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Roger Herraw Girlvana 4 4.5 starsGirlvana 4 4.5 starsGirlvana 4 4.5 stars
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Girlvana 4

Girlvana 4

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Girlvana 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Girlvana 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Girlvana 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Girlvana 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girlvana 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Girlvana 4 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Girlvana 4 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girlvana 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/3/2008
Hello fellow porn fans time to check out a genre I'm quite fond of, girl on girl and in some cases in this one three girls!! Mike Quasar has shown a nice touch in shooting this series so far, mixing in a lot of excellent no toy action with scenes which also feature the ladies using those devices to add on a little stimulation. They've done volumes where it's one side no toys and the other with toys, not sure what will happen here but I'm pretty confident the visuals will look great and it's just a matter of whether you like the cast or not in order to check it out. So let's hit a few highlights.

Dakota Brookes, Ryan Keely, & Devi Emmerson:

Nice opening shot, big palatial house and girls in schoolgirl uniforms walking about!! That's Ryan in the glasses to help you tell the difference, she's hanging out with Devi as the girls just look so cute. They look even better making out undernearth a tree a few seconds later, oh yeah!! Nice tongue work girls too. The girls then decide to take a dip in the pool and this gets them wet-- all over and not just down below which I'm sure the necking had already started that process. After a lap or two they go back to making out and work in some boob kissing as well. Very nice pussy eating is captured here, clear picture, nice close in views-- I was very happy with that. Well seems the girls had an audience in Miss Brookes and she tentatively makes her way over, gets naked and fuses herself right in, more kissing and oral to enjoy-- that's more than ok with me!! Solid opener and no toys!

Amber Lynn & Jenny Hendrix:

Our next scene plays on the older/ younger woman dynamic and seems Jenny's not doing to good in school and Amber as the wise older person wants to help out-- not sure if having sex with Jenny is the right thing to do but it sure will be a whole lot of fun watching them try!! Amber does a nice job once they get back to her place of disrobing Jenny out of the schoolgirl uniform, showing a little of that awesome ass she's been blessed with and also sucking on those nice titties. I should point out Jenny's still a blond here, recently I've seen her in darker hair doing a good scene on the Brazzers site. Back to Jenny's ass!! Mike get a fantastic floor shot of this perfect bottom and I think a scene of someone just licking that pussy/ass from this shot would be one I'd be very interested in seeing. Well Amber does get to that very shot at one point and it looks as awesome as you think it would. Maybe not quite as sensual or erotic as the first scene but still very good g/g work nonetheless, great pussy eating from both ladies here made for a great viewing experience. The girls work in a 69 too with Amber on top.

Kelly Skyline & Nikki Rhodes:

Alright more schoolgirls!! These young ladies are about to bone up for the big exam tomorrow but seems they've been goofing off a lot lately so Nikki thinks they'll fail but Kelly's got an ace in the hole-- she's got the answers so instead of cramming for the exam she wants them to do some intense studying-- of each other's pussy's and tits!! This seems to please Nikki as they adjourn to a bedroom for more personal one on one tutoring!!! Two hotties in blue blazers making out, is there anything better, yeah those same two hotties then undressing each other and sucking on their boobies-- yeah that's much better and these girls move smoothly along to just that shot. There was a good comfort level here between the two, much like the first scene with Ryan and Devi-- I think two girls just seems more intimate and I sensed that here. I've been lucky enough to see Nikki's boobs in person and fans they look even better live than you see here on screen and those puppies look pretty delictable here and did I mention she's a redhead!! Kelly sure has a lot of fun playing with those boobs and eventually making her way down to lick coochie. Mike has continually provided good to great shots of the action which hasen't seen any plastic! Great back and forth too, long extended sets with one girl pleasuring the other but with the energy that isn't you do me I do you with no passion. These girls were into it and it was a delight watching them have their fun.

Crissy Moon, Karlie Montana, Tori Black & Aubrey Addams:

We close the first disc with another group scene and these are some hot babes for sure. Karlie's probably the most experienced of the group having done many g/g scenes that I've been able to watch so she more than welcome. Tori's another girl I had the lucky pleasure of watching in a scene a few months back, no fucking as she was doing dialogue this day but we were lucky to see a few flashes of that awesome bod. Aubrey is just so fucking cute and doesn't have her bigger boobs which I understand she's got now and I've seen Crissy a few times plus we have some nice background girls to help complete the picture. The young girls decide to incorporate their lesbian fling with a game of billiards, lol, long sticks and hot chicks!! The four pair off and engage in good kissing, the boobs are tickled with tongues and then it's time to bury face in pussy-- my fave!! This scene doesn't have the more sensual feel of the previous one but you still get some excellent shots as they lick coochie and I think most of us are fans of those sweet lips being pleasured!! So now it's on to side two and I suspect we'll see some toy play there.

