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astroknight Girls Gone Black 3 2.5 starsGirls Gone Black 3 2.5 starsGirls Gone Black 3 2.5 stars
The Pocketcomb Pimp Girls Gone Black 3 3.5 starsGirls Gone Black 3 3.5 starsGirls Gone Black 3 3.5 stars
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Girls Gone Black 3

Girls Gone Black 3

Studio: Sensational Video
Category:  Interracial
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
Where to buy:Streaming/Download
picman's ratings for Girls Gone Black 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Girls Gone Black 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Girls Gone Black 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Girls Gone Black 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Girls Gone Black 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Girls Gone Black 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girls Gone Black 3 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girls Gone Black 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  11/27/2004
Prologue A lot of times I've read reviews by Astroknight of films from Sensational Video that start with words to the effect of "Something about this video scares me." I could never understand why he would say such a thing. Why would he buy, rent or even request a screener of something that he doesn't at least think he'd like? I know I don't. But Sensational asked me to screen some of their DVD's and now I understand. They sent me a sampling of their catalogue. Four DVD's. And I can honestly say that there's one in there that I may have a little trouble getting through. Luckily for you, this review is not for that suspect film. I want to start out on a positive note and this film is right up my alley and has Crystal Ray,who I truly enjoy watching. So let's see how things unfold.
J Monty walks into an empty movie theater where Crystal Ray is selling tickets. It's time for the last showing and he has the place all to himself. Crystal likes to watch the film in an empty theater herself and opts to join Monty. Some suggestive small talk and their soon making out with Crystal feeling for his package. He helps her off with her top, revealing a beautiful pair f tits which he admires with his tongue. He nibbles down her body and sucks her pussy through the panties. They get pushed aside and Monty goes to town licking Crystal's hot snatch. Cut to a now naked Crystal requesting some cock to be sucked. Monty feeds her his very hard unit and Crystal gives him a very nice bj. Shaft licking and no hands sucking. She licks his balls like an ice cream cone and attempts to deep throat him. Two handing him and sucking the tip. Monty's cock is hard enough to drive nails with and Crystal works it into her inviting pussy slowly in CG, taking it to the hilt. They move to doggy where Monty points out her pussy cream and drives his cock home into this long stemmed beauty. Cut to Monty with his face buried up Crystal's ass, sucking her pussy some more. Back to an up and over doggy and Crystal's moans are accompanied by an enormous amount of moisture. I'm having no doubts about her enjoyment to this point. P2M and you know there's some serious taste on that prong. They move to CG where Crystal has a great orgasm and leaves her cream all over Monty's cock and her ass crack. He sounds like he's fucking a wading pool, she's so wet. Cut to mish with Crystal's legs up on his shoulders. Cut to a close body to body doggy with a prone Crystal. Monty pulls out and cums on Crystal's stomach. She gives him some well deserved PCH and the scene fades with her smile.
Scene 2 starts off with an extreme close-up of Melanie Crush's eye, then slowly panning back to show her face with a ball gag secured, then more of her body. She's handcuffed and a gold vibrator appears, which Melanie uses to fuck her inviting slit with. She's wearing a red PVC halter top and skirt, looking very hot. She does herself in a couple of positions on a bed before Justin Slayer and J Monty show up, cocks out and ready to rock. Justin licks her slit and takes over the vibe work while Monty offers Melanie his cock. He releases her handcuffs and plays with her now exposed tits, which are a beautiful pair. Melanie releases some cream from her pussy and it looks great. She sucks on Monty, adding the vibe for a double suck. Justin lays his pipe into Melanie's naturally lubricted hole in mish and the tip of his cock is just glistening with her copious juices, which are also running down the crack of her ass. The guys switch positions so Monty can get some of that great pussy. He does her in doggy while she moans over Slayer's cock. They switch positions again and Slayer does Melanie doggy style and controlling her head by pulling on her hair. Melanie wiggles her ass ecstatically, fucking back at Justin. Her body just seems to be built for sin, too. Delightfully thick with big, natural tits that hang and flop seductively. He goes up and over, making Melanie whimper. Monty copies his friend and Justin goes for head. He slam fucks her until cumming suprisingly quickly, spraying her ass with a load that looks like it started internally. Justin cums on the side of Melanie's face and she sucks his cock clean. This was short and sweet, but it's also actually a re-edited version of a scene from Slayer Unleashed 2.
