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morbidthoughts Girls Interrupted 3 3.5 starsGirls Interrupted 3 3.5 starsGirls Interrupted 3 3.5 stars
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Girls Interrupted 3

Girls Interrupted 3

Studio: DVSX
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Girls Interrupted 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Girls Interrupted 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Girls Interrupted 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Girls Interrupted 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Girls Interrupted 3 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Girls Interrupted 3 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Girls Interrupted 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girls Interrupted 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/4/2005
Here we go with a series where the girls get to have a little fun with each other before the beef comes in. When we have the g/g loving I'm hoping for a lot of kissing and oral with little or no toys but we'll see what Alex Ladd has come up with as I see our first scene is all cued up so let's get rollin.

Finesse, Genesis & Angela:

Ok our first bit of fun stars three young ladies. They start out with some black and white tease also introducing the girls one at a time with Finesse being first. The robe she's wearing nicely opens revealing two modest breasts, then it falls down altogether letting us check out her ass. Up next we get Genesis who recently underwent some breast enhancement so here we get to see her perky tits and her nice bootie also gets a look see from the camera. Our last girl to tease us is Angela Stone so perhaps we'll see some squirting at some point during the scene. After all three girls have shown their bodies to us they get on a bed and to bad there are toys already laid out for them to use. There is some sucking on the glass toys by each girl and we get some breast sucking but I saw no real kissing which sucked, they go right to using the toys. This toy train might turn some on and if it does go for it but it doesn't do anything for me really. Moving along we do see Angela do some pussy licking in between shoving the toy in Finesse's pussy and there's also a good 69 shot with Genesis on top of Angela. Still a toy is never far away sadly. You do get a good squirting orgasm by Angela and the geyser nicely shoots up with Genesis doing some nice cleanup licking. The girls then all lay down next to each other for some simultaneous pussy play with the toys. Well this is one time I'm very glad to see a g/g/g scene interrupted as the girls get a live cock to play with and they all descend on Talon's tool with abandon. Each girl gets their turn at pleasuring his cock and the sex starts with all the girls lined up in doggie and Talon has his way going from pussy to pussy. You do get some g/g play while the fucking is ongoing with a pair of girls eating pussy then Talon will pluck one away for a bit of fucking. While Finesse is being boned doggiestyle you see a geyser shoot out from Angela across her back and Genesis has a big grin on her face while this is occurring. More squiring happens when Angela is nailed in spoon and we close with mish for Finesse and there's a belly popshot with some cleanup. The best parts of this scene for me was the squirting with Angela otherwise I wasn't much into the heavy toy usage and there just wasn't enough g/g interraction in regards to oral or kissing for me.

Luizza, Erica & Jennifer:

Our next scene also features three young girls and up first we meet Luizza who gives us a sexy lick of her lips while she shows off her body, again the tease is in black & white. The bend over shot really shows off her ass nicely. Moving on we meet Erica and I like how she quickly lifts her top up showing us her perky tits and you see this girl has a good bootie as well when her jeans are lowered. Our last girl is Jennifer and she is very hot, the best looking of the three so far I think. The way she lifts her shirt up was sexy and we have perky tits once more and her ass looks pretty good. The scene opens with Erica in the middle and the other girls are kissing on her tits which is a switch from the first scene. There is also some early oral sex so this scene is already better than the first as it's stressing more g/g activities I can get behind. Each girl gets a lick at Erica's pussy and we get some finger play as well. Next we see a nice pussy licking train and this is much better than the toy train from scene 1. You also get a fine looking 69 shot with again the stress on oral licking and not toy play. As the scene moves along two girls stay in a 69 while Erica is nailed in doggie by our man who's mysteriously joined in. You have Luizza slide under for some P2OGM and Jennifer also gets a taste of cock. Then we see spoon anal for Luizza with one girl perching her pussy over her face so she's ass fucked and gets to lick pussy, nice deal if you can get it! There is also anal for Luizza in RC, then she gets off and Jennifer gets on in regular RC, then she gets analized in spoon with Luizza doing A2OGM. Jennifer also does a god cowgirl anal while Erica and Luizza kiss each other above her back. The girls all get lined up in doggie with some ass fucking done, then it's more RC and this fine scene closes with the jizz decorating all three faces. These girls worked together much better than in scene 1 and no toy in sight so I was very thankful.

