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Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree)

Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree)

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girlfriends 4 (3rd Degree) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/6/2012
Hello porn fans. Almost time to head out to LA for the big XRCO show next week but always time to work in a few more reviews before jetting off. I just checked out a g/g title yesterday so I was still in the mood to watch a little lesbian action so I decided to slip in this newly released Miles Long effort from 3rd Degree. It's got a nice cast from what I see featuring new girl Mollie Bennett and I'm using her current up to date spelling for her name, hopefully it doesn't change again before this review is published, lol. Several more big name girls are in this- Andy San Dimas, Katsuni, Asa Akira and Alanah Rae and these all appear in one scene, the finale so definitely something to look forward to. This release will feature toy action and as a big g/g fan and less of a toy fan I'll be curious to see just how much action there is in regards to kissing, oral and breast play which are the main areas that interest me as opposed to dildo or strap on action. On to some highlights.

Katie K & Mollie Bennett:

The first scene begins with Katie and Mollie relaxing and enjoying a drink. The ladies have a spirited discussion which leads nicely to the drinks being sat down and the lips coming together! You also see them holding a couple toys so I'm sure each will be used in short order. The girls don't waste much time in losing their tops and exposing the boobs, Mollie has a nice rack with Katie keeping her bra on a little longer but you can tell hers are slightly bigger. They do engage in some kissing but I always want more, lol. There does seem to be a bit of a rush here in going from kissing to oral, I prefer a slower approach. Having said that we do get a nice open shot for Katie's tongue to dart in and out of Mollie's cookie. Loved when Katie loses the bra and rises up to basically feed her tits to Mollie, Miles was nice moving the shot in tight for this. Staying with Katie on top she just rises up a little more allowing her pussy to be perfectly placed over Mollie's face. Again the action doesn't last to long though and that's to bad as it was a fantastic shot. Another fine shot soon develops with Mollie in a doggie pose and Katie going behind to lick her a bit while also using her fingers. The toys then make their appearances with each girl using one to diddle the pussy of their counterpart with more licking too. That's a big deal for me if they stop licking pussy when using a toy, at least here they make some attempts to continue the oral. We get one last face sitting shot which was a pleasant surprise with Mollie moving her pussy over Katie's face! The scene winds down with the girls each using a toy on themselves and doing toy P2M clean up. All in all a solid scene featuring pretty good oral sex from both girls.

Christie Stevens & Stevie Shae:

Our next scene features two cute blondes and each is wearing military style gear as the scene begins. You also see Christie is holding what looks to be a mighty big gun and no it's not Manuel's cock!!Ahh looks like a little shooting practice is about to happen with Stevie here to give some tips, maybe she'll also give some tips in something a bit more sexy like french kissing-- you never know when that might come in handy on an overseas operation. The actual shooting doesn't really last long before we do get to that sexy lesson and Stevie leads the way ripping off Christie's top and kissing her way down her fellow blonde's body. The rush is seen again to get into oral and while I like a slower style no complaints about the actual oral here as Stevie does a nice job licking pussy. You get some good boob kissing too and Christie has a super hot set of titties. Miss Stevens then gets in a few licks herself as there's another great open shot for the pussy eating. There wasn't as much toy play in this scene and it comes towards the end of the scene with each girl using a device on the other. Another good scene.

Lily Labeau & Casey Cumz:

On to the next one which opens with Casey alone and in some sort of garage area where you see a motorcycle and other tools and equipment. Lily shows up with a helmet in hand so I wonder if the bike is hers. The girls have a short chat which leads to some very nice lip locking, the best kissing we've seen in this title so far. The outter clothes don't last much longer leading to some good over the panty fingering action. Lily is the first to go muff diving and she attacks Casey's pussy with great energy. The moans are louder here which made sense as you see how much energy Lily was putting in here. She soon gets her chance to si back, open up and allow Casey to dive in for a taste! The pussy eating in this scene has most definitely been the most aggressive but not so much over the top in intensity. I think just right and along with the good kissing they opened with made this the best scene so far. It also didn't hurt that Casey gets Lily into a piledriver position and licks her asshole!!!! There is toy play too with continued licking around the pussy lips and some toy P2M too. Good to see a 69 captured too as the scene wound down with Lily taking the top bunk. Very good effort here from both ladies.

Trinity St. Clair & Tia Cyrus:

The next scene takes us to the female locker room where Tia makes sure the coast is clear before taking a cigarette out and she lights up. Well she isn't alone for long as Trinity comes walking in from behind her wearing the exact same outfit, lol. Ok so this is a girls school and the uniforms are very sexy as each is wearing a much to short skirt and a white shirt tied in the middle showing off their bellies. Well Trinity threatens to tattle but Tia makes a case that she should keep her mouth shut, well at least shut about the cigarette, lol. Trinity does give in to the kissing and allowing Tia to untie her shirt and kiss her tits. Both shirts are soon gone and the girls each kiss the boobies and I should point out Tia is wearing glasses and keeps them on. The skirts stay on but the thong underwear goes leading to oral first from Tia, more good open legs shots too are presented. Not much if any oral from Trinity though, she uses her fingers more before the toys come into play and the majority of the action there is saved for Miss St. Clair's pussy. I think she's going to keep quiet about the cigarette now, lol.

Asa Akira, Andy San Dimas, Katsuni & Alanah Rae:

Time for the finale and I have to say going out with a four girl mini-orgy is a pretty good way to close out any title. You see the toys already laid out on the couch as the girls all come in and have a seat. Katsuni is the sales person if you will here and she shows off the various toys that can be purchased but of course the customers will want to try them out, lol. The live demonstrations soon begin and Katsuni is good moving in to lick around the toy as it's going in and out of Alanah's pussy and also Andy's. Asa then gets in there to play with Alanah and the switching games are on, lol. Not happy that the toys are being used so early in the scene but in this case it fit the context of the scene premise. You do get some nice pussy eating too and a little face riding here and there along with the continued toy usage. The four ladies don't stray to far from each other making the switching all the more easy to do. Miles keeps the camera moving and you have to with a scene like this featuring so many performers. The pulled out view showing all the girls in action was used a lot but also some good close in shots were worked in too. The girls all seemed to enjoy themselves making for a satisfying finale to a good g/g show.

Final Thoughts:

So overall this was good though I didn't like the toys as much but that's a personal choice and if you like more toy usage in your g/g then this definitely is made for you though it doesn't dominate the majority of any scene save for the finale which was based around the toys being demonstrated. The other scenes were good too led by the Lily/ Casey pairing which had the best kissing and also the most aggressive oral too. Nice to see newbie Mollie Bennett in action and she is paired up with Katie who has a fine set of tata's which get mushed neatly into Mollie's face. Christie and Stevie have their own special version of Wargames when they hook up and you have Tia pulling out all the stops to ensure Trinity's silence when she's caught smoking in the locker room. Sadly nothing really in the way of extras besides a gallery of pics. You also have some trailers that you can check out. This is a g/g title for those who like some toy play in their lesbian action but that it never dominates the majority save for the one scene I described that closed the show.

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