Roxy DeVille & Joanna Angel:

Ok a nice way to open up the second side with Roxy and Joanna, I've seen Miss Deville do some awesome g/g work for another studio. Looks like the schoolgirl look is gone and now the girls have a rocker look to them as they walk along the street. They pause to yap a bit before making their way back to Joanna's pad where they will do a bit more I suspect. Down to their undies the girls share a beverage before they resume being intimate, the kissing was quite good between the two as was the boobie kissing. I'm a pretty simple guy in my g/g tastes, want lots of kissing, breast play and then go for it in the oral sex, maybe lick a little ass too-- is that to much to ask!! The girls do a solid job in all areas here so no real complaints from me, great work ladies. As I thought towards the end we get some toy play but I'd seen more than enough awesome action that I crave in a g/g scene to get me off so I just enjoyed the view.

Lisa Ann & AnnMarie Rios:

Our next scene takes us to the classroom where Lisa's the teacher and you see a group of students before here that seemingly could fit in any rough neighborhood, is she Edward James Olmos trying to teach them calculus, lol, not that type of teacher but hey I'll take her brand of tough love as she calls AnnMarie to her office. I think a lot of you out there will be sporting some serious wood to Lisa's outfit, the business suit which is opened up to let her ample cleavage spill out and the hair is flowing beautifully down her sides and to cap it off the glasses were just amazing and gave her a superb professorial look. Hot For Teacher ring any bells!! Lisa then states the bold truth, she knows AnnMarie and her girlfriends are raving lesbos and if she wants to get ahead here she better satisfy Lisa who is also a raging g/g fan and it doesn't take Ann Marie much thought to dive across the desk and get those huge juggs out for kissing. Ann actually spends a long time on those boobs before making her way down to Lisa's cooter and the pussy licking-- very nice, open legs and licking, licking, licking!! Lisa also does the doggie pose on top of the desk giving her student more time to enjoy eating her coochie, then it's teacher's turn and Lisa is more than up to the task of munching on student pussy. We shouldn't worry about AnnMarie after this, I think she'll pass!!

Sasha Grey & AnnaBelle Lee:

Ok on to another fine pairing of pretty girls, the lovely AnnaBelle Lee who I've seen in action live as well as the reigning Female Performer of the Year Sasha Grey who I've also seen live in action!!Seems Sasha doesn't want to study for the big exam-- what is it with these girls not wanting to study, lol, so she heads over to AnnaBelle's and she better have the answers or else-- the else part is what we get and that's the girls making out passionately-- the close in shots are they are kissing were really good Mike!! The girls maintain the nearly contant lip locking even as they work their respective sets of perky titties out, Sasha is the first to go downtown for pussy eating and again great shots as those lips are pleasured. Miss Grey uses a few fingers too as she's doing her thing. AnnaBelle then gets her turn and shows an equally strong urge to eat coochie, that face buried between Sasha's legs and I couldn't have enjoyed this more, great work girls. They work in a doggie pose too where Sasha licks some ass-- this I absolutely loved watching, tongue licking rosebud!! Towards the end of the scene you see Sasha use a pink toy to analize Anna's ass but it's so far into the scene I think most of you have seen what you needed to see!!

Renae Cruz, Alexis Texas, & Aiden Starr:

We close out disc two with a shower fuck scene featuring three hotties, we already have Renae and Aiden making out as the scene opens!! This so makes that Porky's shower scene seem pedestrian!! Well Aiden and Renae get called out of the shower to initiate the new girl Alexis who seems more than ready to join their sapphic club and the two descend on this big booty babe and it's all kissing as a couple interested girls watch on. You get a hint of that great ass Alexis is blessed with before the girls push her down to keep on with the kissing to her mouth and boobs. More girls file in to watch this initiation and the trio seem oblivious to all but each other. The seem to stay in constant contact either kissing, licking pussy or kissing tits, the action had a smooth flow to it so for a group scene this worked pretty good. Renae's got a great ass herself so seeing a 69 with Alexis licking pussy was awesome but I want to see that big PHAT ass belonging to Alexis worshipped and thankfully Mike works that in with Alexis riding Aiden's face and both she along with Renae lick away, one on pussy the other to her ass!! Alexis then rocks back to smother Aiden's face leaving her tongue as the only thing keeping her breathing as she tongues that asshole!! So far as group scenes go this was a real good one, much better than the one on the first side, I think it was Alexis and the girls playing with her ass that did it for me!! Great scene to close with.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I'd say Mike's done another awesome job here, pretty much all of this one had no toys which I was most pleased with and you had a variety of girls here that everyone should be able to find someone to enjoy. The one on one scenes were the best here I think but I did think the finale with Alexis, Aiden, and Renae put a capper on a solid g/g title. The kissing was very good for the most part, good use of tongues both twirling and then licking pussy and even some ass!! The extras were split evenly with BTS segments on both discs so be sure and check those out and you have photos as well as trailers to enjoy too. If you enjoy very good g/g with mostly non toy action this would be an excellent pick up to add to your collection.

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