McKenzie Lee & Scottie Andrews:

Our next scene stars a young girl just signed to be a Club Jenna girl and the other woman, Scottie Andrews has been around for a couple of years and she has amazing tits which we'll get to oogle shortly. Starting with the lovely McKenzie we watch as she lets her hair down, very sexy, then she pulls her bra off letting her tits fall out and they are bigger than you might think. Turning around we see she's got a nice bum and then she crawls toward the camera as she's giving us a sexy glare. Moving on we get to watch Scottie as she shows off her buxom frame, nice big tits and a meaty ass are this girls calling cards, and I think I hear my phone ringing!! The breast caressing was nice, then we go to color and the girls do some brief kissing before sampling each others tits. McKenzie then travels down to Scottie's pussy and some nice oral is shot with a perfect side shot. Darn it, this great oral is interrupted by a plastic toy, but I know some like this so you got it. The girls then switch so Scottie gets to eat pussy and she gets a good aggressive lick going. You also see their man is watching from nearby as they warm each other up and both girls use a toy to get their respective asses ready so I imagine both will do anal soon. Our guy then takes a seat and the girls help his cock out and then they attack with some slow sexy licks around his schlong. Sure enough it's anal sex from the get go in mish for McKenzie and Scottie hovers over kissing her, then moving down to taste her friends ass from the cock. Up next is a very nice reverse cowgirl for Scottie, the tits were flapping bigtime and you get some anal also for this big titted babe in spoon. The scene then ends with a shared pop and some cleanup. Not a bad scene for these two who worked well together.

Patience & Suzie:

Our next scene again starts with the black and white tease footage and up first we have Patience who is a cute blond and she does a good job running her hands about her body. Suzie then follows and she too is a blond with bigger tits than her friend. There is some play with the tits but sadly no nipple licking by her at this time. You see she's also got a lovely ass which we see from up close. The scene then gets going in color with the girls kissing some while their man looks on. You see some tit sucking and caressing and we get some oral as well from Suzie first and then Patience goes muff diving. We have a toy then rear it's ugly head,lol, but at least Patience keeps licking while thrusting the toy in her friends pussy. The girls are then able to use the double sided toy to fuck pussies at the same time and thankfully for me at least the guy then decides to get involved and we get some cock sucking first by Suzie. Patience does her namesake and waits a time before moving over to get her first taste of cock, then we have her place her pussy over the guys face as they continue to share his cock now. Sexwise you have Suzie ride in cowgirl first while Patience is still getting her pussy eaten then she swings around to taste some pussy from the cock and it's her turn then in mish while Suzie rides her pussy over Patience's face! You then have the girls on top of each other with Patience still in mish being fucked and Suzie is in doggie where her pussy is invaded. They close with spoon for Patience and there a pull out and a pop to her belly with Suzie rubbing the jizz in but no tasting really with the girls kissing as we fade out.

Paola, Vanessa & Jasmin:

The next scene features three girls once more and we begin with Paola but it's not that Paola you might be thinking of but this one is still very cute even beckoning us closer during her tease. We next meet Vanessa and she too beckons us closer as we get to check her body out. Modest tits and a very nice ass are what I see with this girl. Our final girl is Jasmin and she does a solid job gyrating her body and letting us get a look at her boobs and her ass. The scene then shifts to color and we get some good kissing to start as well as some breast sucking. The girls move nicely around playing with each other doing some finger play besides the good kissing and breast sucking. There is some pussy licking and another 69 is shot which is always a good thing with g/g scenes. Then we have the introduction of a toy in the mix so fans of plastic loving will get some of that here! We are then joined by a live cock which the girls have fun trading amongst themselves and they keep the g/g play up also. Sexwise you have a doggie line up to begin and our man makes his way from pussy to pussy, then we have one girl lying on anothers back so we get mish for one and doggie for the other. You also see some nice anal in the scene including some reverse cowgirl and the pop to close mostly hits Jasmin's face but each girl gets to help in the cleanup.

Leah & Hillary Scott:

Our last scene stars two young blonds and we don't get the black and white tease footage to start. Instead we find the girls dancing together on a stage that will look familiar to anyone who saw the DVSX booth at either of the last two shows, Erotica LA and then Vegas. The girls do a little dancing while Sergio looks on with his pool cue but I think it's another pole the girls will be playing with shortly. First though the girls help each other get undressed and you get some nice pussy eating by Hillary as she gets down on her knees to lick snatch and soon Leah is doing the same with some nice close ups for this. The girls then move over to Sergio with Hillary doing some sexy grinding over his crotch and then we have both girls getting on top of the pool table and getting in a 69 so more fine pussy play by both ensues. The action then moves back to the floor when Hillary gets a hard bj going with some gagging and Leah is soon to join her blond friend. Sexwise you have doggie to start with Leah taking a good pounding and she leans over to get a better taste of Hillary's pussy. After some P2M from Leah it's Hillary's turn for some cock and it's missionary for her, then RC, then it's back to Leah for cowgirl and the girls close this scene sharing Sergio's seed. Not a bad ending and since I'm really into Hillary Scott now I was glad to see her in this as I hadn't seen her eat pussy yet and Leah was a good partner for her I thought.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was an uneven dvd for me. The g/g parts were actually not my favorite areas as there was just to much toy usage, not to say there weren't some moments, the McKenzie/ Scottie scene comes to mind so I was glad when the live cock showed up and the plastic was put away. As for extras you have the solo scenes where the girls show off for you, there's a photo gallery, the pops are repeated, and finally some behind the scenes are there to be checked out. Overall this one is a rental for me but fans of McKenzie and Hillary Scott should check this out as they both look great in their respective scenes. I hope in the next one we might see more of an emphasis on passion in the g/g segments forgoing the toys in favor of more kissing and oral and I think the heat will be much better in the scenes.

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