fucks her hard once again i was totally loving her dirty talk it was such a turn on.She looks sweet and thats what makes it an even bigger thrill,she gets done doggie style now and with all that dirty talk the male talent is doing well to keep going i would have sprung a leak ages ago.Aaliyah sucks on his cock again before giving him a footjob then goes cowgirl to be in full control again as she ground up and down on his cock.Then she goes full circle on his cock turning a complete circle while saying that is her favorite move this made me smile,before she ends up in reverse cowgirl to thrash around before Don pours some water on her pussy to cool it down ha ha.she continues to get done really hard and takes everything the guy can throw at her what a little nymphomaniac livewire she is.The scene ends with the guy wanking of over Aaliyah's face and she is such a pretty looking girl with lovely pure white teeth.Suddenly the guy can hold back no longer and shoots over her face.

Wow this was fantastic Aaliyah(Anaya Leon) is such a cute looking sexy little Girly Rider,she also is very vocal in this scene and takes or should that be demands a good hard fucking from the guy,who to be fair did an excellent job with this nymphomaniac.A truly fantastic scene

Scene 5-Frankie Knight

As she holds up a finger to the camera i have got to say Frankie looks beautiful and has that sexy look about her she has long dark hair that is tied back but with some hair swept over her face and is dressed all in yellow,short top,short skirt and yellow fishnets she has very long legs and as she slaps her bum i just know this scene is going to be great.She confronts two guys who get lippy with her telling them this is her park.Thankfully Frankie is in a horny mood and the guys get invited back to hers it's enough to make you weep tears from outright jealousy.As Frankie teases the camera a cock then gets thrust in her direction and she wastes no time in going to work on it i have got to say Frankie looks fantastic sucking cock i have taken a real shine to her and with her dirty talk and the way she looks to the camera she has easily won me over.She rubs and slaps her pussy which is pierced and she has a cute landing strip,she sits on this guys face then leans forward to suck his cock 69 style,as the camera pans all around her body Frankie has an amazing ass very round and sexy looking.

Next up she is in cowgirl getting done hard and her ass spanked hard,she then gets taken doggie style her ass still bright red from it's spanking.Frankie is a babe indeed a babe that loves getting fucked hard and deep and soon she wants to taste her own juices from the cock.More hard doggie follows before she spits on his cock and gives him a sloppy blowjob,reverse cowgirl is next on her menu before she gets done side on,this is all great to watch Frankie soon has his cock back in her mouth before he fucks her mouth then she wanks him of while he fingers her pussy.Doggie style finishes the scene and as he pumps away he stops to let Frankie back into his cock and she thrusts back really hard to control the fucking her big sexy ass looked fantastic as the camera caught this action side on before he again takes control and he really grips her arse and gives her it hard,she wants cum on her face and he pulls out and spunks in her mouth and over her face.

Great scene to end the movie Frankie was beautiful and had a lovely curvy body and long legs,she took a good fuck the way a Girly Rider likes it...hard and nasty.Five hot girls and one thing is clear you don't mess with a Girly fuck them.You are spoiled for choice here with the females each one of them is so pretty and they put on a great performance plenty of dirty talk and hot fucking a truly enjoyable film from Pornostatic.I am really finding it difficult to pick a favorite scene or girl as the movie was so great with a mix of ethnic and white girls you simply cannot go wrong with this title.

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