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The Pocketcomb Pimp Girls Interrupted 3.5 starsGirls Interrupted 3.5 starsGirls Interrupted 3.5 stars
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Girls Interrupted

Girls Interrupted

Studio: DVSX
Category:  All Sex
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morbidthoughts's ratings for Girls Interrupted:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Girls Interrupted overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Girls Interrupted Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Girls Interrupted Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Girls Interrupted Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Girls Interrupted Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girls Interrupted DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girls Interrupted A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by morbidthoughts  on  10/4/2004

Normally, lesbian scenes bore the hell out of me. I'm a heterosexual male. My imagination is very limited. When I see two girls by themselves in a scene, my mind wants to shut down because most porn actresses are not really lesbian and I'm not one either. I thought the whole point of fantasizing about two girls is to be in the middle. This movie is what the fantasy is really about. Lesbian sex interrupted by a cock. Yeah!

Christie Lee, Sativa Rose, and Brad Baldwin:

Canadian Christie and Mexican-American Sativa are fine exhibits for NAFTA. They can cross my borders any time they want. Christie is wearing black lingerie while Sativa has contrasting whites. They play with each other for a while with toys in the mix. The most striking thing about these two are their hair. Christie's is longer than in her previous film and Sativa's raven black hair.... ohhh who am I kidding. I'm not a hair dresser. Sativa's boobs do the trick.

Ten minutes into the scene and these girls are still going strong without a cock. I'm surprised Sativa hasn't smacked Christie around yet as she's prone to do. Brad enters the scene. Christie focuses on the cock while Sativa helps out on the balls. Sativa rides RC while Christie helps out with the POTGM. Then Christie gets her turn. The contrast between her black undies and her skin tone is beautiful. The girls switch off in different positions. Cumshot comes out of the doggy position on Christie onto Sativa's face. Good scene.

Jennifer Luv, Olivia O'Lovely, Lani Lei, and Joe Friday:

Jennifer Luv, and Olivia start of with the kisses. Then Lani Lei comes in with a black strapon I should nickname Vader. Three attractive hispanic women with big butts. Well I know Jennifer and Olivia have big butts. However; Lani's strapon distracts my attention from her butt. Wait okay, it's confirmed. Lani has a nice big butt too. The setting is a white canopy veiled bed which diffuses the lighting a bit.

Joe Friday eventually makes it into the scene. Joe does Olivia first while Jen gets Lani. Then Jen gets to ride Joe for a while. Finally it's Lani. The girls trade off one in a while afterwards. Olivia has the biggest ass. Jen was the most striking. Lani was the best performer. Weak cumshot lands mostly on Olivia's chin and missing all of the other girls. All in all a good scene with some lighting problems.

Rebecca, Dianne, Tomi, and Joe Monti:

The scenery switches over to Europe. Rebecca, Dianne, Tomi are playing pool while Joe instructs. Hmmn. These girls don't look like they're being interrupted. I have no idea who is who but the girls are all hot.

Girls all seem to have weak oral skills with the cock. Joe would fuck one girl while the other two girls keep busy on the pool table. Cumshot comes out of doing a girl doggy onto two waiting faces. Surprising to see a euro scene without anal but I liked it.

Alexis, Darina, Jane Silver, and Jazz Duro:

Well I've seen Darina and Jane before in Lucky Bastard 2 and Jungle Love 3. I remember them being attractive so Alexis must be the non-attractive girl in the scene. Jazz is just hanging out by the bar. The girls do each other with a dildo. Alexis is really hard to look at.

Jazz reminds me of Derek Jeter. The girls all seem to have weak oral skills too. Jane gets plugged by the toy in the butt and Darina reluctantly cleans up the toy a2ogm style. Jazz fucks Alexis first. Jane cleans POTGM. Darina then gets the schlong in the doggy position. After a while Darina gives up the butt. Alexis cleans a2ogm. Then Jane gets it in the butt. The positioning of the sex against the couch is poor since you only get to see Jazz and the bottom of the girls. Cumshot on Darina's belly. A solid scene.

Mili Jay, Sarah, Jessica, and George Uhl:

The three euro girls in this scene are all very attractive. Both Mili and Jessica have black 80s hair. I find blonde Sarah to be the most attractive of the three. They play with each other for a while with the help of a purple toy. Oops looks like Sarah's got a phone call ala Paris Hilton. George came over really fast!

Another group of euros that are just mediocre with the stick. The girls all take turns getting vaginally porked. Jessica is the first to give up the butt. George goes from the butt back to the pussy on her. Then back to the butt. Camera cuts into George fucking Sarah now for a bit before he stabs Mili for a while. Then back to Jessica for a while before he cums on Jessica. Hmmn this scene left me wanting more. Jessica did most of the work in this scene.

Anika Anderson, Misty Mason, and Joe Friday:

I'm guessing we're back in America with Joe again. Anika looks like she could be russian. Reddish hair with heavy makeup looking very much like Sarah Thompson. Misty is uhh well not as attractive. A black girl with blonde hair, a big nose, fake boobs, and an large tattoo on her thigh. Not an attractive combo. A white dildo keeps the two busy before Joe joins them.

Misty is better slurping down the cock than Anika. Anika's sex faces in the reverse cowgirl can be described as gothic. She just makes these evil faces that look like she's really into it. Send her over to Gothsend. Cumshot shared evenly on the girl's faces. I didn't like this scene that much since Misty was a turn off.

Parting Thoughts:

What started off with a bang ended up in a whimper. My favourite scene was with Christie Lee and Sativa followed up by the Three (Big-Butt) Amigas. The Euros were weaker sexually and I was surprised to see the inclusion of Alexis without her compensating her lack of looks with some skills in the sack. The lighting was inconsistent from scene to scene. Behind the Scenes show Joe is a really nice guy. It helps that Jennifer Luv is hanging out with him. Alexis actually shows quite a personality ridiculing anal sex. Too bad that didn't come out in the actual scene. If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email.

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