Sarah J is sitting at her computer perusing the website Of course, this arouses her and she plays with her huge, man made boobies and sticks her hand down her shorts. The titties get unleashed and Sarah takes a couple of licks. She starts to expose her pussy and stroke it while fantasizing out loud about having a big black cock to fuck. She gets up, turns around and pulls off her shorts seductively. Sarah knows how to shake her moneymaker and she continues to do herself. She sits back in the chair, still jilling off, and makes herself cum, tasting her juices. Sarah falls asleep and awakens to a hard black cock by her face. Of course she sucks it lovingly. She likes to play with the string of saliva hanging from the cock head and the intensity starts to pick up with some face fucking. Nothing rough, just good clean fun. She also tries to deep throat but falls just a little short. No matter, it's the effort that counts. HJ, her fantasy man, eats Sarah's pussy on a couch. Cut to a slow, easy cock insertion in mish. HJ builds some steam and he's soon slam fucking that pussy with Sarah in ecstasy. Cut to CG with Sarah fucking HJ's cock hard and flapping her ass cheeks wildly. When she needs to slow down for a rest, Sarah grinds her pubes and swivels her super looking ass. She's really riding that cock, though. Make no mistake about it. Cut to a doggy insertion. HJ gives her some ass slaps to get Sarah moving a little. Her pussy is leaving it's juices on HJ's cock and he's getting rougher, smacking her ass and pulling her hair. He lays back on the futon, sweaty and exhausted, and Sarah sucks his cock. Cut to HJ beating off by Sarah's face and handing her his cock to finish him off. She spouts his cum all over her face for a true facial.
Kiki Daire is dreamily dipping her feat in a built in pool and playing with the water. The pool boys show up, Boz and HJ, with Kiki expressing surprise that they were black. She has another job for them in her bedroom. A plumbing problem. OK. They follow her into the room and bends over, sticking her ass out at them. That's a dangerous thing to do in front of the Pipe Layers. She's not wearing any panties either. Boz pulls up her dress and sticks his tongue up Kiki's ass. HJ leads her to the bed, also playing with her ass. She takes off the rest of her clothes and reveals an enhanced chest only slightly smaller than Sarah J's in the previous scene. Boz buries his head in Kiki's pussy while HJ feeds her mouth some cock. Boz leaves her pussy, much to Kiki's chagrin, and gives her another cock to suck. HJ spoons her pussy while Kiki gets acquainted with Boz's huge member. There're some bone stirring moans from Kika as HJ strokes her. P2M with Boz sticking Kiki in mish. That big dick gets quite a reaction from Kiki and I think she had a quick little cum when he got going hard. He got a bigger orgasm out of her as he continued to stroke through. Cut to Boz taking her in an up and over doggy and Kiki's really getting her pipes fixed. HJ gets some in doggy and Boz feeds her his cummy cock. She tries to restrain HJ as she's cumming again but he just drives right through her, fucking Kiki almost senseless. Boz gets back to the pussy in mish. Kiki wants it slow, so Boz stirs it up a bit. HJ feeds her more cock. Kiki's pussy is sopping wet. There's been no shortage of that in this video. Kiki rides RC and cums again, her body stiffening. She wants to sit on HJ's cock, so the guys switch positions. They're feeding her at both ends, but Kiki is clearly out of energy. They move her to doggy and HJ drives toward his own orgasm. Kiki's having trouble concentrating on the cock in her mouth as HJ pounds her. Cut to Boz fucking a prone Kiki in doggy giving her a deeply satisfied look to her face. Kiki wants cream but HJ is back to finish off and give her the libation she's chanting for by now. Boz beats off in her face and cums on Kiki's mouth and chin. HJ pulls out and drops his load on her tongue. They leave her with a messy face and the credits roll.
Epilogue I feel that I got off to a good start with Sensational, but with one reservation. I expected this DVD to be comprised of scenes that were exclusive web content previously. The Melanie Crush scene has been on a Justin Slayer film before, and for all I know, that may be the case for all the scenes. The Black Pipe Layers are present in all the scenes. That's for sure. The sex was great. I know that it won't satisfy people who insist on anal in all of their films, but it has something far more elusive. Every woman in this DVD came, and hard! For me that's the holy grail. There was no faking it here, their bodies told the story. This film could stand as a recruitment advertisement for white women getting black sexed. No overly rough treatment, no anal, and juices flowing from pussies like Niagara Falls. I liked it.
The Disk A few trailers, slide show and cast list. Pretty light, but I really didn't expect much here.
Recommendation I would buy it with one caveat. If you have any of these scenes already, or suspect that you do, then pass on it. Certainly it's worth a rental to find out. I do think that Sensational is doing a disservice to consumers by not identifying where the scenes are from to keep people from accidently duplicating what they already own. In my opinion, that's just bad business. Looking for short term gain and losing sight of the big picture.

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